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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – The Secret is Nobody Likes You

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1080 HD: Charlotte knows a secret about devon. She wants to tell her, but she knows that if she tells devon, it will hurt her feelings. Devon wants to know it anyway, she wants to know what people are saying about her. Charlotte suggests that she and devon make a trade. Charlotte will tell devon the secret, if she agrees to worship her feet. Devon agrees. She takes off Charlotte’s shoes, then sits down next to her on the bed. Charlotte reveals the secret. None of the girls that devon thinks are her friends really like her. Devon starts to cry. She is heartbroken to find out that nobody at school likes her. Charlotte is indifferent. She made a trade and she’s still waiting to get her feet worshiped. She doesn’t care that devon is crying, devon has to fulfill her part of the exchange and worship Charlotte’s feet. Charlotte goes on about some of the mean things the other girls are saying about devon while devon worships her feet. The foot worship is very relaxing to Charlotte. She gets sleepy and decides she wants to take a nap. Charlotte has devon undress her so that she can be more comfortable. Devon removes Charlotte’s blouse and shorts for her. Charlotte sends her friend devon to go put her clothes in the laundry as she collapses onto the bed for a well deserved nap. (9:57 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, devon, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation




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Brat Princess 2 – Lindsey POV – My Ass Will Destroy your Wallet

1080 HD: Lindsey knows that she has an ass that losers just can’t say no to. Loser, she’s going to use her perfect ass to destroy you financially. A great ass is your weakness. You’d crawl behind one straight into ruination. Lindsey knows this. Follow her great ass to her wish list. Stop thinking and add an item to your cart. Mindless clicking is the secret to her happiness and your ultimate financial undoing. Add, click, and spend without thinking. Lindsey’s perfect ass deserves presents. You, loser, deserve nothing but to be used for your weakness. (8:27 long)

Clip contains: Luscious Lindsey, Femdom POV, Financial Domination

Category: FEMDOM POV


Keywords: Ass Addict, Disco Pants

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexis – Fingers Her Belly

1080 HD: Alexis Grace is smoking a cigarette out on the patio and she notices that her belly button is feeling very sensitive. She looks to see if any of the neighbors can see her in the backyard. When Alexis thinks she’s alone she unzips her body suit, exposing her naked breasts, and takes out her belly button ring. Alexis fingers her deep belly button and moans with pleasure. She plays with making her innie into an outie. Finger fucking her belly makes Alexis really wet. She fingers her belly until she cums. Later, Lola joins Alexis back out on the deck for a smoke. Alexis candidly asks Lola if she has ever fingered her own belly button. Lola has not. Alexis blows some smoke into Lola’s belly button, then fingers it for the first time. Lola gets really turned on. Alexis teaches Lola how to finger fuck her belly button. The girls finger their belly buttons together. Alexis licks and fingers Lola’s belly button until she cums, too. (12:24 long)

Clip contains: Alexis Grace, Lola, Bellybutton Fetish, Smoking


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Keywords: SMOKING

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy Christina and Khloe – Cock and Ballbusting Double Feature

1080 HD: This double feature is two previously unreleased Ballbusting clips that were both cut short due to catastrophic injury to the slave. In both cases the slave turned out to be ok in the long run, but we still had to cut the clip short so that we could sell it without breaking any site rules. Note that neither of these clips are ball kicking. They are mostly punching, which doesn’t look as dramatic on camera as a full force kick, but is actually much worse for the slave. My understanding is that it is indescribably painful it is to have your balls punched into a hard surface, and that is what happened to the slave in both of these clips. The first part is called, Scream into Our Asses while we Ballbust you, starring Christina and Khloe. They take turns like a see saw, one girl sitting on the slave’s face while the other punches and knees its balls. The slave is lying on the floor, so the impact doesn’t just swing his testicles back with no resistance, they are actually being repeatedly thrust up into his pelvic bone. Christina really enjoys smashing the slave’s testicles with her knee. She’s amazed at how they can get really get squished in this position. You can see a look of concern on Khloe’s face once the slave’s screams get really urgent, but Christina ignores the screams and keeps going. A year later, this video slave was trying to conceive with his new wife and found out he’s completely sterile. We all had a really good laugh over it and are pretty sure that this was the clip that did it. The damage is all internal, so you don’t see him open up like the slave in The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted but the effect was longer lasting and more devastating to the slave’s hopes and dreams. The second clip, Brutal Bound Cock Busting stars Amadahy. Amadahy is so sexy and sadistic in this clip. She ties a slave into a cock and ball stockade. Her goal for the day is to render the slave unable to ever have a healthy erection again. She takes her closed hand and pounds it over and over again into the slave’s balls. She repeatedly punches his cock into the hard wood board of the stockade. Then, she takes her boot and starts kicking the slave’s testicles into the board. Amadahy wants to reopen the scar tissue on the head of the penis that she made months ago. She had a lot of fun making that scar and wants to relive the memory. Amadahy kicks and punches the cock into the board until it breaks open. At this point I shut the camera off so that we could comply with regulatory standards of decency. The scene didn’t stop, though. I left to make a sandwich, but as I ate I could hear pleasure sounds coming from Amadahy and pain sounds from the slave. When I returned, Amadahy was all radiant smiles and the slave was as though it had been reduced to nothing but the sum of its fluids, which now all seemed to be pouring out of it. I laughed and she laughed. When we were finished laughing, Amadahy untied the slave and had it clean all of the red from its body and the equipment. (9:56 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Christina, Khloe, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Brat Girls




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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Kendall – Blue Jean Facesit Prepares Human Thong

720 HD: Little danni is going to be shrunken down. After hes been shrunk, Amadahys going to take a long flight to Hawaii with danni in her blue jeans like a thong. It will be difficult for him to breathe, so Amadahys going to teach him how to get air in the crack of her ass before he is shrunk down. Hes going to better understand what his life will after hes tiny enough to be worn. Oh my gosh, what happens if I get wet? Amadahy asks, Would he drown? Amadahy and Kendall giggle at the thought of little shrunken danni drowning in a flood of pussy juice. Kendall sits on dannis hips and bounces as Amadahy smothers his little face. They tell danni to yell, Thank you, into Amadahys ass. The girls giggle at how moronic he sounds. Amadahy describes how she wants to join the mile high club while wearing her tiny human thong. Shes going to slip little danni to the side of her pussy while she gets fucked by a real man. Imagine the look of pure terror on his little face when encountering a cock bigger than his entire body! Maybe Amadahy will squirt and wash his little body away. Amadahy lists all the objects danni has been so far. Hes going to have to get used to his new life as a human thong. The girls make danni flatter and flatter with both of their full weights on his body. Amadahy makes danni confess that he wants to Worship a huge woman. They decide to keep danni regular size for a few more weeks before putting him in the shrinking machine. Amadahy teases dannis chastity one last time. She and Kendall decide to be-dazzle dannis face. Amadahy wants her human thong to have pink rhinestones. Danni is sent to the craft store to retrieve 200 pink rhinestones. Before danni is shrunken down, the girls are going to punch 200 pink stones into his face. (15:55 long)




Keywords: Amadahy, Kendall

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Deep Smother with Struggle to Breathe

1080 HD: Amadahy is playing a game on Her tablet and She is totally kicking ass. Beneath Her, Her human gaming chair struggles for breath. He is smothered by Amadahy’s perfect butt as She plays to get the high score. Amadahy gets very mad when the chair cannot be still. It’s messing up Her game, and that is unacceptable. She has to start the game all over again. If the chair ruins Her game this time, it’s going to get a punishment. She warns that if She has to get another gaming chair, She will put this one out in the street to be picked up by anyone who happens to be dumpster diving. The chair really struggles for breath. Amadahy does not care about the stupid chair, She only cares about winning Her game and getting the high score. She does not want to lose, because that would make her seem like a loser and She is not a loser. This is a true deep smother. You really get a sense of Amadahy’s indifference at the slave’s desperate struggle to live. (13:35 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Ass Smother




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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Chastity Slave Spoon Fed its Monthly Release

1080 HD: Amadahy’s dumbass slave has spent 30 days in chastity. Time for its monthly release! There’s a catch, of course. The slave can cum, but he has to do it into a glass. Amadahy’s going to spoon feed the whole hot salty load right down its throat. The slave is so desperate to cum, but Amadahy makes it edge itself first. The slave has to play red light green light for several minutes. Right as it’s about to go over the edge, it pathetically begs to cum while reaching for the glass. The slave relieves its orgasm into the glass. Amadahy makes it lick up a few errant specks of pre cum from the floor. She spits in the glass and mixes it with the cum to make the desperate cuckold a nice treat. The load is really thick. You can tell this slave has spent awhile in chastity. As promised, Amadahy spoons the entire load straight down the slave’s throat. The slave gags and makes a fuss as Amadahy giggles and feeds it every last little bit. Amadahy notices a few gobs on the floor. She makes the slave slurp and lick that up, too. When the floor is satisfactorily clean, Amadahy locks the cuck right back into chastity. This time, he’ll have to stay in even longer. Amadahy wants it to swallow an even bigger load of its own cum next time. (14:23 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Edging Games, Male Cum Swallowers, Masturbation Humiliation, Chastity




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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Fucks Domestic Cuck into Submission before Tea Party

1080 HD: Amadahy’s tea party is just hours away. It has to be perfect, but the efforts of Amadahy’s domestic cuckold are not up to par. There are streaks on the counter, not impressive to Amadahy, and certainly not something She wants Her girlfriends to see. Amadahy makes the cuck stick its tongue out and lick the dirty streaks from the counter. The cuck makes a big fuss. Amadahy ignores its fussing and chastises it. She takes an apple and puts it in the cucks mouth to shut it up. Then She goes around the kitchen finding flaws. Most outrageously, the cucumber sandwiches have not been made. Amadahy is very serious about Her cucumber sandwiches. A cucumber sandwich cannot ever be improperly made, or worse yet, completely absent. That’s it. Clearly, the cuck needs to be fucked and beaten back into its lowly lot in life. Amadahy begins to whip her cuck and it goes back to its petulant fussing. She demands it repeat after Her, but with the apple in its mouth it is incoherent. Amadahy whips it harder for again not completing Her request. She repeats Her instructions for the party preparations over and over as She beats the cuck. The cuck is so stupid, She has to literally beat the message into him and She’s sick of having to correct the dummy. Amadahy pulls one of her largest cocks out of the drawer. She doesn’t care if she splits the cuck’s asshole wide open. It has to learn to listen somehow. Amadahy thrusts Her cock into the cuck’s mouth first. It gags and fusses, but the real suffering hasn’t even started. Amadahy takes the cucks tight asshole. The cuck howls and makes a lot of pain noises. It’s obviously extremely uncomfortable for the cuck. Amadahy laughs. She fucks him anyway. The cuck really struggles. His face is covered in sweat and he won’t stop crying. Amadahy can see his pain and fucks him even harder. When she’s finished, Amadahy sends the cuck back to cleaning. The cuck cries as it resumes sweeping. Amadahy looks adorable in her polka dot dress. Note, there is a small spot of dried red on the camera lens throughout this whole clip, but it isn’t distracting. It’s from when the cuck’s body opened up in a previous whipping scene we had shot, and we forget to clean the lens afterwards. (16:37 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Strap-On, Pegging, Ass Fucking, Dildo Fucking, Cuckold, Chastity, Anal, Domestic Servitude, brief hand smothering



Keywords: STRAP-ON

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Brat Princess 2 – Edyn and Mia – Total Brain Overhaul while Edged and Ruined

1080 HD: Princess Mia’s slave has been receiving behavioral and mental reconditioning at the Edging Salon for some time now. But he still has reservations, things he’s holding onto and withholding from Princess. Mia wants to be sure that’s her slave is mentally and financially completely open to her. She wants to remove any remaining barrier and dig into his deepest reserves. He’s going to need a complete mental overhaul to dissolve any remaining attachments, a total teardown. To prepare for today’s reprogramming Mia has kept the slave in chastity for a very long time. They will use all of his built up sexual energy against him as they rewire his brain. Edyn is the teaser on shift at the Salon today. She will be manually stimulating Mia’s slave. The programming works best if Edyn is able to steer the slave right to the edge of orgasm, and hold it there for as long as possible before allowing it to cum. Messages sink into the subconscious mind with more penetrability if the slave is kept at the height of sexual arousal for the duration of its mind reprogramming. When the slave is allowed to cum, all of its orgasms will be ruined. There is no need to ever sate the sexual drive of a slave. With mind reprogramming it is usually better to build and build to the peak of sexual arousal without ever allowing the slave indulge in a satisfying orgasmic release. Mia’s slave is familiar with the reprogramming chair at the Edging Salon. He has been in it before for its initial ego annihilation sessions. He really fights his Princess at first, but eventually he is securely tied down and the procedure can begin. The Edging Salon is a really great place for Princess to relax. Mia likes to keep an eye on her slave, but with the automated system and the aid of the on staff teaser, she needn’t do much more. Mia enjoys an ice cream novelty as her slave’s mind is wrecked. This clip has picture in picture, so you get multiple videos within this video. The picture in picture shows what the slave is seeing and hearing while undergoing his reprogramming. What you are experiencing as a viewer is only a fraction of the intensity a slave experiences, because his experience is much more immersive. You can watch Edyn Blair giving a hand job, a mesmerize clip, and Mia smugly enjoying her latte all at the same time. The picture in picture lasts for almost the entire handjob. The slave has three ruined orgasms. The picture in picture content is mostly images of Mia’s terrific Princess butt with a lot of strong financial domination mesmeric suggestions. The picture in picture images and sounds have been enhanced to deepen the mesmeric experience. (13:24 long)

Clip contains: Edyn Blair, Princess Mia, Female Domination, Mind Fuck, Three Ruined Orgasms, Mental Domination,
Hand Jobs, Mesmerize, Edging, Bondage Male, Brat Girls



Keywords: MIND FUCK

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Brat Princess 2 – Christina and Mia – Rewire Chastity Geek into Humiliation Jerk Junkie

1080 HD: This is a previously unreleased clip with Princesses Christina and Mia. It is also one of the first clips we ever shot with danni. In it, Christina and Mia want to teach danni how to play a game called RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT. They allow danni to remove his chastity device. Christina explains that they are allowing him to feel pleasure, but that it is only to rewire his brain. They want to turn the little geek into a humiliation jerk junkie. When Christina or Mia says “green light,” danni is allowed to stroke his little penis. But if either of the Princesses say “red light,” danni needs to stop immediately. Christina and Mia make danni kiss their feet and butts while he edges himself. It’s more appropriate for a geek like danni to associate sexual pleasure with butts and feet than any other part of a girl’s body. Christina and Mia remind danni that he is a loser. From now on he will only be allowed to masturbate to humiliation. It’s not appropriate for danni to think about having sex because he will never have sex. It’s not ok for danni to fantasize about seeing Christina naked, because he will never in his life be allowed to see her naked. It’s only appropriate that a loser learn to masturbate to being humiliated by hot girls because that is the only kind of attention he will ever get from them. Christina and Mia give danni a cum countdown from 10, but stop before they get to 1. Christina makes danni get back into chastity right away, completely denying him. (11:10 long)

Clip contains: Christina, Mia, Female Domination, Edging Games, Mind Fuck, Brat Girls, Chastity, Humiliation, Tease & Denial, Foot Worship, Butt Kissing, Bikinis




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