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[Femdom 2018] THE MEAN GIRLS – Macho Hippno-Slavery. Starring Princess Gemma [Foot Fetish, Office Domination, Findom, Financial Domination]

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[Femdom 2018] THE MEAN GIRLS – Macho Hippno-Slavery. Starring Princess Gemma [Foot Fetish, Office Domination, Findom, Financial Domination]




A “macho guy” has been sent to world-renowned feminist hippno-therapist Dr. Gemma as part of a court order for his “unwanted sexual advances” in the workplace. He has NO respect for women and openly admits that he has abused women on many occasions like he thinks it is perfectly acceptable. He even insults the therapist upon his arrival in her office by questioning how “some dumb bitch” could be actually be a real doctor! Dr. Gemma just smugly smiles and ignores his insults.because she knows that her hippnotic powers will have him at her mercy soon enough, and she will have her revenge then!

The macho asshole is “put under” by Dr. Gemma using her powerful hippno-amulet and the power of suggestion. She calmly whispers into his ear the new “programming” that she wants his tiny male brain re-wired with. Once he awakens, he thinks nothing has changed, but Doctor Gemma tells him that he will slowly begin to realize that he can no longer say “no” to a woman or disobey ANY orders from ANY woman!! “Mr. Macho Man” just laughs in her face and says “no way”.

She begins giving him simple orders. He tries as hard as he possibly can to resist doing what he is told by this “dumb bitch doctor” – to the point of complaining about his actions AS he is doing them! – but he now HAS to obey ANY command given to him by a female voice.whether he wants to or not!

Soon Dr. Gemma begins giving him commands to completely humiliate him and demonstrate the power that she – and ANY woman – has over him now! She begins by calmly ordering him to “bow down and kiss my feet.” The Macho Stud vehemently refuses verbally to do this humiliating act- but he cannot stop his body! Soon his body is involuntarrily dropping to its knees and his head slowly lowers itself toward the doctor’s stocking feet against his will! He tries as HARD as he can to resist and shouts that he “will NOT do this!!”- right up until the point that his lips are firmly planted on the good doctor’s foot. And Dr. Gemma just laughs and mocks him as he involuntarily grovels at her feet.

After relishing a few moments of having this asshole helplessly grovel at her feet, Doctor Gemma decides to REALLY “up the ante” on his humiliation to try to “break” him. She calmly commands him to “shine her work pumps with his tongue”.and he is absolutely AGHAST at the concept of doing such a thing! But slowly his tongue slowly comes out.and he literally canNOT stop himself from dragging his tongue all over this woman’s work pumps to bring them up to a nice shine for her! He complains about it the entire time, but he literally can NOT stop doing it simply because Doctor Gemma TOLD him to!

Doctor Gemma is obviously relishing he power over this macho asshole. She manages to keep giving more & MORE humiliating orders to him.and he can’t help but OBEY! Even though his mind tells him not to.his body simply obeys Doctor Gemma’s commands. Until eventually she commands him to “strip, stand, and spread your legs so I can kick you in the balls as hard as I want.”

***Watch the clip to see ALL the humiliating tasks that Doctor Gemma puts this macho asshole through. But let’s just say that by the end, he is VOLUNTARILY groveling at her feet and BEGGING her to “release” him from this spell she has him under!***

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[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – Enslaved By The Evil Queen. Starring Queen Platinum [Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship]

[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – Enslaved By The Evil Queen. Starring Queen Platinum [Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship]




Queen Platinum has enslaved an entire village. She has them working like slaves for her 24/7- working them to the bone to serve her every evil whim, while she relaxes on her throne. The town’s hero has returned from epic battles in far-off lands and is appalled to find his countrymen (and women!) working like slaves for this evil, but beautiful Queen.

What spell has she cast over his people? He MUST stop her treachery and free his people! He pays her a visit in her lair and defiantly stands before her as she sits arrogantly upon her royal throne. The Hero knows that if he simply vanquishes The Evil Queen, it will do nothing to break the spell she has cast over them, and his people as mindless zombies forever.

So as he tries to peacefully compel The Queen to release his people from her spell, she makes him a proposal- all he must do is kneel before her and kiss her royal feet. Our hero is aghast at the idea of kneeling before a woman- let along THIS evil woman! But after much contemplation and soul-searching, he decides that he MUST sacrifice his dignity for just this one moment in time.he must do it for the freedom and dignity of his people.

So the hero reluctantly kneels before her- as an evil and all-knowing grin spreads across the Evil Queen’s lips.she extends her foot and commands her nemesis to remove her shoe for “the kiss” to free his people. She insists that it be placed on the very BOTTOM of her royal foot! The absolute LOWEST part of her body! Our Hero only momentarily objects, as his dignity has already been diminished this far- what is one more level of indignity?

He removes her shoe- and the aroma assaults his senses almost immediately! It wafts up from her pungent stockings and invades his nostrils.causing his mind to tingle and his thoughts to become cloudy.his body begins to go numb.within mere seconds all he can think about is.PLEASING HIS QUEEN! The laughter coming from above him confirms his thoughts that this aroma is sealing his doom.

The Evil Queen knows that our Hero is completely under her spell now. She commands him to “inhale deeply” as she spreads her toes and covers his nostrils with her stockinged foot.he is completely entranced now.and HELPLESS. This would-be “hero” is now just another helpless minion who will do her bidding at the snap of her evil fingers and will worship her like a god- just like the rest of his pathetic village of peasants!

What will become of our Hero? How far will The Evil Queen go to humiliate him for her amusement and entertainment? Is he truly a mindless puppet at her command- FOREVER? Watch to find out. TO BE CONTINUED.???

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