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Brat Princess 2 – ChiChi and Kendall – Oil Each Others Asses while Sitting on Face of slave in Chastity

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Brat Princess 2 – ChiChi and Kendall – Oil Each Others Asses while Sitting on Face of slave in Chastity




ChiChi and Kendall are in their bikinis and are about to go to the beach. The girls have their chastity slave arranged on the bed. They want to tease him terribly before they leave. Kendall and Chichi playfully bounce on the slave’s face. The girls are so much hotter than the loser. They laugh at him while teasing him with their bouncing asses. Then, the girls smother the chastity slave with their weight. He hates it, but accepts it because it is the only way he can be so close to the beautiful girls. Then, ChiChi lays across the loser while Kendall oils her ass. The chastity slave has to watch the girls flirtatiously oil each other. Once ChiChi’s ass is covered in oil, she sits on the slave’s face. She rubs the oil into her skin while denying the chastity slave air. Then, ChiChi oils Kendall’s ass. Kendall giggles as she shakes her slippery oiled-up ass. She playfully slides on the chastity slave’s face and shimmies around, slapping the slave in the face as she does so. The chastity slave appears to be growing uncomfortable and the girls just laugh at him. He could technically get off the bed and leave at any time, but he won’t because the girls told him to stay put. The slave both loves, and hates being teased by the girls in their bikinis. The beauties sense their chastity loser is maybe having too much fun being teased, and besides they want to get to the beach while they still have daylight. Kendall has a list of chores she wants the chastity slave to complete by the time she and ChiChi return from the beach. She goes over the work she wants him to do before she and ChiChi head out for their day of relaxation. (13:45 long)

Clip Contains: ChiChi, Kendall, Female Domination, Chastity, Face Sitting, Tease & Denial, Oil, Ass Bouncing, Ass Smothering, Bikinis



Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Three Worship Edges for Three Perfect Girls Then Locked Back Up

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Three Worship Edges for Three Perfect Girls Then Locked Back Up




Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya have let their stupid slave out of chastity. He is over the moon with excitement. But there’s of course a catch. Each of the three girls gets a worship edge. Then, the slave will be locked right back into chastity. He absolutely cannot have an orgasm. After so long in chastity, this is a near-impossible task for the desperate horny slave. The girls giggle. It’s so fun to tease their moron together. The slave begs his Keepers for one measly orgasm. They just giggle at his idiocy more. The abundance of asses and tits is very overwhelming to the loser, especially uncaged. The girls know that they are quite a force when they team up together like this, united against one lowly male. They make the slave kiss each of their amazing asses. It doesn’t take very long before the slave has reached a worship edge for all three perfect Princess. They immediately lock their dummy into The Vice male chastity device. He is so frustrated and miserable, but cannot escape the tube now fitted tightly around his worthless little member. Each girl teases the chastity slave more, jingling the lock with her beautiful butt and taunting him with his key. They will hold him in The Vice for at least another month. It will be a long time before he’ll have the opportunity for another edging like this. (11:36 long)

Clip Contains: Chichi, Mariah, Natalya, Female Domination, Chastity, Edging, Masturbation Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Brat Girls

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: worship edges, edging

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Bratty Foot Girls – I’ll show my tits while I FACESIT you. Starring ChiChi

Bratty Foot Girls – I’ll show my tits while I FACESIT you. Starring ChiChi




ChiChi Is sick and tired of her boob obsessed boyfriend pushing her to show her tits to him. He’s been going out to the strip clubs getting his fix there and coming home and demanding she goes against her comfort zone and get naked for him. She confronts him about it and decides to teach him a lesson. She cuffs his hands behind his back and forces him to lay on the Chaise and tells him she will finally get her tits out for him, however she starts sitting on his face at the same time so he can’t see them! She bounces and jiggles her perfect boobs and butt on him, as he muffles under her perfect booty. He so desperately wants to see his gf’s boobs but she won’t allow him the view as all he can see is right up her asshole. her cruel teasing drives him insane as she starts rubbing his cock with her feet to see if he’s getting hard. She sits full weight on his face not letting him breathe! When she is done she tells him she’s leaving him cuffed and going to apply for a job at the local strip club.

Starring: ChiChi Medina, Jason Ninja




Keywords: chichi medina, boobs, ass, booty, jason ninja, brat girls, g strings

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Brat Princess 2 – Chichi – Oiled Booty Facesit




Its such a nice day to lay out on the patio. Chichi uses her human bench to sunbathe in her shiny bathing suit. The bench cannot breathe the fresh summer air with Chichis booty on its face. Chichi inhales deeply, Mmmmfeel that breeze. Chichi is so relaxed. She might stay here all day and watch the sunset. She stands to oil-up her butt. Wouldnt you love to feel this soft, oily, ass on your face? She asks. Chichi rubs oil all over her ass, then goes right back to sitting full-weight on the slaves face. He gets smothered in her glistening ass. Chichi stands to rub some more oil on her booty, then sits back down hard. This is my throne, she tells the slave. You are my bench, you are my throne. Chichi giggles, satisfied. (10:03 long)

Clip contains: Chichi, ass oiling, full-weight facesit, Princess uses human bench to sunbathe


Related Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION

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Brat Princess 2 – ChiChi – Seduces a Shoe Salesman Part 1




ChiChi loves shopping for new shoes, but she hates when the lowly salesman keeps her waiting. The shoe salesman servicing her is not very good at his job. He just cant satisfy his customers demands. The salesman helps ChiChi change her shoes a few times while on his knees. ChiChi comments that her husband must make much more money than he does, and he doesnt have to grovel on his knees all day. She cant believe that at 50 the salesman is still just in entry level retail. It must be because hes so bad at satisfying women. ChiChi finally finds a pair she likes. She inquires if the store provides a shoe cleaning service. The salesman replies that he would have to ask the manager. ChiChi mentions that when she was a girl, she had the boys in school licking the dirt off her shoes all the time. The salesman is desperate for the sale. He says that he would be willing to lick the dirt off the shoes, if she decides to buy the pair today. ChiChi isnt convinced. She tells the salesman to show her how he will lick the dirt from her shoes. The desperate salesman opens his mouth and starts to lick, right in the middle of the store. He licks the soles, eager to show her that hes the man for the job. ChiChi thrusts her heel into his cheek and tells him to suck. To be continued (8:05 long)

Clip contains: ChiChi, Femdom convinces salesman to lick soles of shoes, shoe worship, stiletto heel sucking



Keywords: ChiChi

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Brat Princess 2 – Chichi – Sits on danni and Grinds his Face into her Ass




720 HD: Chichi reclines on dannis abdomen and chest. He is her personal cushion. Chichi sits on her cushions face. She puts her full weight on him. Chichi smothers danni deep in her ass. She grinds his face farther and farther into her. Danni holds Chichis legs while he takes her weight. Chichi grinds her pussy on his face. She controls his breathing with her ass. Danni can barely breathe with Chichis muscular butt engulfing his tiny nose. She shows the scrawny male no mercy. (8:41 long)

Clip contains: Chichi, full-weight facesit, ass smother, grinds on slaves face, Femdom



Keywords: ChiChi, full-weight facesit, grinds on slaves face

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Brat Princess 2 – ChiChi and Kendall – Share Human Furniture

Brat Princess 2 - ChiChi and Kendall - Share Human Furniture.wmv.0012

Brat Princess 2 - ChiChi and Kendall - Share Human Furniture.wmv.0020

Brat Princess 2 - ChiChi and Kendall - Share Human Furniture.wmv.0021

This clip is two clips in one. First, ChiChi shops online while sitting on the face of a human chair. Her full weight is on his face for uninterrupted minutes. The suffocating chair wiggles. ChiChi gets upset with the wiggly chair. She sits back down on its face and keeps shopping. In the second part of the clip, ChiChi shows Kendall how to use one of the human chairs laying around the sorority. Both girls sit on the chair at the same time. They bounce on him together while giggling. ChiChi and Kendall discuss taking the chair to the salon, so that they can enjoy a comfortable seat while they get their nails done. (11:20 long) Clip contains: ChiChi, Kendall, facesit, ass smother, share human furniture, disco shorts


Keywords: ChiChi, Kendall, disco shorts

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