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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Be My Sissy Maid Of Honor. Starring Alix Lynx [FORCED FEM]

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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Be My Sissy Maid Of Honor. Starring Alix Lynx [FORCED FEM]




Porn Star Alix Lynx is so girly and she will make you feel so girly as she turns you from her boyfriend into her sissy maid of honor!

Hey there honey, well I guess you aren’t my honey any more, are you? You see the reason that I cheated on you is you’re simply not man enough for me. I could never be with a man like you. I need a real man and I hate to break this to you, but I’m getting married! To the guy I cheated on you with. Why don’t you let that sink in? Awww poor baby. LOL I’m not sorry, it’s your own fault, you simply were not man enough for me.

But the reason I called you over here today is that I have a proposition for you and I think you are going to absolutely love it! I want you to be my maid of honor, LOL! Isn’t that great! I’d love to see you all dressed up while I marry the man I cheated on you with, so what do you say? I thought it would be a great idea because after knowing you, I realized you really are, or should be a sissy. And there’s no better way to introduce you to the world as a sissy then being my sissy maid of honor! And I’m going to be the one to doll you up and dress you up! Won’t that be fun?

Don’t worry, I’m going to make you look so beautiful. I know you’re a bit apprehensive but it’s all you’re good for, so you need to do this. And I know you’ll give in because you still love me and you’ll do anything I say. It’s a shame you couldn’t please me. I know you wanted to marry me but I need a real man and that clearly isn’t you. And letting you be my sissy of honor is really a privilege because you’re going to shine on my big day!

You’ve spent all this time trying to make me happy and now you can, by showing the entire world, our friends, our families, how much of a sissy boy you are in your maid of honor attire. All glammed up from head to toe. I’m going to make you look so good sissy. So let’s get started I have so much to do. You’re going to look fabulous standing behind me holding my dress up. It’s an honor to be my maid of honor and you should thank me for this opportunity. Every one at the wedding is going to point and laugh at what a pathetic sissy maid of honor you are.

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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – You Seek Out Bratty Girl Clips, But Always End Up Buying The Faggot Cock Clips

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – You Seek Out Bratty Girl Clips, But Always End Up Buying The Faggot Cock Clips




Princess Lacey

I knew I’d find you here loser. I mean you have this huge selection of clips to buy from all of these hot fucking brats, but you seek out the coerced bi clips. The hot girls just don’t do it for you, do they? You like to pretend you’re straight by buying clips of girls, but really your mind is just thinking about cock. Your little stupid faggot brain just lit up when I said the word Cock, didn’t it? Cock, that’s what you really want.

You get online looking for femdom by hot bratty girls but you always find your way to the coerced bi clips. You can’t help yourself. You have a sick jerkoff obsession with coerced bi clips. In other words, you’re obsessed with cock. You came here because you want to hear a beautiful girl tell you just how fucking gay you are. I know you wish you were turned on by me, you want to be normal, you want to be straight. You wanna be able to jerk off to a hot chick, but you can’t. And that’s exactly why you’re here, because you know you’re not normal, you know you’re not straight. You were born a freak and you slowly found yourself on this downward spiral until you became a little faggot for big cock.

You can pretend all you want but you bought this clip because you really wanted to jerkoff and cum, and for that, you needed a coerced bi clip. Only cock can make you cum so fucking hard. Cock makes you cum harder than I can make you, how pathetic is that? I mean are you looking at me or the big dildo in my hand? I think we both know the answer to that. You love this beautiful cock and I know you want so bad. You’re probably watching some gay porn at the same time you’re watching this. You need me to tell you that cock is what you really want. You want a nice big hard cock in your mouth and in your ass and I’m sure you would love it if I was there, guiding it in, pushing it deeper into your throat.

You’d love that wouldn’t you? I know the exact type of faggot you are. I want you to embrace every little gay impulse in your weak little mind. Stare at this cock. I know you wish it was a real man’s dick right in your face. I’m going to send you to watch gay porn, then I’m going to send you out for some real cock and you’re going to thank me. I’m sure you’re about to cum to the thought of this. You’re a faggot and that’s never going to change, but you need me to show you the way, and I know the way. So follow me loser and embrace every fucking second of it.



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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – You’re A Loser For Legs, You Just Can’t Help Yourself. Starring Lady Fyre [FEMDOM POV]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – You’re A Loser For Legs, You Just Can’t Help Yourself. Starring Lady Fyre [FEMDOM POV]




Lady Fyre

Look at you down there, so pathetic. But you just can’t help yourself can you? You’re such a loser for legs. Groveling, whimpering and hoping for the best view you can get, aren’t you? Do you know how pathetic you are? Have you seen what I see? Probably not. Perhaps you have yet to comprehend the depths of your desperation, the depths of your depravity. Just what will you do for the perfect view of my legs?

What is it that you love so much about my legs, what drives you wild about legs in black nylons? What exactly makes you so crazy, so desperate? What makes you such a loser for legs? Did something happen to you when you were younger? Who’s legs did you first notice and think, ‘Wow that makes my cock hard’? Confess loser, confess to me about your obsession with legs. I know you remember, tell me.

You see there’s so much that goes into a fetish, so much that goes into an addiction, so much that has made you a loser for legs over the years. And no, you’re not a loser because of your obsession with legs, you’re a loser because of how you deal with it. Staring all the time, you just can’t help yourself. And it’s quite pathetic. Staring at women’s legs so obviously that they notice. I know you get caught staring and it’s so embarrassing. And they roll their eyes at you and give you that look and that’s so humiliating, isn’t it loser?

Well you can stare at my legs here on your screen so you don’t have to be humiliated by women in public. I’ll show you my legs so you can stroke and cum. It won’t take much at all, just a quick leg tease and you’ll be shooting a huge load in no time. It’s so pathetic. You can’t help yourself, legs control your sex life. You’re such a loser for my legs.



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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Ruin A Huge Load All Over A Mirror And Watch Yourself Lick It Up [CUM EATING INSTRUCTION]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Ruin A Huge Load All Over A Mirror And Watch Yourself Lick It Up [CUM EATING INSTRUCTION]




You’re going to get a mirror for me. A nice big mirror. And I want you to set it, right where you can cum on it. You’re going to make that mirror very dirty. So prepare to ruin your orgasm, I want that cum dribbling down, right on to your reflection. Just so you can see how much of a loser you are. Are you ready to prove how pathetic you are? I hope so, because I wanna see how fucking pathetic you are.

Jerk it, stroke it for me. Stroke that loser cock. Wank it for my hot body. I know it has you weak and ready to spill a big load, or rather ruin a big load. You’re going to ruin it for me and dribble it all over that mirror. A nice ruined orgasm for Ellie. I know you spend a lot of time jerking off so I hope you have a nice big load ready.

Look how hot I am loser, completely out of your league. You’re so lucky I’m giving you this chance to jerk to me. I want that mirror caked in cum for me. Pump your fucking hand, pump it loser and get ready to ruin it, get ready to let it leak out of your cock like a drippy faucet. I’m going to count you down and when I get to one, I want you to let go and let it just drip all over that mirror.

Is that mirror covered loser? Did you watch yourself? Good. Now comes the fun part. I want you to look at yourself as much as you can through that cum covered mirror and rub your nose in it you fucking loser! Get it all over face, strings of drippy cum from your nose to the mirror. Look at yourself loser. But we’re not done yet.

Start licking it, savor that taste of loser spunk while you watch yourself do the most degrading thing for me. Lick it, kiss it, kiss your loser fucking face with cum all over it. You’re so pathetic. You should take a selfie and post it, I’d love to see it. And I know that exposing yourself like this would just get you hard all over again. You’d love to know that I’m looking at you with that filth all over you face. Then I want you to put some cum on your finger and stick it right up your ass and fuck yourself with your cummy, nasty finger. And then suck on that cummy ass finger. You’re so gross! And now you can finally see how gross you are staring at your own reflection.



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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – You’re So Fucked For My Feet, You Stupid Braindead Footboy [FOOT WORSHIP]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – You’re So Fucked For My Feet, You Stupid Braindead Footboy [FOOT WORSHIP]




Princess Kaylynn

I’m going to oil up my perfect feet for you. They’re going to look and taste so delicious. I know you obsess over my feet loser. You fucking worship them. I know how desperately you crave to be beneath the soles of my feet. Kiss them loser, it’s what you’re here for. You were born to lick my feet. That is your only purpose loser. And aren’t you so grateful that you have a purpose?

My feet give you purpose. You live to serve them. Your cock twitches and throbs uncontrollably as you worship them. That’s how I know you’re fucked. Fucked for my feet. You’re just a stupid horny footboy who becomes braindead at just the sight of my perfect feet. My feet are going to scramble your weak little brain until you’re a puddle before me.

You’re such a sucker for my toes. Just look how sexy they are. Every part of my feet is pure perfection. My toes, my soles, my wrinkles and my arches. They are flawless, aren’t they loser. Keep staring as your brain continues to leak out. Kiss them and thank me for this opportunity.

I am God and you worship me. You worship at my feet because that is exactly where a loser like you belongs. You live for my feet. You’re a little foot slave for me. You adore me. You just keep paying me while I degrade you more and more. You can’t stop, can you? You live to worship the feet of God. There is no other way for you to live. You will forever be a slave to my perfect toes.



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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Sexy Femme Fatale Assassin [EXECUTRIX]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Sexy Femme Fatale Assassin [EXECUTRIX]




Mandy Flores

I see you’re interested in our services, are you familiar with what our girls offer at the Femme Fatale Agency? Good. Oh I see you’re obsessed with being taken out by a sexy femme fatale. So you’re sure you want to live out your ultimate fantasy? You want to be shot [email protected] by a sexy female assassin? Well, I will be the one carrying out your fantasy e.x.e.cution.. And I started this business because I absolutely love it! I love k.!.11!ing men like you. I’m very selective in my clientele but I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy k.!.!!.!ng you. I can’t wait to see the life draining from your eyes and knowing I was the cause. It’s quite a rush for me. So would you like to d.!.3.. by my hand?

Good because I’ve never actually had the pleasure of shooting a man to [email protected] this is going to be fun. I have the perfect hit girl scenario for you. It’s going to be to d.!.3.. for, LOL! But understand once you sign that consent form, you will d.!.3.. by my hand. There will be no backing out. You will not leave here. This isn’t just a fantasy. I will be using real bullets. You will d.!.3.. today. Our sessions always end with our clients d.y.!.n.g. at the hands of one of our beautiful girls. I’m really good at this sort of fantasy, I promise you’re going to love it. Just sign your life over to me.

You know you want it, just imagine me pointing a at you. Look how fucking sexy I look. You really are making the right decision. And now that you’ve signed I have complete legal authority to terminate your life as spelled out in this contract. So when I return I’ll be playing the part of a sexy hit woman come to you in your very own custom fantasy scenario. You’re going to love what I have planned for your demise, trust me. I’ll be back to k.!.1.1. you shortly.

“Move and you’re [email protected]! You weren’t expecting a sexy hit woman, were you? You’ve fallen right into my trap. Typical inferior male. Someone has paid me a lot of money to hunt you down and k.!.1.1. you. I know you think I’m so sexy, I can see you can’t stop staring at me. Take a good look at the hit woman who’s bested you. I’m the last woman you will ever see. You’re pretty lucky. You love my sexy k.!.1.1.3.r outfit, don’t you? Lucky for you I like to play with my prey before I blow them away. I’m going to give you one chance to live, if you can keep yourself from cumming in the next few minutes, you’ll be free to go. But if you shoot your load, then I’ll shoot mine. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

But first I’m going to shoot you in the stomach so you can’t go anywhere. You’ll b.l.3.3.d out eventually but if you don’t cum, you’ll still have time to get some medical attention and you’ll survive. You get to jerk off to a sexy hit woman who’s already shot you. I can see from that erection that you’re already turned on by this. Resist me if you can but I think we both know that the second you laid your eyes on me you were a goner. Even though I’ve already shot you, you just can’t help but jerk it to me. If you’re gonna d.1.3. you might as well enjoy it. You might as well have one last orgasm. But remember what will happen if you cum. I want you to edge and make this one last.

It feels so good to jerk to me doesn’t it? Keep stroking that hard cock to me. If you cum I’m going to pump a dozen bullets into your body. Don’t lose control. The minute I see you cumming, I’m going to riddle you with bullets. Here let me help you, I’m going to jerk your cock and show you how I want you to jerk to me. Does that feel good? Oh you’re so close now. I’m so anxious to put you out of your misery. I know you’re so turned on by that thought. You’re so lucky that I showed up to be your hit woman. Don’t let my sweet talk fool you, I am a ruthless k.!.1.1.3.r.

Keep jerking my victim. I know you’re getting close, don’t forget what’s waiting for you as soon as you blow your load. You just can’t help yourself even though your life is on the line. This is turning you on so much. You’re so excited at the thought of being k.!.l.l.3.d by such a sexy hit woman. Your final orgasm will be the most intense you’ve ever experienced. Your life is down to just a few more strokes. Don’t stop stroking it’s too late now. Surrender to me, you know you want to. Do it, I can’t wait to empty my into your body. I know you want to be finished off by this sexy femme fatale.

Do it! LOL there you go, you made a mess all over my floor. That’s a good boy. You held out for a long time. I hope you enjoyed your last orgasm. I’m going savor this moment. We both knew it was going to end like this. Are you ready to d.!.3. for me? Say goodbye loser. BANG! BANG! BANG! LOL!”



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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Vibrate Your Perineum In Chastity Until You Leak Precum And Eat It. Starring Goddess Carissa [CHASTITY]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Vibrate Your Perineum In Chastity Until You Leak Precum And Eat It. Starring Goddess Carissa [CHASTITY]




How sad it is for your worthless little fucking cock to be locked up. Awww it must suck being in there, staring at a hot Goddess like me and not being able to touch yourself. You look so fucking pathetic, you deserve to be locked up. You’re a sorry locked up loser. It must be so frustrating knowing you can’t do anything to make your needy cock feel good.

I’m going to fuck with you today because you’re such a worthless loser with tiny little cock. So I’m going to torture you in chastity and for this you will need a vibrator. Awww I love that look of sadness and desperation that you get in your eyes.

But first let me use this vibrator on myself. It feels so good. And look at you, your cock is getting so hard, trying to burst out of that cage, LOL! It must suck watching a hot girl get herself off while you sit there in chastity unable to touch yourself. I love fucking with you. This feels so fucking good on my pussy but I’m not going to cum in front of you loser, you don’t deserve anything like that.

Now take your vibrator and put it right on your cage. Feel the vibrations run through your cock. I’ll bet that feels so good. And if there’s any precum that leaks out you’re going to eat it, lol. Now move the vibrator to your perineum. Oh yea, I Know that feels good. Then move it up to your asshole and just let it vibrate on the hole for a bit. Now slowly push it in. Good boy. Look at you, stupid loser with a locked up cock and a vibrator in his ass. You must feel so stupid and pathetic, but I’ll bet your cock is rock hard.

Now slide it out and put it back on your perineum. I’m going to drive you fucking crazy. You’re going to be so desperate to jerk your cock but you’re not going to be able to. I know how horny you are right now. I know exactly what I’m doing to your cock and your mind. Now move the vibrator over your balls. I want your whole body quivering. This is what your loser cock deserves, to be tortured and denied. I want you to press it really hard on your perineum, really hard, this is going to make you feel like you’re going to cum. Some cum is probably going to leak out. Don’t forget to eat it loser. Every drop that leaks out while your cock throbs and presses against it’s cage. Don’t stop vibrating it. Vibrate, drip and eat it. This is what you deserve, my little caged loser.

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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Blast Your Face With All That Disgusting Jizz, You Nasty Cum Junkie. Starring Princess Kendi [CUM EATING INSTRUCTION]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – Blast Your Face With All That Disgusting Jizz, You Nasty Cum Junkie. Starring Princess Kendi [CUM EATING INSTRUCTION]




Can you even get off to anything but humiliation any more? Is regular porn just not cutting it these days? You used to think I was just a habit, then I became an addiction. Now I’m the only thing that turns you on. I’m what you crave. I’m what keeps you up at night when you’re horny, unable to sleep, aching to get off, needing to stroke. So you sneak out of bed and fire up the computer and turn on my videos.

And I know exactly what you want. You need to be humiliated. You need me to coerce you into doing that yucky little thing you like, that disgusting thing that you like that you’d d.!.e.. of humiliation if anyone ever found out. That little cum eating fantasy of yours, that little facial fetish. You watch facial porn and wish you were the one getting blasted in the face with all that slimy white cum.

I know you’re rock hard right now, jerking off to the thought of humiliating yourself for me. You’re so eager to eat your cum and give yourself a facial. We always have so much fun getting you there. You love to stroke for me. You’re so good at masturbating, you’ve had so much practice. You’re such a good little cock stroker. You’re so good at stroking and eating your own cum because you want to practice so you can do it to other men. You want stroke other guy’s cock, you want to swallow other guy’s loads, don’t you? You’re thinking of drinking other dude’s cum for me when you splash all that disgusting jizz all over your face, while I watch and laugh.

Stroke it for me, it’s what you’re good at. You have no idea how to get a girl off, but a cock, you know just what to do with that. Are you looking forward to eating your cum for me? Are you looking forward to splashing it all on your face for me? I know I can’t wait for you to give yourself a nasty little facial. You should leave it on your face when you go out so you can show everyone what a little cum junkie you are. They won’t know if it’s yours or another man’s, lol! But they’ll laugh either way. Maybe other sissies will notice and they’ll be jealous that a Goddess made you play with your cum.

When you cum I want you to blast it all over your face with your mouth wide open, let it drip into your mouth. Smear it in and lick it all up, give yourself a tasty facial. Do it loser. Let it drip over your lips and into your mouth you little cum junkie. Awwww look at the little cum whore, the little slut. You fucking love eating your cum for me.



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[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – I Can Get You Off With Just One Finger – SPH. Starring Goddess Dylan [SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION]

[Femdom 2018] Humiliation POV – I Can Get You Off With Just One Finger – SPH. Starring Goddess Dylan [SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION]




From: Humiliation POV

Goddess Dylan

I know how tiny that thing is. That must really suck. I know I couldn’t do anything with it, and neither could any other girl, that’s why you’re jerking off to this video right now. Your penis is so fucking small that I’ll bet you sit down to p.! Because basically you have an enlarged clitoris. You don’t look like a man with a penis, you look like a man with a clit. Seriously it looks weird, wrong, pathetic, and sad. I’d be so ashamed if I were you.

You have this teeny weeny, itty bitty little dick not even the size of my pinky. It’s like a birth defect. I didn’t really believe how small penises could get until I actually saw some of your pictures. I mean wow. I’m so glad I never hooked up with a guy with a tiny little dick because it would be instant friend zone. I wouldn’t want you having any thoughts of me ever touching that thing. It’s too little.

So keep jerking that pathetic little thing all by yourself, it’s all you do. It will never be touched by a woman. You will never feel like a man, just a jerkoff loser. It must be so embarrassing too, to be jerking off with only two fingers. I’ll bet you hope no one ever walks in on you. That would be so humiliating. You’re so ridiculous. You don’t even stroke it, it’s not long enough! LOL! How do you jerk it?

You just love when I talk down to you about your tiny little dick. It makes you so hard. It’s so pathetic how much you get off on me making fun of you. I know most tiny dick losers jerk off with two fingers, but yours is so small, I’ll bet you could get off with just one finger. Follow along carefully loser, I’m going to show you how to cum with just one finger. Pathetic. I got you off with One finger.



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Humiliation POV – Green Panty Red Sole JOI Game. Starring Obedient Stroker

Humiliation POV – Green Panty Red Sole JOI Game. Starring Obedient Stroker




You know you’re a loser. You’ve been told so many times before, it’s been drilled into your brain by now. And if you want to jerk off you’ll need instructions because only losers need to be told how to jerk their dicks. It’s a pretty simple concept that most men can handle but you need instructions on how to touch your own cock. It’s pathetic.

I also know that you like being told what to do by a woman. It makes you feel better about yourself. It makes you feel like you’re getting some kind of acceptance from a woman who’s too beautiful to ever want you. So I’ll give you instructions. Every time you see my green panties, you can stroke. And every time you see my red soles, you have to stop stroking. You have five minutes to cum, are you ready?

Stare at my green panties and stroke that cock loser. You know you need help, you need encouragement, you need to be told what to do because you’re a loser. Now look at my red soles, stop stroking. Even though you want to keep going, you can’t. You know you have to obey me. You don’t have a choice because you’re such a loser, you need permission to stroke.

Now look at my green panties again and stroke that pathetic cock. Get in as many strokes as you can because you don’t have much time before I show you the red soles of my shoes again. Stop stroking, I know it’s so hard because you’re so turned on. You get so turned on from me calling you a loser. It’s strange that you like being humiliated so much.

Stroke it again loser to my green lacey panties. Stroke it to my ass. I know you want to blow your load but you need to stop. It’s funny how even staring at the red soles of my shoes makes you horny even though you know that means you have to stop jerking. Green panties, stroke it again loser. And stop. You don’t have much time left. Do you think you can cum if I show you my panties again? Only one minute left loser, will you make it in time? Or am I going to stop you right before your time is up? That would be so mean, wouldn’t it? That would be so cruel, but I like being cruel, and I think you like it too.

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