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Beans Boy (who is rather aptly named) finds himself in a paddling pool expecting to be playing some kind of drinking game BUT he is in for a surprise when he is accused of stealing food from the cupboard. In fact not just one or 2 items but a whole months worth of groceries that he has been stashing under his bed.

So as punishment and to work as a deterrent for his thieving ways this feisty redhead says he can have the food because she certainly doesn’t want it after it’s been festering under his bed… but not in the way he was expecting as she starts to pour it all over his head.

There’s cans of soup, mushy peas, copious amounts of baked beans (no surprise!), hotdogs, chili con carne, sauces, peaches and rice pudding.

She threatens to take a picture of him all messy and put it on the communal noticeboard so everyone can see what a little ‘tea leaf’ he is!

She laughs at him as she tells him how satisfying it is to see all that gunk and bean juice dripping down his face,

Beans Boy is instructed to get the mushy peas which are stuck fast out of the can and put them down his pants.

He suffers even more humiliation as he opens his pants to reveal he is packing a hard-on and she berates him for getting aroused because he’s being told off and dirty.

She stuffs the backside of his leggings with mayonnaise.

She packs 6 large hotdogs into his mouth and pour the brine over his head.

After the remaining ingredients are poured over him he is made to sit in the mess with hotdogs still protruding from his mouth.



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Freak Gets Fed. Starring Goddess Platinum and Princess Skylar [Puppy Play, Feeder, Feedee, Food, Humiliation, Degradation]

THE MEAN GIRLS – Freak Gets Fed. Starring Goddess Platinum and Princess Skylar [Puppy Play, Feeder, Feedee, Food, Humiliation, Degradation]




This was one of the grossest clips we have every shot. Even WE couldn’t believe we put our under-the-stairs “human pet” through this for one of our online fan’s enjoyment!

We made it eat REAL dawgfood (we even show you the can up-close to the camera before opening it!) AND me n Skylar take turns ashing cigarettes into its “delicious meal” that we have prepared for it!

At one point – no joke – the slave literally throws uup its “meal” at our feet…so what does any Mean Girl do in a situation like that?? We MAKE ITS PATHETIC ASS LICK THAT SLOP BACK UP OFF THE FLOOR!!! (You need to see this clip!!!!)



Keywords: skylar platinum

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WORSHIP GODDESS NINA ELLE – Indian Piggie Part 3 [whipping]

WORSHIP GODDESS NINA ELLE – Indian Piggie Part 3 [whipping]




Sometimes my loser fans are so entertaining. Some of them actually have the balls (and the MONEY) to come grovel at my feet in person. This Indian loser was one of those. He sent his deposit as ordered, and came crawling to me with his MONEY in his teeth just BEGGING for me to take it. See what can happen when you OBEY ORDERS, loser?? So I took him, abused him, and took all his money. And filmed it all so I could make MORE money off his pathetic ass. I start by making him dress like a girl, even though its not his “fetish”. Cuz his only purpose is to do what I tell him to! It doesn’t matter what he likes! Then its on to REAL humiliation… In this segment I whip my slave with my riding crop and make him eat food that i spit on the floor.

Category: SPITTING


Keywords: whipping

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[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – Lucky To Get Fed. Starring Princess Cindi [Small Cock Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, Small Dick Humiliation]

[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – Lucky To Get Fed. Starring Princess Cindi [Small Cock Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, Small Dick Humiliation]




So this freak that came to serve us says he is a “vegetarian” LOL. For religious reasons or something. Seriously, does he think that WE`ll fucking care?? Um.NO!!! WE`re the religion around here, bitch! You`ll BOW DOW, and WORSHIP US- and eat whatever the fuck we tell u 2!

So we decide to make him eat the most disgusting meat we can find – old hotdogs – and we make his dumb ass eat the off the filthy floor that we walk on, just to add to his humiliation! LOL. We`ll make him regret Fetish Femdom org making any “demands” of US! Hey, this faggot needs to realize that it is lucky to get fed at ALL as a lowly slave at AMG!! So it better be GRATEFUL for the scraps I give him.

(By the way, you can hear one of my girlfriends behind the camera as she does the filming for me. She is laughing her ass off while she watches me make this loser eat off the floor. Its her 1st time seeing me humiliate a loser – and she thought it was hilarious that I`m making $$$ just by treating this Faggot like dirt and basically making him my bitch haha.)

– Princess Cindi

PS – How dumb is a SLAVE to come here and seriously think he can come here and make “dietary requirements” of us, like we are a fucking airline or something. LOL

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Give Your Lunch Head. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Aria [Food Fetish, Food, Gay, Humiliation, Degradation, Forced Bi]

THE MEAN GIRLS – Give Your Lunch Head. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Aria [Food Fetish, Food, Gay, Humiliation, Degradation, Forced Bi]




We like to invent games to play when we get bored and hungry slaves are the best. Sometimes our losers don’t get fed for a week, so when we do feed them we subject them to the most humiliating treatment in order to eat. This loser has to deep throat a cucumber if he wants to eat it. He’ll get fed, but not before we make him show his lunch a little bit of love. Whore yourself out for that vegetable, you stupid slut! Make us laugh! LOL! It’ll be good practice for when he sucks real dick. Maybe if he treats Princess Bella and Aria’s cucumber well enough…we’ll let him take a nice, BIG juicy bite. I wonder if he can taste the shame? Who CARES? Ha!

Category: MAKE ME BI


Keywords: princess bella, princess aria

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Utterly Humiliated At Lunch. Starring Princess Chanel and Princess Kianna [Humiliation, Degradation, Dual Domination, Double Domination]

THE MEAN GIRLS – Utterly Humiliated At Lunch. Starring Princess Chanel and Princess Kianna [Humiliation, Degradation, Dual Domination, Double Domination]




It time for our snack and another opportunity to emotionally abuse are slave with humiliating acts. I even decided to film the whole thing and post it on the internet so he can be embarrassed by this forever and ever. Anyway, moving on, we chew up the carrots in our mouths and spit it on the floor and make our slave lick it off the floor like an . Princess Chanel and I take turns dropping stuff on floor, grinding it into the floor with our sexy high heels and making the slave eat it. This slave is so scrawny and weak obviously he has missed too many meals but that’s not our problem. Like we NEVER feed him so he is lucky we want to play games today. Then we shove the slave’s face away with our feet,tell him to “bow down” to them while we finish our meal…

Princess Kianna



Keywords: princess chanel, princess kianna

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Slaves Can Eat Dirt. Starring Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS – Slaves Can Eat Dirt. Starring Princess Beverly




Princess Beverly enters the kitchen and see how the slave just wants to get some “real food” to eat from the fridge. Of course this is not allowed. With powerful whips and violent face slaps you punish the slaves for his misconduct while you also spitting into his mouth and face.

Then you tell the slave that if he wants “food”, it be scraps from you and your friends previous meals that are IN THE GARBAGE CAN! There is a lot of verbal abuse and face slaps to the slave.

You make the slave pull some old scraps out of the garbage can and you lead him out into the garden with a leash attached to his collar. The slave has to stop and must kneel down and watch as you pour the leftovers on wet, muddy soil. You grab his hair and press his head relentlessly into the now mud covered leftovers. With your boot on the back of his head, you command the slave to start eating his “real food”.

While he eats he has to show you his face now and then before you push it back into the leftovers with your boot. Next you allow the slave the privilege of eating the mush from the soles of your boots. When he licks the mush from the soles, you spit right into his pathetic face.

***NOTE FROM PRINCESS BEVERLY: You can totally hear my friend “Miss T” off-camera laughing her ass off and mocking the fat-ass slave as we filmed this. It was her first time seeing me abuse my slaves and she thought it was fucking hilarious that I get to abuse these fucking losers and actually make $$$ off of THEIR suffering and humiliation!! Like, I explained to her that the more I make these idiots suffer and degraded them, the more $$$ I make! It really IS fucking hilarious when you think about it. If more women knew about this sh**tt, i swear they would all own slaves and do the same thing LOL.



Keywords: princess beverly

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An Li’s Ass Emporium – Slop-Eating Pig

An Li’s Ass Emporium – Slop-Eating Pig




I don’t feed My slaves often, but when I do, I make sure all the food goes through Me first. With a buffet of delights in front of
Me — yogurt parfaits, chocolates, bananas, gummies, donuts, and whipped cream — I intend to stuff My piggie’s mouth full of My
pre-chewed food. He kneels in a corner, collared, ball gagged, and blindfolded, as he listens to Me delightfully chew up each food
item and spit it out into the bowl in front of us. Plop, plop, plop, goes each glob of My chewed-up delicacies as I giggle in
delight at the meal I have made for him. Face slapping, spitting, and ballbusting him before I ungag him, I lead him to the bowl
where I spoon feed him while smoking a cigarette. I decide I have enough with the spoon feeding, ash My cigarette into the bowl,
and pour the food out onto the ground, where I rest My booted legs on top of him to ensure he doesn’t miss a single bit of
tastiness, particularly My cigarette.

Never yours
An Li

Features: feeder/feedee, food stuffing, Roman shower, human ashtray, smoking fetish, ballbusting, face slapping, bitchslap, thigh
high boots, leather fetish, verbal humiliation, degradation, sploshing, spitting, spit fetish, Asian Goddess, Asian Princess,
femdom, female domination, female supremacy, dominatrix, domina, domme, BDSM, D/S, submissive/slave training, swallowing/drooling,
eating, facestuffing/overeating, facestanding, boot domination, boot fetish

This was a custom-made clip. Interested in commissioning a custom of your own? Send me an email at [email protected] to
receive a quote.



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THE MEAN GIRLS – You Eat It. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Aria

THE MEAN GIRLS – You Eat It. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Aria




The Mean Girls never cook for themselves they have slaves for all that. The slave was ordered to prepare lunch for Princess Aria n Princess Bella. They`re used 2 eating only the healthiest and freshest foods available but the slave serves them a cheap microwaved lunch of hot pockets and snack pack pudding. This enrages Princess Bella and she orders the slave to lie down on his back so she can dump the pudding all over his face. She makes the slave lick it up off the kitchen floor. Princess Aria n Princess Bella can’t believe the slave would dare serve them this cheap unhealthy food. They both dump their plates onto the floor and smash the food to mush with their boots. The slave is made to lick the smashed up disgusting mix off the bottom of Princess Bella’s boots. The slave doesn’t want to eat it but they force him to lick it off their boots and off the floor. The slave actually should be grateful because it’s a step up from the dawgg and cat food he`ll be eating from now on! LOL

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Humiliation, Foot Slave Training, Food, Dual Domination, The Mean Girls, MiamiMeanGirls, Princess Aria, Princess Bella, Young Mistress, AmericanMeanGirls, Miami, Princess, Aria, Bella, Double Domination, Wet & Messy

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Princess Beverly – Lunch With Beverly

Princess Beverly – Lunch With Beverly




This Is a real life clip where I was hungry during a shoot and I made my slave go get me something to eat. So he got me lunch and I allow him to worship my feet as I eat. I may throw a few fries on the ground and let him eat a little. This is a good clip if you just want to see what it like to be a real slave for me.



Keywords: submissive / slave traini

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