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[Femdom 2018] Brat Princess 2 – Lady Toro – Trains Fluffy to be a slave to his 19 Year Old Step Sister (Throat and Ass Fucking) [PEGGING, STRAP-ON, THROAT FUCKING, CHASTITY]

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[Femdom 2018] Brat Princess 2 – Lady Toro – Trains Fluffy to be a slave to his 19 Year Old Step Sister (Throat and Ass Fucking) [PEGGING, STRAP-ON, THROAT FUCKING, CHASTITY]




Expert Dominatrix, Lady Toro, is training fluffy to be a good slave to his 19-year-old step-sister, Isabella. Isabella wants fluffy to learn to be submissive to her. Training fluffy to be a good slut will make him very submissive. Fluffy needs to be reminded that he is not his sister’s equal. His hot 19-year-old step-sister is Superior to him. When Toro has finished first fucking whore fluffy’s throat, she moves on to breaking in its ass. Fluffy’s body will be used as a submissive slut in every possible way until he is completely broken down. There’s nothing like a nice big dick in the ass to remind a whore of its place. By the end of its training with Toro, Isabella’s step-brother will be so stretched out, there will be no way it can forget what it truly is: a gaping slut to be used and abused by hot girls. Toro makes fun of fluffy’s chastity while she fucks him deep. Isabella holds her step-brother’s key. Now there’s no way fluffy can forget the girls are in charge. (7:07 long)

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[Trample, Foot Fetish, Foot Gagging] Brat Princess 2 – Lady Toro – Tramples and Foot Gags fluffy [Femdom 2018]

[Trample, Foot Fetish, Foot Gagging] Brat Princess 2 – Lady Toro – Tramples and Foot Gags fluffy [Femdom 2018]




Lady Toro uses slave fluffy for a foot worshiping at the end of a long day. Toro is merciless, grabbing fluffy by the hair and shoving her feet deep into its mouth, causing it to gag. Then, she has fluffy lay on the ground, so she can violate its throat even deeper. She tramples fluffy while fucking its face with her feet. Toro stands with her full weight on fluffy’s face, pressing his skull into the hard floor. She crushes his cock and balls underneath her feet. Fluffy must endure the trample punishment for not worshiping Toro’s feet as she specified. After the painful behavioral correction, Toro has fluffy return to worshiping. Fluffy has learned his lesson, and his foot worship and listening abilities are much improved. Toro is satisfied with fluffy, for now. (10:04 long)

Clip Contains: Lady Toro, slave fluffy, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Foot Gagging, Trampling, Face Standing, Cock Trampling



Keywords: female domination

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Miss Roper – Double Trouble Ballbust Ft. Goddess Valora

Miss Roper – Double Trouble Ballbust Ft. Goddess Valora




It should be quite clear now, the pleasure I receive in ballbusting, cbt, and various forms of ball abuse; but there’s even more
to be had when sharing your passions with friends. Goddess Valora accompanies me in destroying Slave Fluffy’s manhood with our
high, devious Pleaser stiletto heels. Joining forces, we crush, stomp, smash, and deal out cruel & swift kick’s to Slave Fluffy’s
balls; leaving them red, swollen and imprinted with markings from our pointed heels. It seems that the more he moans in
displeasure and pain, the more inspired we become to deliver ferocious strike after strike to Slave Fluffy’s vulnerable nuts.



Keywords: miss roper, raquel roper, goddess valora, slave fluffy, ball crushing

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – SLUT for the Strap. Starring Miss Riley

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – SLUT for the Strap. Starring Miss Riley




Miss Riley is a tall sexy blonde who enjoys humiliating inferior males…

Riley puts bright whore-red lipstick on on her sub then males him suck her giant cock. She ties him up with his legs spread wide eagle so he cannot get away from from taking the massive dildo. Miss Riley owns his ass then uses a vibrator on his cock while he is getting fucked in the ass. She vibrates his cock to orgasm then pours the cum back into his asshole to impregnate him with his own semen.

Category: AMAZONS


Keywords: riley jenner, slave fluffy

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Whipping Boy. Starring Goddess Blair

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Whipping Boy. Starring Goddess Blair




Amazon Goddess Blair has just broken up with her boyfriend and she needs some stress relief, her slave boy is ready to take a lashing for her enjoyment. Goddess Blair lists all the reasons she is angry with her ex boyfriend as she lashes the whipping boy harder and harder. Blair sits on the throne pleased with herself at all the red welts and marks she has left on his back, she instructs the slave to grovel at her boots. She is unsatisfied with the level of groveling so she begins whipping him as hard as she can. It doesn’t take long for the lashes of her rubber dragon tail to break him completely, he crys and pathetically begs for her mercy.



Keywords: blair williams, slave fluffy

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Foot Discipline. Starring Princess Mia

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Foot Discipline. Starring Princess Mia




Princess Mia has a very strict set of rules governing her slave’s behavior that she expects him to obey completely. Unfortunately he still has a long way to go until he is in proper compliance with her expectations. Every infraction must be punished immediately, and now he has rudely interrupted her reading and spoken without permission. Mia is a very effective slave trainer, and knows punishments must be both be unpleasant, as well as put the slave in its place. His disobedience is rewarded by roughly making him lick and suck all the filth from her shoes and feet. She is calm and condescending with her slave as he gags on her feet, struggling to clean them to her satisfaction. She does not relent until she is satisfied that her shoes and feet are properly cleaned, and that the slave has learned its lesson. Princess Mia expects nothing less than perfection from her slave as she forcefully molds him to her will.



Keywords: mia malkova, slave fluffy

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