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Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 4: Blowing The BBC. Starring Rikki Rumor

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Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 4: Blowing The BBC. Starring Rikki Rumor




Rikki Rumor wants that big black cock, and she is going to show her husband just how much she wants it by sucking it right in front of him. He has to watch even though he doesn’t want to, and feels such emotional anguish as she has someone else’s cock in her mouth that she enjoys more than his. She makes him get up very close to watch. Just when he thinks it might be over, she makes him beg the stud to fuck her. “P-P-Please fuck my wife” he mumbles to the stud. Of course, Rikki has to continuously compare his small cock to the stud’s giant black cock, making him feel even more pathetic and inadequate.

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Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 3: Cock Comparison. Starring Rikki Rumor

Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 3: Cock Comparison. Starring Rikki Rumor




Rikki Rumor unlocks her husband’s chastity device for the first time in 2 days, only to show her stud how small and pathetic his cock is. She compares it to her stud’s huge black penis. Her stud laughs as she makes the size comparison to his huge cock. Rikki laughs as she tells her stud how her husband cannot satisfy her and is pathetic. She shows her husband that this big black cock is the better choice and if he loves her and wants to save this marriage at all, he is going to let her fuck the bigger, better cock.

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Mandy Flores – Teacher’s widdle secret : Blackmail fantasy. Starring Mandy Flores

Mandy Flores – Teacher’s widdle secret : Blackmail fantasy. Starring Mandy Flores




You are a student in my class and are failing. You show up to my office to seduce me for a better grade.You have a pouty attitude trying to convince me to help you out of failing while sauntering around my desk.You start to undo your shirt exposing a hot pink bra covering your wonderful tits. You remove your shirt and bend over squishing your tits together in front of me. Then you turn around and lift up your skirt to flash me your ass in which you have a tiny hot pink g-string on. You remove your skirt and stand before me in my chair playing with your tits for me. Then you look down and notice a little bulge in my pants and giggle. You had intended to fuck me for a passing grade but you change your mind now. You tell me to take my pants off because you can’t wait to suck on my cock. As soon as my pants and underwear come down you looked shocked and start laughing at me. You see I am hard but very small and tell me so. You come up to my left side and grab my cock in your left hand and notice that only my little head is sticking out and laugh some more. Then you get back in front of me and giggle pointing at it and tell me how tiny it is. You want to measure it just to see how small it is so you grab a ruler off of my desk and measure it. It’s only 5.5 inches you laugh! Then you tell me to hold the ruler next to my cock while you take pictures with your cell phone because you want to send them to all of your girlfriends. After sending the pictures you put your phone down on my desk and start to strip off your panties teasing me while you do it. Saying stuff in a baby voice like “is your wittle baby penis getting harder seeing my ass”. You also notice I have small balls too and want to see how much cum I can shoot. You get on your knees and tell me you’ve never sucked on a such a little dick before and are curious. So you take it all in your mouth with ease and of course laugh and giggle after. Then while on your knees still you tell me you want me to cum all over your tits. So you tell me to jerk my little dick off for you. While I’m doing this your still teasing me of course. Then after I cum you tell me you are suprised at the amount and take a finger and wipe it off your tit and taste it.You tell me the only way you will keep it a secret is if I pass you and I have to meet you at your house later than night. You tell me some of the other girls are also failing my class and will want the same arrangement.Featuring: Mandy Flores


Keywords: masturbation, encouragement, humiliation, domination, control, worship, ass, goddess, strip, tease, hd, mandy flores, mymandygirl, control, cumshot

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Club Stiletto FemDom – When I Close My Eyes I Forget You Are Here. Starring Goddess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – When I Close My Eyes I Forget You Are Here. Starring Goddess Mia




This scene opens with Mia on her phone, checking out hot men online. “Looking at these studs is making me so hot” she says, as she reaches into her panties to touch herself. She remarks on how massive one particular guy’s cock is, and you can tell by the look in her eyes how turned on she is. “My slave is so little compared to him” she says, adding that she loves the feel of a mouth on her toes while she checks out hunks. The camera pans over to give you a view of her humiliated small-dicked slave, kneeling in the corner. She calls him over and he obediently crawls to her feet. “Mistress wants to masturbate, so you know what that means.” The slave takes her big toe into his mouth and she says “Suck my toe like it’s a cock while I look at real big cocks.”

She shows the phone to him and asks how that cock makes him feel. “Pathetic” he replies. This pleases Mia so she continues to verbally humiliate him while she fingers herself and scrolls through the photos. She tells the slave he’s lucky to spend this intimate time with her. You get some great angles of Mia’s feet in this video, as she curls and wiggles them at the camera while the slave attends to them with his mouth. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have one of these guys over to fuck me?” she asks the slave. Naturally, he agrees. She orders him to lick the entire surface of each sole, places her phone on the couch, closes her eyes, and really gets into touching her tits and pussy. It finally all ends with a satisfying orgasm, at which point Mia kicks the slave in the face and sends him back to the corner. She rolls over to have a nap, and as a special bonus, you get a great view of her amazing ass.



Keywords: sph, goddess mia, foot worship, feet

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Compare To Monster Cock

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Compare To Monster Cock




You wish you had such a large alpha male dick to please me… but you don’t… so sad… at least you can touch yourself to entertain me and clean up your own mess. Yes, that will do.



Keywords: cuckolding, sph

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Miss Kitty Bliss – Cock Sandwich. Starring Mistress Maya Liyer

Miss Kitty Bliss – Cock Sandwich. Starring Mistress Maya Liyer




slave is humiliated by 2 gorgeous, cruel women as they laugh at and degrade him.

Ordered to eat crushed crisps from the floor before he is made to lie down on them and wank his pin dick with a sandwich before having to eat it, they ridicule him and use him as their footstool with their beautiful high heels.

Laughing at his small penis and how he brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘tossed salad’.

They use their long finger nails to crush up a banana and cover him in it making his cock into a garbage pile.

They depart to clean off their food covered hands whilst he is left to wank in the dirty mess they have created.

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: redhead, asian, goddess, laughing, degradation, hooded, wanking, sph, foodplay, maya liyer, kitty bliss, amusement, fetish

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Miss London Lix Femdom and Fetish – Cuckolded By A Loser

Miss London Lix Femdom and Fetish – Cuckolded By A Loser




I know how much you sexless wankers love living vicariously through my sex life. You’ve lapped up previous cuckolding clips featuring my Alpha stud of a boyfriend, but today I want to put a little cruel twist on your cuckold obsession. Wouldn’t it mess with your mind even more than seeing a hung stud with chiseled abs and huge arms touch your dream girl, to watch me cavort around with a loser just like you? A guy who could technically BE you, who is a little clip-buying jerk junkie fan, just like you? Mmm. Let’s see how you enjoy the mindfuck, as that’s just what I have here today. Long time Slave H is joining me, and I’m going to let him touch me in all the ways you wish you could. Hump your hand as his slides inside my tiny bikini. Pump your dick as he pours oil over my ass and kisses my big tits. Control your orgasm as I grind my bare ass on his crotch, simultaneously humiliating you, and him. This beta male is enjoying more than you could ever wish for, and all you can do is jerk to it. I’m going to dirty talk you through your cuckold fantasy, teasing you with my Goddess body and encouraging you to stroke. You’re going to feel like the lowest of the low, utterly inferior; cuckolded by a loser.



Keywords: ass fetish, ass grinding, spanking, cock tease, dry humping, tease and denial, mental domination, sph, loser abuse, small penis humiliation

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Brat Princess 2 – Vienna – Clinician uses Entrancement to Recondition Patients Behavior

Brat Princess 2 – Vienna – Clinician uses Entrancement to Recondition Patients Behavior




1080 HD Miles really wants to be the best boyfriend he can possibly be to his beautiful girlfriend, Mia. Mia hates a lot of things about Miles, there are so many things wrong with him that need to be fixed. Mia makes Miles go see a professional to help him change the behavior she doesn’t like. Vienna is the clinician treating Miles. She has Miles follow her pendant with his eyes until he reaches a state of entrancement. Miles believes this is a smoking cessation session, to help him quit. Mia has told him that she does not like that he smokes. But this it is not a smoking cessation session. This is a boyfriend training session. Miles has actually been attending boyfriend training sessions for months, under the guise that he is receiving treatment to help him quit smoking. Once he is under, Vienna implants suggestions into his subconscious. The suggestions gradually erode Miles sense of self-worth. They also make him more accepting of the therapeutic chastity device he’s made to wear to help with his small penis problem, more eager to spend money on his girlfriend (even to the point of total financial ruin), and more dedicated to a life of servitude where his only pleasure is derived from pleasing women. Vienna gives Miles a mantra to repeat; spend and obey. Then, she brings him out. When Miles is alert, Vienna asks Miles how he feels. Miles admits to Vienna that the sessions have not helped him quit smoking. In fact, he’s been feeling stressed and smoking more. Vienna reminds Miles not to complain. Miles agrees and suddenly feels a strong urge to take his girlfriend shopping. (9:55 long)

Clip Contains: Vienna, Miles Striker, Mental Domination, Female Domination, Mind Fuck, Chastity, SPH, Boyfriend Training



Keywords: female domination

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Club Stiletto FemDom – This Big Ass of Mine. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – This Big Ass of Mine. Starring Princess Skylar




The scene opens with young pretty and fleshy Princess Skylar talking to you, explaining that a slave must understand he gives up all control to his Mistress. “You even give up the right to breath.”, she says. It’s in her control and you can see by the slave under her ass that she plans to make him kick for air as he is already doing so. To add to his anxiety, she then starts to tickle his stomach which really gets him kicking, likely using his last molecule of air in the process. Skylar looks super sexy in her pink baby doll and you’ll notice the slaves arms are bound behind him to insure he is not going to push her away when in a state of panic. After a full minute she stands up and the slave gasps for air but before he can fill his lungs again, her big beautiful ass has again smothered him into silence. She loves seeing how the tickling makes him kick and continues to do it through the scene. She bounces up and down allowing only a fraction of a second each time to get air before again sitting down. To keep the slave off balance she throws him a curve and after another tickle gives him a nice little swat in the nuts. This slave is very sensitive in this area, not at all into ball busting, so the slaps really make him jump, but with his head cemented under Skylar’s big ass, he’s not going anywhere, lol. After all the tickling and ball slapping she sort of forgets he has to breath and when she does finally get up again, he gasps desperately for air. When she reaches in his shorts and pulls out his cock and balls he seems to relax and maybe thinks he’ll get a hand job… but no… another slap in the balls and he kicks like he’s reaching for the sky. He almost knees Skylar in the face but luckily for him she backs away and saves him the wrath that would surely come from such an occurrence. After more tickling and ball slapping and the odd breath of air she starts to mock him for his little penis saying it’s no bigger than a baybees, or a birds, Eventually Skylar turns around to give you a great view of her backside before again sitting on the slaves head. She almost falls off the facesitting box and says, “We need a bigger seat for this big bum.”, giving it some sexy slaps. Eventually she decides it’s time to sit on the slave until he stops kicking. As he thrashes, she puts her head back and laughs and laughs as the slave goes limp.



Keywords: skylar, sph, face sittiing, small penis humiliation, ass smother, tickling

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Pindicks Get Spikes. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Nikkola

THE MEAN GIRLS – Pindicks Get Spikes. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Nikkola




Me and Princess Carmela spend some time talking behind this slaves back about his pathetic pindick before we go over and bust his nuts with our spiked shoes. We come up with a good plan about the right way to teach a little dicked man that he should probably get castrated anyway.

We make him stroke his cock at our feet as he stares at the spiked shoes he is afraid of. We dont even need to kick him hard in this video because is actually so friggin afraid, haha! Oh, as an added tough we ridicule his small cock constantly by comparing it to a monster white dildo in between kicks. Its not long before we end this pencil dick slave with the red stuff coming out on my spiked shoes.

Goddess Nikkole

Categories: Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Female Domination, Ballbusting, Kicking, Gelding, Extreme Domination.

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: princess carmela, goddess nikkole

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