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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi an…

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi and Goddess Rodea




We decide to have more fun by putting the ball kicking slave on its hands n knees and playing a game with it. 2 girls sit on its back and use it as furniture and the 3rd girl gets to run up from behind and give it some “snap kicks” between its legs to try to get the slave to “DROP” the 2 girls! Human furniture needs to be TRAINED, you know! Haha. After all, REAL furniture would NEVER drop its owners no matter how hard it was kicked! lol…

To make it even MORE fun for us – and emotionally cruel for the slave – we make the slave turn over a card before each “round”- and the number that comes up is the number of kicks it needs to take in its balls while holding 2 of us up for that round! Poor slave is eventually trembling as it turns a card over, just HOPING that it gets a low number! LOL

-FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi, Goddess Rodea



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We Love Ballbusting – Buckled Boots Ballbusting With Goddess Vanessa Viciousa

We Love Ballbusting – Buckled Boots Ballbusting With Goddess Vanessa Viciousa




This is not you typical model here but rather one of the most ruthless you will encounter. Besides kicking you with buckled boots, she rips into your dick with spikes and smashes your face with kicks giving you a nasty shiner in your right eye! In this clip, she uses a pair of buckled boots to nail your cock and balls and leaves you doubled over in pain at the end of it. of special note: if you are looking for it, from a distance, you can see her feet are indeed covered in your red filth, however, if not looking for it, it can easily be missed, therefore we have opted to include the full clip here. Please be advised that it may be requested for us to remove t so please do try and purchase it before/if that happens.


Related Categories: EXTREME DOMINATION

Keywords: extreme domination

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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Scrambled eggs by Jasmine Mendez

Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Scrambled eggs by Jasmine Mendez




Custom: I placed an add locking for a fan to be part of a video with me. The theme was a Bitchy boss who has massive size 11 feet and the employe is scared of her big feet and long toes. He says I could destroy his balls, cock and ass with my powerful feet and I reply well Thats not my problem and laugh.. We start shooting and the sub is in severe pain after the first 2 blows to the balls. It was his first TIme on film but he should of known better then to sign up for a ball bust and not expect pain. With every blow the sub looks like he is going to pass out. He Tries to quit the clip every 5m but i edited that out. I had a great time kicking this little bitches balls over and over and watching him almost cry. I hate when people waste my time… he ran out of the shoot like a little baby at the very end when I told um I had to kick um one last time, said he had an emergency phone call he had to take and never returned lol.. FUcking loser

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: jasmine, domination, kicking, ballbusting, foot, submissive, ball abuse, femdom, bitch, abuse, feet, brat, stomping, dominatrix, mistress

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Ball Busting Chicks – Servants Balls Tormented. Starring Victoria Valente

Ball Busting Chicks – Servants Balls Tormented. Starring Victoria Valente




For some women it’s a pleasure to grab small, vulnerable male bollocks, squeeze them, dig their fingers in the sensitive male meat balls and t*rture them in various ways. This lazy servant dares to touch her and beg for mercy. It’s sure that he will get an even harder punishment or she just laughs at him and mock him with his – from the pain, inflicted by ball squeezing – shriveled up penis. Of course he get kicked in the balls as well. After one hard final kick he lies destroyed on the floor.
Length 8:33 minutes. © ballbustingchicks.com

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: victoria, valente

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Lousy pony punishment

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Lousy pony punishment




My pony has disappointed Me and, as one would expect, he must be punished for that. his balls will be the ones taking the hit for his inability to be elegant and fast at the same time while pulling My cart. he must be strong for Me. I hate when he is clumsy. I am going to destroy him and his balls, I will kick them for as long as he can stand and present them to Me. And then I will make him crawl behind Me like a worm and try to kiss My boots while I am walking away from him. he is a useless slave and if kicking his balls does not keep him down on the ground, the whip in My hand will. What a pathetic and useless piece of ! Let’s hope he can at least satisfy Me by taking a good whipping (to follow).

#1 clip in category “FEMDOM”

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: ezada

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We Love Ballbusting – Brutal Knees Of Fury. Starring Goddess Amadahy

We Love Ballbusting – Brutal Knees Of Fury. Starring Goddess Amadahy




In the immediate aftermath of bruising up your cock like never before, Goddess Amadahy is not done destroying you in fun and inventive ways. Her next sadistic action, is to use her strong and athletic legs to smash your cock and balls with her knees at full force! There is such incredible genital sensitivity after she has kicked and smashed your cock and balls with her perfect butt, bringing the hammer down on your fragile baby maker. Even the smallest blows send waves of pain and anguish into your being but she does not hold back at crushing your very essence. Limited time low price.


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Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – This One Still Has A Pulse. Starring Domina Ruby

Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – This One Still Has A Pulse. Starring Domina Ruby




Domina Ruby and I have been abusing slaves all day. Even though this one has taken a lot we aren’t quite done with him. Slave gets the ultimate woman handling with ballbusting, ball kneading, smothering and flying buttdrops on his groin. Lots of aggressive ass twerking on his face by Ruby and my buttdrops and hard bounces on his lap pretending to fuck him. Slave couldn’t find a friend on Tinder but once he is finished he might join one in my crawl space or garden later…



Keywords: eurasianpersuasion.com

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We Love Ballbusting – All Time Messy Halloween Mega Special

We Love Ballbusting – All Time Messy Halloween Mega Special




before reading the description please understand that the real deal version that is over 4 times longer is available at our alternative hosting site. Please check our twitter before purchasing this version. Goddess Amadahy s getting ready to attend a Halloween party and wants her boots to be soaked in real . She has already used these boots to rip you manhood apart and wanted to refresh them with your red mess. In real life, Goddess Amadahy keeps these boots on a mantle, they are the most EXTREME pair of spiked boots she has ever kicked with and this Halloween she intends to make it the most extreme mess ever! Your legs are spread apart with a bar and she is using a string to pull your genitals.In this position, Your cock and balls get ripped into with every single kick. We have it at a super low price for a short while at our alternative hosting site so that as many people as possible have the chance to get it in case it is removed. Visiting our twitter is a must to see the picture previews of this clip you will not want to miss out on this one!



Keywords: cbt

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Cheerleader Ball Sadist. Starring Kristina Rose

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Cheerleader Ball Sadist. Starring Kristina Rose




Cruel cheerleader captain Kristina Rose needs help practicing her cheer routine, and who better to help than her infatuated wannabe cheer boy. She knows he will do anything she says to get on the squad and his balls will make a perfect target to work on her high kicks. She really enjoys herself as she relentlessly nails his balls with hard kick after hard kick. She strips him naked and continues her cruel kicking target practice. He repeatedly falls to the ground from her painful testicle bludgeoning but she just laughs at him and drags him to his feet for more high kicks. This new practice method really helps her kicking form and sends the boy off to fetch the rest of the squad once she is done abusing his battered nuts!



Keywords: kristina rose

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Noe – Cow Milked Dry Pigs Balls Slaughtered

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Noe – Cow Milked Dry Pigs Balls Slaughtered




Amadahy and Noe finally have a cow that didnt reach its production quota. This is very uncommon, as Noe and Amadahy are two of the best teasers in the facility. As frustrated as they are with the unproductive cow, they are still pleased with the unexpected event. Administering a punishment breaks up the monotony of routine. Amadahy and Noe are very enlivened by the prospect of busting the failures balls. They mask the cow with a pig hood and tie it to a post. Meanwhile, the next cow is strapped to the bench for its shift. The cow on the bench is forced to watch as its brethren is beaten. The teasers set a three minute timer, so that they can divide time between teasing the milked cow and punishing the failure. Watching the cow on the post being beaten is somewhat motivating to the cow on the bench. Fear pushes him to bounce on the edge of orgasm for most of the shift. A strong electrical current shocks the milked cows balls each and every time he nears climax. The teasers alternate between seduction, pain, and fear. The cow watches the beating and suffers, but it also loves its teasers butts grinding on its face. The teasers pull out the cows lucrative pre cum by exploiting all its fetishes. Amadahy trains the beast to love boots. She explains that its hearts so small it could never love something more than boots. It kisses her tall black boots as its balls are drained of their resources. Teasing is too easy for her and Noe. Ball busting is the exciting part of the shift. Amadahy doesnt want to have to wait three minutes between bouts of ball kicking anymore. She and Noe come up with the idea of cheating just a little and kneeing the pig in the balls. Knees technically dont count as kicks, so they can relish the pigs punishment even more. As much as they want to adhere to the three minute kicking intervals to allow for the swelling to build and the kicking to last longer, a little cheat is too tempting. The teasers return to the cow on the bench. They remind the productive cow how good it has things. The cow has seen that its shift can be much, much worse. (27:33 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Noe, Female Domination, Ball Kicking, Ball Busting, Bondage Male, male milking machine, machine edging, facesitting, ass bouncing, ass grinding, boot kissing, spitting, amazingly hot sadistic Goddesses in tall black boots



Keywords: amadahy, noe, ball kicking, male milking machine, facesitting, ass bouncing, ass grinding, boot kissing, spitting

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