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FemmeFataleFilms – Slave In Waiting – Part 2. Starring Lady Mephista

FemmeFataleFilms – Slave In Waiting – Part 2. Starring Lady Mephista




When the guy turned up for a job interview, he could never have imagined the elite position he was really being interviewed for! He thought he was applying to be a waiter, but Lady Mephista was working from a very different agenda… She decided he may be useful as a new slave object for her and so began his training. Firstly he was made to wear a hood, to become a faceless being for her, then she roped him up to ensure absolute compliance. Testing for his suitabilty included heavy face slapping, spitting, foot and shoe worship… his new life and a more meaningful existence had begun…

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FemmeFataleFilms – Equal Measures – Complete Film. Starring Miss Zoe

FemmeFataleFilms – Equal Measures – Complete Film. Starring Miss Zoe




See Miss Zoe in incredibly erotic femdom action with her personal slave, as never seen before! When a highly sexual and beautiful Domme sits on a man’s face and then starts using a vibrator on herself, this can only mean one thing to most men… intense pleasure, especially as she threatens to soak his face in her pussy juice. However, for every moment of intense pleasure, Miss Zoe decides to dish out an equal measure of intense pain. Sensual, erotic, brutal, invasive and intense is the sum of Miss Zoe’s incredible actions in this, a real session for the true femdom enthusiast…

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DomNation – SADISM BY CANDLELIGHT. Starring Mistress January Seraph

DomNation – SADISM BY CANDLELIGHT. Starring Mistress January Seraph




Once again the fantastic January Seraph comes out to play. Always mixing the sensual and sadistic, gracing every scene with enthusiastic energy and a huge smile. From a submissive perspective, you just can’t lose with January.

January has her noisy and rambunctious slave tied down tightly to a bondage table so that she can just have a little time enjoying herself (at her slave’s expense of course) She’s feeling a little on the warm and romantic side, so she lights a candle and graciously shares its warmth with her slave, Who for some reason doesnt seem to appreciate the molten wax that’s dripping on his testicles and penis, so January obliges him and moves on to his nipples which just seems to make him wreath around in agony.

Being the trooper that January is, she finds other ways to deal with this most uncooperative slave kind of cruel ways she decides that she wants to Fuck him. Not in the way that most people would. So she attempts sounding him but his tiny little pee hole just isn’t big enough and he continues to struggle, so she just ends up taunting him with a powerful hitachi wand pushed into his penis. Poor pathetic Slave!

Category: TEASE & DENIAL


Keywords: january seraph, mistress, bdsm, female domination, sexual domination, hitachi wand, wax play, female superiority, nipple torment, slave training, sensual domination, humiliation, tease and denial, beat downs, ejaculation training

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DomNation – EFFORTLESS BRUTALITY! Starring Bossy Delilah

DomNation – EFFORTLESS BRUTALITY! Starring Bossy Delilah




Bossy Delilah has a style that’s all her own, She’s lets say comically sadistic. Well as long as you’re not the guy that’s at the end of her whip or leash. Enjoy this sadistic video. Voyeuring in as Bossy Delilah tames a struggling and noisy slave who just can’t seem to control himself. (So of course Delilah, so kindly offers to help)

Delilah has him painfully bound, his testicles tightly attached to a web harness on his head, bending his body or pulling his head forward torques his testicles relentlessly, the whip come at him relentlessly, cruelly its sting burrowing into his flesh. All he has to do is calm down! yet he cannot stop himself from flopping around like a fish out of water as Delilah torments him like a cat toying with a small rodent.

She brutally beats him as she verbally abuses him and tells him about all of the horrible things that will be coming in his future because he can’t control himself!

“It’s about technique you Fuck! Fuck technique I’m just paddling you. It’s about effortless brutality, this shyt should just come naturally!”
Bossy Delilah



Keywords: bossy delilah, face slapping, bondage, whipping, bdsm, slave training, corporal punishment, beatdowns, discipline, verbal abuse, female domination, bullwhip, leather whip, ball abuse, ass beatings

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DomNation – ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS WORSHIP THIS GORGEOUS ASS. Starring Mistress Bella Blackheart

DomNation – ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS WORSHIP THIS GORGEOUS ASS. Starring Mistress Bella Blackheart




What could be worse than having the opportunity to Worship the Stunning Bella Blackhearts voluptuous ass and finding out that your most loving attention was found to be lacking of affection and passion, that the lovely Bella is not pleased with your worship, that it has left her feeling unappreciated. What could be more humiliating?

The gorgeous mistress Bella straps her naked slave to the wall, and feels that a little pay back is in order. She wants to defile and demean this pathetic slob for his shortcomings.He has proven himself unworthy and will pay in humiliation as she savagely slaps his face around like a pinata that needs to broken open to let her have the sweetness that the Mistress has been craving all day!

We can be sure that this slave will end up giving Bella what she wants. If she can’t find tranquility and sweetness in his little ass kisses, then she will find solace and satisfaction in his tears.



Keywords: face slapping, slave, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, beatdowns, ass worship, suffering, slave training, domnation, bella blackheart, extreme domination, female domination, beatdowns, bdsm

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ClubDom – Russian Revenge – Mini Movie. Starring Dava Foxx and Kylie Rogue

ClubDom – Russian Revenge – Mini Movie. Starring Dava Foxx and Kylie Rogue




Dava is a sweet girl who met Cameron at a local night club. She thought he was really sweet and really liked him. He told her that she was different and that he had feelings for her. After a little bit of kissing one thing led to another. To Dava, the sex was not that great but she really likes this guy. He promises to call her the next day, however, after weeks he never returns her texts or phone calls. Cameron is a player and only out for hooks up and one night stands with no regard to any of the women’s emotions. Months go by and Dava’s Russian Aunt finds out what was done to her niece. She spots Cameron at a local hang out and uses her thick Russian accent and sexuality to lure Cameron for some fun. She is pulling Cameron into a barn in the middle of nowhere, blindfolded with his arms duck taped together. His clothes are all ripped and torn and throws him into the corner. “So you like one night stands? I hear you like to do your thinking with that thing between your legs. Using women then never call and then have any regard for their feelings. I am going to show you what this feels like.” Cameron is terrified asking “what are you going to do to me” Kylie grabs a drill and puts the bit right to his forehead and says “maybe we should just put a hole here to correct the problem. But that’s not the head that you’re doing the thinking with now is it?” The picks up an old rusty machete spreads his legs and swings the machete down within inches of his tiny little pathetic dicklet. He screams. Goddess Kylie calmly takes a drag of her cigarette. Slowly exhaling the smoke right in the bitches face. She then grabs him and tells him “I have something much better for you.” Leading him over to where her sister Dava is brandishing a 12 inch black strap on she informs him “you are going to participate in one of your favorite activities. Open that bitch slut mouth and suck her cock!” Dominating him completely and shoving his face down on the cock till he gags they make him beg for Dava to fuck his pathetic man-pussy. After making Cameron suck her huge black strap-on, she instructs the bitch to bend over. Goddess Kylie is going to show him what a real one-night stand is. She pounds his man pussy hard, making him tell her how much he loves getting fucked. “Please, please fuck my ass Goddess,” Cameron screams. Goddess Kylie fucks the bitch until she wears out his manhole. The bitch is taken out back and put on his knees between the ladies. He tells them how sorry he is for using Dava for a one night stand and that he has learned his lesson. Goddess Kylie grabs him by his chin and informs him he will consider the females feelings from now on, and that he will never use women as sexual toys again. Goddess Kylie instructs him that he will be respectful and treat them like queens. “I hope you have learned from this Cameron,” he replies yes and says how sorry he is. The ladies laugh. Goddess Kylie holds her machete and says, “Now get out of my barn bitch!!!” Cameron runs out of the barn screaming like the little sissy bitch he is

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DomNation – TRAINED TO SAY THANK YOU. Starring Mistress Eva Cruz

DomNation – TRAINED TO SAY THANK YOU. Starring Mistress Eva Cruz




Mistress Eva Cruz likes obedient slaves but more over she likes manners. So when her new slave seems to be forgetting to properly thank her, she decides that it’s time to train her slave in proper manners.

The Mistress finds some diabolical and humiliating ways to make her point and teach her foolish little minion some manners. She pulls out his chest hair and very considerately creates a toupee of sorts for his bald head, when this buffoon fails to come up with the appropriate response, she treats him like a small chyld and further demeans him!



Keywords: mistress eva cruz, hair pulling, face slapping, humiliation, verbal humiliation, cfnm, bdsm, degradation, female superiority, degradation, female supremacy, forced stripping, slave training, boots, female domination

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DomNation – TEAR HIS FLESH, BREAK HIS WILL (Parts 1 & 2 COMPILATION). Starring Mistress January Seraph (Standard Version)

DomNation – TEAR HIS FLESH, BREAK HIS WILL (Parts 1 & 2 COMPILATION). Starring Mistress January Seraph (Standard Version)




There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful, latex clad Mistress whipping the out of a bound and helpless slave. In this intense video, Mistress January uses several different whips to tear his flesh, and break his will. January knows exactly how to blend pain, pleasure and verbal humiliation to take this slave down to his rightful place.on his knees! Once his resistance is broken, the real fun, pain and suffering begins.

Next Mistress January uses her dreaded Kraken Flogger to further drain this slave of every last ounce of resistance. Finally in his rightful place. Mistress January continues battering this slave.
He will learn to stay down! Always! At the feet of his spectacular Mistress January Seraph

Category: BDSM


Keywords: mistrss january seraph, female domination, humiliation, female supremacy, female superiority, domination, beat down, bondage, slave training, tease and denial, leather whip, bull whip, corporal punishment, whipping, single tail

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DomNation – STRIPPED AND WHIPPED! (FULL VERSION) Starring Goddess Nikki Next

DomNation – STRIPPED AND WHIPPED! (FULL VERSION) Starring Goddess Nikki Next




Nikki Next is as seductive as she is sadistic in her skin tight pink metallic tights, bra and stilettos as she takes her Professor to task for her failing grades. Crack! Crack! Crack! She whips the bejeezus out of him. As she degrades and humiliates him for his incompetence and slacker attitude.

Nikki doesn’t have to do her own home work or school projects. She knows exactly how to manipulate men to do anything/everything she wants. But her idiot Professor didn’t turn in her homework o time, causing her to get a failing grade. And man, is Goddess pissed! She orders the buffoon to take off his clothes, and she proceeds to whip him mercilessly with a vicious short leather single tail whip.

Goddess Nikki is stunningly beautiful and sadistic as she beats him from pillar to post. No matter how much he protests, screams and begs, Nikki will not relent. She is determined to beat the living shite out of the imbecile for fucking up her grades. She is a sight to behold as she rips him a new asshole.Crack! Crack! Crack! She whips the bejeezus out of him. As she degrades and humiliates him for his incompetence and slacker attitude. He flops around like a fish out of water, trying to avoid the next agonizing blow, but there’s simply no escape from Nikkis dreaded whip.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: whipping, domina nikki next, fetish, female domination, slave training, femdom, bdsm, femdom, corporal punishment, female supremacy, humiliation, beatdowns, verbal abuse, verbal humiliation, leather whip

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DomNation – BRUTALLY CANED TO ACQUIESCENCE! Starring Mistress Raven Rae

DomNation – BRUTALLY CANED TO ACQUIESCENCE! Starring Mistress Raven Rae




We continue welcoming Mistress Raven Rae to DomNation. Mistress Raven is an experienced and well versed Dominatrix who currently practices in the LA Area. She is charming and delightful as well as Cruel and Sadistic, an excellent addition to the DomNation line up!
She may be smiling most of the time, but its only because her mind is filled with all the ways in which she plans to hurt you once her sexy smile and charms have reduced you to her Prey! You will be seeing much more of the sexy Mistress Raven Rae in the weeks and months to come!!! So keep on watching for her!!

For those of you who might like to get a little more information regarding The Mistress you can visit her personal website at: http://sexiravenrae.com

Mistress Raven Rae continues on her path of correcting a slave with an attitude, but as it’s turning out, his attitude has already changed drastically. He seems much more cooperative and submissive than he did 70 strikes ago. Although the Mistress is pleased, she feels the sadistic need to continue on! (I mean why not she’s smiling)

The Mistress has worked him through a hundred brutal strikes, but she still has more to offer. His nipples for instance, seem to be in need of a little attention, so why not brutally snap a cane on them and enjoy her slaves misery, or better yet cane his cock into total submission as she teases him about how small it is!

By the time that the Mistress is done brutalizing her woeful slave he will be more than cooperative, he will be submissive, brainwashed and afraid to ever display any male ego ever again. Just the way that the Mistress plans it!!! It will still be an idiot but at least he will be a very conforming idiot!

Category: CANING


Keywords: bdsm, bondage, ass beatings, corporal punishment, beatdowns, suffering, sadism, domnation, mistress raven rae, extreme domination, female domination, caning, slave training, torment, punishment

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