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ClubDom – Rain of Canes. Starring Goddess Brianna and Kendra James

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ClubDom – Rain of Canes. Starring Goddess Brianna and Kendra James




Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent are in the mood for a good caning. They want to send their slave back into the camp covered in marks as an example of what NOT to do here at Club Dom. The women take turns striping up his flesh, making him up as he cries out in pain. The girls only laugh and want to cane him more, and they do. They cane him hard and now his entire body is covered in both whip and now cane marks. He will make a great example as he limps out into the field, covered in welts.

Category: CANING


Keywords: corporal, caning, femdom, female domination, clubdom, punishment, goddess tangent, dahlia rain, bdsm, cane

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DomNation – THE BIG SHOW. Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – THE BIG SHOW. Starring Lady Towers




The six foot four inch, Cruel Colossus of Domination has little tolerance for disobedient slaves, and an arsenal of whips and paddles to back it up. In this video she puts a severe, relentless ass beating on her incompetent slave with a myriad of straps, whips and paddles.

With every agonizing blow, his ass welts and bruises until he is black and blue. Her slave cowers under her thunderous strikes, but this Amazon Goddess has no intention of allowing him even a moments reprieve. There will be no break, until this fool is completely broken to her will.

Category: PADDLING


Keywords: towers, paddle, mistress, dominatrix, bdsm, strapping, beatdown

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DomNation – SCREAM YOUR PAIN AWAY! Starring Goddess Maxine

DomNation – SCREAM YOUR PAIN AWAY! Starring Goddess Maxine




Goddess Maxine has had had it with her disobedient slave! She has him tethered helplessly to a heavy steel metal web and she will exert no mercy! The first throes of her sinister crop land directly on his penis! It’s just an example of what’s to become of this poor slave.

You can hear the individual swat’s of her crop land on his delicate flesh so concentrates on specific areas and pelts them relentlessly over and over again each blow more painful than the one before it.
She laughs the time away as her poor slave suffers the torment of her relentless barrage. He can go nowhere he cannot defend himself! He can only try to scream the pain away!


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DomNation – I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY! Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly

DomNation – I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY! Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly




Mistress Thorn Kelly has been working on a slave that has upset her.
She has left his man parts in tatters as she smiled and laughed at his horrendous agony! She has beaten him with a steel paddle and hasn’t quite finished with him yet!

Thorns slave is dangling naked and vulnerable. He has already been tormented to the extreme. His penis and testicles still burn as testament to her anger. But this mistress is going to make her point! Her riding crop is in hand and pummeling his flesh. Every inch of him will be screaming for forgiveness by the time that Thorn has finished with him..


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DomNation – YOUR NIPPLES BE DAMNED! Starring Goddess Storm

DomNation – YOUR NIPPLES BE DAMNED! Starring Goddess Storm




So I’ve been told that you’ve been bad, I really don’t care what your offense or indiscretion is or was. I don’t care if it was marginal or severe, it just doesn’t matter too me. All that matters is that a friend told me that you had been bad, and for this the consequences will be most severe! And of course, pleasing to me!

The goddess finds her victim well gagged and unable to speak, he is helplessly restrained to a heavy steel web of which there is no escape. He appears some what anxious and panic stricken and probably for good reason.

Storm immediately goes for his tender nipples, She digs her nails in and applies pressure, the wimpy slave reacts immediately and Storm constantly has to tell him to stay still or she’s just going to apply more pain, But he’s just not bright enough to understand how to reduce his own suffering so the Goddess wields a heavy leather paddle and tries to beat some sense into this thoughtless creature. Inevitably Storm has to resort to the use of nipple clamps to create even more excruciating torment as he spins and jumps around to no avail. It’s quite obvious that Storm will end up having to visit this one again!

Keywords: storm, mistress, fetish, female domination, slave training, femdom, slapping, beat down, mistress, extremedomination, nipple torment, nipples, corporal punishment, humiliation, verbal humiliation

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DomNation – CANE OF FURY. Starring Joclyn Stone

DomNation – CANE OF FURY. Starring Joclyn Stone




It appears that once again Joclyn’s slave has been acting up. So Joclyn sets out on a course of stern and painful corporal punishment in an effort to set her disobedient slave straight.

Joclyn doesn’t give him the benefit of restraints, she wants him to stay still, like a good slave should for every act of insubordination (IE movement) there will be a swift and painful response.

Joclyn Goes at her slave with ruthless brutality, her cane leaving welts on her slaves flesh as he struggles to stay still (failing of course) her hard wooden paddle practically sends him off of the bench in recoil. But there is no excuse for his flight so she finally rolls him over and canes the more delicate flesh of this losers front side!!!! He just doesn’t seem to learn. Ouch!

Keywords: joclyn stone, mistress, fetish, female domination, slave, femdom, verbal abuse, humiliation, extreme domination, beat d

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DomNation – DISCIPLINING A BRAND SPANKING NEW SLAVE (Full Version) Starring Miss Joclyn Stone

DomNation – DISCIPLINING A BRAND SPANKING NEW SLAVE (Full Version) Starring Miss Joclyn Stone




Miss Stone exercises her authority over a newbie slave with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. She strips him naked, and orders him over her knee, so his naked body is close to hers touching her, feeling her warmth, smelling her perfume.

Holding him firmly in place, she slaps his ass harder and harder until his once pink ass flesh is bright scarlet red. With each painful slap, his misery grows exponentially as he begs for her mercy. But Joclyn has no intention of slowing down, as her goal is to put this newbie in his place and show him who truly is in control.

Having properly tenderized her new slave`s bottom with a good old fashioned bare hand spanking, Joclyn continues to redden his as cheeks with a harsh leather paddle. Slap, slap, slap the paddle hits his butt repeatedly turning his soft pink ass cheeks to bright red.

Oh how this newbie slave squeals as Joclyn laughs out loud at his demise. Miss Stone loves to instill obedience in her boys using old fashioned disciplinary actions such as these.



Keywords: miss joclyn, mistress, ass beating, female domination, slave, femdom, paddling, femdom, mistress, extreme domination, latex, spanking, beatdowns, female superiority, bdsm

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DomNation – YOUR AGONY IS MY ONLY DESIRE. Starring Mistress Ryan

DomNation – YOUR AGONY IS MY ONLY DESIRE. Starring Mistress Ryan




Mistress Ryan is a true master. She commands many slaves and beats them regularly simply out of principle (and because she can) beating her slaves is as common as driving to work for most of us.

Mistress Ryan has prepared a nice slave feast for herself. Two slaves to feed her sadistic appetite. She has an agenda. Whichever slave is the biggest gimp will continue to be punished. Of course the slaves aren`t aware of this. Where’s the fun in that?

Her victims are laid out before her on an ottoman. Their bare buttocks sticking out and exposed to the wrath of her paddle.
Ryan`s merciless assault reaps havoc upon their flesh and minds. The shear strength, of which she strikes them, forces them to lurch forward as they grimace in misery. She moves back and forth between her two slaves. At times pinning them down as she massacres their soft exposed buttocks.

She separates her two slaves and keep the Gimp for herself. She rips into his chest with her talon like nails. His deafening cries only fuel her cruel intent. She jubilantly twists and tugs at his nipples. Its almost seems as she is trying to rip them from his chest. Her slave stuck in her trance. Unable to move, unable to defy her. He can only whimper and scream to relieve his torment.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: mistress ryan, mistress, fetish, female domination, slave, s&m, femdom, paddling, dungeon, lace, corporal punishment, scratching, nipple play, bdsm, slave training

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DomNation – MY PETS INTRODUCTION TO AGONY! Starring Mistress Renee Trevi

DomNation – MY PETS INTRODUCTION TO AGONY! Starring Mistress Renee Trevi




When Mistress Renee Trevi decides that she wants to train her little pet. She knows that pain is the best lesson of all! She sets out to instill proper obedience in her new boy before he will ever have a chance to disappoint her.

Since this pathetic male is nothing more than a, The Mistress has him blindfolded with collar leash affirming his proper place. She forces him to listen to the frightening sound of the inhuman strap that he is going to be beaten with. Then she proceeds to slam it into his frail body. She strikes him repeatedly with tremendous force creating dark reds lines upon his flesh. She allows her slave to smell the luscious aroma of her next whip. He is intoxicated and overwhelmed with its scent. However he is brought back to a painful reality with a thunderous blow and now rolls on the floor in pain.

Mistress Renee now stands him erect. She binds his hands above his head and displays her infamous thrasher whip. Its wrath is without mercy, as this slave is about to find out!



Keywords: renee trevi, whipping, corporal punishment, beatdown, leather, cfnm, bdsm, bondage, female superiority, female supremacy, ass beatings, paddling, slave training, strap, humiliation

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DomNation – A SNOWY BLIZZARD OF PAIN! Starring Mistress Snow Mercy

DomNation – A SNOWY BLIZZARD OF PAIN! Starring Mistress Snow Mercy




Mistress Snow Mercy looks luscious in her red and shiny latex. She glistens in the light and almost appears a merciful angel. But don’t let her angelic appearance deceive you she is a sadist at heart

Her poor pain slut is tied down tightly, with no chance of retreat or escape. She bears down on him with a very heavy rubber paddle. Its strikes are horrifically painful and violent but this is no concern for a sadist. His whimpering is like chumming the water when dealing with the likes of Mistress Snow. He soon finds himself practically dangling from the ceiling as her single tail whip now burdens his already burning flesh, the extent of his sheer torment showing in his contorted face, the sound of his pain leaving his lips and the pleasure derived from his agony present in the smile upon Mistress Snow’s Lips



Keywords: snow mercy, domination, face slapping, slave training, bullwhip, female domination, female superiority, corporal punishment, slave training, leather worship, single tail, bdsm, beat downs, nipple play, humiliation

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