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[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Pleasure Me Between My Dates. Starring Goddess Jewels [Cuckolding, Cuckold, Cucky, Cuck, Mouth Dildo]

[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Pleasure Me Between My Dates. Starring Goddess Jewels [Cuckolding, Cuckold, Cucky, Cuck, Mouth Dildo]




Goddess Jewels has her boyfriend coming over, but the thought of sex has gotten her horny, and that means her slave will have to pleasure her. His dick is too little though and Goddess can’t stand a man who knows he’s an inferior being, so he’ll have to please her with a mouth dildo. The slave slides the dildo into her as she sits regally on her throne, but eventually she decides to get more comfortable and moves over to her sex bench, where she can lie back and think about her man. She tells the slave to think about her boyfriend fucking her, too, and reminds him that while he’s locked away he’ll surely hear her screams from just outside his cage.

The slave gently slides the dildo in and out, but as Jewels gets more aroused, she tells him to go harder and soon he’s really slamming it into her. Really hard. She’s probably even going to have bruises afterwards. In and out he goes, while Jewels moans with pleasure. She talks a lot about the men she likes fucking her, and makes sure the slave understands he can never have his cock anywhere need her pussy. Her arousal level rises and the slave pounds her rapidly until she explodes with pleasure. “Back to your cage” she orders him; his work is finished for now.



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[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Lick My Ass And I’ll Sit On Your Face and Make You My Toilet. Starring Goddess Jewels [Oral Servitude, Anilingus, Ass Worship, Asslicking]

[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Lick My Ass And I’ll Sit On Your Face and Make You My Toilet. Starring Goddess Jewels [Oral Servitude, Anilingus, Ass Worship, Asslicking]




This scene opens with gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels laying on her stomach on the bed. “One of my favorite things is having my ass licked” she tells you. “My slaves go crazy for it, kissing it, sticking their tongue between my ass crack and then inside me, and they love it when I sit on their faces.” She mentions that some slaves are even toilets and wonders if you would like to be her toilet too? She then calls you in to her ass and tells you to kiss it before ordering you to get your tongue between her cheeks and into her crack. “Do you like a clean ass or a dirty ass?” she asks, adding that you do seem pretty dirty. She teases you with her pussy but tells you that it’s not for you, your purpose is to service her ass.

After letting you gaze at her amazingly huge ass she tells you that once she has had enough of your tongue she will get you on your back and sit on your face. She wants to see you kicking for air. “Do you want me to fart in your face?” she asks. Now she surprises you by sending you off to the corner as she calls her other slave in. She wants you to see how eager this slave is and how well trained he is to tongue fuck her ass. She says her ass is like his morning cup of coffee. Goddess likes seeing you jealous, she wants you desperate to be in the place of her other slave. When she gives you an order you will do it because you do not want to lose your place under her ass. Now she tells her slave to get on his back, she is going to crush him under her ass. She sits on his face and the dumb slave is fighting for air within seconds. She laughs but is disgusted with his effort and it might just be time for your chance after all. Are you ready?



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[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Goddess Jewels Will Train You To Be Her 24_7 – Worship My Feet. Starring Goddess Jewels [BBW DOMINATION, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT SLAVE TRAINING]

[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Goddess Jewels Will Train You To Be Her 24_7 – Worship My Feet. Starring Goddess Jewels [BBW DOMINATION, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT SLAVE TRAINING]




You are the new slave of Goddess Jewels, and today is your first day of training. She has you crawl to her and tells you she has high expectations but you will need a lot of work to meet her standards. If you can’t do an adequate job you will be replaced. “One thing that is a must, is that my feet must be attended to.” She states. She tells you to get down and kiss them. She then guides you through the entire process of servicing her feet. The soles, the toes, in between the toes, and she likes to keep them dirty and musky just for you. She tells you to suck the big toe like a cock because she might make you do that in the future too. Whatever she wants you will do.

She talks about the importance of you smelling her feet, getting addicted to the smell so when she comes home you are already panting to taste them. She calls you a good boy as you lick and suck as told. She then holds them up so you can see the soles completely and tells you that sometimes when her feet are up it will be you on all fours under them being her human stool. She might use you as a stool while she touches herself, or maybe have a boyfriend over and both of them will have their feet on your back. She again tells you to kiss her feet and show your devotion. “If you please me you will get to kiss other parts of my body”, she says, rolling onto her side and showing you her beautiful huge ass. She encourages you to kiss it and talks about your new role, how you will do everything she demands. Discipline, housework, body worship, human furniture, you are going to be a busy slave. “This is just the beginning” she tells you, ordering you back down to her feet to worship them some more.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Such A Good Boy. Starring BBW Goddess Jewels

Club Stiletto FemDom – Such A Good Boy. Starring BBW Goddess Jewels




Gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels has her slave secured by wrist cuffs to the ceiling and has just released him to worship her feet and
armpits. She tells him she will probably lock him back up for the night when she’s finished with him. As she takes her place on
her throne, the slave goes to his knees. She crosses her leg, which affords him the necessary access to worship the first foot
she proffers. It’s dirty from being in the yard and she wants it clean. “It’s so fitting; you on the ground and me on my throne”
she says to him. She tells him this is the way the world was meant to be and that chairs were not intended for slaves; especially
thrones. She tells him to get his tongue between each toe, and humiliates him further by remarking that he probably wishes her
toes were little cocks for him to suck. He licks up and down the sole, getting all the grime.

This slave has spent years as a live-in domestic for the Goddesses of Club Stiletto, and because he has no other life, he has
become very stupid and docile. He has nowhere to go so says little and always does exactly as he’s told. Jewels smells her own
body odor and orders the slave to lick her armpits. “That taste should be in your mouth all day” she tells him. He licks the
entire length of her left pit before she sends him around to service the other one. She’s pleased with his efforts and tells him
he’s a good boy. magic to any slave’s ears. “Maybe later I’ll even let you touch yourself” she says, but adds that he won’t be
coming today, even though it’s been months since she last permitted this. Such is the life of a good boy in a FemDom world!



Keywords: bbw, foot worship, goddess jewels, armpits, feet
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Club Stiletto FemDom – Struggle For Me. Starring Goddess Jewels

Club Stiletto FemDom – Struggle For Me. Starring Goddess Jewels




Clad in a slinky nightie, gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels comes down the stairs, and we see her slave on his back, waiting for her on
the couch. She tells him she has slipped into something more comfortable. Comfortable for her, but not so much for the slut, who
will soon be kicking for air beneath her luscious, big ass. She wastes no time sitting down and shows no mercy as she sits full
weight. The dumb slave seems ill prepared, and as she tells him to get his tongue up her ass, he’s soon grunting and kicking for
air. She gives him a few breaths but sits back down quickly each time before moving back to sit on his chest. Her weight is
crushing for this scrawny, weak slave.

She asks if he likes licking her ass and naturally he says he does, so she tells him to do it again, as she moves back onto his
face. You get some great visuals of Jewels’ glorious ass and you clearly see the discomfort it brings her slave. She gives you
a real treat now by standing up and directing her ass towards you. “Remember, if you don’t do a good job, you will be replaced”
she tells him. Imagine it’s you! She tells the slave to take a breath and sits on his face again. You can see his nose being
crushed into her pussy. As she plays with herself, some air escapes and lets out some squeaks. or could she have farted? She
orders her bitch to the cold floor, where he sits with his head face-up on the couch cushion, and now her weight really crushes
him. He grunts and squirms like a real bitch but she doesn’t care. She gives him one quick breath and says it’s time to put him
to sleep. Watch as he thrashes and kicks while she settles in to stay.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat My Black Studs Cum. Starring Goddess Jewels

Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat My Black Studs Cum. Starring Goddess Jewels




Goddess Jewels is laying on the bed, she asks her cuck if he heard her black lover fucking her. “Yes Goddess” he replies like a good little beta bitch. “I can still feel his cum running out of me” she moans and you can clearly see the cum rolling down from her pussy into her ass crack. She orders him between her legs and to lick it all up, to taste a real mans cum. She talks about how big her lovers cock is, at least 10″ she suspects and adds “The whole neighbourhood probably heard my screaming.” She asks her slave if he feels inferior and he replies that he does. naturally. She mocks him that he does not have a cock, only a little clit. She inspects his works and sees there is still cum in her ass crack. She tells him her boyfriend would be really disappointed if he heard that he hadn’t licked up all the cum so the slave works extra hard to get his tongue between her cheeks.

She tells him that her and her man were laughing while talking about him, how she loves to humiliate him and all her slaves, just to insure they never get any crazy ideas that they are real men. She then mentions that his licking is making her horny again. She tells him to get his mouth dildo and use it to fuck her. Naturally, she would never consider his actual cock, the rubber dildo will be the best she can get until her man is back for more. Not surprisingly the slave has a hard time directing the dildo into his wife’s wet pussy, you can imagine what it would be like if she ever let him try to stick his actual cock inside her, lol. She reaches down and angles his head correctly until the dildo slides inside her. She tells him her pussy is still raw because lately she seems to need sex every hour. She tells him she is going to have to find more new slaves and more new boyfriends to keep her satisfied. The slave gets into a steady motion, naturally there is no sexual pleasure for him, his only pleasure hoping he is giving her some. “I’m thinking about Leon” she says, “You don’t even exist to me.” She continues to talk about her alpha stud while also putting her slave down until she starts to get too aroused and then gets lost in her own bliss. She pulls the slaves hair to assist his efforts until she screams with pleasure. Once satisfied she orders him to crawl away and back to his cage. “I think I need to get Leon back over here now”, she smiles!



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Tongue Fuck My Hole. Starring Goddess Jewels

Club Stiletto FemDom – Tongue Fuck My Hole. Starring Goddess Jewels




Sexy BBW Goddess Jewels has one of her devoted pets at her feet. “I need you to show your devotion to me” she tells him, before ordering him to start on her feet. He lovingly kisses them and sucks her toes. “I like my slaves to be very passionate about worshiping my body” she says, adding “You should be more passionate to my feet than you were to any girl you ever dated.” She smiles because she knows her slave has never had a girlfriend. She asks if he’s looking forward to worshiping her beautiful ass and naturally he says he is.

She rolls over to tease him with her ass before ordering him to kiss her cheeks. She makes him pull her panties down with his teeth and tells him to stick his nose between her crack. She looks back at you and asks if you want to see her asshole. She orders the slave to spread her cheeks just for you, so you can admire her ass and hole before she tells the slave to get his tongue inside her. “Fucking me with your tongue is as close as you’ll ever get to fucking me. Only real men fuck; not you. I purposely left it dirty for you.” The slave thanks her for the honor and she reminds him that she’s just too nice to him. As she lies on her tummy, the slave is ordered back so you get a perfect view of her amazing ass and sparkly clean asshole.



Keywords: ass worship, ass licking, bbw, foot worship

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