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Mandy Flores – Inheritance Blackmail fantasy feat Mandy Flores [Woman Following Orders, Blowjob, Femdom Sex, Fucking]

Mandy Flores – Inheritance Blackmail fantasy feat Mandy Flores [Woman Following Orders, Blowjob, Femdom Sex, Fucking]




A former college roommate of your brother is staying with the 2 of you as he looks for an apartment before starting his new job. He has always had the hots for you but you have always been very cold toward him and loved teasing him since you knew how much he wanted you. One night, shortly after he arrives, he is watching TV and you go into the room to tease him. You pretend cleaning up so you do lots of bending over and reaching for things. Whenever he makes a move to touch you, you move away or swat his hand. After you have had your fun and know how turned on he is you leave for you night out. One of your uncles died a few months ago and he left you quite a bit of money in his will but with the condition (you are a wild party girl) that you have to stay sober for one full year. The next day you come home from work (dressed in a short tight fitting skirt and top) and Jim is there alone again. He tells you how sorry he is that you lost your inheritance and you ask what he means. He tells you that since he saw you Tipsy and staggering home late last night that means you didn’t fulfill the requirement of the inheritance. You laugh and say since no one else saw you and no one would believe him it never happened. He laughs too and says that would be true if he hadn’t taken all those photos. He is willing to keep the secret if you are willing to do whatever he wants and you know very well what he wants. Reluctantly you agree. He will have you get on your hands and knees and crawl over to him. Then lots of fondling with hands up your skirt and in your blouse and he has some fun messing up your hair (that is a huge fantasy of mine so I will go for lots of that) and then just to show you that you can’t be in charge he ties your hands behind your back so he can fondle you till his heart is content. Seeing as you are already in a good position and you seem to like to get me hard, suck on this. Mandy gives the BJ while Dave can keep messing with her hair and using her hair to force her to go deep/gag, until he comes in her mouth. Shortly after the BJ the phone rings and Mandy says,, oh, my boss was going to call me at 7 to get some results from the conference. I have to take it….. Mandy figures that the phone call saved her and that the BJ was the end of the demands but of course she is wrong. After her call ends she heads to her room only to find Dave sitting on the bed waiting for her……

*Mandy Flores*




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Mandy Flores – Mom and Son Share a Bed: Taboo: Mandy Flores MF [POV SEX]

Mandy Flores – Mom and Son Share a Bed: Taboo: Mandy Flores MF [POV SEX]




“Ok honey, lets get settled in. Its was long trip, lets get some dinner and get a good nights rest. We have a whole fun day planned tomorrow”..Son asks where is his room..”Well, they only had one room so we’ll make it work.” Son points out that there is only one bed. “This was the only room, so you’ll just sleep with me. I dont want to hear it right now, Im wiped and just want to eat and sleep. Ok?” Later after dinner mom climbs into bed rubbing lotion on her body talking to son about how excited she is to see his Aunt tomorrow. Son is not really listening, he’s watching mom, distracted by her toned legs and bare feet. She gets under the covers..”oh my goodness, your feet are ice cold baby! Here, put them against me and warm them up”..She rolls over and buts up against son and says good night.

She soon thinks she’s feels something hard rubbing up against her. She reaches back and touches something and turns around. “Do you have a..a erection!?” Son tried to deny it but admits to it and tells her that he cant make it go away. “Well, make it go away..I dont know, think different thoughts. This is really inappropriate!” and turns back over. She feels him nudge her again with his erect penis and goes and flips on the light. “Let me see, is there something wrong?!” She yanks back the blankets to see that he has a fully erect penis. “Oh my god!” She doesnt know what to say. He tells her that it hurts. She climbs back into bed to investigate in a motherly way. “Why would it be hurting?” She rubs it and son moans a little. His warm penis in her hands feels good and she looses her senses for a few moments. Admiring this beautiful penis..She looks at him.. Son says that feels really good. “Ok, well..this is one way to make this problem go away.” She continues to jerk him wondering to herself what the hell is she doing..She looks down at it again and then at him. “I should stop..do you want me to stop?” Her pussy begins to tingle and she is letting her desires for a man get the best of her..”I shouldnt have had that wine at dinner..oh god”..

She cant fight her desires, she put him into her mouth and begins to lose all self control. She rolls over and slips her sons dick into her wet pussy. He pumps her slowly and it feels so good. She climbs on top and rides him for a while and then turns over and takes it doggystyle. She cums and tries to quiet her moans with a pillow. Tells him that he cant finish in her and lays down and jerks him off with her hand. He cums all over mommys face. She wipes it off as he thanks her. She’s at a loss of words.. “You know I love you baby..Time for bed now..Good night.” She rolls over and her son goes right to sleep like a baby. Mom wont be getting any sleep tonight…Mandy Flores

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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Sexy Femme Fatale Assassin [EXECUTRIX]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Sexy Femme Fatale Assassin [EXECUTRIX]




Mandy Flores

I see you’re interested in our services, are you familiar with what our girls offer at the Femme Fatale Agency? Good. Oh I see you’re obsessed with being taken out by a sexy femme fatale. So you’re sure you want to live out your ultimate fantasy? You want to be shot [email protected] by a sexy female assassin? Well, I will be the one carrying out your fantasy e.x.e.cution.. And I started this business because I absolutely love it! I love k.!.11!ing men like you. I’m very selective in my clientele but I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy k.!.!!.!ng you. I can’t wait to see the life draining from your eyes and knowing I was the cause. It’s quite a rush for me. So would you like to d.!.3.. by my hand?

Good because I’ve never actually had the pleasure of shooting a man to [email protected] this is going to be fun. I have the perfect hit girl scenario for you. It’s going to be to d.!.3.. for, LOL! But understand once you sign that consent form, you will d.!.3.. by my hand. There will be no backing out. You will not leave here. This isn’t just a fantasy. I will be using real bullets. You will d.!.3.. today. Our sessions always end with our clients d.y.!.n.g. at the hands of one of our beautiful girls. I’m really good at this sort of fantasy, I promise you’re going to love it. Just sign your life over to me.

You know you want it, just imagine me pointing a at you. Look how fucking sexy I look. You really are making the right decision. And now that you’ve signed I have complete legal authority to terminate your life as spelled out in this contract. So when I return I’ll be playing the part of a sexy hit woman come to you in your very own custom fantasy scenario. You’re going to love what I have planned for your demise, trust me. I’ll be back to k.!.1.1. you shortly.

“Move and you’re [email protected]! You weren’t expecting a sexy hit woman, were you? You’ve fallen right into my trap. Typical inferior male. Someone has paid me a lot of money to hunt you down and k.!.1.1. you. I know you think I’m so sexy, I can see you can’t stop staring at me. Take a good look at the hit woman who’s bested you. I’m the last woman you will ever see. You’re pretty lucky. You love my sexy k.!.1.1.3.r outfit, don’t you? Lucky for you I like to play with my prey before I blow them away. I’m going to give you one chance to live, if you can keep yourself from cumming in the next few minutes, you’ll be free to go. But if you shoot your load, then I’ll shoot mine. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

But first I’m going to shoot you in the stomach so you can’t go anywhere. You’ll b.l.3.3.d out eventually but if you don’t cum, you’ll still have time to get some medical attention and you’ll survive. You get to jerk off to a sexy hit woman who’s already shot you. I can see from that erection that you’re already turned on by this. Resist me if you can but I think we both know that the second you laid your eyes on me you were a goner. Even though I’ve already shot you, you just can’t help but jerk it to me. If you’re gonna d.1.3. you might as well enjoy it. You might as well have one last orgasm. But remember what will happen if you cum. I want you to edge and make this one last.

It feels so good to jerk to me doesn’t it? Keep stroking that hard cock to me. If you cum I’m going to pump a dozen bullets into your body. Don’t lose control. The minute I see you cumming, I’m going to riddle you with bullets. Here let me help you, I’m going to jerk your cock and show you how I want you to jerk to me. Does that feel good? Oh you’re so close now. I’m so anxious to put you out of your misery. I know you’re so turned on by that thought. You’re so lucky that I showed up to be your hit woman. Don’t let my sweet talk fool you, I am a ruthless k.!.1.1.3.r.

Keep jerking my victim. I know you’re getting close, don’t forget what’s waiting for you as soon as you blow your load. You just can’t help yourself even though your life is on the line. This is turning you on so much. You’re so excited at the thought of being k.!.l.l.3.d by such a sexy hit woman. Your final orgasm will be the most intense you’ve ever experienced. Your life is down to just a few more strokes. Don’t stop stroking it’s too late now. Surrender to me, you know you want to. Do it, I can’t wait to empty my into your body. I know you want to be finished off by this sexy femme fatale.

Do it! LOL there you go, you made a mess all over my floor. That’s a good boy. You held out for a long time. I hope you enjoyed your last orgasm. I’m going savor this moment. We both knew it was going to end like this. Are you ready to d.!.3. for me? Say goodbye loser. BANG! BANG! BANG! LOL!”



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Mandy Flores – Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination [VERBAL HUMILIATION, FEMALE SUPREMACY, FEMALE SUPERIORITY, LICKING SOLES]

Mandy Flores – Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination [VERBAL HUMILIATION, FEMALE SUPREMACY, FEMALE SUPERIORITY, LICKING SOLES]






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Mandy Flores – Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination [Taboo, Footworship, Footlicking]

Mandy Flores – Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination [Taboo, Footworship, Footlicking]




Mandy has been staying at Grandpa’s house to keep him company, and she is bored out of her mind. But she knows he’s so rich he couldn’t spend all his money in ten lifetimes, so she’s trying to be a good girl and pretend she’s there for him. Maybe he’ll give her some money just out of the goodness of his heart, right? Not a chance. This tight wad is so stingy with his pennies he won’t even pay for her pedicure. But he loves her feet. She notices when she sits on the couch next to him, he can’t keep his eyes off them. Maybe there is a way to get him to give her some money after all! Grandpa mentions how pretty her work was on the pedicure she had to do herself today. She decides to take advantage of his obvious obsession with her them and asks him to rub her sore feet and soles. Of course he doesn’t mind at all, being a caring grandpa and all LOL. She knows he is so weak, and as he rubs one foot she slowly slides her other foot right into the bulge in his pants. “This is OK isn’t it?” as if she didn’t know. “Of course that’s fine if you want to do that” he says. What he doesn’t notice is the phone she has been playing with since she sat down is actually recording the whole thing on video! She puts her foot in his mouth and he sucks away on her toes like it’s his last meal! While he is busy there she rubs his cock through his pants and makes him cum. Some of it seeps through his pants onto her foot and she raises it to his mouth to clean, which he happily does. Then she shows him she’s recording. “Oh I can’t delete it grandpa, it’s already loaded to the cloud, and you’re going to give me everything I want tonight” ………Mandy Flores



Keywords: gold digger, barefoot, mandy flores, wallet, granddaughter, grandpa, soles toes feet

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[Scissorhold, Scissor] Mandy Flores – Scissorhold domination by Mandy Flores

[Scissorhold, Scissor] Mandy Flores – Scissorhold domination by Mandy Flores




My lipstick slave offered me a much needed vacation after my bodybuilding competition. He flew me to Vegas for a week of shopping, pampering, dining, and gambling. After a day of shopping he normally gives me a foot rub but my legs were more sore so I gave him permission to give my muscles a rub. As hes rubbing them we are discussing how strong they are and I mentioned that I had did a set of squats with 260lbs at the gym the other day. He comments how they dont look THAT strong. Do you think Im lying to you slave? How dare you contradict me. How about you come lay over here and feel for yourself how strong my legs are. As Im squeezing his head and hes turning purple I ask him how my legs feel around his neck. Its very painful Mistress. I think my feet resting on his cock was a bit of distraction and he didnt beg for me to stop. He enjoys face sitting sessions where I control his breath but this time something just doesnt feel right to him. I wanted him to admit that he was wrong and that my legs are as strong as I said. He must have been dazed and confused to tell me he still doesnt think they look that strong so I was done with him and this time I wasnt going to be nice. The hard flexing Im exerting on him feels so good and Im just enjoying putting him in his place too much that I dont notice his whole head turning purple, hes tapping my legs…..looks likes hes out for the night. Hope these bennys in your wallet isnt all you have because when you wake up all that will be left of you is a sore neck and a few dollars.

Mandy Flores




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Mandy Flores – Roman Daughter Lessons

Mandy Flores – Roman Daughter Lessons




So for set up I would love to have a Roman bath type scene, her father, who is also the leader of the Army, has come home because he received word that she had accepted a marriage proposal n was planning to marry before her fathers return. He explains to her that he cannot let her go into matrimony unprepared for the duties a wife must perform, and that just as he does for all of the young maidens under his rule, it is his duty to take her virginity and train her in the ways of pleasing a man.

She would be afraid n hesitant, but her reluctance turns to desire to continue after a bit. Would love to see her experience for her 1st time having her privates exposed and touched, in fact her father pleasing her with his mouth would be great and then he can have her do the same with her mouth. Love some doggy style and cowgirl, and of course he won’t cum inside her so however you would like to do that. Mandy Flores

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Mandy Flores – MF ~ Black Widow: The Breakup 4K Executrix: Mandy Flores

Mandy Flores – MF ~ Black Widow: The Breakup 4K Executrix: Mandy Flores




Custom video request: Mandy has her boyfriend tied up on the bed. He wakes up and she greets him. Hey, baby. I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in. ….What… Mandy? What’s going on? Is that Rob? …..Oh, don’t worry about him. I just like it better with an audience….. What are you talking about? ……You and me, baby. It’s not going to work out. I think it’s time we broke up…….Why are you doing this? I love you! …..I know, baby. That’s what’s going to make this so good. (Woman puts the cigarette and cigarette holder aside and begins making love to him….She continues making love to him. It is all about her. She loves the power and the control. Eventually, she is very close to cumming. She starts to give him instructions to play out her control fantasy as she slips closer to her climax, enjoying every moment.) Tell me you love me!! ….Beg for your life!! Say my name!!! (In one swift motion, she stuffs his mouth.) Thanks for everything, lover….She immediately climaxes and screams out in pleasure as his body twitches under her. She continues using his body as she enjoys herself and finishes. Eventually, she starts to slow down, caught up in how good she feels. She strokes his face lovingly, his jaw open and his eyes unblinking.) Oh, good boy, goooood boy. You’re a very good boy. (She picks up the cigarette in the cigarette holder, takes a drag, leans in close, and blows the smoke into his lifeless face.) Goodbye, baby. God, you were good. (She kisses him gently.

She gets up and walks over to her lover’s friend who is still tied up in the chair. She rips the duct tape off his mouth.) How’d I do? ….he pleads for his life…She smiles, walks over and straddles him on the chair. She continues talks to him softly and seductively while looking down at him. Her face is close…… It’s the power, baby. Knowing I can do anything I want….. Oh, your mouth is saying no, but your body’s saying yes. But…I’m a single woman now and I really shouldn’t… I’m just still so hot from the break-up, I need your help… Yes, yes, whatever you want– (She starts to touch herself with one hand, the cigarette holder with the cigarette in it still in the other hand. Already worked up, she starts to get closer to climaxing quickly while talking to him.) Just talk to me.Tell me how you feel about me. ……Umm–you’re–you’re beautiful–you’re powerful–you’re a goddess…. Would you do anything for me? …Would you for me? ….Would you end your life for me? …..NO PLEASE– (She tortures him slowly, enjoying every second of his suffering. Masturbating to his cries) NO PLEASE, YOU PROMISED–! She enjoys the moment of ultimate power….she quickly ends his suffering once she finishes climaxing…his head jerks back and she immediately cries out in pleasure. She picks up the cigarette in the cigarette holder again, walks back over, and straddles his lifeless body. She smokes while playing with his hair and talking to him tenderly. Thank you, lover. I hope that was good for you, too. It was… indescribable for me. The way you begged me. The look on your face when you realized. The way your body jerked ….You were perfect. She finishes kissing him and looks down at him, satisfied. Goodbye, baby……Mandy Flores




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Mandy Flores – The Hit Woman: Executrix: Mandy Flores MF

Mandy Flores – The Hit Woman: Executrix: Mandy Flores MF





~Custom Request~

I was thinking about an idea for a routine therapy session turned JOI session in which we try to discuss my leather fetish – only for me to be tongue-tied at the very sight of you in your sexy black leather jacket and black leather pants. You would then in turn add fuel to my leather fetish fire by taking off your glasses, slowly undoing your leather jacket and tell me that you’ve been looking for a man who wants you in your leather as you begin to start snapping your fingers in a seductively slow rhythm. From there, seeing that you notice my massive bulge in my pants, you then tell me in your sexiest voice to take out my cock and start stroking it as you then begin to clap in a seductively slow rhythm – only to then start dancing provocatively in your leather and keep clapping until I cum. And once I climax, you applaud and set a date for our next therapy session, sealing it with a wink and a kiss. …….Mandy Flores



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Beaten And Broken – Executrix – Mandy Flores

Beaten And Broken – Executrix – Mandy Flores




You`ll break into a Guy’s appartment during daylight and hide behind the door until he comes home. When he enters the room, you do NOT surprise attack him. Instead, you talk to him and say you`re here to him. He doesn’t want to be and tries to fight against you, but you beat him totally senseless. It’s important the fight looks realistic, ure more skilled than the guy but not in any unrealistic way. When he is beaten, you sit reverse on his face for two-three minutes. You smother him out and then take him prisoner at your own apartment or dungeon.

When he wakes up, you enter the room wearing something else. You`ll tell him he is now your prisoner and that u`ll sit on his face every day from now on. Each day he`ll have to fight for his freedom, but of course he can never win because you`re better skilled n stronger. Film two more days of how he wakes up n how you enter the room to sit on his face and to proceed with beating him up all over again. The dialog is also important, take some time to verbally humiliate him and tell him how his life will be changing. Then challenge him to a new fight each day, even though you both know he`ll lose badly and end up getting facesat again. During the fighting, you keep taunting him in English. Telling him he is getting beaten by a girl, telling him what you will do to him, and saying his life will change forever.

On the last day, You enter the room in a black bikini and tell him he will have to fight u again for his freedom. He doesn’t want to fight because he knows he`ll lose, but you untie him and force him to fight back. During the fight, you taunt him and do alot of trash talking, you really enjoy beating him up over and over again. Then you once again sit reverse on his face and force him to kiss your ass this time. He’s so beat and broken, so pathetic that you realize he’s no longer fun. You decide to take him out for good, you wrap your legs around his head in a scissor hold and SNAP. Now you can go find another playtoy..Mandy Flores

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