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Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat The Skin Off My Feet Office Bitch. Starring Mistress Mia

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat The Skin Off My Feet Office Bitch. Starring Mistress Mia




Mia has just joined FemCorp as one of their new executives, and has been given the rookie office, which comes with a cage and a live-in slave. Women wear what they like at FemCorp while the slaves are either barely dressed or naked. Mia is wearing a cute skirt today with practically all the buttons of her blouse undone, exposing a sexy bra and a luscious set of breasts. “Most of the time he’s just here to do whatever I’d like him to do” she says, giving the slave a nudge with her foot. “Or, I can just send him off to attend to some of the other women.” She orders the slave out from under the desk to worship her feet. She asks how many feet he has worshiped this week and he replies “43.” She giggles and asks “Does that include the one-legged woman?” You get some great angles Mia’s soles and her sexy toes as they go in and out of the slave’s mouth. She asks if he likes being an employee in an-all female office, then mocks him for never being promoted out of the rookie office. She rubs her feet all over his face, then in and out of his mouth in an aggressive manner, while the slave desperately sucks and licks. “My feet are stinky and sweaty, just the way you like them” she says.

Mia suggests that there might be enough dirty feet around the office for him to actually live off toe jam and foot skin. “The women in the lounge talk about all the nasty stuff they step in because they know you’ll be licking their feet” she tells him. She jams half a foot into his mouth, then makes him answer questions with his mouth full. She extends her other foot and offers it to you, as she wants to see who does a better job. Her foot is so close you could literally reach out and kiss it. She tells you to hold it up for her. “I can only keep one of you” she says “so whoever does the best job gets to stay.” As she tells you to wait, she gives her full attention once more to the other slave. She sets her heel in his mouth and instructs him to chew off the skin. “After all, it is lunch time and I do enjoy spoiling you boys” she says sternly. She looks at her watch and realizes what time it is. “Oh, it’s time for you to go service Kandy’s feet” she tells him, as she makes him crawl away. “Maybe later I’ll have him back to lick my ass” she says looking at you with a knowing smile!



Keywords: feet, foot worship, goddess mia, office domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Cali and Vienna – Sexual Harassment Policy Requires Tighter Chastity Tubes

Brat Princess 2 – Cali and Vienna – Sexual Harassment Policy Requires Tighter Chastity Tubes




Vienna is the Sexual Harassment Prevention Coordinator and she is handling a complaint from Cali about Danni. Danni is already kept in chastity but Cali believes it is not tight enough. She feels uncomfortable. Cali wants him in a smaller tighter tube. She feels she should be able to wear what every sexy clothes she wants without him getting a boner no matter how small it is. She also thinks that her fun teasing of Danni in the morning by tickling his balls should not have to result in him getting any type of erection. She wants it so small and tight that she cant see any hardness at all. Vienna completely agrees and she shows Cali the new tighter tube. She squeals with delight and mocks Danni. See I told you I would win! Now you have to wear the smaller one. Ha Ha! Danni is facing a huge sexual harassment law suit that could ruin him. His complaints get him even more time in chastity. He takes off the old one and squeezes himself into the new smaller one. Cali locks it back in place and puts it back on her belly ring. Vienna thinks it is adorable that she wears the chastity key on her belly ring. This is not sexual harassment she declares. The girls test the new tube. Vienna puts her breasts in his place. Danni is miserable. Vienna knows that she can wear her low cut blouse that shows off her amazing cleavage without being harassed by a boner. Cali tickles his balls with her new pedicure. Next they work on Dannis foot worship. The girls put their stocking feet into his mouth and make him suck on them. Cali fucks his mouth with her foot. Danni is utterly humiliated by the hot office girls. The girls start talking about Mr. Johnson. He is a male that does not wear a chastity tube. He gets to fuck the office girls when he wants. He is so attractive. The high heel s that He likes are tough on Calis feet. She uses the chastity boys to worship her feet so they dont feel so sore. Danni is threatened with spikes inside the chastity tube. He has to stop leaking pre cum! This means he will get the spikes. No pre-cum is allowed no matter how backed up he gets. Danni has to also buy the girls new skirts and bikinis! The girls then take off their stocking and make Danni lick and suck their bare toes. This video shows how companies are fighting sexual harassment from undesirable males. Undesirable males face financial ruin from a sexual harassment law suit if they do not wear chastity tubes and obey the wishes of the office girls. (21:15 long)

Clip contains: Cali, Vienna, office domination, chastity, sexual harassment, foot worship, stockings, humiliation

Category: CHASTITY


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EMPRESS JENNIFER – One Mean Employee Evaluation

EMPRESS JENNIFER – One Mean Employee Evaluation




I think Im pretty fair to all the people that work for Me. I mean where would I be without all the little people working their little brains to keep My vast empire successful. Take for instance johnny; the retarded PA.I gave him a second and third chance to work his way out of slavery and have a normal job so he does not have to live out of a dumpster anymore. And what does he do? FUCK IT ALL UP! I’m a big believer in TRAINING AND DISCIPLINE. I think you have to invest in people. So that’s why I demand johnny keep his balls in a device that I can crush at any moment. Itts a lot better than kicking him in the nuts all day like I used to. Well to be fair, some habits are hard to break, HAHA. Today I give him an employee evaluation where I allow him to pay for his mistakes. A few kicks to the gut should fix his wagon. And to remind him continually to keep his mind on his work, I crush his balls to the max with that device. I’ve dealt with his sort before, trust Me. Results are just around the corner LOL


Includes: CBT – Office Domination – Foot Domination – Female Domination



Keywords: worship, leather, hand, legs, jennifer, empress

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Less Talking And More Barking. Starring Kandy and Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – Less Talking And More Barking. Starring Kandy and Ruby




Although Kandy and Ruby are two super smart women employed by the corporation, they’ve been constantly overlooked for promotion. They eventually find out why. A group of men, including the CEO and Accountant, were cooking the books and skimming off the top. In order for the men to avoid getting busted and facing possible jail time, they’re forced into a life of servitude, where they must do exactly as the Ladies demand or have their misdeeds exposed to the law and to their families. The Women are in charge now, and when the men aren’t pushing pencils, they’re spending time in the all women’s staff room being used and abused.

In this scene, Kandy and Ruby walk in on the slaves, who are discussing a plan to take back control. The CEO has unzipped the mouth on his dawg mask, and reclines in a relaxed position, as if he’s back in charge. Reality sets in as the girls crack the whip, and soon the CEO is back on all fours, falling back into line. They deny they were scheming to take back the office, but when Kandy says that the first one to tell the truth will not be punished, both slaves quickly point the finger at each other.

Not knowing who to blame, the Ladies decide to punish and humiliate both of these unfortunate individuals. The caged slave has to position his ass right up against the bars of the cage while the CEO dawg is ordered to sniff his ass. “Your CEO days are gone” Ruby tells her slave, “You are now nothing but an ass sniffing dawg.” The caged slave is humiliated about his small cock, and the Ladies question whether he’s even the father of his . They suggest that his wife has lovers on the side who are probably the dads. They make him stroke himself, and his cock is so small he only uses two fingers to do it, while the dawg is forced to sniff the other slave’s ass again. “And no more office scheming” says Ruby.



Keywords: office, verbal humiliation, small penis humiliation, sph

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Lady Fyre Femdom – Boss Forces You to Take Stud’s Cum. Starring Lady Fyre

Lady Fyre Femdom – Boss Forces You to Take Stud’s Cum. Starring Lady Fyre




I’ve seen you staring at me, especially when I bend over & you can see down my shirt. But I also know your little secret. There’s a rumor going around the office, and we’re going to have a meeting right now to confirm if it’s true. I found this wonderful specimen of a man in the mail room, and he has a nice big cock. Look at it! Don’t look away. If you look away or leave the room, I will fire you. I know how much you need this job. See? You’re staring at his cock as hard as you stare at my breasts. I know how much you like women too, so I’m going to let you watch as he fucks me. But just to cement your position in the company & this situation in your mind, you’re going to kneel beneath us as he goes in & out of me. As you stare up at us, I want you to ask yourself whether you’re admiring my pussy or his penis. We’re about to find out. Open your mouth so this stud can cum all over your face. Well, now we know! You’re more than just a little gay. That’s one of the perks of this job: it reveals so much to you about your true nature. Lady Fyre 9:33

Category: MAKE ME BI
Keywords: lady fyre, ladyfyre, boss / employee, cock worship, femdom pov, femdom sex, forced bi, humiliation, cumshot, facial

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Feet On Retainer. Starring Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke

THE MEAN GIRLS – Feet On Retainer. Starring Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke




Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke have hired an attorney to represent them after being sexually harassed at work. The attorney has been working very hard and is about to obtain a $500,000 judgment in their favor which is great news. However, a case like this involves a lot of billable hours and the attorney informs them his fees will total around $20,000. Goddess Harley starts to read over the bill and “accidently” drops one the pages to the floor. As the attorney bends over to pick it up off the floor Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke push their feet in the attorneys face. Just as they suspected the attorney has an obvious foot fetish that they can use to their advantage.

Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke look incredibly hot in their business outfits, pantyhose, and high heel shoes. As they push their feet into the attorneys face they tell him they don’t want to pay his fee. He says maybe he can give them a discount but that’s not good enough for Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke. They tell him it needs to be 100% free or they will stop right now and put their shoes back on. Yet another man has fallen victim to their feet as they easily manipulate the attorney into dropping all his fees and doing the case pro bono. They even confess that this is how the original sexual harassment suit started. They aren’t even victims of sexual harassment they just wanted money so they used the power of their feet to manipulate their male coworkers into compromising situations.



Keywords: superior goddess brooke, goddess harley

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexis and Jade – Pussy and Ass Worship Part 1

Brat Princess 2 – Alexis and Jade – Pussy and Ass Worship Part 1




Danni the office slave has his pay check direct deposited into Jades account now. The girls visit Danni late on a Friday night at the office. Danni has no home any more. He sleeps under a desk in the office. Jade and Alexis stop by to tease and torment Danni. Jade makes him likc her ass. The girls were out dancing in the club. They tease Danni about him being the office toilet slave as he licks Jades ass clean. Alexis straddles Danni’s face while Jade lets him know that he will be the full toilet salve for all the girls. (7:38 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Jade, ass worship, financial domination, office domination, mean girls, human toilet fantasy,.


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Brat Princess 2 – Alexis and Jade – Pussy and Ass Worship Part 2

Brat Princess 2 – Alexis and Jade – Pussy and Ass Worship Part 2




Alexis smother his face with her naked pussy. She wants her freshly fucked penis cleaned by Danni the human office toilet. The girls take turns riding his face. The girls sit and smother him. Danni is too small to push Jade off his face. Jade grinds back and forth on Danni’s face. Then it is Alexis’s turn. Jade tells Danni what his life as a full time toilet slave for her and all her friends will be like. His mouth is their toilet bowl and his throat and stomach is their piping and septic tank. EXTEME VERBAL HUMAN TOILET FANTASY. (7:24 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Jade, ass worship, pussy worship, office domination, mean girls, human toilet fantasy,


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Well it finally happened, I spent the last red cent of My slaves money now he has no choice but to get a job. I can’t have him working at a fast food he needs a real job SO I CAN GET HIS REAL PAYCHECK. So I set him up with My moms accounting firm. Now it time for the real fun. My new hobby is to go to his office and terrorize him until he gets fired, HAHA. I love making this guy’s job a living hell ROFL! Like I said, its My moms firm so I get to do whatever I want. But hes on the verge of getting fired at any second. So I just spent the day fucking with him, distracting him, and ruining his desk. Whatever I can, just to humiliate him in front of the other workers. you know, whatever I can to create a hostile work environment. OMG Im getting hungry. he better take Me somewhere for his lunch hour.


Includes: Office Domination – Brat Girl – Humiliation – Verbal Humiliation – Female Domination

Category: BRAT GIRLS


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Club Stiletto FemDom – Under Desk Interview. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Under Desk Interview. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine sits at her office desk and says “It doesn’t take much to get fired these days, especially when you’re horrible to your staff and a perv on top of that”. Thus was the case of her former manager, who she’s now looking to replace. The camera pulls back and you can see the current candidate underneath the desk, wearing a mask, collar and leash. This poor sap arrived in his best dress-clothes armed with an impressive resume, only to learn that the most important qualification would be the length of time he could spend kneeling beneath Miss Jasmine’s desk until receiving her next order. Jasmine reveals a stack of shoeboxes filled with brand new shoes that she’s been accumulating from slaves eager to please her. She lovingly lifts out each pair of amazing stilettos, and while she does this, her applicant is required to demonstrate how well he can lick the soles and suck the heels. She laughs and says that if he’s successful he won’t get pristine, clean heels like these ones. No, he’ll need to be prepared to lick whatever detritus she’s been walking in, no matter how disgusting. “I get around a lot. Sometimes I travel to third world countries and sometimes I go to gay bars. I also like to give shoe jobs but the semen gets into all the nooks and crannies of my beautiful shoes.” Then she lists off quite a number of other nasty things her lovely shoes might come into contact with. The successful applicant must be prepared to wait under her desk and lick up whatever she gives him. She lovingly goes through the shoes, and while changing into them, the slave must suck on her nylon-clad toes. Jasmine mentions that the lucky candidate will live under her desk, clean up dishes and such, and also be expected to lick the shoes clean for everyone else in the office. What an amazing collection of shoes! And the good news is that there’s still time for you to apply for the position of office doormat!



Keywords: miss jasmine, foot worship, feet, asian, office domination

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