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Lethal Bitches – FB1255 – Raise My Grade. Starring Carissa [FACE SITTING]

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Lethal Bitches – FB1255 – Raise My Grade. Starring Carissa [FACE SITTING]




Carissa is far too busy flirting to give her college work much attention, but she knows how to get her tutor to raise her grades… She’s going to give him a nice close look at those panties he fantasies about! Mr. Peters is a red- male after all, and Carissa is smokin’ hot, so she has little problem convincing him to get onto his office floor to have a look up her skirt, and then sits herself right down on his face, pushing her pussy and ass down onto his nose. Mr. Peters is soon putty in her hands (and under her ass!) and it looks like Carissa will get any grade she wants! (Duration 20m24s)



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ClubDom – School Girls From Hell 2: Liquid Castration. Starring Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves

ClubDom – School Girls From Hell 2: Liquid Castration. Starring Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves




Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are the two toughest girls in their school. They love using their gorgeous looks to get whatever they want. When approached by Toby and Steve, they decide to show them just how they are getting straight A’s this year. They pull the boys into their dungeon. One boy escapes, but Steve is over powered and thrown into a cage. On top of the cage, the girls have their teacher bound and afraid. They have an injection which they give in straight into his balls. If is to fuck the girls, and if he cums, his balls will shrivel up and wither away to nothing. He fucks Evelin good and hard after Kenzie rubs her tight young pussy all over his big cock. Unfortunately for the teacher, he cums.

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This is cock sucking 101 with yours truly. Aren’t you glad you chose me as your study partner? I’ve noticed what a faggot little pansy you are and I think this is a skill that would really benefit you.

You’re going to need to get low on the ground. I’m not very tall and you’ll need to get my entire rubber cock in your mouth and down your throat. I will first test you on how much you can get into your mouth. Its important that you can fit it all in there. Nobody likes a half ass blowjob.

Then I will test your ability to keep your blowjob teethless. If you scrape up one of these frat boys dicks they just might slap you silly. Then we’re gonna go over rhythm and technique. I can have you sucking dick like a pro in no time. Then I’m gonna parade you around frat parties and sell your services but I will collect all the profit. You’re gonna be my little blowjob whore.

Goddess Angelina

Features: Humiliation, Strap-On Oral, Forced Oral, School Girl, Verbal Humiliation, Asian, Female Domination.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – School Girl Big Ass Smother. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – School Girl Big Ass Smother. Starring Princess Skylar




This is a kinky family fantasy clip in which young and horny Skylar has turned step-daddy into her slave. The perv was caught masturbating to her photos and she caught it all on her hidden camera. Now he has to do everything Skylar says. Just home from school, she calls him into the bedroom to subject him to some ass smothering. She loves to watch daddy kicking his legs in the air while trying to breath, and tells him if he wasn’t such a perv, he wouldn’t be in this position. Looking directly into the camera, she talks about how she loves to use daddy for her amusement. She tells him she will be bringing her boyfriend home from school to fuck her, and when she asks if he’s ok with this, he has no choice but to agree. “Not only will mom see the video of your masturbating to my pics but I’ll tell her all the things I do to you as well.” She briefly lifts up off his face so he can reply “yes” to each of her questions. She slaps daddy’s nuts several times and tells him he will be expected to fluff her boyfriends as well, which mortifies daddy to no end, given that he’s 100% straight. “You’re going to suck his cock and get him ready” she says. He protests a bit at first but then realizes he will just have to do it. She says that after she gets fucked, she’ll stand over his face and let her boyfriend’s cum drip down onto him. She wants to make sure all the cum comes out so she doesn’t turn daddy into a grandpa. Skylar does a lot of bouncing and full-on ass smothering, and really makes daddy squirm and kick. She tells him she needs an increase in her allowance of $100 a week. Every time she orders him to put his knees down he knows it’s because she’s going to slap his nuts. He jumps each time, which brings her great delight. She makes him stroke his cock and think about her boyfriends fucking her. She wants that thought to arouse him. “Imagine what mom would say if she knew” she says. She reminds him that the most important thing is for him to do whatever she says and he promises he will. He is now her property to use in any vile way she so chooses.



Keywords: princess skylar, ass worship, ass smother, family fantasy, school girl

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Cruel Unusual FemDom – Seductive School Girls From Hell. Starring Hope Harper a…

Cruel Unusual FemDom – Seductive School Girls From Hell. Starring Hope Harper and Marsha May




Hope Harper and Marsha May sure have changed a lot over the summer. They have not only become beautiful women but they are high with the power their new grown-up bodies give them. All summer long they have tormented boys they have met and gotten away with a lot of mischief including turning them into weak puddles of goo. Boys have been helpless against them. They know Toby is a weak and submissive boy in their school. They know he is home alone with his parents away.They sneak into his garage and wait for him to notice them. Toby is startled and is shocked to find what were once innocent young women to be smoking cigarettes and dressed in sexy attire. He asks them to leave but the girls are not leaving unless they get what they came here for….to completely seduce and take advantage of him. They lift up their school girl skirts revealing their smooth young pussies. Toby is ordered to smell them which immediately sends him spiraling down further and further into a state of submission. He must smell their pussies, lick their asses and finally he gets strap-on fucked good and hard by both women. Before he knows it, he ends up naked and in a cage, begging to be let out. The girls laugh as they know now that they truly are meant to be rulers of men and will continue to torment and get what they want.

Category: FEMDOM


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Cruel Unusual FemDom – Valora’s Training Day Part 3: Dildo Gag

Cruel Unusual FemDom – Valora’s Training Day Part 3: Dildo Gag




Goddess Valora tells Goddess Nadia’s subby the new rules of his relationship and forces him to wear a chindo. He uses his new appendage to fuck Goddess Nadia’s wet pussy with Goddess Valora’s slave. The pathetic slaves fuck Nadia using the fake cocks, and are forced to suck them while the Goddess’s laugh at them. They feel so owned and humiliated.



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea

THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea




Bella and Rodea come in to talk with their mean teacher Mr. Smith who has been threatening to flunk them in science class because he has discovered that they actually have several of the less popular boys in class doing all of their homework for them. The girls ask if they can try out a scientific experiment on him that they SWEAR they have been working on all by themselves- and if it works, he needs to agree that he will give them an A in the class. Mr. Smith reluctantly agreesbut assures the girls that whatever it is probably wont do what they are intending because they just arent smart enough and have no science aptitude whatsoever.

The girls just overlook Mr. Smiths insults and fasten a weird helmet to his head, and turn it on. (Mr. Smith doesnt know it, but it is their Mind Control Helmet Of Obedience!) Then they start asking him questions. (Like are we going to pass this class? What grade are we gonna get? who is your favorite student in class? etc) Mr. Smith feels weird but is able to still answer the questions normally. So Rodea instructs Bella to turns up the juice and they repeat the questions. NOW they start getting the answers they want to hear! Once they can tell that Mr. Smith is COMPLETELY under their control, they even laugh in his face that of COURSE they didn’t build this stupid thing themselves! They made some other smart nerd loser in the class build it for them! But its too late now. He is powerless to do anything about it. They could command him to go jump off a ledge for their amusement at this point if they wanted to! They have proven their point that they are HOT- and that trumps everything. So they dont need to know about all this stupid science stuff anyway. They are so hot that if they want some stupid scientific stuff done for them, they just need to snap their fingers at some nerd loser and they will literally BEG to do it FOR them!

Then the girls decide to really have some fun and crank the helmet all the way up to the TOP level and remove it- leaving Mr. Smith in the highest level of complete submission and obedience to their every command! Soon the girls are having fun with their teacher like he is nothing more than a new toy for them to play with. They make him literally get down on all fours and bark like a for their amusement. They make him do tricks for them- while they laugh in his face. They even make him strip naked to see what Mr. Smith looks like naked and take pictures of him with their iPhones! They make him literally grovel at their feet and tell them how he will leave his wife for them- just to be nothing more than their 24/7 their SLAVE. They test his obedience by making him lick their spit up off the floor and THANK them for it!

By the end of the video the girls are getting foot worship from their mind-fucked teacher. One girl is getting her feet worshiped, while the other one casually rests her feet on top of his head and films it on her phone! They have absolutely no respect for Mr. Smith anymore. (And they ALWAYS hated him, so this should be fun!) And if he ever manages to come out of their spell or overcome their mind control over him- these iPhone videos should make for some Very powerful blackmail to keep him in line!

Princess Bella’s own clip store is here:Mean Girl Bella’s Clip Store



Keywords: Princess Bella, Goddess Rodea, School Girl, Blackmail, Humiliation, Shiny Leggings, Latex leggings, Teacher

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Cruel & Unusual FemDom – Class Bitch Part 1: Pussy Worship. Starring Presley Carter




Presley Carter is the BITCH of the school and she always gets whatever she wants. All of the guys wish they could date her and even the teacher gets excited when she walks into class. She is young and naturally dominant, and knows that she can bend men to her will. Presley is followed outside of school by a fellow jock classmate who she quickly turns down. Presley has her eye on a bigger prize, her teacher. Presley enters detention and quickly has her teacher under her control, telling him that he must do everything SHE says, and not the other way around. Before he knows what hit him, he is on his knees mere inches before her gorgeous, young pink pussy. Presley wants him to pleasure her because why should she have to sit in detention at a desk when she can spend it cumming?



Keywords: femdom, female domination, pussy worship, pussy eating, oral servitude, Presley Carter, school girl, teacher, brat dommes, brat girls, Clubdom, Subby Hubby

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Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer – Janitor Gets a Beating

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer - Janitor Gets a Beating.wmv.0015

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer - Janitor Gets a Beating.wmv.0030

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer - Janitor Gets a Beating.wmv.0032

Jennifer goes to her locker to get ready for her next class. She has a 10 AM face slapping class. She finds the new janitor meekly trying to do his job and clean the lockers. Jennifer knows the janitor is new seeing she got rid of the last one herself. The janitor is unaware of the proper school etiquette. A boy must kiss Princesses shoes whenever she enters a room. The janitor is so scared. He has heard stories about how mean and bratty the girls can be at this school of Female Domination. Jennifer explains to the male she needs a subject for her face slapping lab and wants to practice on his stupid ugly face. Jennifer carefully starts slapping the janitors face until she actually breaks his face! She sprays detergent in the wound and the male howls in agony. Jennifer laughs and stuffs the rag in its mouth. She starts slapping the males face over and over. Once she is satisfied with her face slapping practice, she decides the male will help her with developing her whipping skills. Jennifer retrieves a hard cane from her locker. The janitor takes off his shirt and Jennifer begins to welt the janitor. Blow after blow rains down on the janitors back. The janitor begs for mercy but gets nothing but laughter. Jennifer continues to whip the janitor. Jennifer even repeatedly slams the janitors ugly head in the locker. The dumb stupid male knows he cant fight back against the girl. This clip is amazing! (8:47 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, face slapping, whipping, beating, school girl, cruelty


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