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Mistress Trish – Suffering So Good

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In the mood to severely pain slave m’s nipples Mistress Trish lays a silver tray filled with implements of torments to be used for her desires on his chest. She begins by tenderizing his nipples by running a wartenberg wheel over them, digging the sharp metal points into his nipple flesh. Once that they are nicely pained in this way she attaches two–literally–artery clamps to them so that she can amplify the pain he is feeling by subtly toying with his nipples. When the artery clamps come off the slave is really feeling the ache and sting of Trish’s cruel desires. Which is not to say that he still has a lot of good suffering in store. Trish closes the tiny yet insanely sharp teeth of her favorite cruel nipple clamps down onto the slave’s skin so that she can yank and pull them to illicit more pain. Sure enough she rips them off of his flesh, causing a pleasing amount of extreme agony. To enjoy the fruits of her labor Trish runs the wartenberg wheel over the slave’s wounded nipples again, laughing with pleasure as he winces with pain. Not quite done tormenting his nipple Trish attaches three mean sharply teethed clamps to each nipple just so that she can twist them hard and ultimately flick them agonizingly off of the slave’s throbbing sore nipples.


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Mistress Trish – N B T

Mistress Trish - N.B.T.mov.0003

Mistress Trish - N.B.T.mov.0011

Mistress Trish - N.B.T.mov.0016

It has been a while since slave m’s balls and nipples have been worked over. Mistress Trish, of course, takes this as an opportunity to really fuck with him in order to get him back in maximum suffering shape. She firmly attaches a pair of mean teethed nipple clamps, yanks and twists them, and then turns her attention to his balls. She grabs and squeezes his nuts until the sub is wincing in pain. Then she kicks him. Hard. As he recovers from the agony she just inflicted on his nuts the sub is treated to more agonizing nipple pain. Trish pulls so hard on the clamps that they rip off of his sore nipples. She immediately tightens them back on and punishes him by kicking and grabbing his balls while she pulls on the nipple clamps. The poor slave is overwhelmed by pain in all directions. When his nipples get a break his balls are in big trouble as Trish grabs them, knees them, and punts them with her boots. When his balls get a break the slave’s nipples are getting it as Trish tugs excruciatingly on the clamps. After the nipple clamps yanks off again due to the force of Trish pulling on them Trish secures them even more tightly and proceeds to finish the slave off by pulling on the clamps as she knees and kicks the slave in the balls until he doubles over in pain and the clamps rip agonizingly off. Smiling widely Trish is pleased clearly with the amount of suffering she caused slave m.

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Mistress Trish – Fast and Rough Beatdown

Mistress Trish - Fast and Rough Beatdown.mov.0005

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Mistress Trish - Fast and Rough Beatdown.mov.0019

As she approaches slave m Mistress Trish gives him a sense of the beatdown brutality about to be unleashed on him by menacingly punching her fist against her hand. She backs him into the corner as she unleashes a series of hard punches on his chest and stomach. Within mere seconds she punches the slave a good number of times, tenderizing his body so that she can round house kick those spots with her muscular legs a few painful times before punching him some more, slapping his face, and kicking him hard in the nuts. The blows, relentless, keep on coming as Trish alternates non-stop between punches, slaps, body kicks, and nut punts. Trish uses every part of her insanely sexy muscular body to pulverize the slave, keep him on his toes, and perpetually in pain of one variety or another. Ignoring how breathless and broken he is becoming she fucks with him however she pleases until she is satisfied. Hmmm, so good, she purrs as he doubles over in pain, and, one more ball shot. He dutifully drags himself back up and just as quickly is double over again as Trish punts him hard in the nuts.



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Mistress Trish – 72 Chopsticks

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Mistress Trish - 72 Chopsticks.mov.0015

Mistress Trish has a hundred chopsticks. Not one to waste things she finds a good, creatively fucked up, use for her chopsticks. Taking a fistful of them she shoves them deep inside of submale’s slutty ass. Although the sensation of being stretched and spread open by the chopsticks is pleasingly intense Trish is not content with this level of widening of her slut’s ass. One by one she slides another chopstick into his, soon to be gaping, hole. At first the sensation, as another and another chopstick spreads his cheeks, is manageable but quickly the slut is overwhelmed by more than a handful. Trish plays with the overwhelmed feeling that her slut has by twisting and pushing the bunch of chopsticks in and out of her slut. Then adding more to amplify his discomfort and her pleasure. By the time the Trish has 72 chopsticks deeply inserted in submale’s ass the poor slave is moaning in discomfort. Trish shows him–some fucked up–mercy and stops there so that she roughly pull the massive cluster of chopsticks out of his ass and examine just how much she stretched his slutty hole open.


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Mistress Trish – Vampire Gloves and Nectar

Mistress_Trish - Vampire Gloves and Nectar
Mistress_Trish - Vampire Gloves and Nectar

Mistress Trish is thirsty for submale’s suffering and, being the hungry sadist that she is, she’s determined to open up his ass nicely. Vampire Gloves–leather gloves with dozen of razor sharp spikes on the palms–are the perfect way to ensure that the slave quenches her thirst. She starts by rubbing his ass with the spiked gloves, a seemingly caring gesture that is quite the opposite. The slave knows that he’s fucked from the first, good, hard double spank with the gloves. Trish is not in a merciful mood. She proceeds to spank him hard, using the power of her muscular arms and the sharpness of her gloves to wail on his ass until he spills her favorite red substance. When his ass is thoroughly tenderized meat Trish gives him ten more incredibly hard ass spanks with her vampire gloves and ten equally hard strikes with a thin, cutting, cane to ensure that his ass is beat raw. Noting that he has lost a lot of fluids for her pleasure Trish kindly decides to reward him by replenishing some of his liquids with her nectar. She blindfolds him, places a funnel gag in his mouth, fills the gag up to the brim. and then orders him to drink. Being that Trish is feeling especially generous there is more nectar to come. She fills the gag up with her golden reward four more times, smiling with pleasure as she near drowns her slave.



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Mistress Trish – Pure Agony Between Her Whip and Her Hard Kicks

Mistress_Trish - Pure Agony Between Her Whip and Her Hard Kicks
Mistress_Trish - Pure Agony Between Her Whip and Her Hard Kicks

“It’s been a while since you’ve been single tailed,” Mistress Trish notes as she starts rapidly lashing slave m’s back with her whip. “Anytime you want you can beg for mercy,” she informs him as she hits him with whip strike after whip strike, “but you’re just going to get kicked in the nuts nice and hard if you do.” After ten or so agonizing whip lashes the slave is whimpering in pain and Trish mercifully–well her version of mercy–offers him some “nut shots to take your mind off of the pain.” She punts him hard in the nuts with her thigh high boots until the slave doubles over in pain. “Is that helping?” she asks facetiously. “Yes it is,” he acquiesces as he stands back up for some more brutal kicks. It doesn’t take long before the slave asks his Mistress for the whip again. Happy to oblige Trish lays into his back nice and hard until the slave turns around due to a particularly cutting whip lash. “Awww, some ballbusting again,” she feigns concern as she continues to pummel slave m’s sore nuts with her boots. Within a handful of hard kicks the slave drops causing Trish to laugh heartily at his predicament and at his suffering. “Kicks or whip?” she inquires. “I’ll try the whip again,” he mutters through moans of pain. Sure enough a couple of hard whip strikes and the slave is doubled over in pain from the whip again. “Some more kicks to balance you out,” Trish states. “Yes, Mistress,” the slave responds. “Good, I’m loving this. You’re fucked,” Trish laughs as she winds up to deliver a brilliantly painful toe shot to his swollen sore balls. Despite being repeatedly knocked over from the force of Trish’s kicks the slave endures as many as he can to stave off more lashes from her single tail. Unluckily for him his nuts betray him and he has to ask for the whip again. Trish amps up the force of her whip strikes, cracking them as hard as possible against his flesh to open him up pleasingly. As he spins around in agony from one particularly brutal lash he manages to ask for more kicks. Trish is, again, more than happy to oblige by quickly punting him to the ground with several hard busts. She finishes him off, or so he thinks, with two mean toe shots that pinpoint the force of her muscular legs. As he writhes in pain Trish announces, “I want two more whip strikes.” Sure to make them as brutal as possible Trish takes great pleasure in the pain that her slave feels from these last two lashes. “Hmmm,” she purrs as he tries to right his poor confused pained body, “that was very nicely taken.” The slave is not done suffering though. Trish takes the liberty of being extra generous as she treats his sore swollen nuts to a handful of sharp whip strikes. He instinctually tries to pivot his body to avoid the lash. Of course Trish is not having that. She nails him straight in the nuts a few times with her whip before she pauses to admire her plethora of marks.



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Mistress Trish – Harsh Punishment

Mistress_Trish - Harsh Punishment
Mistress_Trish - Harsh Punishment

Mistress Trish is angry. Her sweet slut did not clean when he was supposed to and he is about to suffer the consequences of his slacking. Trish has him securely tied to her spanking bench so that she can give him eleven insanely hard strokes with her especially mean leather strap. Not having felt this implement before the poor slut does not quite realize how much trouble he is in until the first wallop of stinging pain strikes his ass and resonates agonizingly through his entire body. The slut’s remorseful mood very quickly changes to one of repentant as Trish drives her point home with more brutal beatings with her strap. Similarly Trish’s mood begins to brighten as she inflicts her excruciating punishment on the slut. As he tries to wince, to no avail, away from the pain and screams in agony Trish makes him say, “sorry” and “thank you” after every blow. Nearing the end of the eleven harsh punishment strokes the slut’s ass is completely bruised and welted. It can always be worse though. He finds this out as Trish cruelly includes his balls as part of the target in one of her full force of her strap strikes. The slut seems to really get the message that he is not to displease Trish again as she laughs at his pain, his pleas of apologies, and his bruised ass and balls. Unluckily for him he still has a final, especially hard, stroke to go. Trish winds up her powerful arm and hits his ass as ruthlessly as she can. The slut screams in agony as Trish smiles with pleasure. She leans in to scratch and dig her fingernails into his welts as she warns him not to fuck up like that ever again.



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Mistress Trish – Batwoman Beatdown

Mistress_Trish - Batwoman Beatdown
Mistress_Trish - Batwoman Beatdown

Inspired by her Batwoman underoos Mistress Trish channels her inner Batwoman and goes Bat s**t nuts on slave m’s balls and body with kicks and punches. She quickly makes short work of his testicles, punting him in the balls with some especially mean toe shots with her leather boots. Even though the slave drops repeatedly from the force of Trish’s powerful kicks he is ordered to get back up to take increasingly severe testicle kicks. When the sadists is ready to mix in some strong body blows-punches and kicks-the poor slave’s nuts are pleasingly swollen from so much abuse. At this point Trish shows him a bit of mercy-well her sort of mercy at least-by using his chest and stomach as her heavy bag. She incessantly punches him using the power of her muscles combined with the weight of her sap gloves to beat him down. Then, for added amusement, Trish delivers some hard roundhouse kicks to his body, knocking him around with the force of her muscular legs. To keep the slave apprehensively on his toes Trish continues the beatdown by mixing up kicks and punches to his aching nuts with body blows. When he has gotten quite the working over and she quite the workout Trish finishes him off by kicking his ass-literally.



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Mistress Trish – All Torn Up

Mistress_Trish - All Torn Up
Mistress_Trish - All Torn Up

“You’re looking way too unmarked,” Mistress Trish observes as she cracks her single tail whip menacingly. She strikes submale’s ass with her whip, instantly making him moan in pain, and notes, “so, we’re going to have to add some pretties.” She wastes no time marking his ass with hard strikes from her whip, hitting him hard and repeatedly. When she leans in to examine her marks Trish decides to add to the whip wounds by scratching the poor, helplessly bound, slave’s back until it looks just as bruised as his ass. She violently rakes her sharp fingernails over his flesh, opening him up, and then goes back to aggressively whipping his ass. The poor slave is in for it as Trish continues to alternate between whipping him and scratching him raw. Every iteration of whipping and scratching escalates in intensity as submale’s ass and back become increasingly torn up. At first Trish had been keeping the two types of brutal marks separate. When she decides to scratch over the whip lacerations the pain that the sub feels grows exponentially, making Trish smile with pleasure as she takes advantage of his suffering by whipping over this area. She then amplifies this cruelness by choosing one spot to focus both her razor sharp scratches and the biting sting of her whip which quickly makes the poor sub wince in agony. By the time that Trish has had her way with him submale is, quite literally, all torn up.



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