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[Femdom 2018] Men Are Slaves – Choke On It. Starring Sara [FOOT FETISH]

[Femdom 2018] Men Are Slaves – Choke On It. Starring Sara [FOOT FETISH]




This slave is hacking up a lung and really having difficulty breathing. That could be because Sara is shoving her whole foot in his mouth. He struggles to fight the gag reflex as her toes enter his throat, hacking and spitting while trying not to throw up. Sara meanwhile laughs, she finds his struggles hilarious and only removes her foot briefly before shoving it right back down his gullet.


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SpittingBitches – Banana for my monkey. Starring Sara

SpittingBitches – Banana for my monkey. Starring Sara




Be my little monkey!! Do you want a banana?! Sure you want one… but this ain’t gonna be a normal banana. I will enrich your meal with my spittle. First you’ll peel the banana and then I will crush it between my sweet and sexy toes. Then I spit into the sugar-mush and subsequently you have to eat your meal from both, my toes and the plate on the floor. Suck them dry! Such a fantastic feast!!

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SpittingBitches – Are you thirsty, slave

SpittingBitches – Are you thirsty, slave




Are you thirsty, boy? You bet! I almost dried you out and you would do anything for a sip of water. But I have something very special for you – open your muzzle, asshole, I wanna spit into it and make you drink my divine juice! Oh did I hear a breeze of resistance? Suddenly you’re not thirsty anymore? I don’t believe that and keep on feeding you with your spitting cocktail! You have no other choice than to swallow every single drop, ’cause you enjoy the humidity in your mouth and on your face. Even if you won’t admit it! Furthermore I have a little surprise for you – you’ll now drink from my high heels…

Category: SPITTING


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Men Are Slaves – Slaps For Ass. Starring Jessica and Sara

Men Are Slaves – Slaps For Ass. Starring Jessica and Sara




Both Jessica and Sara have very desirable asses. Both girls also love to humiliate this slave who they know craves their ass. So the rules are simple, accept being bitch slapped to earn their ass.


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Men Are Slaves – Do You Like My Kitties. Starring Sara

Men Are Slaves – Do You Like My Kitties. Starring Sara




Aren’t Sara’s kitties so cute? The little kitty cats at the top of her oh so cute stockings, the ones that make this slave desperate to worship her legs? Well those aren’t the only stockings she has nearby for this slave to worship. She puts on two other pairs that make her legs look even better. It’s no wonder this slave accepts so much abuse from Sara, he is simply powerless against her stocking covered legs.


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Brat Princess 2 -€“ Jennifer and Sara -“ Relationship Counselor Rewires Danni Part 3




720 HD: Danni emerges from his therapists bathroom to reveal his new chastity device. Sara is delighted to see that its pink, her favorite color. Sara takes the key and locks her boyfriend into the device. Jennifer explains that now danni will clean whatever Sara wants cleaned, buy whatever she wants him to buy. He is under his girlfriends complete control. Jennifer wants Sara to tease danni, just so that he can experience what chastity feels like with an erection. Sara tells danni to look at her butt. Dannis eyes get wide. Hes never been this close to his girlfriends butt. Sara pushes dannis face deep into it. Sara rewards her boyfriend, danni, by allowing him to kiss her ass. Danni complains that his chastity is starting to hurt. Jennifer asks danni if the discomfort is something he can get used to. She reminds him that its for his girlfriend. Sara tells danni that she wants him to worship her feet again. Danni obediently does as his girlfriend wishes. Jennifer explains that danni is just in a starter chastity. In a month, they will have to come back and have dannis chastity tightened. Jennifer will be available to talk danni through it as he transitions to tighter and tighter chastity. Sara is relieved that their relationship struggles appear to be over. She finally has her boyfriend on his knees, sucking and massaging her toes. Shes always wanted this for them. Sara inquires if Jennifer performs castrations as well. Jennifer is an experienced Castratrix. Sara plans to bring her step father in for the castration her mother has promised to her. Jennifer has several castrations booked the following week, but she thinks that she can make room in her schedule to do Saras step fathers. Sara asks if she can perform the castration on her step father herself. Jennifer says that she certainly can. She will guide her through the process. Removing male testicles is actually quite simple. Jennifer checks her schedule and books the appointment. Terrified danni works hard to please his girlfriend by sucking on her toes. He doesnt want to share the same fate as Saras step father. (9:48 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Sara Luvv, Female Domination, Mind Fuck, Brain Rewire, Boyfriend Training, Small Penis
Humiliation, Chastity, Foot Worship, Castration Fantasy



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Men Are Slaves – Please Whip Me Goddess. Starring Jessica and Sara




Such a good slave, not only does he accept the pain from the whip but he actually begs for more! That’s what Jessica and Sara love from their males, not only a willingness to take pain but hearing them beg for more. Good male, now suffer while the girls amuse themselves.

Category: WHIPPING

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Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer Kendall and Sara – Play Break the Piggys Balls

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer Kendall and Sara - Play Break the Piggys Balls.wmv.0010

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer Kendall and Sara - Play Break the Piggys Balls.wmv.0018

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer Kendall and Sara - Play Break the Piggys Balls.wmv.0026

Its time for piggys daily kicks! Jennifer, Kendall and Sara play break the piggys balls. The three Princesses take turns kicking. Each one gets a few kicks before the next yells, My turn! The Princesses are too excited to go one by one. Kendall puts her knee in the piggys back and holds it in place while Jennifer kicks. Sara looks on and giggles. They switch spots. Sara kicks from the front and sea saws with Jennifer, kicking from behind. Saras shoe comes untied. She tells the piggy to tie her shoe. The pig has difficulty tying because Jennifer wont stop kicking its balls. The Princesses go around in a circle, kicking the pig from all angles. The pig did a terrible job tying Saras shoes. He gets extra kicks as punishment for being a bad shoe tier. Kendall finally kicks the pig to the ground. (9:05 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Kendall, Sara, Ball Kicking, Sadism


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Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer and Sara – Kick Pig with Human Statue Forced to Watch

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer and Sara - Kick Pig with Human Statue Forced to Watch.wmv.0007

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer and Sara - Kick Pig with Human Statue Forced to Watch.wmv.0019

Brat Princess 2 - Jennifer and Sara - Kick Pig with Human Statue Forced to Watch.wmv.0026

720 HD: Jennifer and Sara want to kick this pigs balls. They want to kick him so hard they fly off. A b0y they have turned into a metallic statue looks on, frozen and forced to watch the brutal act. Jennifer and Sara giggle as they take turns kicking the pig. The pig falls down. The Princesses smash its balls under their heels as it lies on the ground. Jennifer pulls the pig back up and gives it a series of hard kicks. When they have finished abusing the pig, the Princesses turn to the statue. Frozen and helpless, the human statue is their next ball busting victim. The statues eyes reveal that he is terrified. (10:11 long) Clip contains: Jennifer, Sara Luv, BRAT GIRLS, BALL KICKING, Ball Abuse


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