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DomNation – WIFEY ASSPRECIATION DAY! Starring Lady Joclyn stone

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DomNation – WIFEY ASSPRECIATION DAY! Starring Lady Joclyn stone




Lady Joclyn announces to her hubby that she’s read an article in a magazine referring to how a husband should appreciate his wife and she’s hell bent on trying it out.

At first hubby seems all for it, but once the more demanding and dominant personality of his wife starts to appear, he quickly becomes much more reluctant! But it doesn’t matter, it’s certainly not going to get the way of Lady Joclyn. Her hubby is going to asspreciate her one way or another.

Lady Joclyn forcefully prods her husband into some ass worship and then quickly discovers that Ass smothering is So Much Fun. It forces him, to appreciate every breath that he’s allowed to have and she’s in total control and she gets the added benefit of humiliating her Ass munch of a husband.

She’s having such a good time that she just keep going and forces him to all fours as goes at him with tack laced vampire gloves, she painfully slaps and beats at his flesh the sharp points digging in, while she forces him into correct slave posturing and threatening to carve him up like a Thanksgiving Turkey if he does not comply and maintain the desired posturing. She also lets him know the wife asspreciation will be ongoing from this day forward. Hubby will be an obedient little minion in no time !!!



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DomNation – TEAR HIS FLESH, BREAK HIS WILL (Parts 1 & 2 COMPILATION). Starring Mistress January Seraph (Standard Version)

DomNation – TEAR HIS FLESH, BREAK HIS WILL (Parts 1 & 2 COMPILATION). Starring Mistress January Seraph (Standard Version)




There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful, latex clad Mistress whipping the out of a bound and helpless slave. In this intense video, Mistress January uses several different whips to tear his flesh, and break his will. January knows exactly how to blend pain, pleasure and verbal humiliation to take this slave down to his rightful place.on his knees! Once his resistance is broken, the real fun, pain and suffering begins.

Next Mistress January uses her dreaded Kraken Flogger to further drain this slave of every last ounce of resistance. Finally in his rightful place. Mistress January continues battering this slave.
He will learn to stay down! Always! At the feet of his spectacular Mistress January Seraph

Category: BDSM


Keywords: mistrss january seraph, female domination, humiliation, female supremacy, female superiority, domination, beat down, bondage, slave training, tease and denial, leather whip, bull whip, corporal punishment, whipping, single tail

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DomNation – HUMAN PREY BELOW MY MERCILESS FEET. Starring Lady Cecelie

DomNation – HUMAN PREY BELOW MY MERCILESS FEET. Starring Lady Cecelie




Lady Cecelie is in a sadistic mood today. She sits perched on her throne. Her black Latex glistening in sharp contrast to her blond hair.
she sits in wait for her prey. For her slave is nothing more than mere prey below her feet on this day.

Her slave is collared and leashed. He will never be more than an arm’s length away. He cannot escape the assault that Lady Cecelie rains upon his tender flesh. Her Short yet mighty leather whip thunderously crashing into him. Time after time her whip finds its mark and sends him screeching in agony! He never knows when or where its coming as Cecelies sadistic mind keeps changing the pace and tempo of her relentless barrage. He could pull away! Break free of the leash, but he knows that his reprieve will be short lived and his torment will double!



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DomNation – A CRUEL AND SADISTIC PUNISHMENT FUCK! (Full Version) Starring Goddess Tangent

DomNation – A CRUEL AND SADISTIC PUNISHMENT FUCK! (Full Version) Starring Goddess Tangent




When Goddess Tangent tells you to remove all of your clothes in preparation for a play scene, she means ALL of your clothes. This fool had the audacity of failing to remove his tighty-whities, and the Goddess is not the least bit amused. As a result, she intends to fuck this incompetent slaves ass hole long and hard. The saying Love Hurts pales in comparison to what Goddess intends to do with him.

Hooded and chained helplessly to her fuck bench, Tangent rips those tighty-whities right from his body, proceeds to stuff them firmly in his mouth, and then fucks his ass every which way from Sunday, from a myriad of positions and angles. Suffice to say Goddess Tangent is not in a sensual sort of mood, and she plows the road with a vengeance, while verbally humiliating and degrading her helpless ass slut as he moans in agony.

Still hooded and chained to Tangents fuck bench, he has no option but to lie there and take as much cock as Tangent decides to ram up his ass, every which way from Sunday. From every possible position and angle, Goddess Tangent conquers this helpless bois hole relentlessly, until he is literally falling off the bench. But does Tangent give a shite? Hell No! She just keep on screwing his butt hole while the poor slave is face planted on the floor.

Category: STRAP-ON


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Primals Custom Videos – Search and Seizure, Starring Officer Sasha Foxx

Primals Custom Videos – Search and Seizure, Starring Officer Sasha Foxx




Officer Sasha Foxx finds a suspicious looking character in the men’s locker room, so she performs a search and seizure. She slams him around and gives him a rough pat down before Hand cuffing him and emptying his balls onto the floor.

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: sasha foxx, fem dom, female supremacy, cumshot, domination, female cop

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DomNation – YOUR BALLS WILL NEVER BE YOURS AGAIN! Starring Princess Seva

DomNation – YOUR BALLS WILL NEVER BE YOURS AGAIN! Starring Princess Seva




Princess Seva has a chastity slave that she genuinely enjoys tormenting! Any tiny insignificant act will result in her slave suffering an additional 2 weeks of chastity. She loves watching the disdain and urgency building in her slave so that she can simply turn him away again.

This slave has gone two weeks without release, his genitals and penis are hypersensitive to the touch. He cannot establish an erection in his chastity device without it being extremely painful for him. The Princess knows that he loves her feet. Especially in shiny Black Stilettos. She uses her feet and his sensitivity to emotionally and physically drive him crazy. His testicles full to the breaking point she squishes and squeezing them. His only assurance being that he will find no release or pleasure until his behavior is satisfactory to his princess. He knows that this will happen no time soon, that she will continue to burden him until he is in a frenzy and then push even harder.

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: chastity, slave, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, chastity device, tease and denial, key holding, sadism, domination, princess seva, extreme domination, female domination, foot fetish, foot worship

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DomNation – THE WEB OF AGONY! Starring Mistress January Seraph

DomNation – THE WEB OF AGONY! Starring Mistress January Seraph




When Mistress January seraph finds a new toy she likes to make good use of it. She can be most sadistic at times, when the right slave triggers her sadistic button. At the moment Mistress January Seraph is in the mood for cruel and sadistic slave beatdown and this slaves gonna get one.

Mistress January has her helpless slave bound to a heavy metal chain. She brandishes her heaviest whip and tears away at his back ripping his flesh away. She then pummels his buttocks to oblivion with several different implements leaving him broken. But this isn’t enough. She needs to terrify him with a stun b4 cutting into his flesh with a bullwhip

Category: BONDAGE


Keywords: mistrss january seraph, female domination, humiliation, female supremacy, female superiority, domination, beat down, bondage, slave training, ass paddling, leather whip, bull whip, corporal punishment, whipping, single tail

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DomNation – A SNOWY BLIZZARD OF PAIN! Starring Mistress Snow Mercy

DomNation – A SNOWY BLIZZARD OF PAIN! Starring Mistress Snow Mercy




Mistress Snow Mercy looks luscious in her red and shiny latex. She glistens in the light and almost appears a merciful angel. But don’t let her angelic appearance deceive you she is a sadist at heart

Her poor pain slut is tied down tightly, with no chance of retreat or escape. She bears down on him with a very heavy rubber paddle. Its strikes are horrifically painful and violent but this is no concern for a sadist. His whimpering is like chumming the water when dealing with the likes of Mistress Snow. He soon finds himself practically dangling from the ceiling as her single tail whip now burdens his already burning flesh, the extent of his sheer torment showing in his contorted face, the sound of his pain leaving his lips and the pleasure derived from his agony present in the smile upon Mistress Snow’s Lips



Keywords: snow mercy, domination, face slapping, slave training, bullwhip, female domination, female superiority, corporal punishment, slave training, leather worship, single tail, bdsm, beat downs, nipple play, humiliation

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Strapon-Femdoms – Jasmine Gets Rubber Cock. Starring Queen Lissandra

Strapon-Femdoms – Jasmine Gets Rubber Cock. Starring Queen Lissandra




In order to keep her ass stretched the sissy whore visit her Mistress for ass fuck. All this whore knows to do is bending over, face down and ass open up. Need to keep the ass stretched for real cocks in order to bring money to her Mistress. Then the Mistress puts her strap-on and gave this whore a lesson on how to perform and bring money. Shut up and take it! There is a never ending for this whore as the Mistress puts handcuffs and let her wait in the exact same position for the clients to fuck her!

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: mistress, double domination, male slut, strap-on fuck, male pussy, anal, ass fuck, punished

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The English Mansion – Dungeon Footjob – Part 1. Starring Miss Zara

The English Mansion – Dungeon Footjob – Part 1. Starring Miss Zara




Miss Zara du Rose teases her chastity clad slave with her beautiful body and feet, enjoying the way the cock strains against the metal. After lubing and rubbing the cage, she releases him, it shoots up to full hardness, Zara then gives an amazing footjob until he begs to cum over her feet and clear up the

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