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Goddess Ella Kross – No Rest for This Slave, Only Foot Worship

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“Do you know what you`re going to now?” I ask my slave when he sidles upnext to me. I laugh hysterically when he foolishly answers with “rest?”No, you stupid slave, there will be no resting for you today! “You`regoing to worship my beautiful feet,” I command, and he wastes no timegetting started. He licks my sexy high-heels while I relax on my sofa andwatch him work. I make him take my shoes off so he can mouth my bare feetand film the action with my phone. He sucks and licks each one of my cute,pedicured toes, eager to please his goddess and not wanting to disappoint.When he makes the mistake of nibbling on my toes, I scold him for hisidiocy and send him on his way. My feet are for licking, not for biting!



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Goddess Ella Kross – Showing Anne How to Use a Slave as Human Toilet Paper

I love my friend Anne, but she`s so young and inexperienced! I`ve beenteaching her my ways, and her training continues after I find out she`sbeen using toilet paper to clean herself instead of a slave`s mouth. Whenshe relieves herself in my bathroom, I summon a slave and show her howmuch better it is to use his tongue instead of toilet paper. I spread hercheeks wide so this loser can get in there nice and deep, cleaning herasshole with his mouth while I watch and supervise the action. It`s Anne`sfirst time having her pussy and asshole cleaned by a slave`s tongue, andnow that she`s experienced it I don`t think she`ll ever go back to usingtoilet paper!



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Goddess Ella Kross – Ruining This Loser`s Orgasm with Tessa Ray

As this muscular stud stands naked before us, the gorgeous Tessa Rayand I tease him with our sexy bodies and begin gently stroking his bigdick. We`re so sexy that he gets hard in no time as we continue flauntingourselves and jerking him off together. He`s incredibly horny and achingto cum but we torture him by refusing to let him. He`s only allowed toblow his load when we give him permission to, but we want to tease him fora while first. We bring him to the brink of explosion only to deny hisorgasm and repeat the cruel act over and over again. I rub his hard cockall over Tessa`s tight, bare ass while his balls cry out in pain, dying toempty themselves but being denied the opportunity. We drive him absolutelycrazy as we tease his cock and he begs to cum while we laugh at the poorloser. “I want to cum, please!” he cries but we haven`t finishedtormenting him yet and refuse to let him. “Would you like to cum on herass?” I ask as Tessa rubs her naked bottom on him. “Show him your tits!” Isay, and Tessa quickly pulls down her top to tease this jerk with herperky, young breasts. We finally let him cum but ruin his orgasm byrefusing to touch his cock as he spills his load all over the floor. Nosooner is he done cumming then we start jerking his sore cock again whilehe groans in pain. We attempt to milk this loser but will he be able tocum one more time or will he disappoint us? Find out!



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Goddess Ella Kross – Me and Anne Repay a Handyman with Our Hot Bodies

When my sexy friend Anne and I realize my living room light hasstopped working, we call a handyman and it doesn`t take him long to showup. Using a ladder, he attempts to fix it while we watch and comment onhow good looking he is. When he tells us he`s repaired the light, we repaythe muscular stud with our tight bodies. We pull down our tops and showhim our perfect tits, and our nipples are hard from how excited we are.He`s in awe of our beauty as we explore his body and find his cock everybit as impressive as the rest of him. After we take turns stroking hishard shaft, Anne drops to her knees and takes his huge dick in her mouthwhile I watch and rub her perky tits. Grabbing the back of her neck, Iguide her head and help her suck this guy until he`s fully erect andaching to cum. He takes a seat on the sofa as we tease him with ourbodies, and we`re right about to fuck him when I realize he`s lied aboutfixing my light. Outraged, I scream at the loser and send him on his way.No cumming for this chump!

Video includes: cock tease, tease and denial, brat girls, dual domination



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Goddess Ella Kross – Sensual Cum Eating Time




There is zero humiliation here, just a completely sexy and sensual clip.The truth is, I really want you to eat your cum. It actually turns me on.Don`t you want to turn me on? Masturbate with me, and jerk your cock whileyou watch my sexy body in action. Imagine that you`re fucking my pussyhard, and when it`s time for you to cum, you`ll be taking the specialposition I show you and shooting straight into your mouth. You`re going toswallow every drop for me, understand? You`ll do it if you love me andwant to turn me on.Video includes:sensual cum eating instruction, jerk-off instruction, virtual sex



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Goddess Ella Kross – Who Needs Toilet Paper When I Have This Slave`s Tongue

Goddess Ella Kross - Who Needs Toilet Paper When I Have This Slave`s Tongue.wmv.0012

Goddess Ella Kross - Who Needs Toilet Paper When I Have This Slave`s Tongue.wmv.0017

Goddess Ella Kross - Who Needs Toilet Paper When I Have This Slave`s Tongue.wmv.0019

Sitting on my toilet with my panties down around my ankles, I relieve myfull bladder and you can hear my warm piss hitting the water below me.There`s a roll of toilet paper by my side, but why use that when I have aperfectly good slave lingering in the other room? I summon him to my sideand he rushes into the bathroom, kneeling patiently before me as I squeezeout my routine morning shit. I take my panties off completely and holdthem to his nose, making him sniff them as I empty my bowels. When I`mfinished shitting, I rise to my feet and hike up my denim skirt to givethis slave proper access to my perfect asshole. “Put your tongue out,” Icommand, and this obediant loser wastes no time getting to work licking meclean. I grab the back of his head, shoving his mouth into my dirtyasshole as he laps up my stinky, disgusting shit. He does what he`s told,using his tongue to clean me while I enjoy every second of hishumiliation. He`s my human toilet paper, and he won`t stop licking meuntil I say so!

Category: ASS EATING

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Goddess Ella Kross – Whipping Slave for Having a Small Cock

Goddess Ella Kross - Whipping Slave for Having a Small Cock.mp4.0010

Goddess Ella Kross - Whipping Slave for Having a Small Cock.mp4.0013

Goddess Ella Kross - Whipping Slave for Having a Small Cock.mp4.0018

Have you ever seen such a small cock? As this stupid slave stands nakedbefore me I ridicule him for having one of the tiniest dicks I`ve everseen. I look stunning in my sexy red latex corset and matching boots whilehe looks like a complete idiot with his pathetic excuse for a cock. Afterattaching clamps to his nipples I make him bend over to show me his flabbyass. “Are you ready to be punished?” I ask rhetorically as I grab myleather paddle and begin whacking his sensitive behind. I smack himrepeatedly while he groans in pain, his obvious discomfort bringing asmile to my evil face. I step up the torment by switching to my leatherwhip and deliver blow after brutal blow while making the loser thank me asI do it. I laugh maniacally as I punish him for having such a tiny cock,and I kick things up a notch by breaking out a bigger, more effectivewhip. This small-dicked loser won`t be sitting down for weeks!


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Goddess Ella Kross – Training My New Whore with a Massive Strap-On

Goddess Ella Kross - Training My New Whore with a Massive Strap-On.wmv.0002

Goddess Ella Kross - Training My New Whore with a Massive Strap-On.wmv.0011

Goddess Ella Kross - Training My New Whore with a Massive Strap-On.wmv.0016

A`fter pounding my slave in the ass with my strap-on, I make him drop tohis knees and suck the same cock that`s just been buried deep inside ofhim. It`s so humiliating for him, yet so entertaining for me! I`m trainingthis loser to be my new whore, and when I feel he knows how to properlysuck and fuck a cock I`ll be sending him out to the streets to make mesome damn money. Since he`s going to be taking dicks of all sizes andcolors, I kick things up a notch by switching to the biggest strap-on thatI own. The size of this massive black cock will make your jaw drop, but ifthis slave is going to be my whore he`s going to have to bend over andtake it. I position myself behind him and slide the tip inside of hisasshole while he groans in agony. He probably feels like he`s beingbutt-fucked by an elephant, but that doesn`t stop me from shoving it indeeper and deeper. This strap-on is so gigantic that it might do someinternal damage, but do I give a fuck? Of course not. I work it inside ofhim inch by inch while smiling wide and loving every minute of his misery.Maybe now this stupid slut will be able to make me some money!

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Goddess Ella Kross – Severely Punishing a Slave’s Ass with Whipping

Goddess Ella Kross - Severely Punishing a Slave's Ass with Whipping.wmv.0008

Goddess Ella Kross - Severely Punishing a Slave's Ass with Whipping.wmv.0013

Goddess Ella Kross - Severely Punishing a Slave's Ass with Whipping.wmv.0018

When I catch a slave lounging around smoking a cigarette in my house, I quickly rectify the situation by putting it out on his bare ass and making him swallow the spent butt. “You dirty piece of shit,” I say as I spit in his mouth and slap him across the face. His punishment really begins when I grab my leather paddle and start striking his naked bottom while making him keep count of the lashes. “It`s not enough for you,” I say as I switch out the paddle in favor of a whip and continue destroying his ass. Within mere moments his ass is beat red, swollen, and screaming in pain but I`m just getting started with this dirty jerk. Kicking things up yet another notch, I grab cane and use the whipping rod on him until his ass is a complete mess. I make him keep track of every brutal blow as I deliver so many lashes he won`t be able to sit down for weeks. Maybe this will teach the loser not to smoke in my house without my permission!

Category: FEMDOM

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Goddess Ella Kross – No mercy strap-on

Goddess Ella Kross - No mercy strap-on.wmv.0023

Goddess Ella Kross - No mercy strap-on.wmv.0029

Goddess Ella Kross - Severely Punishing a Slave's Ass with Whipping.wmv.0013

“So, slave, are you ready to be fucked in your fucking ass?” I say as Iapproach him wearing my big, strap-on cock. Laying on my sofa with his assup in the air, I waste no time getting the abuse started as I positionmyself over his face and shove my cock in his mouth. I make him suck ithard and deep, using his spit as lube for the anal penetration that`sabout to unfold. “Now I`m going to fuck your ass very, very hard,” Iinform him and make good on my word by cramming my giant dick into histight little asshole. With his feet up in the air I butt fuck the sissydeeper, harder, and faster as he groans in discomfort while occasionallyslapping his ass like the bitch that he is. How much of this big cock canhe take inside of him? We`re about to find out as I make him get on allfours on my ottoman and ram him in ways he`ll never forget!


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