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THE MEAN GIRLS – Goddess Rodeas First Footslave. Starring Goddess Rodea [Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship, Flip Flops, Shoeslicking]

THE MEAN GIRLS – Goddess Rodeas First Footslave. Starring Goddess Rodea [Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship, Flip Flops, Shoeslicking]




This was shot when Goddess Rodea was visiting the pool at Mean Girl Manor for the first time. She has no problem using one of our slave as her personal foot loser. She starts with making him kneel at her feet and then she puts her dirty flipflop on his forehead to humiliate him as she looks at him.

She orders the loser to clean her flip-flops with his tongue…INSIDE and OUT! After the flip flops are clean she proceeds to ignore the slave as she talks on the phone to her friend like it is nothing. She makes the foot loser kiss her feet and toes.

Rodea is one of the most beautiful and naturally dominant girls to pay a visit to Mean Girl Manor. She is cruel with an effortless style as you can see when she instinctively sticks her whole foot in his mouth and uses the other foot to push his forehead back and forth into the foot and is literally gagging him.



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Sex For Losers. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Sex For Losers. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela




so after we beat the CRAPP out of this slave and he is quivering on the floor at Our feet (see the clip Beatn Black-n-Blue) We introduce our newly beaten & broken slave to the only “girlfriend” he is good enough for- a plastic one! LOL! We make him name her and kiss her while we laugh. (He needs to “romance” her, dammit! haha!) Then we make him hump her on the floor at our feet for our entertainment…LOL! OMFG this is so entertaining…we love owning other “human beings” and being able to make them “perform” for us like the an1malz that they really are…(because losers like this are NOT even at the same evolutionary level as US!)

We tell the loser that if he can’t perform well enough for us – AND please his new girlfriend sexually – that we will destroy his nuts! After all, if his cock n balls aren’t even good enough to please a PLASTIC girl, why does he need them anyway? We will use them for target practice for our kicks!

Spoiler alert- this male chattel was so broken from our beating that he couldn’t perform well enough even to please his plastic girl girlfriend- so eventually we pull him off of her and we put him (and HER!) out of their misery by DESTROYING his nuts! Haha. (This has one of the best kicks in it that we have ever delivered toward the end- as the slave just stumbles and goes down like a boxer that his just been knocked out! LOL!)

-Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Purple From Paddles. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Purple From Paddles. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela




We burn through slaves so fast around here at Mean Girl Manor. But basically its because there is an endless string of begging, pleading replacements for the male flesh that we beat to a pulp haha. But We DO need a new whipping boy today. So luckily (of course!) we have 2 new applicants today! (Slave tryouts are always so much fun…and there is always a fresh batch of meat for Us to beat on around here at Mean Girl Manor…! 🙂 The “job description” is simple- you let us beat on you as much as we want! We start with floggers and hit them as hard as we can. They are both SOOO desperate to please us- HA! So pathetic! Then we paddle them to see who can “break the slave” first! Haha! So much fun! We wonder which one of these losers wants it most…?

-Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela

Category: PADDLING


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THE MEAN GIRLS – Rodea Visits Mean Girl Manor. Starring Goddess Rodea

THE MEAN GIRLS – Rodea Visits Mean Girl Manor. Starring Goddess Rodea




I visited Mean Girl Manor to meet a slave that said he could take my kicks, haha!

Apparently he was into ball-busting so I thought he could take the worst beating I could dish out.
I won’t say too much… but he ended up with his balls the size of grapefruit. Oh, and I made him pay me and beg me to keep going, then kiss the boots that took him out of commission for six months. Yup, you wont see this slave in anymore ballbusting videos for a long ass time! He had to go to the doctor! HAHAHA! Apparently I am a new legend in the making.

– Goddess Rodea



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi an…

THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi and Goddess Rodea




We decide to have more fun by putting the ball kicking slave on its hands n knees and playing a game with it. 2 girls sit on its back and use it as furniture and the 3rd girl gets to run up from behind and give it some “snap kicks” between its legs to try to get the slave to “DROP” the 2 girls! Human furniture needs to be TRAINED, you know! Haha. After all, REAL furniture would NEVER drop its owners no matter how hard it was kicked! lol…

To make it even MORE fun for us – and emotionally cruel for the slave – we make the slave turn over a card before each “round”- and the number that comes up is the number of kicks it needs to take in its balls while holding 2 of us up for that round! Poor slave is eventually trembling as it turns a card over, just HOPING that it gets a low number! LOL

-FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi, Goddess Rodea



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea

THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea




Bella and Rodea come in to talk with their mean teacher Mr. Smith who has been threatening to flunk them in science class because he has discovered that they actually have several of the less popular boys in class doing all of their homework for them. The girls ask if they can try out a scientific experiment on him that they SWEAR they have been working on all by themselves- and if it works, he needs to agree that he will give them an A in the class. Mr. Smith reluctantly agreesbut assures the girls that whatever it is probably wont do what they are intending because they just arent smart enough and have no science aptitude whatsoever.

The girls just overlook Mr. Smiths insults and fasten a weird helmet to his head, and turn it on. (Mr. Smith doesnt know it, but it is their Mind Control Helmet Of Obedience!) Then they start asking him questions. (Like are we going to pass this class? What grade are we gonna get? who is your favorite student in class? etc) Mr. Smith feels weird but is able to still answer the questions normally. So Rodea instructs Bella to turns up the juice and they repeat the questions. NOW they start getting the answers they want to hear! Once they can tell that Mr. Smith is COMPLETELY under their control, they even laugh in his face that of COURSE they didn’t build this stupid thing themselves! They made some other smart nerd loser in the class build it for them! But its too late now. He is powerless to do anything about it. They could command him to go jump off a ledge for their amusement at this point if they wanted to! They have proven their point that they are HOT- and that trumps everything. So they dont need to know about all this stupid science stuff anyway. They are so hot that if they want some stupid scientific stuff done for them, they just need to snap their fingers at some nerd loser and they will literally BEG to do it FOR them!

Then the girls decide to really have some fun and crank the helmet all the way up to the TOP level and remove it- leaving Mr. Smith in the highest level of complete submission and obedience to their every command! Soon the girls are having fun with their teacher like he is nothing more than a new toy for them to play with. They make him literally get down on all fours and bark like a for their amusement. They make him do tricks for them- while they laugh in his face. They even make him strip naked to see what Mr. Smith looks like naked and take pictures of him with their iPhones! They make him literally grovel at their feet and tell them how he will leave his wife for them- just to be nothing more than their 24/7 their SLAVE. They test his obedience by making him lick their spit up off the floor and THANK them for it!

By the end of the video the girls are getting foot worship from their mind-fucked teacher. One girl is getting her feet worshiped, while the other one casually rests her feet on top of his head and films it on her phone! They have absolutely no respect for Mr. Smith anymore. (And they ALWAYS hated him, so this should be fun!) And if he ever manages to come out of their spell or overcome their mind control over him- these iPhone videos should make for some Very powerful blackmail to keep him in line!

Princess Bella’s own clip store is here:Mean Girl Bella’s Clip Store



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kitchen Matt. Starring Goddess Rodea

THE MEAN GIRLS – Kitchen Matt. Starring Goddess Rodea




This slave had to endure part of his day as a kitchen sink floor matt, haha! Of course it also means he has to get stepped on and trampled while I use the sink! Too bad I wore my stiletto high heels. He probably cant even see how pretty my toes are as they are crushing him. I mean it is real shame that my beautiful feet are an eighth of an inch from and he cant even enjoy it. I think this must be a huge form of the ultimate rejection. I mean here I am on my phone, completely oblivious to the marks, scrapes and internal damage I am causing and he cant even have my feet. He is lower than the low. He does not even deserve to have my feet touch him! He is just a worthless, disposable mat that I stand on and throw away when I am done with him. I literally have slaves lined up to be used up and disposed of like this for me. I think after they see me trample this slave in my gown and heels I will have my email blow up with more offers as well.

– Goddess Rodea

Categories: Female Domination, Trampling, Human Furniture, Femdom, Foot Fetish, Shoe and Boot Worship, Shoe Fetish

Category: FEMDOM


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THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V – Footslaves Are Fun. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess kendall




Alternate video formats available by searching title. To get this clip for less money click here Footslaves Are Fun (1080 HD) Me n my friend Kendall are chilling in my hotel room in Vegas that I used some loser slave to pay for. I explain to her that when you have perfect feet like WE do, that you can use them to make these things called footslaves do literally ANYTHING you tell them to- including pay for stuff LOL. So she wants a demo and I snap my fingers and my footslave pops up and immediately begins worshipping my feet like the pathetic freak that he is. Me n Kendall just laugh at him and toy with him. She cant believe he is THIS pathetic for our FEET of all things!By the way, my friend Princess Kendall has SUPER cute little size 5 feet! Let me know if any of you losers want to serve her next time you are in Vegas! LOL Kendalls GF filmed this clip so it is pretty shaky and moves around a lot and cuts off some stuff. Just FYI before any of u buy it!! But its priced cheap, so-Goddess Rodea



Keywords: Goddess Rodea, Princess kendall

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Give Him More Juice. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela




We strap the ballshocker to this slave to send some “juice” to his cock! LOL. We handcuff his hands behind his back so he can’t take the ballshocker off. Then we have fun passing the remote back and forth and t0rturing him while we watch and laugh! (This new ballshocker we just got goes all the way up to 15Ó!!) Apparently he seems to be in a lot of pain?? (WHich we just find funny) 🙂 -Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela



Keywords: carmela, rodea

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Foxy Newswomens Bitch Starring Miss Bella and Miss Rodea




Alternate file formats available by searching the title.Get this clip for less money in HD by clicking here: Foxy Newswomens Bitch (1080 HD)Paid Custom ClipThis lackey applied for the job of a gopher at extreme right-wing conservative TV channel Foxy News. He was the only male applicant. The executive producer (Miss Bella) thought it would be hilarious to hire him as the gopher for all the women on the set because he actually admitted during his interview to being a left-wing liberal! But he also admitted that he was a HUGE fan of one of the most beautiful anchorwomen on TV- Miss Rodea. He not only said he would overlook his own political beliefs to work for her at Foxy news, but he even offered to work for free just to be around her! So Miss Bella introduces him to his new bosses on set- and they have a field day with him. (Behind his back, Exec Producer Bella even tells beautiful Anchorwoman Rodea to TRY to treat this bleeding heart liberal so badly that he quits! They all think it will be funny to abuse himand they actually make a GAME out of it to see how much he will actually take and TRY to make him quit!)The cocky, arrogant, beautiful newswomen mock him to his face, make him fetch their coffee, shine their shoes with his TONGUE, massage their feet, and verbally insult and degrade him the entire time. (They even demand that he votes the way THEY tell him to from now on!) Then when they see how pathetic he is really willing to be for Anchorwoman Rodea, they start to get REALLY abusive toward him



Keywords: rodea, goddess rodea, bella, princess bella

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