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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Size 5 Cock Tease. Starring Mistress Ash

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Size 5 Cock Tease. Starring Mistress Ash




Mistress Ash loves teasing her foot slave with her sexy size 5 soles sliding up and down his rock hard cock. He can’t help but start to pre-cum when his Mistress shoves one foot down his throat and the other rubs the head of his sensitive dick. She gets him right to the brink of blowing his load with just the touch of her bare soles but leaves him denied and on edge begging for more.

Foot Domination | Foot Worship | FootJobs | Tease & Denial



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Subby Hubby – Cherry Morgan & Alina Long Part1. Starring Alina Long and Cherry Morgan

Subby Hubby – Cherry Morgan & Alina Long Part1. Starring Alina Long and Cherry Morgan




Cherry Morgan and Alina Long are getting their feet worshipped by their pool while a repairman works in the background. Cherry makes a bet with Lina that Lina can hypnotize the repairman and make him their slave, just like she did with the other two slaves. They call the repairman into the house and Lina tries her magic on him. Before they know it, he is getting very sleepy and he agrees to do everything they say, beginning with taking his clothes off. He then agrees to suck on their huge dildo, humiliating himself. They call the other two boys into the room and force him to dance in front of them. He obeys like a zombie. He is then ordered to go over there and suck their cocks (to be continued in part 2).

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Schoolgirls Shoe Bitch. Starring Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley

THE MEAN GIRLS – Schoolgirls Shoe Bitch. Starring Princess Chanel and Princess AshleyTHE MEAN GIRLS – Schoolgirls Shoe Bitch. Starring Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley




CUSTOM VIDEO REQUEST- The girls get called into into the principals office because they have been bullying the glee club guys.The principal asks for a demonstration on how they made the guys kiss their shoes.The Girls immediately realize that he is a foot freak and wants to be abused.They make him get down on the floor and kiss their high heels and bare feet. They take tons of pictures and now have enough blackmail info to rule the school.

Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley



Keywords: princess chanel, princess ashley

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Subby Hubby – Cuckolding The Perverted Stepfather MiniMovie. Starring Cameron Canada

Subby Hubby – Cuckolding The Perverted Stepfather MiniMovie. Starring Cameron Canada




Cameron is a super hot woman with a problem – her stepfather is totally perving out on her, watching her all the time, especially when she is with her boyfriend. When she actually catches him jacking off to her, Cameron confronts him and tells him that if he doesn’t do exactly what she wants, she is going to tell her mother, who will kick the perverted stepdad to the curb. Cameron knows she has the upper hand, so she slaps her new bitch in the face again and again, then puts him in a scissor just to hurt him. But what Cameron really wants to do is have fun with his perversions. Little does stepdad know that Cameron is actually a Dominatrix and that her “boyfriend” is actually a sissy bitch in training, and now stepdad will be too! Cameron puts her stepdad to work cleaning her ass with his tongue while the lowly sissy boyfriend has to worship her feet. Cameron then puts the bitches to work cleaning the house until she gets back from partying. Unable to find the stud cock she wanted, Cameron decides to fuck her stepdad instead – all while making her “boyfriend” watch and clean up after them. Cameron just laughs as her sissy bitch boyfriend has to clean up the huge cum load off her pussy and the stepdad’s cock. Since he seems so revolted by cleaning the stepdad’s cock, Cameron orders her sissy boyfriend to make love to it with his tongue, sucking the cock and licking the balls until stepdad blows another load of cum, this time all over the boyfriend’s face! Cameron realizes the boyfriend needs more sissy training, so it is back to walking in heels and learning to show off his body like a proper sissy slut. Cameron plans on whoring both of these bitches out and wants to make sure they can really take cock in their ass, so she orders both of them to fuck themselves in the ass with a dildo while she watches, masturbating to their humiliation. But these bitches can’t even fuck themselves right, so Cameron has to take over and fuck each of them herself. She truly enjoys turning the men in her life into pathetic little bitches. Now she won’t have to worry about her stepdad perving out on her anymore. Cameron has her stepfather and her boyfriend both kneel before her, naked and in chastity, so she can gloat about her power over them. Cameron orders her stepdad to lick her ass while her boyfriend worships her feet. As her slaves do her bidding, Cameron humiliates and degrades them both, laughing at how pathetic they are. She leaves them to do her housework while she goes off to find a real man to fuck. Cameron returns from partying and is upset to see that her stepfather has performed his housework duties poorly. She wonders why her mother even keeps him around; maybe he is a good fuck? Cameron decides to find out for herself, telling her stepdad to fuck her – and her boyfriend to lick his feet! The cuck boyfriend is disgusted, but obeys Cameron’s orders. Cameron really gets into fucking her stepdad, making him perform from several different positions, all while making her bitch of a boyfriend first clean their feet, then lick his cock and balls and her pussy while they fuck. After her stepdad blows a huge load all over her pussy, Cameron orders her cuck boyfriend to lick the cum off of the stepdad’s dick, then off of her pussy. Cameron asks her cuck bitch boyfriend if he would like to taste her pussy; of course he says yes. But Cameron has a surprise for him; he has to taste it off of her stepfather’s dick! She just loves humiliating the bitch, ramming his face down on the cock again and again. Cameron grabs her bitch of a stepfather and orders him to blow a big load all over her boyfriend’s face. Cameron laughs hysterically at all the cum on his face, then orders him to eat it just for her amusement. Cameron tells her boyfriend that, since she has trained him to suck cock, he is now nothing but a sissy bitch and needs to learn how to look and act like one. Cameron applies some makeup to her sissy, then orders him to show her how sexy he can walk. After a few tries, he does it to her satisfaction, then has to demonstrate his humping skills. Cameron just laughs at what a bitch she has turned her boyfriend into. Cameron plans to whore both of her bitches out and wants to make sure they can take cock properly so she orders them to fuck themselves in their own asses with a dildo while she supervises. As her bitches shove dildos in and out of their asses, Cameron masturbates her pussy, excited to see what levels of humiliation her men are willing to take for her. Cameron decides that the bitches are not fucking themselves well enough so she decides to take over, bending her bitches over and ramming the dildos up their asses. But their training is not over, as Cameron orders each of them to clean up their ass juices off their dildos – after all, a whore should never leave a customer’s cock dirty.

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Kayla – Alexa Shares Loyal Foot slave with Kayla (Part 1)

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Kayla – Alexa Shares Loyal Foot slave with Kayla (Part 1)




The second part of this clip contains foot worship and some trampling. See complete version for full clip description. (10:31 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Kayla, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Foot Worship, Trampling



Keywords: brat girls

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Lady Karame – Caught while licking my feet in public

Lady Karame – Caught while licking my feet in public


For my slaves, it is the greatest gift and treat to lick my divine feet. Therefore, it does not matter when and where I allow that. In this clip, after a walk, my feet were dirty and had to get cleaned. Of course, this is done naked, as it is normal for a good slave. He devotedly licks the dirt from my naked soles, between the toes and swallows everything down in pleasure. I am particularly amused by the fact that an approaching cyclist has observed him. There is no longer any need for him to get dressed quickly, he has seen exactly what a small, useless muck he is.



Keywords: outdoor, public, humiliation, sexy feet, leather, naked slave, lady karame, red hair, foot licking, foot cleaning

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Foot Slave Longs To Be Her Ass Slave. Starring Miss Li

Club Stiletto FemDom – Foot Slave Longs To Be Her Ass Slave. Starring Miss Lily




Miss Lily languishes on the couch in a sexy leopard print bikini. “Slave, it’s time for your daily foot worship” she says to her bitch boy. The camera zooms in on her feet and you get some nice views of her soles, while she calls the slave in to suck her toes. She tells him it gives her so much pleasure to have him service her feet every day that she has reconsidered selling him to another Mistress. “Do you think about them?” she asks him, and he enthusiastically lets her know that he does. She has him switch to the other foot and asks if he likes the stink of her feet because she’s worked up a real sweat today. He has to lick the sole of each foot until she rams a heel into his mouth. She says that tomorrow she’ll walk in a dirty field before she has him service her. The slave works hard to lick every inch of her feet.

Because he’s doing such good work, she thinks she might need to give him an a new job, maybe as a fluffer for her boyfriend. Lily rolls over to show her amazing ass and her tasty bung hole and says “Or maybe I’ll even let you lick my ass.” She asks if she should promote him while the camera zooms in on her ass, so close you can almost lean over and give it a big lick yourself! She rubs her hand up and down her ass cheeks and her leg, to torment him even further, and then crushes him with her final words “But, just feet for you.”



Keywords: princess lily, foot worship, feet, ass worship

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Subby Hubby – Paulina Amore Minimovie. Starring Paulina Amore

Subby Hubby – Paulina Amore Minimovie. Starring Paulina Amore




Watch Paulina Amore turn her man into the cuckold he was always meant to be in this full movie.

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Subby Hubby – Dahlia Rain & Alexis Grace Cuckold Sex

Subby Hubby – Dahlia Rain & Alexis Grace Cuckold Sex




Alexis Grace loves making her man into a submissive cuckold for her. She is used to getting whatever she wants, and she definitely does in this hot movie. Watch her subby hubby accept his place underneath her as her total bitch while she gets fucked by a better man, in this movie.

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Take Grandpas Dentures to Make More Room for Feet

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Take Grandpas Dentures to Make More Room for Feet




Amadahy is so mad at her grandpa. She demanded his social security check for the month, and he hasn’t given it to her yet. Amadahy calls her gramps into the room, to ask him why he hasn’t given her the check yet. Gramps comes in, and immediately, Amadahy slaps him in the face very hard. Edyn giggles behind her hand and eggs Amadahy on. Grandpa is helpless to defend himself. Amadahy notices Gramps is wearing clothes, which he isn’t allowed to do. She and Edyn rip his clothes off. He needs to stay naked so that his granddaughter can see his chastity. Gramps creeps girls out, so they need to know he’s locked up for their own comfort. He tries to explain that he was outside and that’s why he was wearing clothes. Nobody wants to hear the senile old badger’s excuses. Rules are rules. Amadahy lays into gramps for not signing over his check. She’s entitled to get social security from him every month, until he kicks the bucket. That’s the arrangement. Grandpa admits that he was trying to keep a little money for himself. Both girls slap the frail old man in his face. Hard. He is not allowed clothes or money. He’s useless, and lucky he even gets to still live in his house. Grandpa has been forgetting things a lot lately. Forgetfulness is just another one of grandpa’s excuses. He promises to remember to transfer the funds to his granddaughter’s account, but gramps’ memory can clearly not be trusted. They want the funds transferred immediately, before he “forgets” again. Amadahy spits in his face. Edyn tells him they won’t even splurge on a casket when he goes. Speaking of his demise, Amadahy thinks it’s time they return to a previous discussion of gramps’ will. Amadahy wants only her and her cousins included. She wants him to write everyone from his side of the family out. Grandpa hesitates to agree and receives a series of slaps. If he doesn’t comply, Amadahy will put him in a home, and he can just rot there all by himself. And not even a pine box. Gramps looks sad. Amadahy tells him to get down and use his knees while they still last. Grandpa kneels, and the young woman forces the old man to sniff her knee socks. She shoves her feet into grandpa’s mouth. Grandpa’s mouth is not big enough to fit all of his granddaughter’s foot, so they pull his dentures out to make more room. With no teeth, grandpa’s mouth has much more room! Amadahy thrusts her foot in deeper and harder into the extra space. With her foot in his mouth, Amadahy revisits the will one last time. Grandpa nods in agreement to all of his granddaughters demands. Edyn wants to see what it feels like to put her foot in a mouth with no teeth. She forces her feet into the old man, next. He is so defenseless without teeth. More room to fuck and no chance to bite! The girls decide that grandpa is not getting his teeth back. He doesn’t really need to talk properly, and he also doesn’t really need to chew. He’s already on a diet of dogfood and pee, both of which he can gum down. Eventually, Grandpa aggress to all of his granddaughters demands. Even after, the girls continue to fuck grandpa’s mouth with their socked feet. Amadahy makes her grandpa tell her that he loves her. He does. It sounds so funny when he tries to talk without teeth! The girls make fun of him for not being able to speak correctly. Amadahy has gotten everything she wanted out of her grandfather. Now, she just has to make sure that the forgetful old bat remembers their new agreement. (15:36 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Edyn, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Taboo, Socks, Sock Smelling, Foot Worship, Face Slapping, Chastity



Keywords: financial domination

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