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Kinky Mistresses – Playing with the Big Balls. Starring Mistress Ezada Sinn

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Kinky Mistresses – Playing with the Big Balls. Starring Mistress Ezada Sinn




Goddess Ezda Sinn decides have fun with a big and sensitive set of balls. Do you think that your nuts are up to it ?

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – My chaste ass cushion

Mistress Ezada Sinn – My chaste ass cushion




My slave is locked in chastity since two weeks already, and this makes Me want to keep him aroused all the time. It’s so much fun to see his prick get hard and pull on those balls until it hurts, to see the expression of despair on his face. Thus, today I am wearing a very short and tight red dress with a deep and revealing cleavage. It has a very visible and powerful effect on his poor prick.
But, not matter how much I would love it, I can’t spend all day just teasing My slave, I have other things to do too. So I will try to combine the pleasant with the useful: I will do some work on the computer, while sitting on the slave’s face. He can only breathe through My shiny pantyhose, inhaling the feminine scent coming from My pussy, and I can see this arousing him even more. I can feel how hard his prick is, when I’m playing with it with My feet, it’s really ready to burst out of that chastity cage. His breath, already heavy because of My voluptuous ass obstructing it, becomes even more precipitated from the state of ultimate arousal. Bit he is not get a release too soon, so now he has to be quiet, I have work to do.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Punishment for the lost time challenge

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Punishment for the lost time challenge




In My previous clip Latex shining time challenge, I gave My slave 30 seconds to shine My latex; whatever seconds he needed extra have been converted into whip lashes. Now it’s time to administer the punishment.
His skin is very white, it’s probably never been touched by a whip. Virgin, if you want to, and I like virgins. First of all I want to warm it up a little, with a flogger. Nothing serious, not even worth counting, but his squirming and the color of his ass tell Me it’s more than nothing for him. Well, he’ll see what a whip feels in just a moment. I have My 3 favorite whips plus a nice 16 plait kangaroo leather signal whip that was here in the dungeon. Now he can start counting… Every 10 lashes I change the whip, presenting it to him so that he knows what hit him; is every next one more painful than the previous, or is it just because of the number of lashes? I don’t know, but the moaning and the squirming increase with every whip change, much to My pleasure. I enjoy it so much, that after the punishment is finished, when the slave probably thought he could breathe freely, I decided to give him some more, just for My pleasure. After all, he is My slave, his body belongs to Me, and I’m using it however I want. The punishment is one thing, but My pleasure always prevails. And it’s only when I feel pleased with his cries and the deep red marks on his back and ass, that I untie him and allow him to thank Me for using him.

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – My full service ashtray

Mistress Ezada Sinn – My full service ashtray




Dressed in a shiny black latex dress and high heel shoes, I take a cigarette from the pack that My chaste slave holds in his mouth for Me and light it. The moment I light it, his function changes from cigarette holder to human ashtray. He has to filter My smoke, eat My ash, swallow My spit. A full service human ashtray. Knelt in front of My throne, cuffed to it, he doesn’t really have a choice, anyway. And he must take his job seriously, otherwise he will be punished. He knows it’s not of any difficulty for Me to make him cry. I can do it with no effort at all, just blowing some smoke in his eyes. And when i finish My cigarette, I put it out in his mouth and let him chew on it. This concludes his job as a human astray, what shall I use him for next?..



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – My personal shoe cleaning slave

Mistress Ezada Sinn – My personal shoe cleaning slave




My slaves are used to cleaning My boots and shoes with their tongues: they like leather and high heels, and most pairs I have them clean I rarely wear outside. But they should be ready to clean not only fetish shoes, but also regular or sports shoes. Now that summer is almost over, I need to clean My sports shoes that I wear when I go walking or running in the park, or when I just want to feel very comfortable, I need to get them ready for storage. And what better way to clean My shoes than with the tongue of one of My slaves? I will make sure he licks them clean of all the dust and mud, until they become shiny like new. I can hear his tongue squeeking on the rubber soles. Who cares that they are dirty, and that maybe I have stepped on some unpleasant things? I know the streets are dirty, but why would I care? The slaves are here to be used, and I use Mine as I please.

Video quality: HD 1280*720.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Cow milking, FemDom style

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Cow milking, FemDom style




As you all know, My personal slave is locked in chastity all the time. Since the last time I unlocked him, he’s continually reminding Me that he needs (but I think mostly wants) a release. “Mistress, it has been a week since my last release; Mistress, ihas been 10 days since my milking” and so on. Just like an mindless pet, begging all the time. Well, ok, if he needs a release, he will get a release. I will milk him just like a cow. I even restrained him to he whipping horse on his all fours, so he can feel exactly how it is to be milked. His balls are trapped in a humbler, I don’t want them dangling around in My way. To make My pet look prettier while being milked, I shove a shiny gewel up his ass, it will also stimulate the prostate and hopefully result in more milk extracted. I see all this preparation has made My slave’s cock really hard, he is ready to be milked as soon as I start rubbing it, but to make sure the “milk” is good quality, you don’t extract it from the first try, you bring him close to orgasm and stop, letting the tension accumulate. When I finally start the milking process, ruining every orgasm of course, the result is very satisfying for Me. Five ruined orgasms in a row, one of them lasting for almost 20 seconds, resulted in a nice puddle of “milk” on the floor and on the whipping horse. I should have brought a bucket…

Video quality: HD 1280*720.

#1 clip in category “ORGASM CONTROL”



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Smothered by My almost naked ample arse

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Smothered by My almost naked ample arse




Today My slave is in for a treat: I will sit on his face wearing just a tiny thong. My pussy is covered, because he doesn’t deserve to touch it, but he can feel its scent, while feeling the taste of My ass on his lips. The proximity of My ass to his mouth is so arousing and mesmerizing, that I don’t even have to restrain him, he prefers to feel My ass all over his face than breathe. When I lift My ass and give him air, it’s not because he struggles for it, but only because I care that he doesn’t suffocate, as he could surely do in this ecstatic state. I then reverse the position and use his nose for My pleasure, rubbing against it with My clit until it makes Me cum. How happy he must be, being used by Me and giving Me so much pleasure…

This clip was shot during a private session, with the camera on a tripod and no additional lighting.

Video quality: HD 1280*720.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Lucky to be My slave

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Lucky to be My slave




Knelt in front of Me – his beautiful leather clad Goddess, My slave understands how lucky he is. Lucky to be around Me, to serve Me, to belong to Me. His body belongs to Me, and I use it for My pleasure, his mind is always filled with thoughts of Me; he belongs to Me completely. But he must not only know he’s lucky, he should also show Me that he feels lucky and happy to be Mine. He must worship Me, as I allow him to, starting with My hand, just because I’m kind today, but then moving to My boots, where he belongs. He can kiss and lick My high heel leather boots, suck on the heel, but he can’t have all this pleasure without paying for it with pain, can he? Using a heavy leather flogger, I will make sure he feels all the pain I want him to, although this is just the beginning…

Video quality: HD 1280*720.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Double pain – double fun. Starring Mistress Antonella

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Double pain – double fun. Starring Mistress Antonella




My slave has never had the chance to meet Mistress Antonella before, but he has heard that She is very cruel and sadistic. Now, seeing Her attitude and realizing how helpless he is, strapped to the cage door, he is losing control over his emotions. The smile he can’t hide shows Me that he is very excited to have the opportunity to be used by both of Us, while his body is trembling in fear, because he understands it’s going to be painful. He is totally at Our mercy, he can’t move even an inch, and that both arouses and terrifies him. The two most sensitive and exposed areas for Us now are his nipples and his genitals, so We will make the most of it. Since there are two of Us, We can concentrate on both areas, switching places from time to time, but giving the slave no break. We understand that the pain from constant nipple pinching and pulling while his cock and balls are slapped and hit is overwhelming, but this doesn’t mean he should not be thanking Us for every effort We make to cause him pain. So what if it is for Our fun, he must be grateful for this opportunity.

Video quality: HD 1280*720.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – In bed with two beautiful Women. Starring Mistress Roberta

Mistress Ezada Sinn – In bed with two beautiful Women. Starring Mistress Roberta




After having lots of fun endlessly teasing My slave, Mistress Roberta and Me think that maybe it’s his turn to have some fun. Being with two beautiful Women in a latex water bed, he is surely thinking about many pleasant scenarios, so maybe We will give him an orgasm after all that suffering. Maybe even a pleasant one, who knows, after all, he’s been locked in chastity for the last 20 days already. But when I remove his chastity cage, We discover that his prick is very small and soft; it seems the teasing and denying made it understand that nothing good is going to happen to it. And nothing will surely happen, if the slave can’t get it hard. Fortunately for him, Mistress Roberta takes the matter in Her own hands and soon the slave’s prick starts to grow as it should in the presence of Ladies. It doesn’t take long to get the slave to the edge of orgasm again, and although Mistress Roberta seemed to want to really give the slave a real orgasm, I decide he doesn’t deserve it, all he deserves is the frustration of a ruined one. It’s just so much fun to see how the hope dies in his eyes when the hand pulls away in the last moment…
Although the slave’s cock seemed reticent in the beginning, the huge puddle of cum he makes on his belly shows us that the sexual tension he built up was immense, and that means the ruined orgasm even more disappointing. Good, more fun for Us! Now he has to gorge on all his cum and let’s see if he deserves another orgasm or to be locked back in chastity.

#1 clip in category “RUINED ORGASMS”



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