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[Femdom 2018] Bratty Foot Girls – Savannah’s Fresh Gym Funk feet [Foot Smelling, Foot Sniffing]

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[Femdom 2018] Bratty Foot Girls – Savannah’s Fresh Gym Funk feet [Foot Smelling, Foot Sniffing]




Blonde Bombshell Savannah has had a busy day working up a sweat at the gym, getting them nice and stinky just to torment her slave waiting at home. She knows her feet get very vinegary when she works out without socks on and know he’s in for it! She sits on him and removes her shoes, making sure to make him sniff inside them first before shoving her soles on his face and pinching his nose between her toes. her feet stink but she loves knowing that’s all he ca breathe. Her toejam fresh from the gym makes it even more torturous for him. Savannah laughs and gets even more aggressive pressing her sole down hard on his face, even standing up and imprinting her sole on his face!

Starring: Savannah Costello, Jason Ninja




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[Femdom 2018] Bratty Foot Girls – Stefania & Scarlet’s Super Stinky Foot Smelling Punishment [Foot Domination, Double Domination, Foot Smelling, Foot Sniffing]

[Femdom 2018] Bratty Foot Girls – Stefania & Scarlet’s Super Stinky Foot Smelling Punishment [Foot Domination, Double Domination, Foot Smelling, Foot Sniffing]




Stefania & Scarlet have come home from the gym and their lazy roomie is still tucked away in bed. He had promised to clean the house while they were gone but has done nothing at all. They are furious and decide to teach him a very stinky lesson. They keep him pinned under his covers as they sit on him and remove their shoes and socks. They start pinching his nose between their toes making him inhale all their vinegary cheesy toejam in the process. He barely gets a sniff of fresh air as it’s non-stop foot smothering from both girls. He better learn fast to clean or else he’ll be their foot bitch in no time!

Starring: Stefania Mafra, Scarlet Hart, Jason Ninja




Keywords: stefania mafra, scarlet hart, jason ninja, smelly feet, stinky feet, smother, soles, toes, toejam

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Dreamgirls In Socks – Jessika’s Private Footstool. Starring Mistress Jessika

Dreamgirls In Socks – Jessika’s Private Footstool. Starring Mistress Jessika




Jessika loves to rest her tired feet after a long day with her boots on, but on top of it, she loves to do it with her foot slave at her feet! She is planning to watch a few episodes of her favorite series on Starflix, so she makes her loser slave lay down on the floor, to use his face as a footstool! She makes him take her boots off, and just covers his face with her sweaty white socks that have been worn for over a week for our crazy sweaty socks challenge! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick and clean the dirty bottom of her socks! Jessika also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, to rub her sweaty naked feet all over his face! She makes him sniff the sweaty bottom of her soles, and makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the bottom of her soles! She also makes him take some deep breaths inside her boots, and just hold them on his face with her feet! She wanted him to know what it’s like to work all day long! And it seems like she just loves to humiliate him at her feet! What a sexy brat!

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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Little brother forced to smell sisters smelly feet, armpits, & sweaty gym ass

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Little brother forced to smell sisters smelly feet, armpits, & sweaty gym ass




Savannah comes home from a long workout at the gym to find her little brother sprawled out on the floor. Since she never misses and opportunity to fuck with him, she plops down on top of him. He makes a face at her and tells her to get off! She stinks! Well thats rude, what on me smells? Guess she’ll have to make him smell everything! She covers his face with her armpits and orders him to take a deep whiff. He tries to protest but he can’t escape from her, but she just giggles. She waves her sneakers over his face and he begs her not to take her shoes off, they reek so bad that he can already smell them through her shoes! She teases him and delibertly slowly starts untieing her shoes, laughing at his pleas not to. She dares him to call them stinky again, and when he does she puts her feet on his face! She threatens if he trys to move she will tell their parents what she caught him doing last week. She covers his mouth and forces her toes into his nostrils so he has no other choice then to take a big whiff of her sweaty feet. He begs her to stop but that just eggs her on. She starts peeling off her socks so she can put her bare feet all over his face. When she tires of making him smell her feet, she decides to make him smell other sweaty parts. Her pants are soaked with sweat, she figures thats a good place and sits on his face. Smothering him with her wet stinky ass and pussy. She laughs at his cries for help underneath her. But she’s just warming up the humiliation. She orders him to kiss her feet. When he complains about the taste she just shoves her whole foot in his mouth. She makes him kiss her toes and then bosses him to lick her feet clean. She will let him up after he licks all the sweat off of her. But not just her feet…she pulls her pants down to revel her bush. She explains thats why her crouch smells so bad, her bush is soaking up all the sweat, and he needs to lick it clean.

Keywords: humiliation, bush, foot licking, foot kissing, forced smelling, face siting, foot domination, taboo, ass sniffing, foot worship, stinky feet, sweaty feet

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Bratty Foot Girls – Cadence’s Stinky Feet Exchange. Starring Mistress Cadence

Bratty Foot Girls – Cadence’s Stinky Feet Exchange. Starring Mistress Cadence



Cadence knows her boyfriends room mate has just got paid and wants to borrow some to take out her bf for his birthday coming up. Unfortunately Jason tells her that he owes him money for rent and there’s no chance he can lend her any cash. Cadence tries to plead with him to no avail. She kinda gives up on the idea and her mind shifts back to how tight her legs are after working out at the gym. She asks Jason if he can help stretch her out and he obliges as she puts her legs up and he pushes back on them. She removes her sweaty shoes and suddenly Jason can’t help but sniff them. Cadence catches him out and asks why he sniffed her feet? He stutters but it becomes clear her has a stinky foot fetish! She offers him an exchange. If he gives her the money to take out her man, he can sniff her feet as much as he wants. He agrees and is soon under her smelly soles as she starts to get into it and dominate him!

Starring: Cadence Lux, Jason Ninja




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FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS – Elena & Sasha – New Slave Surrenders

FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS – Elena & Sasha – New Slave Surrenders




Hi Guys,

We re-started sessions saturday. Sasha speakt about the sessions to a friend of her, and this new girl wanted to try. Here is Elena. This girl is incredibly beautiful. I mean…Really superb. Her visage, her face…WOW. Shame you don’t see here without the black mask here.She is just dazzling. I’ve rarely seen a girl as beautiful as here (and I see a lot of beautiful girls)

The session was far less dazzling. And not because of the girls !

A very new slave contacted us to try one of our session, and he clearly didn’t have any experience in being hardly face-slapped. (or ultra soft experience, because he said to me that he already recieved violent slaps, but girls and us understood very quickly that the slaps he received before were not violent at all). He already saw few of our clips, and he seemed cool and relaxed. So, I am told myself : He will be good.

First slap of Sasha : He was litteraly choked by the violence. You can clearly see it. Totally chocked.

This slap is what I consider medium here. Very hard for almost everyone, but medium here. Girls continued, and Elena gave her very first slaps. The slave couldn’t stand anymore, after a series of slaps, he was holding his ears, at the very verge of crying. He was clearly totally chocked. Girls just totally mock him (Sasha is incredibly humiliating !). After 7mn, I shut off the cam and asked if he wanted something to protect his ears, because it was only the beginning and we couldn’t continue like that. He told that he wanted to stop. It was far too violent for him.

He left. The two girls was extremely frustrated to not have unleashed theirselves.

I am going to explain you : In our session, we ask the “slapping ball” to resist one full hour (3 X 20mn session) against a payment I give. He resisted 7 minutes, and girls were extremely frustrated.

My fault : I should have put the slave in a test session before, with Anamera or Sasha. We are going to do that for the next ones.

Despite his short duration, the clip is pretty useful., because it shows that a very few guys can endure girls’ VIOLENT slaps. We got a lot of slaves who surrended very quickly since the beginning of this studio. This clip will serve to recruit next slaves. Some stuff to know :

1. 1. We speak about women’s extreme slaps. Not school girls’ little smacks.

2. 2. Girls are without pity, and they are not here to have pity. They strictly don’t give a about the guy. The guy is a slapping ball. Period. This is not BDSM, but girl’s distraction, a girl’s way to let stream off. We don’t care if the guy is happy to be slave in our session. They are not here to make the slave happy. I pay the slave, and we have rules. If the slave agrees with the rules, so you can participate.

3. 3. The guy must not expect sympathy from the girls. Girls are not here to be slave’s friend, and they all know it. The slave must not expect girls to be nice with him or to give him so solace. They are here to earn money while having fun and challenging theirselves. Girl’s pleasure only. Period.

French Girls Hard Slaps is going to end very soon. The next project will be incredibly crazy, and incredibly violent too. Ultra, Ultra violent. It won’t be on C4SALE, and it will be totally independant. Be ready. I gonna explain you more on the next update !



Keywords: sasha, pieds, claque, faceslapping, elena, gifle, abandon, beautiful, flats, violent, ballerines, blonde, baffe, hand, stinky feet

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FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS – Malia & Selena – Hardcore Face-Slapping for First Time Slave & First time Domination For Malia




ENGLISH We are baaaaaaaaaaaaack ! Yeah ! The hardest FACE-SLAPING studio / bulldozer French Girl Hard Slaps is back ! 3 weeks I didn’t upload anything.And thus I lost my leading place ! Yeah.I must go back in game ! And guys, we come back with a surprise ! The first one : Malia is a new face-slapping girl. It will be her first time domination. Malia is a very tall and beautiful arab girl, who want to try to slap a slave ! GUYS..OMG ! HER SLAPS ARE FREAKING FREAKING POWERFUL ! IT LOOKS LIKE PUNCH ! Seriously ! Your jaw will drop like mine did !!! She goes directly in the TOP face-slapping girls ! The second one : The slave in the clip.is a first time slave ! No ! I am not joking ! He is a guy who do boxing on a regular basis and he lost a bet with a friend ! I AM NOT JOKING. The stake of the bet was to go in one of our session (ad seen on internet), and to withstand the slaps ! LOL ! It seem that only boxers can resist to the violence of our sessions. This guy has a heavy resistance ! Selena & Malia DESTROYS the slave’s face, make him sniff their feet ! They humiliate him, make him kiss her hands, and slap him ultra violently. They orders him to tell who slaps the hardest. Selena’s slaps are like usual.ultra-violent, and Malia’s slaps are..OMG ! YOU WILL SEE and your jaw will drop ! This day we did 3 clips with the same slave. We will NOT offer a compilation. Every clip will be sold individually. THIS CLIP IS INSANE. A MARVEL ! Enjoy. ULTRA-HARD FACE-SLAPPING, FOOT WORSHIP (SMELLING & LICKING), HUMILIATIONS FRANCAIS Nous sommes de retouuuuuuuuuuuuuur ! Yeah ! Le plus violent studio au monde de FACE-SLAPPING et le rouleau compresseur French Girls Hard Slaps is BACK. 3 semaines que je n’ai rien uploadé.Et j’avais donc perdu ma place de leader ! Ouai, ça devait cesser. Et en plus on revient avec une surprise ! Même deux surprises ! La première, c’est que Malia est une nouvelle gifleuse. Et c’est sa première fois qu’elle va dominer un soumis. Malia est une très grande et très jolie jeune fille arabe, qui veut s’essayer à la gifle. Et là..OMG ! Ses gifles sont d’une puissance AHURISSANTE. On aurait dit des coups de poings ! Sérieusement vous allez halluciner. Elle entre direct dans le TOP gifleuses du studio. La deuxième c’est que le soumis de la vidéo est soumis..pour la première fois. Non non je ne rigole pas. C’est un mec qui fait de la boxe et qui a perdu un pari avec un ami. Je ne rigole pas du tout. L’enjeu du pari était de participer à la session (annonce vu sur internet), et de tenir. J’ai l’impression que seuls les boxeurs peuvent résister à la violence de nos sessions. Ce mec-là a eu une résistance dingue ! Selena & Malia détruisent le visage du soumis, et le font humer leurs pieds. Elles l’humilient, lui font embrasser leurs mains, et le giflent à toute volée. Elles lui ordonnent de dire qui gifle le plus fort. Les gifles de Selena sont comme d’hab.ULTRA VIOLENTES, et les gifles de Malia sont.OMG. You will see =) Ce jour-là nous avons fait 3 vidéos avec le même soumis. Nous n’offrirons pas de clip groupé (chaque clip sera vendu individuellement). CE CLIP EST DINGUE. UNE MERVEILLE. Enjoy. GIFLES




Keywords: Malia, pieds, claque, faceslapping, Selena, gifle, ultraviolent, beautiful, slap, violent, heels, arab, baffe, hand, stinky feet

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