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[Triple Domination, Milking Machine] Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – Andy Finds himself all Alone with Cruel Teaser Sasha Foxx [Femdom 2018]

[Triple Domination, Milking Machine] Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – Andy Finds himself all Alone with Cruel Teaser Sasha Foxx [Femdom 2018]




Alexa, Amadahy, and Sasha were scheduled for a shift together in the milking warehouse, but Alexa and Amadahy bail for some more exciting plans. This leaves poor andy unsupervised with cruel teaser, Sasha Foxxx. Some girls have a work ethic, many are driven by financial incentive, but Sasha doesn’t care about either. She just wants to see andy suffer. Sasha shocks andy with the maximum voltage as many times as the system will allow. She laughs as andy cries out in anguish. Andy uses Sasha’s name, pleading her for mercy, begging her to stop. Sasha does not stop. His suffering maximizes her pleasure, and she’s not going to sacrifice her own pleasure for some silly cow. Without an overseer, Sasha decides to leave andy hooked up to the machine and goes on a prolonged break. While she’s gone, the automation shocks andy over and over. Andy screams for help. Nobody hears him. Nobody cares. Sasha comes back much later, at the end of the shift, to run the end of shift protocol and clock out. She teases andy through the entire erection removal process, just to continue fuck with his head. Sasha watches andy suffer greatly through the erection removal process, with rapt interest. The shift is over. The cow’s screams stop. Sasha has put in a decent day’s work. (15:10 long)

Clip Contains: Sasha Foxxx, Female Domination, Milking Machines, Electric Shocks, Face Sitting, Tease & Denial



Keywords: milking machines, electric shocks

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Amadahy – Teasers Uncover a Software Glitch with Disastrous Result to the Cow

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Amadahy – Teasers Uncover a Software Glitch with Disastrous Result to the Cow




It’s a typical day in the milking warehouse. Alexa and Amadahy are on shift with andy. Andy’s been on the bench for several hours. To keep things interesting, the teasers decide to start shocking andy with the highest voltage. Andy’s done nothing wrong. The girls aren’t even bored yet. Alexa and Amadahy decide to shock andy anyway, just to prevent themselves from potentially suffering boredom. The shocks are really painful for andy. Watching andy suffer is entertaining for the girls. One shock was good, so more should be better. The girls start hitting andy with the highest voltage shocks, back to back. Through this, they discover a software glitch. If manual shocks are administered too frequently by the teasers, it creates a feedback loop of high voltage shocks. Andy cries out in anguish, but even if the girls had mercy, they couldn’t stop the program now. The teasers let the software glitch run its course, with andy taking shock after unavoidable shock. The cow’s productivity is seriously damaged by the glitching system’s excessive use of negative reinforcement. On the upside, at least the teasers uncovered a software bug. Since they’ve uncovered the bug, they might as well troubleshoot it. The girls try and recreate the scenario that led them to discover the glitch in the first place, so they can figure out what’s causing it. Andy takes even more shocks as the girls observe the glitch. (9:45 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Female Domination, Milking Machines, Bondage Male, Face Sitting, Brat Girls



Keywords: milking machines

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Kinky Mistresses – Black Mamba`s milked Slave. Starring Ebony Lady

Kinky Mistresses – Black Mamba`s milked Slave. Starring Ebony Lady




The first clip on Kinky Mistresses with this real hot Ebony Lady. Black Mamba is using a Slave in Berlin.. tied up in clingfilm, helpless totally at her mercy, she has a lot of pleasure in using the milking-machine Venus 2000 on her helpless sub

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Slave used as a Toilet While Machine Tease…

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Slave used as a Toilet While Machine Teased




1080 HD This slave is so fucked. Amadahy and Edyn have him tied up as he is edged by machine. The machine is relentless because, unlike a person, it never gets tired. While he is edged, he is forced to watch a brainwash video. He is in virtual reality, but a screen shows the girls what he is seeing. Again, the automation is tireless. He could be left like this indefinitely. Amadahy and Edyn tickle his sensitive bound balls with their long fingernails. He is completely entranced by the video. His brain is so fucked. All the messages the girls want to re-wire his brain with are sinking in as he is edged. The girls want to step up the sexual mind fuck even more. They get a vibrator and tease his balls. The edging machine combined with the vibrator is a lot for the slave to handle. His orgasm is imminent. The women don’t want him to cum yet, though. He hasn’t gotten through the whole brainwash loop even once yet. They don’t let him cum. But the teasing just gets worse and worse. Amadahy sits on the slave’s face while Edyn continues with the vibrator. Amadahy needs to take a pee break, so she goes right in the slave’s mouth. (This clip has been cut to comply with clips4sale rules). After her pee break, Amadahy puts the slave back into the virtual reality headset. The slave has been edged for a very long time. Amadahy and Edyn decide to give him a chance to cum. They only give him a narrow window to climax before they decide he is taking too long. Bored by the slave, they abandon him on the bench with the brainwash loop repeating. (16:27 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Edyn Blair, Female Domination, Edging, Tease & Denial, Milking Machines, Bondage, Testicle Bondage, Vibrator, Face Sitting, Toilet Slavery, Lingerie, Mind Fuck, Mental Domination, Brainwash



Keywords: tease & denial

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Kayla and Natalya – Andy Meets a New Teaser

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Kayla and Natalya – Andy Meets a New Teaser




1080 HD It’s a typical day in the Brat Princess male milking warehouse, except cow andy is getting a new teaser. Her name is Princess Kayla. Alexa explains to Kayla that the job of a teaser is to extract just pre-cum from cows like andy. Andy is not allowed to have an orgasm. The cow is tirelessly machine edged while the teasers motivate it to produce. Andy has a thing for perfect butts, so Kayla should be able to get a lot of pre-cum out of him. Pre-cum is very valuable. Cum is not valuable at all, and even just a tiny bit of it pollutes a pre-cum batch. One of the first things a teaser needs to learn is how to use the manual shock button. Cows are always acting up and the only thing that keeps them in line is swift and strict punishment. All cows are perverts, which is useful, but the teasers need to make it work to their advantage. You can’t let the cow go on acting smart, thinking that he’s running the show. Cows need to be shown who’s boss so that their perversions can be utilized by hot girls. Alexa and Natalya show Kayla the ropes of her new job. Soon, she too, will be making lots of money, using old perverts for her own financial benefit. (11:30 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Kayla, Natalya, Milking Machine, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Face Sitting, Tease & Denial, Edging



Keywords: milking machines

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Brat Princess 2 – Sasha Foxx – Sasha uses her Favorite Cow to Fund a Trip with her Boyfriend

Brat Princess 2 – Sasha Foxx – Sasha uses her Favorite Cow to Fund a Trip with her Boyfriend




Andy has worked his full five-hour shift on the bench. He’s so ready to go relax in his chastity device and cell in the basement. Too bad teaser, Sasha, wants more money. Andy’s just going to have to work a little harder and put in a little overtime for her. You see, Sasha really wants to go on a vacation with her boyfriend this month. She’s going to need for Andy to be a trooper and put in extra hours on the bench. Andy is everybody’s favorite cow because it’s such a good worker and so eager to please. But poor Andy has been pushed too far. Andy cries out for mercy from Sasha, he just can’t do anymore. Sasha gives Andy a punishment shock for speaking. She loves watching Andy suffer. He’s suffers so well; it’s really the one thing Andy does best. But as entertaining as it is for Sasha to watch Andy’s agony, it’s really his valuable pre-cum she’s after. Vacations cost a lot, and its cow Andy’s “milk” that will cover all the expenses for Sasha and her boyfriend. Sasha has Andy kiss her ass, both to humble him and keep him motivated. Andy can’t help but get turned on by Superior Sasha. She’s just so pretty. His little beta male instincts kick in and even through all his suffering, he still wants to please her. Andy lives to hear that he is Sasha’s favorite. She grants him that, but then immediately after she yells at him for not doing enough for her. His levels aren’t up to par. If he doesn’t hurry up and produce, he’s going to have to stay on the bench the whole night. Sasha rocks her hips back and forth on Andy’s face to give it a little more motivation. Sasha is very turned on by the paradox that she can cum, but Andy can’t. She thinks about her boyfriend fucking her and climaxes while riding Andy’s face. When’s Sasha is finished, she decides to leave Andy alone on the bench with the equipment running. Just because Andy has to stay strapped to the milking bench all night doesn’t mean that Sasha has to stay with him. She leaves the warehouse with indifference as Andy screams and cries out in pain. (8:28 long)

Clip contains: Sasha Foxx, Female Domination, Milking Machines, Face Sitting, Ass Grinding, Financial Domination, Ass Kissing, Female Orgasm, Tease & Denial



Keywords: female orgasm, ass kissing, milking machine

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Amadahy and Lindsey – Shock and Abuse a Poor Pre Cum Producer




1080 HD: End of shift approaches and poor cow’s losing its motivation. Three beautiful teasers surround it, and still the stats are dropping. It’s become a poor pre cum producer, fatigued and failing. There’s only one thing to do with an unproductive cow; shock and abuse it for fun! Once a cow has proven its unproductive, it no longer serves its purpose. Anything can happen to it at this point, since it has no profitable use. The teasers decide they want to torture it. They shock and abuse the unproductive cow for their own cruel amusement. The more they shock the poor producer, the worse its production gets. This enrages the greedy teasers even more, so they just keep shocking it. Amadahy wants to keep it on the bench the entire night with penalty shocks programmed to go off consistently during its usual rest period. Eventually, Amadahy and Lindsey get bored of toying with the cow. They decide that the worst punishment is simply to leave the cow alone, but Alexa decides to stay and play with it a little longer. Alexa sits full weight on the cow’s face and smothers it in her ass. Buried in Alexa’s ass, the poor pre cum producer finally gets a break from the shocks. Will the cow slowly start to rebuild its momentum and produce? Will Amadahy and Lindsey return with the tech slave and reprogram the software to shock the cow until the useless thing expires? The fate of the cow remains undecided; but one thing is certain: it will produce or it will suffer greatly at the hands of its sadistic captors. (10:27 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Luscious Lindsey, Female Domination, Milking Machines, Face Sitting, electric shocks, Financial Domination, bikinis



Keywords: Milking Machines, electric shocks

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Lola – Demonstrate Reprogramming at the Edging Salon

Some Princesses have asked, why bring My slave to the Edging Salon? Why not just reprogram it Myself? This clip addresses these very questions. Amadahy and Lola demonstrate the automated and fully immersive reprogramming features offered by the facilities at the Edging Salon. They explain that the full immersion of virtual reality with the ceaselessness of automated machine edging combine to provide a much quicker and deeper reprogramming over traditional methods. The automation of the edging salon also means Princess has more time to enjoy Herself, spending time with her boyfriend, relaxing poolside, or shopping. The Edging Salon is especially great for Princesses with a lot of slaves, because she can efficiently drop off multiples for rewiring all at once. Amadahy and Lola demonstrate their methods with a slave currently in the process of a full brain rewire. Today it is undergoing a general mind cleanser and ego elimination program. This slave is being shown Brat Princess clips as part of its rewire, but a Princess can also provide her own mind poison if she wishes. The monitor display shows the practitioners and the spectators exactly what the slave subject is being forced to watch. Another question weve frequently been asked is why is the slave electroshocked as its rewired? The answer is that in order for the Female poison to sink deeply into the slaves subconscious, the subject must be kept at the height of sexual arousal for the duration of the entire reprogramming. For this reason, it is edged. The automated milking machine is tireless, it can provide constant and consistent sexual stimulation. The subject, however must be prohibited from ever actually cumming. An orgasm would provide the sexual release it desires and therefore terminate the session as the desired depth of subconscious reprogramming could no longer be achieved once the subject is sexually sated. Therefore, Edging Salon practitioners have combined undesirable sensations with the pleasure sensations. The painful electroshocks prevent it from cumming and achieving sexual satisfaction. This keeps the slave on edge and at the height of sexual arousal for the entire duration of the rewire. When the sensorial immersion is this intense and complete, it only takes the matter of a few hours before the mind of the slave is completely blank and primed for new programming. To any Princesses still harboring any doubt as to the advantages of reprogramming your slaves at the Edging Salon, we have one final pitch. The Edging Salon is fully equipped with a sauna, restaurant, nail salon, pool and bar. Princess, all of your slaves credit cards will be kept on file for you. Youll be given a wrist fob, so anything you would like while relaxing here will be automatically deducted from your slaves bank accounts with simply a swipe of your wrist. Dont feel like staying on site? We can keep your slave here indefinitely in our kennel. Go out of town with your hot boyfriend and know that when you come back your slave will be ready to pick up fully reprogrammed into the toilet or wallet or whore you wish it to be! (13:53 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Lola, Female Domination, Edging, Milking Machines, Brain Rewire, Degradation, Clinical Dehumanization


Related Categories: MIND FUCK, BONDAGE MALE

Keywords: Brain Rewire, Edging, Milking Machines

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