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SANDM STUDIO – Ballbusting Fantasy By RQM & Princess Mindy

SANDM STUDIO – Ballbusting Fantasy By RQM & Princess Mindy




Get On Your Knees And Fantasize About Princess Mindy And I Busting Your Balls While Humiliating Your Pathetic Existence.



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DomNation – YOUR BALLS UNDERFOOT. Starring Madam Paulina

DomNation – YOUR BALLS UNDERFOOT. Starring Madam Paulina




Madam Paulina`s Slave has been kind of irritating lately. Reminding her of a nasty little chihuahua that she had as a, it was always underfoot and nipping at her heels, for some strange reason her slave reminds her of this irritating little pest.

Madam Pauline always avoided stepping on the awnry little . She always felt so sorry for the shivering little . But the Madam feels no need to avoid stepping on that, that irritates her now!

The madam makes a point of it to painfully step on and trample that of which is underfoot, she realizes great joy and ecstasy as she digs her heels in and becomes the instrument of her slaves immense suffering. She takes great joy in defiling his very manhood as she buries her heels in his testicles as he flounders around in agony. Oh yes the Madam is now more than willing to step on any pathetic creature that ends up under her feet!!

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DomNation – THE RABID AND THE HARE. Starring Kinky Gaga

DomNation – THE RABID AND THE HARE. Starring Kinky Gaga




Kinky isn’t feeling so Kinky today. A little out of her groove, maybe its because one of her pitiful, lazy slaves neglected to prepare the dinner that was suppose to be ready when she arrived home. Its ok punishment is now the meal being tabled for this slave, he will be punished for his laziness and then he gets to watch the more well mannered slave be rewarded for performing his daily duties..

Kinky has her incompetent slave stand against her steel web naked, his legs spread wide and unrestrained, she wants to force him to just stand there and take it without the benefit of restraints. In a somewhat Rabid manner Kinky explains her situation as her feet land solid blows to this poor slaves defenseless testicles. She continues kicking him in the balls and anus until he can no longer stand and then she forces him to lick his own slime from her boots.

She now puts on a pair of Furry clawed gloves and sensually rewards the more deserving slave, she delicately plays with his erection letting the the gloves razor sharp talons sensually ignite his sensitive flesh as the other slave is made to sit and watch in jealousy.

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DomNation – I CAN SQUEEZE MY RENT OUT OF YOU. Starring Goddess Domina Next

DomNation – I CAN SQUEEZE MY RENT OUT OF YOU. Starring Goddess Domina Next




Goddess Nikki Next has an agreement with her little Fin Slave, He is financially responsible for her rent, yet once again he is late in paying it and the Goddess plans on setting things straight. She may not have a gold medal but her tenacity and Gold Costume more than make up for what the petite Goddess may be missing in Physical Stature.

The Goddess Nikki wants him underfoot, exactly where this worthless slave belongs, so Nikki forces him to the floor and literally uses him as a rug, letting the heels of her stilettos dig into him assuring that he gets the POINT! Of course his misery is only laughable to the Goddess, he deserves to suffer for being late with the rent.

Nikki next demonstrates her physical dominance over him by placing him in a series of painful wrestling holds as her pitiful slave just lays there and takes the pain, as though he’s to terrified (for Good reason) to attempt saving or protecting himself. I doubt that this feeble minded drudge will ever be late with her rent again.

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DomNation – A BULLWHIP COCKFAIL PARTY! Part 2 Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – A BULLWHIP COCKFAIL PARTY! Part 2 Starring Mistress Cybill Troy




Mistress Cybill troy is eager to collect from her slave! She has allowed him the luxury of her divine presence and has even allowed him to accompany her to a small cocktail party. The Mistress has got a little party planned of her own! A little Cock Getting Tail party! Or cock meets bullwhip party.

Cybill has her slave tied up tight. Bound naked and strapped on a raised pedestal. His tightly bound cock and balls at just the right height for perfect accuracy! He is utterly helpless as Cybill Grabs the rope affixed to his junk and pulls his sensitive bits out into the open!

So exposed and vulnerable. Her whip finds it’s mark time after time, strike after agonizing strike! Her slave can do nothing as his penis and balls seeth in intolerable pain! He can’t even pull away or move from side to side as Cybill tugs her target into the slaughter field. He can only scream to release the misery that Cybill finds such delight in. She demands that he look into her eyes. She wants and needs to see the pain and burden within his suffering soul. She needs it, it’s the only way to warm her frozen heart!

I wonder if he will ever accompany her again? Or is the cost too high? I wonder what it costs to say “NO” to Mistress Cybill troy?

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DomNation – WANK OFF, TORMENT AND JOI. Starring Princess Rene

DomNation – WANK OFF, TORMENT AND JOI. Starring Princess Rene




Princess Rene brings us inside as she spends some private time playing with her slave in a hotel room. She Orders him to worship her lovely latex boots and then turns on him, something has hit the torment button the Princess has great fun toying with her slave.

Then with the camera still rolling she decides that it might be fun to speak to the viewers and provide some much needed Hottttt masturabation instruction as she guides all slaves through exactly what they should be doing to themselves during this very rare wanker period. So the Princess manages to get us hot in the first few minutes and is then kind enough to provide explicit instructions on how a slave should now relieve himself. This Is Hotttttttttttt!!!

Category: JOI
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DomNation – BALL BROKEN LOSER JOHN. Starring Lady Cecelie

DomNation – BALL BROKEN LOSER JOHN. Starring Lady Cecelie




As Lady Celcelie puts it. Why Break Hearts when it’s so fun to break a mans Balls . I mean after all it’s much more effective. And secondly there seems to be a direct correlation a man’s heart and his testicles. So once I break his balls then his heart literally follows. Its kind of a ywo for one special, in more ways than one.

Lady Cecelie, is tried of one of her employees insistent staring and drooling all over himself at her expense, she knows that the way to alter this behavior is to squish his balls and his sex drive.

Lady Cecelie. Gives the corporate inbred no asylum. She verbally defiles him as in the same way that she assaults his flesh. She not only beats his Balls into the next life but also his face as she trains him to stare at anything but her.

Category: BDSM
Keywords: lady cecelie, slapping, dominatrix, slave training, humiliation, corporal punishment, verbal humiliation, degradation, ball busting, leather, face slapping, tease an denial, ball abuse, female superiority, bdsm

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DomNation – A TESTE_MENT OF ANGUISH. Starring MIstress Diana Knight

DomNation – A TESTE_MENT OF ANGUISH. Starring MIstress Diana Knight




Oh some men were just born to be punished (well actually all men deserve to be punished) and what way to punish them than to use their very man parts against them. I mean a punishment isn’t really much fun it you don’t just dig in and get to the meat of the matter.

The Mistress has her slave in a state of futile helplessness. Naked and stretch wrapped, completely denied the ability to protect himself, she uses his own urges against him and buries his face deep between her legs and lets him stay there languishing b4 releasing him just in time.

Oh but the mistress isn’t done, the very essence of a man is his testicles and no torment could be complete without a total annihilation of a mans balls. She stretches him out his thighs bound, spread unable to recoil into any kind of defensive posture and then she totally takes advantage of his helplessness as she obliterates his disgusting balls.

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ClubDom – Destroying Her Slave’s Balls. Starring Nina Dolci

ClubDom – Destroying Her Slave’s Balls. Starring Nina Dolci




“Beg me to destroy your balls” Miss Nina Dolci commands her pathetic slave. Miss Nina Dolci wants to have her fun destroying and kicking her slave’s balls. Mistress Nina Dolci grabs a hold of her slave’s worthless balls and squeezes them before kicking them to make them red and puffy. When her slave can’t control his excitement and gets an unauthorized erection, Miss Nina Dolci really lays into him, kicking and kneeing his disgusting and pathetic balls.

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DomNation – YOUR PAIN! WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN (FULL VERSION) Starring Mistress Eva Cruz

DomNation – YOUR PAIN! WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN (FULL VERSION) Starring Mistress Eva Cruz




Mistress Eva Cruz has a dark side, a Sadistic man tormenting side, a firm belief that men are only good for two things, To serve and to suffer for her pleasure. She also believes that a man’s sexual organs are more useless than the man himself, she would castrate all men if she could, and force them to eat their own uselessness.

However, being the wise mistress that she is, she always recognizes that keeping them intact can be valuable to her simply because they can be used to invoke terror and tremendous pain!

Eva has been looking for a new pain slut! And thinks that she may have found him, but only time and trial by pain will tell her for sure. She has her prospect stripped naked, he stands bound, scared and vulnerable as the Mistress closes and locks the massive dungeon door behind her and moves in on her prey.

She taunts and teases him with her majestic body, she is magnificently wrapped in Leather and shiny latex and speak in a sultry sexy tone. But her pathetic minion will not enjoy her beauty for long as she digs her freshly sharpened talons into his flesh carving her initials into his back! She beats his Ass while blasting him in the balls with her knee and then twists his nipples until he screams.. She selects a set of harsh galley whips and starts slaughtering his man meat while ordering him to keep his tiny pathetic man meat out in the open.

The Mistress Eva Cruz has just started get warmed up the last time around, she need test this slave thoroughly, run him through a battery of painful tests and make him jump through hoops of humiliating circumstance. But for the minute she will just settle in and hit him with things.

She has already been hacking at his tiny and useless little man bits with her horrid galley whips, she will proceed on this course for a few more minutes and then switches to her flesh pulverizing beaded flogger on his chest and more tender parts as he yelps in agony!

Oh but the Pain has just begun! And there will be so very much more in this slave’s future if Mistress Eva has anything to say about it. He`s already trembling as she pulls out her skin lacerating bullwhip and cuts into his back with it, then she continually and excruciatingly wraps him with it, between his legs and around his sides. Yet this trial has just begun!!!!



Keywords: mistress eva cruz, scratching, bondage, humiliation, verbal humiliation, beat downs, bdsm, degradation, female superiority, ball busting, cock abuse, nipple torment, ball crushing, bullwhip, female domination

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