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THE MEAN GIRLS – You Eat It. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Aria

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THE MEAN GIRLS – You Eat It. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Aria




The Mean Girls never cook for themselves they have slaves for all that. The slave was ordered to prepare lunch for Princess Aria n Princess Bella. They`re used 2 eating only the healthiest and freshest foods available but the slave serves them a cheap microwaved lunch of hot pockets and snack pack pudding. This enrages Princess Bella and she orders the slave to lie down on his back so she can dump the pudding all over his face. She makes the slave lick it up off the kitchen floor. Princess Aria n Princess Bella can’t believe the slave would dare serve them this cheap unhealthy food. They both dump their plates onto the floor and smash the food to mush with their boots. The slave is made to lick the smashed up disgusting mix off the bottom of Princess Bella’s boots. The slave doesn’t want to eat it but they force him to lick it off their boots and off the floor. The slave actually should be grateful because it’s a step up from the dawgg and cat food he`ll be eating from now on! LOL

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Princess Beverly – Lunch With Beverly

Princess Beverly – Lunch With Beverly




This Is a real life clip where I was hungry during a shoot and I made my slave go get me something to eat. So he got me lunch and I allow him to worship my feet as I eat. I may throw a few fries on the ground and let him eat a little. This is a good clip if you just want to see what it like to be a real slave for me.



Keywords: submissive / slave traini

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Divine Goddesses – Wimpy Slave Safe Words On Taste Test. Starring Porcelain Beauty and Miss Mary AnnSafe Words On Taste Test. Starring Porcelain Bea…

Divine Goddesses – Wimpy Slave Safe Words On Taste Test. Starring Porcelain Beauty and Miss Mary Ann




Their wimpy slave pussies out of their taste test! It was supposed to be a more relaxed part of the session but he couldn’t hack tasting a bit of pesto or honey!

Category: FOOD


Keywords: femdom, porcelain beauty, mistress mary ann, wmv

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Seven Bean Dip Fart-Fest. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Seven Bean Dip Fart-Fest. Starring Mistress Kandy



Kandy has recently discovered seven bean dip and is enjoying some as the scene opens. “I love this stuff but I find it really makes me fart” she says. She directs you behind to her big beautiful ass, and lets out her first big ripper. It’s majorly explosive and her anus clearly vibrates. She eats more chips and tells you to get your nose between her ass because she doesn’t want to smell her own farts; the odor should completely be inhaled by your pathetic slave nostrils. She loves knowing you’re so pathetic that you get an erection just sniffing her gas. She lets out a series of five shorter farts but the fourth one is super juicy and she just might need you in there to do some licking. She mocks you by saying she knows you wish a log had come out. She continues to eat the dip and opens her mouth to show you the chewed-up food. “Maybe after you smell all my farts I’ll spit some of this delicious food right down your faggot throat” she tells you. She sends you back to her ass for a high pitched stinker before farting on another chip, which she holds out for you to eat. As she consumes even more, she says that all those beans are really starting to go through her; she’s excited to feel the gas build, knowing you’re eagerly waiting to smell the odor that pours from her asshole. Again, you move behind her cheeks and this time she releases her most powerful fart ever. “I just feel like I have to take a dump any second” she proclaims. “First I eat, then you eat” she says as she grins. Imagine how it would feel to eat the same chips and dip she ate only moments ago. What an intimate moment between you and your Mistress. Cherish it! She calls you a filthy pig and orders you back between her cheeks for a harsh hat trick of farts. She eats even more chips and then a final unexpected blast escapes, which makes her giggle. She knows you love every single fart she gives you and that you long to be her full toilet.

Category: FARTING


Keywords: farting, toilet slavery, mistress kandy, pov

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THE MEAN GIRLS – A Day In The Houseslaves Life Part 1 of 7 – Toilet Bread Boy. …

THE MEAN GIRLS – A Day In The Houseslaves Life Part 1 of 7 – Toilet Bread Boy. Starring Goddess Brooke




(CUSTOM CLIP ) “You sit on a couch, in front of you lies a collared slave, his hands are bound behind his back, and licks the sole of your boots and sucks on the heel. You announce him that it is time for his feeding. You take the leash and lead him to the toilet, his hands still bound. He must kneel before the toilet and you forcefully push his head down the toilet and hold it there with your boots and give him a swirly. Then you throw a slice of bread into the toilet bowl and command him to get the bread and eat it before your eyes. Then you take a jar of baby food and pour the food on the rim of the toilet and force to slave to lick it of the rim,your boot is on his head. Once he has finished his meal you chain him to the toilet, dunk his head back down the bowl. Before you leave you flush again. During the clip you tell him all the time that he is pathetic and you spit on his face/in his mouth very often.”



Keywords: superior goddess brooke

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Miss Kitty Bliss – Party Panic

Miss Kitty Bliss – Party Panic




Miss Kitty has a FemDom party to host and her incompetent slaves have messed up royally. The food she was planning to serve has not been ordered and with a spit and marinade on the go there seems to be only one solution. She tells them that because of their mistake this is going to be the last time they get serve her properly as they make the ultimate sacrifice by becomng her intended ‘meat’ for the party. Miss Kitty doesn’t think anyone will notice the substitution as doesn’t human flesh taste like pork?

Category: VORE


Keywords: spitroast, sacrifice, human meat, extreme, food, sadistic, kitty bliss, latex, evil, bitch, horror

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Oral Training The Fruit. Starring Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel

THE MEAN GIRLS – Oral Training The Fruit. Starring Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel




Hey faggot, get in here! We have know something that will really benefit you. We are going to teach you how to orally pleasure both men and women. We may want to pimp you out to men for blow jobs or have you blow our boyfriends when we don’t feel like doing it. And if by some miracle a women ever allows you near her pussy you will need to know what you are doing. The slave is kneeling before Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel who look amazing in their bikinis. Princess Ashley grabs a large banana and begins using it to teach the slave how to properly suck cock. She gives the slave cocksucking tips like make sure you don’t use any teeth and be sure to moan a lot. Princess Chanel wonders why the slave is so good at it he must have had a lot of practice. The slave is forced to admit that he loves sucking cock!

Princess Ashley grabs a plum that has a section split open in the center so it resembles a pussy. This is how the slave will practice his pussy licking. Princess Chanel watches with a disgusted look on her face as the slave clumsily licks the plum. It’s so obvious to both Princesses that the slave has probably never even seen a pussy before because he has no clue what he is doing. Princess Chanel mentions that the slave was moaning a lot more when he was practicing his cocksucking then he is when practicing his pussy licking. This just proves that he really is a faggot.

Category: FORCED BI


Keywords: princess ashley, princess chanel

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CRUEL ENGLISH FEMDOM – WETLOOK WET & MESSY – Full Length. Starring Mistress Evilyne and Governess Ely

CRUEL ENGLISH FEMDOM – WETLOOK WET & MESSY – Full Length. Starring Mistress Evilyne and Governess Ely




It’s going to get messy tonight! Mistress Evilyne and Governess Ely have a very special treat for Their special boy. Dessert is good, but it’s even better eaten off a Woman’s body. Wearing shiny black PVC and wetlook leggings, the Ladies douse Their asses in whipped cream and mousse and make Their slave eat it directly off Their asses. But this is only the beginning. It gets very slippery very quickly. Mistress Evilyne Gives Her slave a food covered foot to suck on and it slides right into his open throat. Things are quickly taking a very gungy turn. It’s an ass feast. So much ass, so much delicious dessert, and it all needs to be eaten. Mistress Evilyne and Governess Ely cover Themselves in food and make Their slave bury his face between Their cheeks to lick it off. Things get messier and messier as They dip Their feet in the pudding and the slave licks it off. Food is getting everywhere. it won’t be long before the whole scene becomes one sloppy mess. It’s all downhill from here. everything is slippery and there’s mess everywhere. Mistress Evilyne and Governess Ely decide to fill Their slave’s crotch with the rest of the cream and mousse, and things very quickly turn into a wrestling and tickling game, sliding everywhere and with everyone getting completely covered in food!

Category: TICKLING


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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Raw eggs for cum bucket training

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Raw eggs for cum bucket training




I have decided that the next step in My slave’s training is towards becoming a cum bucket. I’m not sure he likes the idea, he looks kind of morbid. Does it seem disgusting for him? But that’s just relative, I’m sure he’ll learn to like, or even to love it. Because it’s for My pleasure. And it’s not going to be that difficult, because I will train him. First, he has to overcome the disgust, and the subsequent gag reflex, of having cum in his mouth. Because he is going to have lots of, and it’s better for him if he gets used to it. For this, I am going to fill his mouth with raw eggs, I heard they create a similar feeling in the mouth as cum. Not that I’d now, I’ve never tried either of them, ew! So today I’m going to use raw eggs to train him, I’m going to fill his mouth with raw egg, like it will be soon filled with cum, to the brim and over. I will make him a good cum bucket!
Video quality: HD 1280*720.



Keywords: ezada

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter




Natalya has taken on a project for her sorority. She plans to enter freshman pledge, Devon, in the intercollegiate fattest sow contest. The blue ribbon goes to the handler of the fattest sow. Natalya really wants that blue ribbon, and she’s going to feed a pledge until she wins it. But she’s having a problem with her sow. It just isn’t eating enough. Natalya scolds Devon, interrogating her as to what she’s consumed for each meal. Devon eats a hamburger while Natalya questions her. She lists off a tremendous list of fattening foods she has eaten, all in just one day. Devon really wants to be included in the sorority and she is working very hard to meet the weight gain goals that Natalya has set forth for her. Devon doesn’t know this; but there is no ‘Fattest Sow’ contest. Natalya is pretending to enter Devon in a contest just to haze her. Natalya loves seeing Devon gain more and more weight, totally ruining any chance Devon would ever have of being accepted into the group of popular, fit, sorority girls. The other sorority sisters think Natalya’s idea is very funny and they all play along with it, pretending that Devon may be accepted into the group if she makes effort to win the fictitious ‘fat sow’ contest. They simultaneously pick on Devon about her weight and encourage her to gain more. Devon takes all this very seriously. She does not know that the contest is fake and that she has no chance of ever being in the sorority. Natalya measures Devon’s growing waist while she eats her hamburger. She isn’t convinced that Devon is making a real effort to gain. Alexa looks on, silent and amused by Natalya’s ruse. Alexa pokes and shakes Devon’s growing belly. Natalya places a cookie in Devon’s empty hand. Devon double palms a burger in one hand and a cookie in another. Alexa produces a jelly donut from a paper bag. She reaches around and holds the donut to Devon’s lips, filling every moment with chewing. Devon now has three hands feeding her. Devon tells Natalya about her trip to the doctor while her mouth is full of food. While being passively stuffed with donut, Devon tells Natalya that her doctor has advised her to watch her weight. Natalya tells Devon that her doctor is stupid, the sorority knows what’s best for her. Sisters look out for each other, if she really wants to fit into the group she’ll stop taking other people’s advice and trust her sisters. Natalya then notices that Devon is still able to wear one of the shirts she came into the sorority with. That’s not good enough. Devon shouldn’t be able to fit any of her old clothes. This is just more evidence that pledge Devon is not trusting her sisters. You can’t fit into the sisterhood without trust! Devon is desperate to fit in. She eats the jelly donut and a cookie from Natalya’s outstretched hand. Devon complains that she’s starting to feel full. Her sisters tell her to eat faster. If she eats fast enough she should be able to consume more. Then, they pull Devon up to examine her body. Devon is not looking like a first-place sow. Natalya reminds Devon that she’s really has got to help the sorority out by being the fattest. She thinks Devon should limit her activity in addition to consuming more. Devon’s only two activities should be sitting on the sorority’s couch in the common room and eating. If she’s not eating; she’s sleeping. All a good sow should do is eat and sleep and lay about. Natalya produces a second quarter pounder for Devon to consume. Devon greedily takes a bite, but seems depressed when Natalya tells her that she’s going to have to eat the whole thing. Devon’s feeling too full already. The feeding is becoming very uncomfortable, but Alexa and Natalya won’t stop. To the second burger Natalya adds some fries. She stuffs fries into Devon’s mouth for her. Devon does love having friends. Devon thanks her new college friends for all their generosity. (9:54 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, 18 & 19 Years Old, Lesbian Domination, Food Stuffing, Feeder Feedee, Gaining Weight, Eating, Food, Sorority Humiliation



Keywords: brat girls

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