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Faceriding Delight – Awww, You Gonna Tap Out

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Faceriding Delight – Awww, You Gonna Tap Out




PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE: ( The first, and last 2 minutes of this clip WILL BE BLURRY, an unfortunate malfunction with the camera, but the clip is very good, and I did NOT want to edit out the setup or ending, it goes well with the clip. PLEASE forgive me, but I assure you the clip is well worth it’s value, I would not release it If wasn’t good. Madison is well worth it, so please try to consider the blurry parts as a bonus, I charged as low as C4S will allow me to.NOW to the clip! Madison is as awesome as ever on this. She knows her brother stole her playing cards from her, and she POUNCES on him quickly, she’s about to get a little aggressive this time. As she manhandles him, she hits him and bounces on his face, he has no idea WHAT to do but take it on his face. The clip will be clear now as madison grinds her ass on his face and demands that he confesses, he won’t…so she will punish him with head scissors and long smothers….”Awww, you gonna tap out now?” “The only way you’re getting out of this is by tapping out”…. Her witty comments will go throughout the clip as she gets as naughty and dirty as ever…”You want me to in your mouth!?”, all after making him kiss her ass cheeks, one a time…and then laughs at him…. you WILL get a taste of the ending, as she peels down her panties and plants her asshole on his nose…but after that, it will blurr…definately leaving you wanting more of Madison….she WILL be back! LISTEN to her comments as she rides his face naked.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – My Whole Body Is Starting To Sweat. Starring Lady Katy

Club Stiletto FemDom – My Whole Body Is Starting To Sweat. Starring Lady Katy




Lady Katy loves to sweat and working out on the elliptical really does the job. She knows you love sweat and plans on getting so wet she’s positively dripping – and it will be your job to lick it all up. The sweat starts to drip off her nose as she breathes harder. “I like a nice tongue bath before I hit the shower” she says, then stops so you can get in close to lick the sweat from her ass. You can see beads of sweat all across her back and in her ass crack and she expects you to lick it all up. She spreads her hairy ass crack and you get a great view of her wet, matted bush.

She lets you have a lick before she resumes her workout. Her face, tits, and even her feet are all wet now. “When I’m done here I’m going to drag you into the bedroom, lie down on the bed, and make you lick it all off me” she tells you, as she really starts to work hard. When she stops again, she calls you over to lick her armpits and her face, and then it’s off to the bedroom.


Related Categories: ASS WORSHIP, BBW, EXERCISE

Keywords: sweat, lady katy, workout, bbw

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Workout Sweat Needs To Be Licked Up. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Workout Sweat Needs To Be Licked Up. Starring Princess Lily




Princess Lily really works up a sweat on the elliptical, and looks hot in more than one way, in her sexy matching bra and panty set. Her stupid slave serves as a table for her water bottle. As she exercises, she asks the slave if he enjoys helping her with her workout. “It’s good you can be of some use to me” she says, adding “Generally you’re useless.” She taunts him by saying she knows he wishes he were kneeling behind her so he could catch a whiff of her sweaty ass. “Someday maybe I’ll let you sniff it. Until then, you’re doing a good job as a table.”

You get some great angles of Lily’s fine ass and body as she continues to verbally humiliate her slave, who stays still in his role as the table. Lily raises her arm and you get a clear view of the sweat in her armpits. She tells the slave he will be licking those once she’s finished. “I’m so generous” she says. Eventually Lily stops, moves to the couch, and has her slave/table crawl over to lick her armpits. She loves the way it feels and the slave eagerly licks every inch. She directs him down to her stinky feet and has him lick those, too. “My slave does have a purpose after all.”



Keywords: princess lily, foot worship, armpit worship, armpits, feet

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Post Workout Trample Facesit Armpit Worship Plus Gym Fart

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Post Workout Trample Facesit Armpit Worship Plus Gym Fart




Amadahy and Edyn are just getting back from the gym and are very sweaty. They trample their slave while still wearing their stinky workout clothes. Both girls hop on the loser in their dirty gym sneakers. Amadahy makes the slave take off her sneakers and smell the inside. Edyn tests her core strength on the slave’s chest while he is forced to smell the sneakers. They make the slave take off Edyn’s shoes next. Working out makes the girls phlegmy, so they spit all the phlegm that has come up into the slave. The girls put their sweaty socks on the slave’s face. Then, they take their socks off and make him lick their feet. They blindfold the slave and see if he can taste the difference in their stinky feet. Amadahy squeezes out a gym fart. She sits her sweaty ass on the slave’s face and cuts a loud fart, straight into his nose. Then, the girls want his to taste the essence of their armpits. They pull the slave’s face close and make him smell and lick. The girls giggle at the ticklish feeling as the slave licks their sweaty pits. Amadahy doesn’t like the slave being so funny, she kicks him and tells him to go into the bathroom and lay on the floor. She’s going to use his mouth as a toilet. (15:05 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Edyn, Female Domination, Sweaty Socks, Workout Clothes, Sweat Fetish, Sneakers, Trampling, Spitting, one Fart, Facesitting, Armpit Worship, Smell Fetish



Keywords: smell fetish

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sweat-Dripping Rubber Thong Ass Smothering

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sweat-Dripping Rubber Thong Ass Smothering




Its been a very hot day & Cybill Troy requires something to soak up her delicious sweat, while distracting her from the sweltering temperature.
She decides to employ a very lucky gimp of hers for this honourable experience.
With her oh so lucky gimp in place, she kindly hydrates him with her spit before testing out his odd compulsion to breathe.
Clamping down her latex gloved hands she deprives the gimp of air, before repeating the process with added choking.
Miss Troy feels that her gimp isn’t doing as well as he should, so for a better, face covering seal, this luckiest of gimps gets be smothered under Cybill Troys sweat covered ass.
Torn between the selfish need for oxygen versus the sublime experience of Cybill Troys sweaty ass smothering, the gimp does slightly better.
After exploring several different ass smothering positions, Miss Troy decides she is slightly cooled down & milady entertained. Before leaving, she gives the gimp a very generous, sweaty, reward to savour.



Keywords: latex, rubber, fetish, sweaty ass, ass smothering, scent, facesitting, hand gagging, gloves, humiliation, cybill troy, stockings, high heels, smothering, big butts

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Sweating My Ass Off. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Sweating My Ass Off. Starring Mistress Kandy




Mistress Kandy is working out on her old-school stationary bike. She has a client coming over who is really into sweat, especially the sweat on her lush, full ass. She tells you she enjoys working out and that it’s like taking out two birds with one stone. As the camera pans over to her backside, you can see she’s covered in moisture and pumping hard to ensure the sweat continues to pour off her. “Wouldn’t you love to be licking all that sweat off my ass?” she asks you, adding, “You would, wouldn’t you?” She already knows you want to lick up every single drop. Her ass looks amazing as she peddles. There’s no need to feel any shame, so bring your tongue right up to the screen and imagine you’re the lucky bitch who gets to lick up all that delectable fluid. Now she really cranks up the speed because it’s almost time for her boy to arrive. She pulls her panties to the side to display her moist anus. She tells you to get in there and lick it; her client doesn’t need to know. She imagines that an entire cup of sweat will probably form in her ass crack alone – the lucky slave will certainly be well-hydrated when he’s finished, that’s for sure. Kandy stands up to find the seat dripping wet. “I’ll bet you wish you were my bicycle seat” she says. She decides that when the client gets there, she’ll lower the seat so he can set his head on it, and his face will become her new bike seat. Once he arrives and is in place, she moves her panties to the side and permits the slave to lick her crack while he strokes his dick. She makes him fight for air before removing her panties altogether. She peddles some more before stopping to let him enjoy some long, slow licks of her sweaty crack, and she asks whether he likes it. He enthusiastically replies “yes” and continues to lick for all he’s worth. Kandy remarks that one of the nice things about having a slave like this is that she doesn’t even have to stop working out when she needs to pee; she just goes in his mouth. “He loves everything that comes from my body. He’s a pervert just like you” she says, laughingly. She wiggles her ass so he can get his nose deeper into the crack, and you get some amazing ass angles, not to mention some enthusiastic ass licking. Finally, she stands straight up on the bike so both you and the slave get treated to an amazing view of her dripping butt, before she decides the session is over and sits on the slave’s face until he kicks for air. Goodnight, bitch!



Keywords: mistress kandy, ass worship, ass licking, facesitting

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Post Workout Sweaty Facesit with Restraints

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Post Workout Sweaty Facesit with Restraints




Amadahy’s just gotten back from working out and she’s very sweaty. It’s the perfect time to facesit a restrained slave. Amadahy pulls her gym shorts down and makes the slave suck on her thong string. The slave has to suck off all the gym stink. Amadahy smothers the slave with her sweaty butt. The slave is not allowed to breathe through its mouth at all. The only air it gets are tiny shallow breaths through the sweaty spandex. Amadahy holds the slave’s eyes open while she grinds on its face. She bounces on the slave’s face very hard. The slave struggles in the rope. It has to really fight for a breath! Amadahy is relentless. She pins the slave down with her full weight and controls his breath completely. (11:59 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Ass Grinding, Ass Smother, Bondage Male, Sweat, Spandex, Workout Clothes



Keywords: female domination

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The Laughing Latina – Ass Eating his Face in RT Session. Starring Jasmine Mendez

The Laughing Latina – Ass Eating his Face in RT Session. Starring Jasmine Mendez




Ive just been at the gym for the last 2 whole hours my trainer really wanted to go hard and well since you wanted a sweaty body to worship it was perfect. I love getting paid to keep my body sexy! If you may close attention to my shirt you can see the under tit sweat stains and booty too. Slave said he wanted to have a sweat worship session but you know me I like it my way so well i tied him up and convinced him it would be mild and easy going, NOT. I quickly climb onto him, smother and suffocate the slave with my buns. Not sure how the slave survived my Ass practically ate his face the whole time. You can he how he’s really struggling for air, I make him smell my sweaty Ass, Feet and even armpits, deep deep deep down inside I know he loves it lol

This is a real session, NOT ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED

FOR HD CLICK Ass Eating his Face in RT Session! HD @LaughingLatina


Category: SMOTHER


Keywords: jasmine mendez, face sitting, extreme domination, big butts, ass smelling, pussy slapping, desperation, rope bondage, bratty princess, scissorhold, ass smothering, smother, sweaty ass, sweat fetish

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Everyone Loves A Stinky Goddess

Club Stiletto FemDom – Everyone Loves A Stinky Goddess




The scene opens with sexy young Mia in a sweet summer dress, just in from some Goddess time in the sun. She tells her slave she has worked up a real sweat and as she sniffs her own armpit, the slave dutifully sucks on her filthy toes. She has him trained to lick her feet the instant she enters the house. “Don’t you think you should do something about my armpits?” she asks, which immediately causes him to crawl over and start licking. “No one likes a stinky Goddess” she says, before looking directly into the camera and whispering “Everyone loves a stinky Goddess”. And it’s true – what slave wouldn’t be thrilled to lick something… anything… from her body, especially her armpits? Being a bit ticklish, Mia giggles as she says “They need to be cleaned”, and she allows him to service one armpit before ordering him to do a good job on the other. Her slave just loves the dirty stuff. And for you foot lovers, the camera moves down her body enticingly to give you a great close-up of the soles of her feet. Meanwhile, as the slave hovers on top of the Goddess, she torments him by saying “If you were a real man I might let you actually lie on top of me and fuck me… but you’re not, and that’s why you’re licking my dirty armpits”. She asks if he wants to service her armpits and feet every day, and he enthusiastically replies “Yes, Miss.” She asks if he wants to lick her ass, and he naturally says “Yes, Miss!” but with an air of desperation in his voice this time. “Even if it’s dirty? Especially if it’s dirty?” Mia asks. She directs him back to her first armpit where there’s still a bit of odor. She asks if he wants to suck her tits and bursts out laughing when he says “Yes, Miss”. As if!! She rolls onto her side, exposing her magnificent ass, and you’re treated to an amazing visual. She has him kiss each ass cheek and reminds him how lucky he is to be in this position. “And all you have to do is clean my house, be my toilet, take regular beatings, do whatever I say, and have no friends.” She says he only needs one person in his life and asks who that person might be. “Why, You, Goddess” he replies. Mia thinks she needs to fart and orders him to stick his nose between her ass crack as the scene ends.



Keywords: sweat, foot worship, armpit worship, armpits, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Kandy’s Sweaty Booty Ball Workout Cum countdown. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Kandy’s Sweaty Booty Ball Workout Cum countdown. Starring Mistress Kandy




This hot and sweaty Ass POV opens with Kandy sitting on her workout ball, talking about how busy she is with sessions, shooting, and so on, and that sometimes she just has to exercise right there in her dungeon. You can see she’s already sweaty with moisture covering her entire body. She tells you that since you’re there to session with her, you can just sit and watch her work out. You’ll likely have to lick all the sweat from her before your session begins though. As she bounces on the ball, giving you amazing ass views, she works her arms with the medicine ball to make sure she really perspires. “I can literally feel the water running down my ass crack” she says. She has her panties on to begin with because she wants them nice and wet to use as a mouth gag for you later. “Maybe when I’m finished, I’ll make you lick all the sweat off my ass before I give you a proper beating” she says. Meanwhile, she continues to bounce up and down with her lovely, full ass and she’s bouncing so hard that it would probably knock you out or give you a black eye. What a badge of honor that would be! After a lot more bouncing, Kandy rolls back and forth on the ball, and you get a tremendous upward view as her ass hangs over the ball. You’ll ache to bury your head between her sweaty cheeks and lick like the dirty dawg you are. “I hope the ball doesn’t blow up, but if it does, I’ll just use your face instead” she says. Less than four minutes in, Kandy removes her panties and holds them up for you to sniff before sitting down again to resume her workout. She describes how her whole body is wet, including her magnificent tits. “No tits for you though” she says, as she directs you back to her ass and you see how wet she really is. Is there a greater honor than to lick up your Mistress’ body excretions? I think not! As the bouncing builds up again, a ripe fart escapes Kandy’s ass; all the more flavour for you to enjoy later. She laughs, having blown gas right in your face and switches to a rolling-bouncing technique that gives you an amazing view of her asshole and pussy. She says she can see you getting hard and knows how her ass, asshole, and farts turn you on. She tells you to start stroking your dicklette; to get it nice and hard, but no coming until she says so. “I want you thinking about my ass 24/7.” She says she might turn you into her full-time ass slave. Whether in private or public, you will crawl behind her to sniff her ass. She starts her countdown, “ten, nine, eight,”, slowly but then stalling, encouraging you but making you wait until she hits “one” before she orders you to cum on her feet. You glance up at her ass but she says, “Not my ass; get down there and lick the cum off my feet!”. So do it properly and all that sweat will be yours!



Keywords: ass worship, sweat, mistress kandy, pov

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