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FemmeFataleFilms – Sniff & Lick – Complete Film. Starring Divine Mistress Heather

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Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. Mistress Heather decides it’s time for some pleasure at the expense of her frustrated slave. She teases and toys with him as she hovers over his face, the sweet scent and stunning look of her leather arousing almost every sense. When she finally sits firmly over his face, she allows him the great honour of tasting her through her panties, which prove only to get more fragrant, the more he struggles beneath her.

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Spandex Leggings Ass Smother

I love it when a slave struggles helplessly beneath me! Once again, my chastity slave is given a chance to earn his way out of his steel chastity device, only this time, it’ll be pain free! With my big butt covered in skintight spandex legging, I strap my slave down and have a seat on his face to see how long he can hold his breath under my ass while I spoke and tease him. He struggles helplessly, only allowed a breath when I’m kind enough to momentarily lift my big ass off of his face, just to smother him under it again and again.xoxo, Cybill Troy



Keywords: tights, smothering, femdom, riding, bondage, tight, facesitting, fetish, femdom, tattoos, ass, queening, boots, struggle, cybill

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dying for a Taste of Pussy Part 1. Starring Goddess Samantha

Goddess Samantha has a loyal slave in the sense that he’s been serving her for 6 years. However, he has also been whoring himself out to other dommes, so the question of his loyalty is moot. What he doesn’t know, however, is that Samantha is well aware of his slutty ways and furthermore, that she is the lethal “Face Crusher”. Perhaps it’s time this philandering slave faces the music! She wakes him up with a few vicious slaps to the face and informs him: “This will be the last time you serve Me or ANY other woman”. She teases him with her body, does some light CBT, lets him see her in all her glory……He is enticed but also scared. She knows there is one thing he never had from her; one thing he craves to experience: The taste and smell of her pussy. So she fingers herself, waves her finger in front of his nose, letting him have a good whiff, but then licks her finger clean before he has a chance to taste it for himself. The slave gets so frustrated and desperate that he finds himself begging her to sit on his face. He knows full well this spells the end for him, but how else can he get he sample the divine taste of Goddess Samantha’s pussy?

Mistress: Goddess Samantha

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Face Full of Jeans

After catching my slave checking out my ass in my new jeans, I decide he should enjoy them up close and personal with his face as my seat. I bury his face in my gorgeous round ass and relax with a cigarette as he struggles to breathe under me. With his hands handcuffed to his chastity device, he’s unable to get away. xoxo, Cybill Troy



Keywords: barefoot, humiliation, smothering, tease, seat, chastity, tight, handcuffs, toes, struggle, human furniture, ass, chastity device, tattoos, cybill

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EMPRESS TALES MEDIA – Skin & Leather for a lucky tongue

Starring FACE SITTING QUEEN: Face sitting, Smothering, Ass licking, Leather fetish, Human furniture…



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SQ Bossy Latin Bitch Delilah – Bossy Delilah – Smoking Head Astray Servitude

EXTREME CLIP. many requested I repost after removing! Thanks guys!



Keywords: choking, no air, smothering, slap, spit, gag, H.O.M, Brutal, Mean, Humiliation, Big Ass, Thighs, Natural, Real Time, Obect

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The Laughing Latina – Wonder woman takes out Batman

Custom; Wonder Woman has been requested to protect Fort Knox from gangsters. However, batman is not happy as he believes he is the top super hero. He comes to Fort Knox to confront WW and is angry, pointing the finger at WW and telling her to get out of town. Naturally WW is not too happy at this and punches BM knocking to the floor where she get him in a forward scissor position. She is choking BM telling him that he should not mess with her as she could take him out by snapping his neck. She decides not too and releases him. Standing astride above him she tells him how she is much more powerful than he could ever be and decides she is going to get rid of him. She tells him she is going to use her finest asset to do it. Drop down to sit on his chest and bounce a couple of times to knock the air from him. Slowly inch up to his neck and squeeze his head between your thighs. You tell him that it is time to sit on his face and remove his mask. Tell him how ugly he is and how y ou can help change his facial features before you squash his face with your ass. Start to sit on his face in the squatting position. Tell him how you just happen to love facesitting and you are going to sit and squash the life out of him. Use all the great facesitting positions and talk as much as you like !! I love it!. During the facesitting, include some reverse scissors (my new love) . Near the end stand above him again before dropping on to his chest. tell him that the bat must die before sitting on his face and smothering him out. When finished, use a victory pose to tell us that no one beats Wonder woman. FOR CUSTOM CLIPS EMAIL ME FOR HD CLICK Wonder woman takes out Batman!! HDCATEGORY: DOUBLE FACE SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING,BUTT DROPS, SURPRISE, MEN FOLLOWING ORDERS, TABOO, SMOTHERING, SUFFOCATION, ASS TO FACE, SMOTHER, DOMINATION, ASS FETISH, BRATTY AGENT, BIG BUTTS, STRUGGLING FOR MORE FACE SITTING VIDEOS CLICK HERE CLICK HERE FOR MORE BUTT DROP CLIPS! FOR MORE ASS SMOTHERING VIDEO’S CLICK HERE FOR MORE CHEST SITTING VIDEOS CLICK HEREFOR MORE HUMAN FURNITURE VIDEO’S CLICK HERE CLICK HERE FOR MORE BRAT GIRL CLIPS! FOR MORE SUPERHEROINES VIDEO’S CLICK HERE




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Nessie the Bully Girl – Smothering Brother To Get What I Want

This is the LOW RES version of this clip for easier downloading/phones. Click here for HD version. This clip includes: Smothering, Face Sitting, Big Butt, Brat Girl, Taboo, Thong Fetish, White Booty, Nessie Squeeze, Jason Ninja, No Nudity “I know how to get what I want, so when my brother tells me he can’t bring me to my 6am practice because he has to work…I present a very convincing argument: my BIG BUTT on his face. Haha. It’s funny, too, because I think he actually likes it, even though he begs me not to do it. And that’s why I come in wearing just my bra and THONG. I figure how can he say no to that? I start teasing him about how I know he likes it, being shoved between my butt cheeks. He denies it, but I know that he always says “no” to me at first just so I’ll sit on his face and smother him to get him to say yes. So I bounce my big butt on his face, laughing at him, and smothering him beneath my big butt and between my cheeks. He pretty much agreed to do it after just a couple of minutes…but I still want some fun, so I keep sitting on his face for a while, make him kiss my ass, and when I’m finally bored because I have better things to do, I make him pinky swear that he’ll take me, and then I tell him it’s time for my favorite part…putting him to sleep. Haha. He begs me not to, but I put him to sleep anyway. I’m such a brat, and I always get what I want…or I’ll sit on some faces until I do. My poor brother never has a chance.”To create your own customized clip, fill out the form at LudellaHahnFetish.com on the Customs Page for Pricing info.

Smothered or some of my other clips in these categories:SCISSORHOLD – FACE SITTING – CRUSH – MIXED WRESTLING – FOOD & OBJECT CRUSH – BACK TO MAIN STORE



Keywords: Taboo, Smothering, Crushing, Thong, White Booty, Smother, Redhead, Pigtails, Curvy, female domination, Pigtails, Breath Play, Nessie Squeeze, Reverse Facesit, Facesitting

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TheEnglishMansion – Queened & Milked – Part 1 Starring Sub Suzie

Suzie is sent by Mistress to carry out the slave milking duty but she wants to take some enjoyment for herself. After teasing him with her gloved hands, she makes full use of his tongue and sits on his face, smothering him with her beautiful arse and using him to lick her pussy and arsehole. Fully satisfied, she then attends diligently to her task and expertly milks him to completion.

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Meana Wolf – Cat vs Robin

**Custom Clip**Part 2 of Cat vs Bat Robin has come in search of Catwoman for answers and revenge. Ever since Batman has returned from Catwoman’s lair he just hasn’t been the same. His spirit is broken. He has no fight in him. He can’t bring himself to fight anymore. He’s broken. Robin comes to Catwoman seeking an antidote for Batman, but has foolishly landed himself in the exact same trap. Catwoman laughs her sexy evil laugh as she approaches. Robin is trapped, and Batman won’t be coming to save him. She decides to play a game with him. She sees him admiring her juicy round ass, so she decides to smother him with it. She strokes and licks his shaft as he gasps beneath her perfect ass. All he has to do is cum before she smothers him completely and he can go free. But Catwoman is such a devilish tease…as soon as he gets close she stops stroking and forces her ass harder onto Robin’s face. He groans in agony as she edges him. He groans in pleasure as his tongue sinks deep into Catwoman’s ass and pussy. He knows he shouldn’t enjoy this so much, but Catwoman’s skills are incredible. Her hands and her tongue slide up and down his shaft milk more and more precum from his throbbing cock. Will Robin cum before Catwoman smothers him completely? Or will he live to fight another day? Will he ever be able to face Batman knowing that he betrayed him with the woman who castrated him so viciously? Buy this clip to find out!xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Catwoman has captured Robin and decides to play a little game. She sits her ass down on his face and tells him that all he has to do is cum and he can go free. She starts to stroke him but as soon as Robin gets close she backs off and smothers him even more. Robin is terrified…but he can’t help but enjoy Catwoman’s delicious cunt on his face. She strokes and strokes and edges and teases him all the way up to a dramatic finish. Will he cum before it’s too late? *Face siting, Hand job, Blow job, Cosplay* This clip is available in other formats: 1080.mp4 1080.mov 720.mp4For More Super Villain Clips Click Here



Keywords: cat woman, robin, suer heroes, foes, bad guys, masks, wet and sloppy, smothering

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