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THE MEAN GIRLS – Mirror-slave, Mirror-slave On The Wall. Starring Goddess RANDI

THE MEAN GIRLS – Mirror-slave, Mirror-slave On The Wall. Starring Goddess RANDI




I decided to “re-purpose” My new slave into something useful to Me…a “MIRROR-SLAVE” thats stands at attention all day long in My palace throne room, holding a mirror so I can gaze upon My own beauty whenever I feel like it- which is like all the time. LOL.

It’s just like the Evil Queen in all those Disney movies you watched growing up- only I’m waaay hotter. (And probably meaner and more sadistic too!) 😉 I always LOVED the evil Queen in all those movies…and I wanted to BE her! To have all that POWER and have slaves serving you and pee-ons lives that you could out on a whim if you wanted to…yay! I would SO LOVE that! And I guess I have it now! 🙂

Anyway, I make this idiot answer My questions (including “who is the fairest?” 🙂 among others over and over.. And what do I do to make sure I get the RIGHT answer EVERY time! I kick it in its NUTS after each question before it answers, that’s how! HAHA! And you better believe that this bitch ALWAYS tells Me its ME after THESE pointy-toed stilettoes get SLAMMED up into its nutsac! LOL! And he has to keep holding that mirror for Me too, no matter how hard I kick him! HAHA!! Aren’t I CRUEL???

Btw, I told My editing slave to leave it in at the end where the slave finally “breaks” from Me kicking him! 🙂


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-Goddess RANDI



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Shopping Cuck. Starring Goddess Randi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Shopping Cuck. Starring Goddess Randi




After a full day shopping, My fucking cuck comes home and drops all My bags all over the floor. It needs to learn to respect My things, so I had the human credit card kiss everyone of them. LOL! Once the kissing was done, I needed My shoes to sparkle for My boyfriend later. (You can actually see the dirt and grim being removed by the slave’s tongue!) Can you believe after all that I allowed this slave to do for Me, it complained about not making rent next month? As if I care! As long as it can take Me shopping to get all the fancy things My boyfriend likes, and if not, there are a dozen more eager to take its place.

— Goddess Randi

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Amazon Boot Trampling. Starring Goddess Randi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Amazon Boot Trampling. Starring Goddess Randi




This poor slave…it was given by Goddess Randi – as nothing more than human property – to Amazon Goddess Jasmine Mendez to “do anything she wanted to” and challenged to “completely break it”, because the slave thought of itself as a “tough slave”.

Jasmine has already beaten it with canes and whips, and kicked its balls in. Now she is about to do the most painful thing she can possibly do to it- TRAMPLE IT IN HER STILETTO-HEELED BOOTS. Ironically, this is ALSO the EASIEST thing for her to do to it! LOL. Funny how that works with trampling. Jasmine simply steps up onto the slave’s body like it is nothing, and the slave is suddenly in instant agony- as she casually rocks back all of the weight of her 5’11” frame onto her stiletto heels…

She even hops up and down on it and uses its CROTCH as a stepping stone up onto its body each time she steps up onto its flesh. It is not long before the slave is literally BEGGING for her mercy and pleading with the Amazon Jasmine to please spare him! Then the rest of the video is spent with Amazon Goddess seated comfortably upon the pink Mean Girls Throne and the slave gratefully worships the boots that she just used to trample him and kick his balls in with…LOL. Such is the life of a pain slave around Mean Girl Manor!

Do you want to see this clip from the slave’s perspective like YOU were the one kneeling before Amazon Goddess Jasmine with your legs spread, offering your precious balls up to her kick as hard as she wants? Go to Our POV store to see what was captured on the “slave cam” strapped to the slave’s head The Popular Girlz POV Clip Store



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Gagged By Hot Girls. Starring Goddess Harley and Goddess Randi




Alternate file formats available by searching the title.Get this clip for less money in HD by clicking here: Foot Gagged By Hot Girls (1080 HD)This poor dumb slave has to be foot gagged and humiliated by the hottest Mean Girls on the planet before they go out on the town. Goddess Harley and I start off with a little shoe licking just for some entertainment. Then we move on to kissing our superior feet. But we wouldnt be called Mean Girls if we didn’t take sadistic pleasure in foot gagging him until he suffers for our amusement.-Goddess Randi



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THE MEAN GIRLS – The Weirdo Gets His Name Starring Goddess Randi

THE MEAN GIRLS - The Weirdo Gets His Name. Starring Goddess Randi.mp4.0005

THE MEAN GIRLS - The Weirdo Gets His Name. Starring Goddess Randi.mp4.0024

THE MEAN GIRLS - The Weirdo Gets His Name. Starring Goddess Randi.mp4.0033

Search by title for alternate video formats To get this clip for less money click here The Weirdo Gets His Name (1080 HD) Well it’s new slave day at Mean Girl Manor and this one needs a name, haha! Goddess Harley and I were severly messing with this wimp before we were about to go to the pool and I think we accicently discovered his new name. It’s The Weirdo! haha! We just sat there slapping him in the face over and over and it kinda just came to us, LOL. Well that plus a lot of spitting on him. We literaly COVERED his face in our spit and he was just looking up at us with that hilarious wimpy weirdo face.-
Goddess Randi


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