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Mistress_Trish – Zero To Sixty Nipple Destruction

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Mistress_Trish – Zero To Sixty Nipple Destruction




Mistress Trish hasn’t played with slave m’s nipples in a while. They are out of shape. Not that she cares. She uses his heightened sensitivity to cause him as much pain as possible. First she literally jumps on his nipple with a wartenberg wheel, roughly and aggressively sliding the sharp metal teeth over his nipples. Again and again. She tenderizes each nipple with hundreds of puncture wounds, laughing as he grimaces in pain, before sliding her favorite sharp teethed metal clamps tightly down onto his nipple. She yanks, twists, and spins the chain to ensure that the poor slave is suffering maximally for her. Then, holding him down with her body weight as she sits on his chest, Trish slides her combat boot between the two nipples so that she can use it to tweak and pain his now extremely wounded nipples. She taunts him as her minor movements cause him crazy, good, amounts of pain. Finally Trish decides that it’s time to rip those clamps off…of course she does it in the meanest ways possible.



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WOMEN OVER men – Dance under whip lashes. Starring Riding Queen

WOMEN OVER men – Dance under whip lashes. Starring Riding Queen




Bondage, Nipple clamps, Hard whipping, Bullwhip, Face slapping…

Category: WHIPPING


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Lady Cruellas games – Evil stepsis – Fourfold ruined orgasm

Lady Cruellas games – Evil stepsis – Fourfold ruined orgasm




The cruel stepsis if are alone with her loser stepro she always bullies him like now. She decides she makes him a slave. Poor stepro tries to resist but she takes down him smothers him with her sexy ass. Poor guy screams for some air and mercy. But she not only smothering him she tickling him same time. The stepbro can’t fight long time and finally beg for mercy and agree with that he will be her slave. Later she makes him to smell, kiss and lick her stinky, sweaty stockinged feet. When he doesn’t do it she fucks his mouth cruelly with her foot. She very enjoys to humiliate her loser stepbro. Finally, in this clip she tortures him 4 ruined orgasm. He has to smell her stinky feet while she pampers him. Poor guy begging for the orgasm but she loves to play tese&denial. Four time she lets him to ejaculate but evry time she ruines it.

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: lady cruella, femdom, feet, foot, foot fetish, humiliation, handjob, ruined orgasm, nipple play

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CBT Sadistic Femdom – Sadistic CBT punishment

CBT Sadistic Femdom – Sadistic CBT punishment




This time I really drive my slave to his limits! I show him real pain with my new heels with spikes on them. I work his cock and
balls without mercy. I clamp his little cock on my shelf and trample his cock and balls – I do not hear his screams for mercy!
Also I start a nice ballbusting. I get really excited, when the spikes of my heel hit the bulls eye. You can see many nice shots
in this movie – direct close ups and through a glass plate! Sadistische CBT Bestrafung. Diesmal lasse ich mich an meinem Sklaven
so richtig gnadenlos aus!!! Mit meinen neuen Heels mit Stacheln bestückt sind lernt er heute kennen was wirkliche Schmerzen sind!
Ich bearbeite seinen Schwanz und seine Eier extrem hart und ohne Gnade! Da kommt eine leidenschaftliche Sadistin wie ich es bin so
richtig in fahrt,eingeklemmt zwischen Schrank und Glasplatte ist sein jämmerliches stück Männlichkeit mir gnadenlos ausgeliefert!
Ich trampel auf seinem Schwanz und seinen Eiern herum ohne rücksicht auf sein schreien und betteln um Gnade! Zu so einer
Behandlung gehört natürlich auch ein schönes Ballbusting,dabei erregen mich seine schreie wenn mein Heel direkt in das Schwarze
trifft und Stachel meiner Heels ihre Arbeit tun!;) Sehr schöne Aufnahmen meiner Behandlung direkt,sowie von unten durch Glasplatte
seht ihr in diesem Film!

Category: CBT


Keywords: cbt, spitting, domination, boot domination, ball and cock tickling, nipple play, female domination, cock and ball
torture, ball stomping, female, humiliation, sadistic, ballbusting, femdom, worship

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Mistress Emerald 2

Mistress Emerald 2




Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress Emerald, Stockings, Forced Bi, Coerced Bi, Enforced Bi, Gay Blowjob, Emerald,
Mistress, Whipping, Whipped, Whip, CBT, Enforced Fem, Forced Fem, Feminization, Sissy Training, Sissy Slut, Sissy, Nipple Play,
Hoods, Boots, Boot Worship, Bootlicking, Latex, Rubber

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Creep Catcher Part 2. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – Creep Catcher Part 2. Starring Miss Xi




Miss Xi caught a creeper snooping in her windows as seen in clip one of this scene. One second he is peeping, next thing he knows
he is locked in her trample floor where she abuses him and black mails him, saying she will reveal all to his wife and employer.
To safe himself public humiliation or perhaps even problems with the law he agrees to come see her once a week to be subjected to
her whims. In this scene creepy has returned for his second encounter with Xi and once she has him secured she gives it to him
for being late. She reminds him everything has been caught on camera, the numerous times he was peaking through her windows and
their previous encounter. “I have copied all the contacts from your phone as well”, she tells him, “And with the push of the
button your family, friends and employer will see everything.” She mentions she took special interest in his porn surfing habits
which could cause problems for him on their own should she share the information. She flogs his balls and twists his nipples and
really has him jumping, as much as one can when secure to the ceiling by his wrists. The special cuffs actually screw into his
finger tips and cause a good degree of pain all on their own. She makes him spread his legs and really hits him hard on his
nuts. She follows that with a series of kicks. Xi asks him if he had trouble hiding the marks from their last session but then
laughs that hubby probably never sees her naked anyway to even notice. She takes a longer crop and mocks him for his fat belly
which she proceeds to whip. She slaps his face and then more flogging to his stomach, chest, legs and balls.

Trying to keep up a brave front, creeper tells Xi he can’t come next week as he is going on vacation with his wife. She laughs
and tells him he’s not going on vacation and in fact plans to send studs to his wife’s vacation destination and have them seduce
her. It will all be caught on video for hubby to watch but he must play dumb with her to the whole thing or risk being exposed
for the pervert and criminal he is. Xi is disgusted with this perv and is so excited to set his wife up with hot young men. She
crops his ass, punches his stomach and balls and repeatedly slaps his face. Xi then gets around to the obvious elephant in the
room, or should we say fly, his tiny little dick. She holds her little finger up to it and it’s actually longer than his cock.
She tells him he is probably a virgin, that thing could never please anyone. She comes up with the idea of taking pictures of it
and emailing it to everyone at his gym from his email address. She tells him she will be keeping an eye on him and if she ever
sees him creeping around anyone again she will have his cock removed completely. She gets rather graphic in the various ways she
might have it removed. He agrees he will agree to anything as long as she doesn’t tell his wife. What a journey this slave has

Category: FLOGGING


Keywords: miss xi, bondage, kicking, ballbusting, asian goddess, creep catcher

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Merciless Dominas – Slave James in Double Trouble. Starring Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Mistress Storm

Merciless Dominas – Slave James in Double Trouble. Starring Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Mistress Storm




Under normal circumstances, trouble is a bad thing – in this case, I am not sure. Slave James has been securely tied up to the
cross of the dungeon in Club K, just waiting to receive whatever punishment Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Mistress Storm will dish
out. If you are up to date with UK Mistresses, you will know that these two Mistresses together could very well, be a dangerous
mix for the slave. I don´t want to reveal the full concept of this scene, but what I can tell you, is that it include a lot of
screams and strange noises for the slave.

Category: CBT


Keywords: mistress rebekka raynor, 2017, mistress storm

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Asian Cruelty – SLAVEBOY CHEWTOY Starring Queen Darla

Asian Cruelty – SLAVEBOY CHEWTOY Starring Queen Darla




I like to savor my playthings with teeth. This one is going to be my new chew toy. I’ll maybe give him lip service until he moans,
then clamp down on him until he screams. I so love the sound of men in agony. This boy’s suffering is music to my ears. Did you
hear that slave? I’m going to play you like violin.

He’s been blindfolded for my viewing pleasure. His body will tremble as I his Goddess breath into his fear. What does it feel like
slave to be a meal for me?

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: bdsm, corsets, domination, ethnic, fetish, nipple play, kink, bondage, nipples, queen darla

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Learning to serve My friends. Starring TS Mistress Ali

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Learning to serve My friends. Starring TS Mistress Ali




My slaves should understand that serving Me does may sometimes mean to serve somebody else for Me. Maybe just temporarily, or
maybe they can be just given forever to another Mistress, it is in My power as their Owner. To make him understand that, I have
this slave serve My friend Mistress Ali: worship her and endure pain from her, under My supervision. he must learn to be a good
slave for her, as is the way he can become a good slave for Me.



Keywords: goddess ezada sinn, ts mistress ali
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Asian Cruelty – ONLY PAIN AND SUFFERING. Starring Empress Jeun

Asian Cruelty – ONLY PAIN AND SUFFERING. Starring Empress Jeun




My insubordinate slave is bound tightly to my inescapable steel bondage web, shackled at the wrists and ankles, heavy leather
straps spread tightly across his back and legs to hold him firmly in place. Should I slip a ball gag into his mouth? No, I think I
would prefer to be entertained by his pleas for mercy.

My leather riding crop will bring never ending agony to his puny cock, while I laugh at his misfortune. And my vicious cat of nine
tails will tear at my victims flesh like a thousand, red hot razor blades. Both of course bruise and welt the skin upon impact,
but even more deliciously, they send a burning, painful message throughout every fiber in his body which lingers long after the
whip strike. Before the pain even begins to dissipate, the next strike of my whip and crop are upon him.

The pain is relentless, and grows exponentially. I attach medical hemostat clamps tightly to his nipples and tug and pull until
they literally tear away the flesh. His punishment is intense, relentless and unforgiving, and deservedly so. It is intended to
break him, show him emphatically who is his owner. His desperate screams for mercy will fall on deaf ears tonight, as there will
be no mercy. There will be no reprise. There will be no forgivness. Only pain and suffering.This unruly slave needs a strict
attitude adjustment. He is severely in need of obedience training. And this shall be accomplished tonight. Helplessly bound to a
massive steel chain spider web, first I tease and arouse him with my seductive touch.

I stand so close to him, I whisper in his ear, the scent of my perfume fills his nostrils. I promise him everything he could
possibly wish for, and give him nothing. Now that I have his attention, we begin his punishment.

A series of sharply edged clamps, attached to lengths of chain, are used on his nipples, septum, ears, and more, to bring this
fool to heel. The razor sharp edges bite into his flesh like mini bear traps. The pain is excruciating, and it grows exponentially
with each passing second. For a little extra emphasis, I pull on his chains and laugh in his face, as he screams in agony. Does he
beg for mercy? Of course he does, but it wont be coming his way any time soon.

Category: BONDAGE


Keywords: empress jeun, bdsm, domination, asian goddess, nipple clamps, bondage, female domination, nipple play, corporal
punishment, nipple torment, verbal humiliaton, submissive slave training, whipping, riding crop, discipline
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