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Femme Fatale Films – Bondage Busting – Part 1. Starring Mistress Serena

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Femme Fatale Films – Bondage Busting – Part 1. Starring Mistress Serena




Mistress Serena is in the mood for a heavy ball busting session n really wants to destroy some balls, however her slave is intent
on avoiding her full force kicks. A problem slave, but a simple solution by strapping him to the bondage chair and taping up his
cock out of the way. With her targets exposed, full force shoe n barefoot kicks follow in swift succession! Once she’s pulverised
them in the chair, she makes sure they`re well and truly crushed with some full weight trampling.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Watch Me BallBust Your BBF Junior. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Watch Me BallBust Your BBF Junior. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy has her son bound while she makes him watch her ballbust his best friend. Junior has standing orders to bring friends home so she can trick them into slavery, and she had this poor slob under her control in no time. Kandy has taken him from fun things like licking her pussy to the reality of real slavery, including harsh discipline. What has Junior done to his poor, innocent friend?! Kandy instructs Junior to turn and watch what she’s going to do next, as her plans also include increasing the slave’s pain threshold. “Yes M0mmy” he says. She promptly tells the slave to remove his shorts; there’s no need for them here. The young pervert reveals a rock hard cock and is clearly enjoying his predicament. so far. Kandy makes the slave spread his legs and catches him off guard with a solid knee to the groin.

As Junior watches, she knees his pal repeatedly and slaps his balls a few times before finishing with a volley of punches. He starts to collapse but Kandy holds him up by the cock. Now it’s time for the main act! She delivers kick after kick to the groin, until discarding her stilettos in favor of bare feet. She has the slave facing away from her so she can kick him from behind, and you clearly see the fear in Junior’s eyes as he watches M0mmy brutalize his pal. Kandy switches from one foot to the other until the slave finally collapses. She kneels behind him and twists his cock and balls until he whines like a little girl. But Kandy isn’t finished; not even close! She loves playing with her new toy. “Would you like M0mmy to do this to you, too?” she asks Junior. Of course he has no choice but to say “yes”. Kandy continues to kick, slap, and punch repeatedly until the slave falls to the ground, broken. She unlocks Junior and makes him crawl over to lick the sweat from his buddy’s battered balls.



Keywords: mistress kandy, punching, ballbusting, kicking, family fantasy

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kicking Princess Bella’s Slave. Starring Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS – Kicking Princess Bella’s Slave. Starring Princess Beverly




This was a fun clip. Bella is behind the camera for this one. She basically just “gave” me this loser to kick in the nuts as hard and as much as I want! He is like totally obsessed with her…so we are both basically laughing in his face that she can make him do anything for her. (It’s funny- we talk about him like he is a “thing” for Bella to use however she wants- like he isn’t standing right there next to us in the room! LOL) Bella doesn’t give a **** though- I fuckin love her. She knows that she can talk shttt right in front of this losers face about how he doesn’t mean ANYTHING to her- and he will STILL do whatever she says! Fuckin awesome. Now THAT is a good slave, IMO!

So I decide that I want to kick him in the nuts like HARD- with some pointy steel-toed boots! Haha. But me n Bella laugh that this bitch has no choice in the matter. Bella just snaps her fingers and gives the order- and this bitch’s legs INSTANTLY SPREAD WIDE. LOL I am impressed! And even though you can’t see her in this clip, Bella is just sitting back, laughing, and filming the whole thing for our profit. (And of course commanding her “bitch” to keep getting back up and letting me kick it in the balls again, and again, and AGAIN…)

Her slave did pretty good. Even though he was obviously in agony, he kept getting up when commanded- and that is all that matters in a slave. Obedience and the ability to suffer for our profit and entertainment! Bella decided she MAY keep him a little longer based on his obedience…haha.

-Princess Beverly




Keywords: princess beverly

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DomNation – COCOONED FOR TESTICLE TORMENT FULL VERSION. Starring Mistress January Seraph

DomNation – COCOONED FOR TESTICLE TORMENT FULL VERSION. Starring Mistress January Seraph




After completely encasing her slave in industrial strength plastic cling wrap, Mistress January can do virtually anything and everything she wishes with him. Unable to move a muscle, her slave lies helplessly cocooned as January cuts away just enough plastic wrap to expose his genitals for her sadistic pleasure.

his cock and balls in tight bondage, January proceeds to ravage his privates tooth and nail, literally scratching and biting his cock as her slave’s moans of pleasure turn to shrill screams of agony as she bites down on his pulsating dick. What a delicious and extreme example of the pleasure/pain principle.

January Seraph

Features: CBT, Ball abuse, Extreme Domination, Mistress, FemDom, Female Domination,



Keywords: january seraph, mistress, fetish, female domination, slave, femdom, cbt, pov, extreme domination, masked, ball abuse

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Ball Busting Chicks – Brutal Ball Bondage. Starring Empress

Ball Busting Chicks – Brutal Ball Bondage. Starring Empress




What she most enjoys is to abuse and maltreat mens balls! This is a special case of brutal ball abuse! She ties his balls up with one of her used stockings. She ties them to his own toes! The slave is totally helpless and not able to stop t*rturing his balls at the slightest movement! Even if she would leave him alone in this awkward position the balls would ache like hell. But she even whip his nuts, kick him to make him rollover… At the end – after cutting the stocking and testicle release – she brings life back to his abused balls by kicking them…
Length 11 minutes. ballbustingchicks.com

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: empress

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Ball Busting Chicks – Slave Hunt – My complete Riding Cult Movie. Starring Isabella

Ball Busting Chicks – Slave Hunt – My complete Riding Cult Movie. Starring Isabella




Riding cult fetish of the real and sadistic female domination kind. A sadistic young brat girl is hunting her slave – high on the horse – to find and punish him in the most cruel way! Face slapping, whipping, brutal kicks in his exposed bollocks, plus various sorts of genital t*rture… She ties his manhood up and beat those cock and balls ruthless! After several hard kicks in the balls, she starts to tease him, just to sexually abuse his erected cock by whipping. She even whips his cumming cock hard and brutal and finish him off by kicking him in the balls again. All that happened in real life, in a public forest…
Length 19:29 minutes.

Category: CBT


Keywords: isabella, riding cult, horse, slave hunt, cfnm, tease & denial, femdom, riding, cbt, ball abuse, ball kicking, ball busting, ballbusting, horse riding, ass worship

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Femme Fatale Films – Ball Squishing – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Renee

Femme Fatale Films – Ball Squishing – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Renee




The slave is immobilised in a bondage frame, with his cock n balls exposed. Mistress Renee loves to push her slaves and takes delight in seeing this slave struggle in his predicament as she crushes his balls with her hands, knees and full weight on her stocking’d feet! The very seed of men’s lust need to be crushed and Mistress Renee does a damn fine job here!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress Lady Renee, Renee, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, Lady Renee, Redhead, Ball Squeezing, Ball Crush, Crushing, Ball Abuse, CBT

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Black Leather Boot Ballbust

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Black Leather Boot Ballbust




Amadahy and Edyn want to ballbust their slave in their sexy leather boots. They tie his legs apart and get right to kicking. The rope keeps the slave’s legs spread, so he can’t block the kicks driving directly to his vulnerable testicles. Both girls kick as hard as they can. Amadahy and Edyn love watching the slave suffer for them. “This is going to hurt a lot,” Amadahy seductively whispers into the slave’s ear before a deluge of direct hits. The cock and balls get very red and swollen from repeated hard impact. They open and start to leak. Amadahy kicks over and over, mangling the inner workings to a pulp. Edyn gets in her hardest kicks yet, right before Amadahy delivers the final blows. The slave’s skin tears. The slave drops to the floor. “I wasn’t done!” Amadahy screams at it. The slave miserably holds its injured scrotum. He has taken more abuse than he can handle from the black boot assault. (10:19 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Edyn Blair, Boot Domination, Ballbusting, Female Domination



Keywords: female domination

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Ball Busting Chicks – I whip them small again. Starring Lady Amy

Ball Busting Chicks – I whip them small again. Starring Lady Amy




Her shoe sole cleaner has to clean her dirty sole only with his tongue. From time to time he masturbate at doing the shoe job and receives a tease or a denial from the Mistress, depending in what kind of mood she is. This time she goes for a brutal cock whipping. First she beats his bouncing boner with her hand, eventually she might hit the balls as well. Then she force him to masturbate harder in front of her to whip his stiff cock in the most painful way! The brutal Mistress laughs when she see his cock got small again from the whipping.
Length 8:42 minutes.



Keywords: amy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Tag Team Ballbusting. Starring Domina Ruby and Goddess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Tag Team Ballbusting. Starring Domina Ruby and Goddess Mia




Domina Ruby and Goddess Mia enjoy nothing more than busting a slave’s balls. I mean, that’s sort of what balls are for, right? Ruby gives Mia the first shot at her slave as she’s already worked him over pretty well. Mia gets the slave onto his feet and has him hold his worthless cock out of the way. She administers a round of solid kicks until he drops to the ground, which presents the ideal time for Ruby to take over. The slave holds his stupid stick out of the way again, while Ruby kicks him solidly with the toe of her stiletto. Some of the kicks land on the slave’s legs – poor thing; he seems to be in real pain. Mia is delighted with the results though and can’t help but giggle. When the slave drops to all fours, Mia takes it as her signal to step in. As the slave starts to move his dick out of the way, Mia lands a kick right on his hand, causing him to really whimper. “Let’s not count that” Ruby says. Mia tells him to move his hand and her kicks land squarely on his cock and balls. The camera pans across the room and you see another slave locked in a cage. Meanwhile, the punished slave reaches for his ball sack, acting all wimpy like it burst or something, but Mia doesn’t care and just resumes kicking.

When the slave finally collapses, Ruby takes over again. She makes him get up and starts kicking him from behind. When the slave drops, Ruby tells him to crawl over and lick Mia’s feet. He might think this is a lucky break, but not for long, because Ruby steps behind him and starts kicking his nuts again, followed by some slaps as she squats down to get a better vantage point. You get some wonderfully clear views of ball busting in this scene but also some great foot and ass angles of the Ladies. The slave sucks Mia’s toes while Ruby verbally humiliates him, and switches from slapping his balls to kicking them. Mia resumes disciplining his balls so the slave can lick Ruby’s stilettos. She squeezes and twists the slave’s cock and balls, literally lifting him up off the ground. The slave struggles to get his mouth to Ruby’s shoes and is ball-spanked when he fails. The Ladies decide the punishment for his dismal effort will be. more ballbusting!



Keywords: domina ruby, kicking, goddess mia, ballbusting, punching

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