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Miss Noel Knight – Making Him My Good Girl

Miss Noel Knight – Making Him My Good Girl




Keywords: OTK Spanking, CFNM, Humiliation, Female Domination, F/M Spanking, Sissy Training, Lectures, Forced Fem, BDSM, Slut

My slave might think that he’s a man but I know that deep down he’s nothing but a girly little slut and I have decided that it’s
time to make him embrace his sissy identity. I have him dressed in stockings, heels and sweet little nightie. I have him kneeling
for me while we discuss his recent behavior. I make sure that he’s been wearing his panties, shaving his legs and thinking about
me at all times. When I discover that he’s become a wee bit too presumptuous I know exactly what he needs; a nice, long discipline
spanking to get him back to his feminine mindset. I put him over my knee and slap his ass with my leather gloves, a hair brush and
hard wooden paddle. By the time I’m finished with him he’ll be ready to be my good girl again.



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Asian Cruelty – THE CRUELEST OF INTENTIONS. Starring Goddess Lana

Asian Cruelty – THE CRUELEST OF INTENTIONS. Starring Goddess Lana




There is a time and a place for a swift and severe discipline session to an unruly slave. This is the time, and this is definitely
the place. This foolish boi has failed to meet my expectations on many occasions, and rather than simply banishing him from my
sight, I will greatly enjoy giving him a reality check and a proper attitude adjustment.

First, I utilize one of my favorite leather bull whips to cut him down to size. Relentlessly, my whip strikes tear at his flesh,
until his back is welted, bruised and lacerated. Over and over, my whip hits its mark with precision accuracy until he is pleading
for a reprieve. The look of fear and panic on his face only serves to incite my sadism.

I am not in a merciful mood, and there will be no reprieve tonight. At least not until tears run down his face and drool flows
from his ball gag. Maybe. We shall see how his punishment progresses. After I have thoroughly broken him with my single tail, I
strap him down to a punishment bench and unleash my bamboo and rattan canes on his ass.

Strike after agonizing strike, my canes cut deep into the flesh and beyond, setting off pain triggers to every nerve ending in his
body, leaving lasting marks on his psyche and even his soul. The pain he will experience this evening will not soon be forgotten.
It will linger for years to come. And with it, a new found appreciation and reverence for the one and only Goddess who can inflict
such delicious and delirious pain.



Keywords: female domination, humiliation, slave, goddess lana, bondage, asian goddess, whipping, bdsm, leather, caning, submissive
slave training, boots, corporal punishment, mistress

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Asian Cruelty – SUFFER UNDER MY WHIP! Starring Goddess Saya

Asian Cruelty – SUFFER UNDER MY WHIP! Starring Goddess Saya




If you dream of becoming MY slave, then you have absolutely no choice but to surrender your mind, body and soul to my whip. None!

I need no reason to make my slaves suffer under my whip. No pretentious excuse or role play scenario. I do so, simply because I
want to. Because I can. And because all inferiors are instructed to lower themselves to me and endure whatever punishments or
pleasures I choose to bestow on them.

This lucky slave found himself helplessly bound and subservient to my every sadistic whim. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, he is
fully exposed and vulnerable to the bite of one of my favorite leather bull whips. It takes little effort to inflict great pain
with this whip, as you can see by his ripped flesh and his primal screams which fill my play space.

Strike after agonizing whip strike, I slash and tear at his back and ass cheeks with my lethal bull whip, until he is bruised,
welted and lacerated from head to toe. Now he is worthy. Worthy of becoming a slave which I will own forever.



Keywords: bdsm, catsuit, domination, female superiority, whipping, femdom, beatdowns, boots, bondage, corporal punishment, goddess
saya, humiliation, asian goddess, slave training

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Young Goddess Kim – Edged for Entertainment. Starring Goddess Kim

Young Goddess Kim – Edged for Entertainment. Starring Goddess Kim




My edging statue has it’s wrists cuffed and locked behind its back. Kept in the corner of My couch on its knees, it only moves on
My order. I revel in turning males into objects of use and entertainment. After uncuffing one arm, I put the slave to use by
licking and kissing My beautiful boot soles. It performs the task with an eager insatiable need to please Me. For My
entertainment, I allow the object to wank its hard dick while licking My boots, telling it when to stop and go. I make it stop
jerking just as it reaches the edge. Over and over again. slave object is taken into deep submissive stupor, as I verbally
humiliate it, making it beg, allowing it to worship My boots and My addictive shiny ass all while edging to My perfection. I have
to laugh at the state it’s in, so desperate to cum on My boots, leaking all over them as it continues to hump between My sole and
heel. Tortured and edged for My entertainment.

Includes: Female Domination, Boot Domination, Edging, Orgasm Denial, Tease And Denial, Boot Worship, Ass Worship, Goddess Worship,
Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, Objectification, CFNM, Shiny Fetish, Sole Licking



Keywords: real life goddess, edging, boot worship

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Asian Cruelty – LEATHER CLAD PURVEYOR OF PAIN PART 2. Starring Goddess Kitsa Sakurai

Asian Cruelty – LEATHER CLAD PURVEYOR OF PAIN PART 2. Starring Goddess Kitsa Sakurai




In this follow up clip I am a sight to behold, completely encased from head to toe in a full leather catsuit, thigh high boots,
corset, gloves and studded bolero jacket. I am truly a leather fetishists wet dream come true.

My slave is helpless and vulnerable, as he should be. With absolutely no choice but to accept the inevitability of my punishment.
I use my four foot leather bull whip to shred his shoulders, back, and ass as his screams bounce off my dungeon walls. With each
and every agonizing strike of my whip, I bruise and lacerate his baby soft flesh like a hot knife slicing through warm butter.

The pain is relentless and grows exponentially, radiating throughout every fiber in his body and lingers long after the whip
strike. His punishment is intense, relentless and unforgiving, and deservedly so. It is my goal to break him, and show him
emphatically who is his owner. There is none more cruel, none more cold hearted, none more proficient at metering out delicious
and excruciating pain, than when I am at my most sadistic, whip in hand, slave helplessly and inescapably bound before me. This is
when I am most thrilled, aroused and at peace with myself.



Keywords: bdsm, flogging, domination, female superiority, fetish, femdom, whipping, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, goddess
kitsa sakurai, humiliation, asian goddess, slave training

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Brat Princess 2 – Mariah – Danni Rejected by His Date (High Heel and Foot Worship)

Brat Princess 2 – Mariah – Danni Rejected by His Date (High Heel and Foot Worship)




Danni has really been looking forward to his date with Mariah. But Mariah wants to have a talk. Mariah tells Danni that she
doesn’t need a boyfriend, she already has one. Danni must have misunderstood her when they made plans. What Mariah really needs is
a shoe cleaner. Mariah lets Danni know that if he wants to spend time with her, then he has to lick her shoes. After some debate,
Danni reluctantly licks his date’s shoes. Mariah also has some financial requirements for Danni. And, she wants him to call her
“Princess.” She wants her feet worshipped, too. Danni agrees to worship Princess’ feet. Mariah gives Danni a new name, “stupid.”
She wants “stupid” to take her to get her nails done, before she sees her boyfriend. Her boyfriend can’t pick her up, so she wants
Danni to drive her to her boyfriend. That’s going too far! Danni is not going to drive Mariah to her boyfriend’s. Mariah yells at
him. It’s part of the deal. If he wants any involvement in her life, he has to do exactly what she wants. (12:01 long)

Clip Contains: Mariah, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Coercion, Manipulation, Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Humiliation

Category: BRAT GIRLS


Keywords: female domination

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – The Made Handjob! Forbidden to cum, but the Made is juicing his sperm

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – The Made Handjob! Forbidden to cum, but the Made is juicing his sperm




Lady Victoria Valente: After 2 weeks begging the Made may finally appear again with me! Again I wear my strict leather outfit. I
torment the Made with a very horny handjob. The Made is always hornier but I still think of me whether Made today can cumshot or
not! Maybe I should just stop and throw the grub from the studio again. My 3 girlfriends just to visit will surely amuse you. It
follows strokes with the hand on the tail, a tail torturer! I spit on the tail and rub the mistresses. Spitting game. And continue
the cool game, fierce action! Because suddenly it happens! The Made is so horny and just splashes off! Thick white sperm splashes
out of the tail hole! What a mess! My gloves are now totally smeared with Madensperm! Well wait for you I still discipline! I will
lock you right back into the cage! Handjobs, brunette, leather, cfnm, female domination, cock tease, leather overknee boots,
leather outfit, close ups, thick sperm, cumshots, heavy orgasm, humiliation, female supremacy – Please do not share my Clips on
the Internet! HD Quality MP4 Clip, German language.

Nach 2 Wochen betteln darf Made endlich wieder bei mir erscheinen! Wieder trage ich mein strenges Lederoutfit. Ich quaele Made mit
einem sehr geilen Handjob. Made wird immer geiler doch ich ueberlege mir noch ob Made heute abspritzen darf oder nicht! Vielleicht
sollte ich auch einfach aufhoeren und Made wieder aus dem Studio werfen. Meine 3 Freundinnen gerade zu Besuch sind wird das sicher
koestlich amuesieren. Es folgen Schlaege mit der Hand auf den Schwanz, eine Schwanzfolter! Ich spucke auf den Schwanz und verreibe
Herrinenspucke. Spitting game. Und weiter geht das geile Spiel, heftiges Aktionwichsen! Da auf einmal passiert es! Made wird so
geil und spritzt einfach ab! Dickes weisses Sperma spritzt aus dem Schwanzloch! So eine Sauerei! Meine Handschuhe sind ja jetzt
total verschmiert mit Madensperma! Na warte Dir bringe ich noch Disziplin bei! Dich sperre ich jetzt gleich zurueck in den Kaefig
Madenstueck! Handjobs, brunette, leather, cfnm, female domination, cock tease, leather overknee boots, leather outfit, close ups,
thick sperm, cumshots, heavy orgasm, humiliation, female supremacy – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen
Dank! HD Qualität MP4 Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: handjobs, cumshots, leather, overknee leather boots, femdom, female domination, cfnm, cock tease, brunette, bdsm,
humiliation, female supremacy, spitting, close ups, heavy orgasm

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Piggy Eats My Butt

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Piggy Eats My Butt




If little piggy wants to beg me to use it as my ashtray then piggy is going to actually get used as my ashtray. That includes
disposing of my ash and cigarette butt properly. Do I really need to state this? Yes, that means my burning butt gets squashed on
its tongue and it swallows whatever is left. I don’t smoke with any other ashtray in the room, and I’m certainly not going to drop
it on my floor. I don’t smoke all that much, but I’m sure my little piggy will have a stomach full of butts in no time. Cuts down
on the cost of feeding it anyway!



Keywords: mistress nikita

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Asian Cruelty – SHEER VIOLENCE WITH A RIDING CROP. Starring Queen Darla

Asian Cruelty – SHEER VIOLENCE WITH A RIDING CROP. Starring Queen Darla




My victim stands bound to the chain-link spider web in my dungeon, wide open for the slashes of my riding crop. I whale away,
slicing from every direction, forehand and back, up and down his reddening body. He struggles crazily, as if to escape, bellowing
with his piercing pain. It excites me, the crack of my whip on male flesh and the continuous wailing. I love it! Concentrating on
his nipples raises the level of his screams, music to my ears.

A bizarre quivering begins in his arms and vibrates through his body. I pick up the tempo, slamming his teats with maddening
speed. He cries like a baby, a weird sound, accompanied by the crack, crack, crack of riding crop against soft skin. Trying to
avoid the pain, he manages to turn away in his bonds. I take advantage of that move, and swat his bare backside really good. I
don’t miss a spot.

Yours in good pain,
Queen Darla

Features: whipping, corporal punishment, Asian, BDSM, female domination, goddess worship, humiliation, bondage


Related Categories: ASIAN, WHIPPING

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Ball Busting Chicks – Domestic Pig – Humiliated. Starring Victoria Valente

Ball Busting Chicks – Domestic Pig – Humiliated. Starring Victoria Valente




A man who can not pay his debt get humiliated and treated like an . Slapped in the face, stripped naked and lead around by collar.
She treat him like a pig and let him grunt like a pig.
Length 10:18 minutes. © ballbustingchicks.com


Keywords: victoria, valente

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