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Worship The Wolfe – You Went Out On My Butt [SCISSORHOLD]

Worship The Wolfe – You Went Out On My Butt [SCISSORHOLD]




I have a lucky new slave who has come for the blissfully painful experience of being KO’ed between My perfect legs. I find it fun to weaken My slaves by starting behind them in a front head scissor, as this is a position that can be held longer while I apply full pressure, restricting the airways and causing significant pain to the neck, without too quickly inducing KO. After making My new slave fully aware of the potential held within My thighs, I’m ready to KO him in every subsequent position. First I roll him to his side for number 1, which is relatively easy. Then I get in reverse headscissor with My boots up on the headboard. This one I have to hold for longer, switching My ankle position and squeezing tighter and tighter as I feel him getting weaker and weaker in My grasp, until finally…he goes out completely and falls right on My butt! He says out longer this time, which makes it even funnier. I should probably stop after that one. It was pretty intense. But 2 is not enough for Me, so I get him back into My favorite position- classic reverse headscissor, and give him one last good one. With thighs as powerful as mine, short and sweet is all you need.



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Worship The Wolfe – The First Was Accidental The Second Was Intentional [Scissor, Scissored, Scissorhold, Scissoring, Pantyhose, Nylons, Smothering, Smother]

Worship The Wolfe – The First Was Accidental The Second Was Intentional [Scissor, Scissored, Scissorhold, Scissoring, Pantyhose, Nylons, Smothering, Smother]




This lucky little slave of Mine has been asking Me all of Fetish Con for a chance to try taking My scissorholds. I’ve explained that My thighs are strong enough to completely overpower even those experienced in mixed wresting, but still the little bitch wanted to try. So, that means he was forewarned that he could be KOed multiple times if I think he taps too early, or if I just want to keep going after he taps…which of course as his Goddess, I have the right to do. To be honest, I didn’t mean to KO him in the first hold…but I did…meaning afterwards he was quite weak and completely at My disposal to move around and scissor however I please…until I decide he need to be put out in reverse neck scissor again. It’s just so hard to resist. It was a pretty intense KO, so I let him be done after that, trusting he learned that My thighs are no match for his little slave neck that was obviously not at all protected by his little slave collar.



Keywords: janira wolfe, worship the wolfe, pantyhose, domination, blondes, topless, muscle control, thighs, legs, wolfords, strong women

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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Bodybuilder moms crave a huge cock pt.2 [Cunilingus, Savannah Fox, Rapture, Pussy Eating, Pussy Licking]

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Bodybuilder moms crave a huge cock pt.2 [Cunilingus, Savannah Fox, Rapture, Pussy Eating, Pussy Licking]




In this part 2 update, Hot mom Brandie Mae had her ripped friend Rapture over for wine. The older women complain they can’t find a big dick. Upon seeing how big her sons cock is Brandie can’t contain herself. The sight of cock has the milfs in a frenzy! The jump on Shawn, dominating him with their strong muscles. Rapture s mothers him with her giant fake tits before pushing him to the ground. The women hold him down and put his young cock in their mouth. To further subdue him, they order him to eat their pussies. They s mother him under their giant bodybuilder asses. The older women can’t get enough of this young stud. Brandie can’t believe she is doing this to her son! But she has another glass of wine and goes right back to blowing….Enjoy this hott 2 on 1 action with lots of deep throat, big booties and braces

Category: BLOW JOBS


Keywords: milf, brandie mae, rapture, facesitting, muscle domination, muscular women, femdom, powerful women, muscle control, drinking

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[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – My Boyfriends Back – And Your Gonna Be In Trouble. Starring Princess Carmela [Shoe Fetish, Gay Foot Fetish, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking]

[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – My Boyfriends Back – And Your Gonna Be In Trouble. Starring Princess Carmela [Shoe Fetish, Gay Foot Fetish, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking]




(Note from Princess: This is actually pretty close to a true story of how my current cuck-bitch slave came to serve Me and Alpha as our personal cucky-boy!)

It all starts off with a bald, ugly loser being an obsessive stalker. He followed you home from work. He is outside your apartment and trying to get in! He is even saying mean things to you because you won’t let him in! You call your big Alpha boyfriend in a panic and tell him to come home ASAP! When your boyfriend finds the stalker outside, he beats him up, pulls him inside the house, and throws him at your feet. Princess Carmela cheers her “real man” on, as she is in complete control now, and will have her Alpha boyfriend will teach him a lesson for her entertainment!!

You are casually sitting on the sofa with Your Feet in front of the loser’s face, and start laughing at how Alpha has kicked Your stalkers ass. Alpha orders the slave to crawl to Your feet, kiss them, and Apologize to his girlfriend! You relax away with a total bitch face looking down at this pathetic scrawny loser, your legs are crossed at the ankles, and the beaten-down loser is literally praying out loud to you and saying “sorry” for everything as Alpha slaps him around some more, and orders him to apologize even LOUDER to you! You make him CRAWL over n over while laughing at him. You even make him strip naked so you can laugh at him and demand that he literally SLITHER like a WORM to the feet of its new MASTERS – unless he wants to get beat up some more! You just try as hard as you can to make him sink loser n lower for you and Alpha’s entertainment!

Eventually You sit up, crossed legs and see the Stalker kneeling head down and CRYING now at your feet! You Verbally humiliate him even more and order him to Kiss Your Feet even MORE and warn him that an old man like him should never to Fuck with a Young Goddess like You. Alpha joins You on the Sofa and You Both Demand that the loser debase himself even MORE for entertainment! (The humiliation of this old freak cannot go far enough in your opinion, and you wonder how far you can push this loser to debase himself? How scared is he of your big, strong Alpha boyfriend?? This is turning out to be really FUN for the young, superior Alpha couple!)

You eventually even make him lick the soles of Alpha’s boots clean so he can display true and COMPLETE submission to a hot young couple that is literally half his age. After the beating, verbal bashing, crying, feet worshipping, You both stand up and order the slave to kowtow 10 times in front of You and Kiss Your Feet as the hot young Alpha Couple makes out passionately to the point of bringing any Beta male to Tears.Kissing away – and showing him what he will never have – as the old man freak has no choice but to humbly bow down at the Feet of the ultimate young “Power Couple”!

Lastly You make the slave lie on his belly at your feet and You stand on its face full weight, smashing his Face full weight underneath your stockinged feet as You want to use its head as nothing more than a stepping stool for you to gain more height to kiss your tall Alpha man.!

You both then explain to the loser that the 2 of you may be keeping him around for awhile, as you are not done with him yet.since he wants to be “in Carmela’s life” soooo bad..maybe she will have to find some use for him!

And she`ll have ways to make sure he does WHATEVER her and Alpha say from now on! (Carmela even takes pictures with her phone of the freak while it is licking her Alpha’s boots so she can blackmail him into doing whatever her and her man say from now on!)

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[Femdom 2018] DomNation – MANHANDLED BY THE CRUEL COLOSSUS. Starring Lady Towers [SCISSORHOLD]

[Femdom 2018] DomNation – MANHANDLED BY THE CRUEL COLOSSUS. Starring Lady Towers [SCISSORHOLD]




Standing 6’4″ in her bare feet and weighing in at 220 pounds, Lady Towers is truly a giant among women. Dominating men comes naturally to a woman of her stature, especially since men literally throw themselves at her feet on a daily basis…in the supermarket, on the street, at her day job…begging for the opportunity to be her slave.

And when unruly slaves are foolish enough to disobey her, their punishment is swift and severe. This puny worm is trapped beneath her full weight, and she can literally do anything she wants with him. And she does. Ass smothering, face slapping, rib crushing butt bombs, leg scissoring, and more. He is putty in her hands and she uses her enormous physical strength and size to completely manhandle this insect effortlessly.

Category: AMAZONS

Keywords: lady towers, female superiority, bdsm, scissor holds, amazon, female supremacy, face sitting, goddess worship, giantess wrestling, ass smothering, slave training, female domination, muscle domination, face slapping

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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Savannah is the Ultimate fighting Champion pt.1 [Mixed Fighting, Mixed Boxing, Belly Punching, Muscle Domination, Powerful Woman]

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Savannah is the Ultimate fighting Champion pt.1 [Mixed Fighting, Mixed Boxing, Belly Punching, Muscle Domination, Powerful Woman]




Savannah is the ultimate fighting women’s champion of the MMA league. When she runs into a fellow MMA Champ at the tennis courts. He immediately starts bragging about himself informing Savannah that he is now the #1 champion in the league. He won the men’s title match. Not impressed, Savannah tells him hes not really the #1 champion of the league, hes just #1 on the men’s side. After all she is the champ of the women’s team and he has not beaten her. Confident he tells Savannah he would easily win in a match against her. Hes way bigger and stronger. Insulted Savannah then challenges him to a fight but there will be some stipulations. Shes going to record their fight for the whole world to see who is the true champion. Also just to add insult to injury the loser will have to be the winners maid! Shawn quickly agrees to the terms, hes sure to win. They shake on it and Savannah says she will even have a legal contract drawn up for their match. The two agree to meet at her place next Friday to duke it out. When Shawns shows up at her place she points out the camera and has him sign the contract on camera. The pair don boxing gloves and the fight is on!



Keywords: fighting, face punching

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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Savannah is the Ultimate fighting Champion pt.2 [Mixed Fighting, Mixed Boxing, Belly Punching, Muscle Domination, Powerful Woman]




In this part 2 update Savannah has challenged the men’s champion of her MMA league to a fight when he claimed he was the ultimate champion. He agreed to come to her house and sign a contract stating winner gets to have the loser be their maid. They face off and fight. Savannah has been dancing around him. He threw punches but Savannah is to quick for him. She pummels him with hook and belly punches. She gets in a good kidney shot which makes him groan in pain. Seeing her opportunity she jumps him from behind and takes him to the ground in a chokehold. She wraps her thick legs around his body completely immobilizing him. He is forced to tap out or pass out. She lets him get up and orders him to fight her. She taunts him calling him a bitch and pussy. She lunges and punches him in the stomach hard! When he is forced to double over in pain she wales on his back, punching each kidney to the point of rupture. He calls her a ruthless bitch, but she warned him that she was better. Now he is isn’t going to be the champ of anything. She hooks his face right and left, leaving him spinning. He tries to punch her but is stumbling on his feet. She laughs in his face as he asks for a minute to gather himself. He tries to shake his head clear and regain his feet as he lunges again. Unfazed Savannah delivers a powerful blow to his belly, and then goes in for the ringer. She punches him mercifully, landing punch after punch to his exposed body. He can’t take he barrage and collapses to the ground. But she is is not letting him down that easy. She flips him over and jumps on top. She punches his face and he begs for mercy. She mocks him, and says maybe if he didn’t call her a bitch so much she would end the fight but now she is going to pound his face into hamburger meat. She punches his face over and over, reminding him he can end it as soon as he taps. Still trying to hold out he doesn’t want to admit defeat to a girl. Savannah then tells him to take it like a man then and does a ground and pound on his face, delivering over 20 blows! Starting to black out he taps her leg but Savannah punches him again! She taunts him, telling him to tap louder she can’t hear him! He desperately taps her leg and she laughs. She told him that she was the true champion and now he has to pay the price. She stands on him in victory pose flexing her strong muscles. She is so much stronger and faster then him and now he gets to be her servant! She gets him a skimpy maid outfit and orders him to put it on. We find him trying to pick up all her clothes as she throws even more at him. She laughs at his humiliating outfit, the entire thing is see though! Savannah is puffed up with power and orders him to worship her ass. She is going to completely humiliate him by making him her ass slave. Kiss kiss bitch!



Keywords: powerful women, face punching, flexing, victory pose, ass kissing, forced cross dressing, forced ass worship, female supremacy, beatdown

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[Femdom 2018] ScissorVixens – FRIDAY THE 13th CRUSH. Starring Alexa Nova [Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring]

[Femdom 2018] ScissorVixens – FRIDAY THE 13th CRUSH. Starring Alexa Nova [Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring]




We first noticed Alexa over a year ago when she caught our attention on a social network showing off her petite but very fit body and in particular, her muscular thighs!

As a former gymnast and cheerleader, it’s no wonder Alexa Nova has the kind of thighs built for SQUEEEEZING the daylights out of her victims!

Alexa is no stranger to scissor holds, having shot for a popular female vs. female website, where although often facing opponents larger and heavier than her, she knew her best chance was to get her POWERFUL LEGS around her opponents and make them pay!

And that’s exactly what she does to this poor man who should have known better than to even get out of bed on Friday the 13th!

He’s on the phone complaining to a friend that his car broke down while having to pay for a tow since his AAA membership had expired and to cap things off…his employer seems to have forgotten to deposit his check into his account!

So he decides the only way to turn his bad Friday the 13th around is to hire some friendly female companionship.

Petite but muscular redhead Alexa Nova shows up in a short pink dress and high heels wearing a sexy black and pink striped thong underneath showing off her incredibly fit ass and legs.

“Wow…so you must be Alexa! Looks like my day is about to get better!?”, or so he thinks.

Oops…guess he forgot to read the fine print instead of only looking at the pictures from her website because she informs him that she’s a dominatrix and then draws his attention to her thighs while flexing them saying…”You see these thighs, well I like to CRUSH men with them and choke them and that’s what I’m gonna do to you!”.

Then the Friday the 13th TORTURE session begins as Dominatrix Alexa wraps her muscular thighs around his neck and begins to squeeze him full force telling him…”And you thought these thighs were for fun…no…these thighs are for PAIN!”.

On and on it goes, one BRUTAL SCISSOR HOLD after the other as she tells him…”I can CRUSH you all night!”.

She then informs him that his employer didn’t forget to deposit his check, she emptied out his account after he called for her services!

Then she proceeds to empty him out with one last vicious across the throat neck scissors!

So check out SEXY, athletic Alexa Nova in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Friday the 13th CRUSH!’.



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[Femdom 2018] Torvea Customs – SuperGirl Fights. Starring Jacquelyn Velvets [MIXED WRESTLING, SUBMISSION, HOLD COSTUMES]

[Femdom 2018] Torvea Customs – SuperGirl Fights. Starring Jacquelyn Velvets [MIXED WRESTLING, SUBMISSION, HOLD COSTUMES]




Supergirl (Jacquelyn Velvets) catches Scott Torvea robbing her house and demands that he surrender. No man has ever defeated her and she collects them as her personal slaves. He’s cocky that as a man, he can fight this seductive but petite cosplayer and pushes her.

Without missing a beat, she puts him in a standing sleeper hold and he slowly weakens, slumping to his ass. Her hands rests on his forehead as she teases him with a lullaby. His struggles are futile as he tries to remove her arms, and she throws him to the ground as he turns red.

A camel clutch tests his flexibility and makes him squeal as she alternates with hands under his chin and hand over mouth while pinching his nose. This dolt thinks she got lucky, but this super heroine proves her mettle by putting her bare foot on his chest and kicking him. Wrapping her curvy legs around his biceps with a lotus lock, her feet clench as she mocks him for getting beaten by a girl.

An Indian Deathlock makes him flail helplessly and shows off her sexy ass next to her wrinkled soles. Showing her strength, she cracks his bones in a figure 4 leglock. Leaning back, she enjoys his screams while teasing him with her cute, girlish voice.

Giggling, she accepts his surrender. Crawling to his knees, she handcuffs him. Not one to miss an opportunity, she demands her feet be worshipped by this fallen criminal. He humbly kisses her red toenails before she kicks him to his back and does her victory pose!



Keywords: jacquelyn velvets, jacqueline velvets, muscle domination, strong woman, scott torvea, hom, cosplay, super heroines, victory pose, female domination, femdom, powerfil woman, blondes, barefoot, superheroine, weak male

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Mistress_Trish – Her Amazing Muscles Over Power Him [Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling, Scissor]

Mistress_Trish – Her Amazing Muscles Over Power Him [Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling, Scissor]




Mistress Trish is going to use her amazingly muscular body to over power and dominate wimpy slave elihu. She immediately menacingly wraps her muscular thighs around his neck and starts maneuvering his neck in ever direction as she talks smack to him. She then throws him down and wraps her thighs around his neck for an incredibly powerful scissorhold in which she crushes his skull and uses the strength of her body to bounce his painfully up and down. Ignoring the slave’s sputters of pain Trish immediately cinches him down in a dangerously–sexy–reverse scissor as soon as she releases her grasp. She squeezes his puny head tightly between her heavily but lethal thighs, knowing that being so close to her perfection is good incentive for the slave to shut up and take it. Not like he has a choice. Expertly Trish transitions into another straight scissorhold so that she can enjoy seeing her victim’s face as he struggles and gasps for air. She presses her open palm firmly against his mouth to intensity his struggles and suffering, laughing as he gasps helplessly and hopelessly for air. Next comes a quick face sitting smother to emphasize the slave’s weakness in comparison to Trish as she contemplate how best to fuck with him next. She decides on a brutal figure four hold where she uses her thighs and calf muscle to maneuver his head in every direction before slamming him back down to the ground as she transitions into another quick but dangerous straight scissorhold. Speaking of dangerous no beatdown would be complete without Trish’s especially dangerous arm choke hold. She wraps her lethally powerful triceps, biceps, and forearms around the poor slave and crushes his neck in that dangerous way that Trish excels at. The poor slave is visibly purple when Trish releases her grasp. Too bad for him that she wants a final side body scissor before being down with him. She crushes him like a python would it’s prey and then stands victoriously on his chest as she berates him for being so pathetically weak and treats him to one final show of her muscular strength.



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