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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Locked Cocks Suffer

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Locked Cocks Suffer




Chastity is something that I am very passionate about.. And I’m convinced that most of you are doing it wrong. You see, you put your cage on and then take it off whenever you please. You’re role-playing and pretending, with no real control. That needs to end. I want to take that cock of yours and keep it locked tightly so it can suffer. I want to see you desperate for release, eager to do anything and everything to get your keys back. None of this pretending, it’s time for the real thing.

Category: CHASTITY
Keywords: orgasm denial

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Femdom and StrapOn Clips – Basic Education to a Sissy Maid Lesson 1

Femdom and StrapOn Clips – Basic Education to a Sissy Maid Lesson 1




The first Lesson to be a good maid get the Sissy today. As preparation for her first Lesson and her first Video, she was now locked up for 8 weeks in the steel chastity. But nothings helps, not the stylist, not the training, not the friendly words. She do everything wrong what her Mistress ordered. So it is time for her first punishment. In this case hard and without any mercy until her sissy ass is red an blue. Perhaps her performance will be better in the next part of the lesson
Keywords: maid fetish

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Tease And Thank You – I love Chastity

Tease And Thank You – I love Chastity




There’s a feeling in the room when you acheive full brainmush on a boy, that’s really intoxicating. An unedited, full-on no safewords horrendous lubed up clitty tease. – xo Helix

P.S. This one is a Tease & Thank You exclusive!!

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DomNation – YOUR BREATH OR MY SHOES. Starring Princess Seva

DomNation – YOUR BREATH OR MY SHOES. Starring Princess Seva




What could be funner than shopping with your slave? How about On-line shopping when you can use him as a comfy seat and feel him beneath you squirming for oxygen.

Princess Seva has been wanting some new expensive footwear for quite a while now.However her reluctant cheap skate for a slave has been refusing to foot the bill, per say. So the Princess arranges a little shopping spree in which she has total control of her slave’s breathing and chastity. Can you think of a better way to get what you want?

It doesnt take long for her many charms to affect her slave as hes deprived of air beneath her soft luscious buttocks and false promises of relief from his on going and tormentive chastity. Oh yes he soon submits and willfully buys her expensive foot attire

Keywords: princess seva, human atm, submissive slave training, female domination, cash cow, humiliation, female superiority, shopping slave, domstic servitude, financial slavery, chastity training, credit card abuse, money pig, orgasm control and denial, bdsm

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DomNation – TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM FULL VERSION.Starring Mistress Seva

DomNation – TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM FULL VERSION.Starring Mistress Seva




Get this full version video today and enjoy the best of both worlds with the full footage of TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM and TO COME OR NOT TO CUM PART 2. This is great video of Princess Seva emotionally taunting her Chastised slave! Get this 8+ minutes of footage at the great price of $7.99 2day and join in the funnnnnnn!!!!

After having her loser slave`s cock incarcerated in an inescapable chastity cage for six weeks, Princess Seva has decided to set her slave free to jerk himself off for her amusement. As he furiously strokes his useless cock, Princess stands over him stroking her own bigger and better strap on cock to humiliate him even more. Seva instructs him to mimic her every movement and stroke and each time he comes close to reaching an orgasm Princess denies him and starts the process all over again.

In this sequel, Princess Seva teases him relentlessly until she finally allows him the supreme privilege of releasing himself while on his knees before her. But there is a price to pay for this lucky slave. After he has cum an enormous wad of jism all over the floor, Seva orders him to write his name LOSER in his worship puddle WITH HIS TONGUE! After which he is instructed to lap up the remainder of his cum as a sign of appreciation to his Mistress.

Keywords: princess seva, humiliation, submissive slave training, female domination, masturbation games, verbal humiliation, female superiority, orgasm control and denial, domestic servitude, jerk off instruction, slave training, masturbation humiliation, brat girls, small penis humiliation, bdsm

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DomNation – CAGED MAN MEAT. Starring Mistress Renee Trevi

DomNation – CAGED MAN MEAT. Starring Mistress Renee Trevi




Mistress Renee loves foot worship, Actually she just loves to be worshipped. But to have a slave in Chastity and to make him suffer “Oh My” what fun it is to watch his penis become engorged while confined to that tiny little Man meat prison, it really just doesn’t get much better.

Mistress Renee has more than this feeble minded slaves cock in a cage, she ends up throwing him in one too. After allowing him to worship her feet and legs, to feel the soft silkiness of her milken white flesh and to smell of her. This weak minded drudge can’t help but become excited.

Renee will now not even allow his eager hands to meet her flesh, She taunts him with her delicious Ass and dangles the key of orgasmic bliss just out of reach of his desiring hands. There will be only want and disappointment for this sexually destitute slave. He will spend his lifetime caged, in chastity, wandering a desert void of any sexual release or pleasure his only relief, only a mirage!

Category: JOI
Keywords: dominatrix, mistress renee, leather, joi, leg worship, chastity, femdom, female dominaton, bdsm, tease and denial, masturbation control, humiliation, female superiority, foot worship, female superiority

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Tina has created the rubber doll she wants. Obedient, in chastity, ready for big anal toys and a mouth she can use for her pleasure. He is her slave and fuckdoll in training.

Tags: medical, gloves, stocking, high heels, chastity, anal, toy, masturbation

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Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – 15 Minutes on the Edge with Huge Ruined Cumshot

Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – 15 Minutes on the Edge with Huge Ruined Cumshot




Sasha’s slave has been strapped very tightly and locked into a metal stockade, and also blindfolded. She is going to let him out of chastity, but for a very slow, agonizing tease before finally ruining his orgasm. The slave is very eager to get out of chastity. He has no idea what is in store for him. It proves challenging to remove the chastity device, as the slave has already swelled so much inside it. Sasha has half a mind just to leave the desperate slave in. The device is eventually removed, and the slave is oozing precum. When Sasha sees the slave dripping precum, she knows right away that she wants to edge him for as long as possible. She wants to see just how long he can last before ruining him. Sasha touches the slave minimally. She wants to tease it as much as possible. The chastity slave lasts on edge for a remarkable 15 minutes before Sasha finally allows it to have a ruined orgasm. The clip is incredible. Sasha is so skilled at keeping the slave right on edge and prolonging the tease for as long as possible. The slave’s orgasm is unbelievable. A truly epic ruin. (16:13 long)

Clip Contains: Sasha Foxxx, Handjobs, Female Domination, Ruined Orgasm, Bondage, Edging, Teasing, Orgasm Control, Chastity



Keywords: handjobs

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Takes Out Aggression at Boyfriend on Slaves Face

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Takes Out Aggression at Boyfriend on Slaves Face




Amadahy’s boyfriend is on his way over. She’s very excited to see him. In the meantime, her slave is tied to the bed. Amadahy sits on the slave’s face. She reminds the slave that its job is to prepare her for a real man. Amadahy talks about the plans she and her boyfriend have for their date, while using the slave’s face. She bounces and grinds to warm herself up for hot sex with her boyfriend. Amadahy happily plans her date, until her boyfriend texts and cancels. Then, she turns on the slave. He is tied up and cannot escape her wrath. Amadahy yells at the slave, in place of her absent boyfriend. She starts bouncing on the slave’s face much harder. She wants him to hurt. This is the slave’s fault. Amadahy’s boyfriend is putting in overtime at work. If the slave would work harder and put more time in at his job, then her boyfriend wouldn’t need to be putting in overtime at his. Amadahy hits the slave. She wants to break its nose. She hates it. Its dick is so tiny and worthless, she could never use it in place of her boyfriends. The slave and her boyfriend are nowhere near equal. Amadahy gets madder and madder as she rides the slave’s face. She’s stuck at home with the inferior male tonight, and it’s all his fault. She makes the slave apologize over and over. But no amount of “I’m sorry” can make up for being stuck with it instead of her boyfriend. She starts to deny it air for longer and longer periods of time. Only the slave’s suffering can cheer her up. She lectures the slave for being poor. The poor are underachievers. It’s going to have to get another job, work overtime, and sell all its worldly possessions, just to keep up with what Amadahy’s boyfriend can earn. Then, maybe she’ll be happily riding her boyfriend’s superior cock instead of the slave’s ugly face. It’s the slave’s job to earn for his Princess, so that she can spend her time doing whatever she wants. Even if that means spending much more time with her boyfriend instead of him. (12:14 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Chastity, Cuckold, Ass Bouncing, Ass Grinding, Bikini, Financial Domination



Keywords: female domination

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Subby Hubby – Don’t Make Your Stepmom Wait. Starring Parker Swayze

Subby Hubby – Don’t Make Your Stepmom Wait. Starring Parker Swayze




As Alex and Toby keep swapping stories of their various sexual conquests of different women Alex keeps ignoring calls from his stepmom. When he finally answers the call, his stepmom Parker is furious and orders Alex to come home. When next we see Alex, he is locked in a cage with his dick locked in chastity! Parker makes it very clear that she does not like waiting, so she will drive that point home with some humiliation – Alex is ordered to lick her ass clean! Parker makes sure to drive Alex’s face deep into her ass as she continues humiliating him and making sure that he remembers that he is her bitch. Parker enjoys keeping Alex locked in chastity and teased mercilessly. She orders him to lick her pussy, then masturbates herself right over his face to get him all hot and horny. She teases him that she is never letting him out, then cruelly starts blowing and licking on his locked up cock to get him even more horny. Parker then starts rubbing her pussy up and down his chastised shaft, laughing as his balls turn purple and his cock helplessly throbs in pain. Parker has complete control over her step bitch and she loves to use it. Parker is determined to teach Alex to control his dick better; after all, if he is going to be her fucktoy, she can’t have him cumming too quickly. Parker removes his chastity and starts stroking his cock hard, telling him that he had better not cum before she has orgasmed several times. Parker then mounts her stepson, fucking him hard in multiple positions, all the while warning him to not cum. When Parker finally does let him cum, it is from jerking his dick off onto her tits. Parker then orders Alex to lick up his mess from her tits, pleased that he lasted longer this time. When Toby sees Alex locked in a cage, he thinks it is hilarious – until Parker catches him making fun of Alex and turns him into her foot worshipping bitch as well! Parker pleasures herself by masturbating her own pussy while her two young slaves eagerly worship her feet, almost competing to see who can do the better job. For all their bragging these guys are just bitches to a real woman. Parker orders Alex and Toby to submit to a size comparison, but poor Toby does not “measure up.” Parker makes serious fun of Toby’s small cock, then makes him jerk off Alex’s so he knows what a real cock feels like. Parker enjoys humiliating Toby for his small dick so much that she even masturbates just watching the show. When Alex is ready to pop, Parker makes sure that he does it right in Toby’s face. Parker then drives the humiliation even deeper by feeding Toby all of Alex’s cum, which has been dripping off of Toby’s face. This is what Toby gets for making fun of Alex earlier. When a caged Toby makes fun of Alex for sucking Parker’s Strap-on cock, she decides to make an example of him. Parker swaps slaves, putting Alex in the cage and ramming her cock down Toby’s throat. She then bends Toby over the bed and totally makes him her bitch, fucking him long and hard in the ass. Toby will learn that he is nothing but another one of Parker’s slave bitches now.

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