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Ball Busting Chicks – She Hurt His Genitals Like Hell. Starring Isabella

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Ball Busting Chicks – She Hurt His Genitals Like Hell. Starring Isabella




His genitals are strictly tied up while she pours lot of hot wax from her self made (hurts more!) candle. She tease him just a little with the view of her thong ass before she canes his waxed genitals very hard. Then she takes a riding crop from the stable to beat his cock and balls even further.
Length 9 minutes. ballbustingchicks.com

Category: CBT


Keywords: isabella

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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Aphrodite the Ball Trampling Goddess

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Aphrodite the Ball Trampling Goddess




Do we ever have a YUMMY clip for you today! The gorgeous, Muscle Diva, Aphrodite returns to Team BALLBUSTER and today she’s going to Trample all Over Your Balls! We say “Your Balls” because we’ve got a bunch of great POV footage which really gets you a first hand view of what it’s like to be Squashed beneath this Powerful Woman. Aphrodite (also known as Melina) is dressed in skin tight, shiny leggings which really show off her incredible Booty! This Vixen torments the video victim by stepping on his Nuts and applying her full weight as she walks over him.Repeatedly. But it doesn’t end there, she drops her Knee deep into his crotch, and then adds the other and bounces her weight once again, all down into his Groin! LOL! Clearly, we only target the Testicles at Girls Next Door, LOL! Next, Aphrodite kneels between “Your” legs, spreads them, and grasps your Nads between her fingers and CRUSHES you in her powerful Grasp. She continues to Grind her down into your crotch as she looks up to see the tears in your eyes. Still not convinced your sufficiently broken, Aphrodite stands on your chest, and shows off her Ass as she Squats up and down on your body. She then figures out that if she Straddles your body, she can also drop her into your Balls as her Buns of Steel drop on your chest..this look amazingly HOT in the POV camera.hope your balls can take the pain! She has even more tricks.next, she begins to Jump on your Balls, Stand on your Balls, and when she starts to feel them weaken, she STOMPS them until they POP! HAHAHA! Hope you didn’t need those!



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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Nut Squasher 1

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Nut Squasher 1



Hey, it



Keywords: ass smothering, trampling, ass worship, wet look, thongs, fishnets, shiny, leather, vinyl, mixed wrestling, beatdowns, brat girls, sensual domination, cbt, ball abuse

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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Ball Boxing Babe. Starring Goddess Lady Shayne

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Ball Boxing Babe. Starring Goddess Lady Shayne




A lot of my fans know me for my love of Ballbusting. Others know me for having the sexiest little Booty on the net. So when a fan begged, and pleaded (and tributed quite a bit) for the privilege of having my ASS Sit on his Face, I needed more than just money from him, I needed him to pay with his Balls! My Buns look AMAZING in my tight, wet look leggings. I force him to worship my Ass, and suffer from my Ass Smothering, then I begin to work in his Nuts as I slam my Boxing Glove covered into his Groin, and Grab and Squeeze his Nads in my powerful grasp. Of course I reward him for letting me abuse his testicles, as I shake my buns above him, and strip down from my wet look legging to an even hotter wet look thong bikini! I sit on his face reverse style, and grind my Ass into his face and I verbally humiliate him and continue my assault on his Nuts! I grind my knees into him junk, I take away his breath with my Ass Smothering, and I test how high his voice can go when I Grab, Twist, and Crush his Balls! I finish him off with a fury of Nut pounding punches until he’s on the ground crying. Worship your Goddess, Lady



Keywords: female domination, femdom, ball abuse, crotch abuse, beatdown, ass worship, wet look, leather, shiny, latex, punching, grabbing, ass grinding, breath play, asian goddess

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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Let Me Bust Your Nuts and I’ll Let You Worship My Ass. Starring Lady Shayne

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Let Me Bust Your Nuts and I’ll Let You Worship My Ass. Starring Lady Shayne




After years of abuse, our video slave sometimes needs a little motivation to open his legs and let us continue to destroy what’s left of his permanently swollen, and badly damaged testicles. Luckily for him, I LOVE getting his and Your flowing by Teasing you with my Perfect little Ass. This clip is divided between standard Ass Worship and Ballbusting footage, along with some sexy POV Femdom and Ass Worship Action to let you get up close and personal before I Smash Your Balls with more vicious Nut Kicks! Are you willing to suffer through my ninja-like Nut Kicks in exchange for being Smothered by this tight little Ass as I Shake and Grind it in your face? Maybe you should email me about sessions and I’ll see if you have the Balls for this..(email listed at end of clip) – Lady Shayne



Keywords: ball abuse, crotch abuse, pov, ass humiliation, foot domination, mixed fighting, kicking, mixed wrestling, femdom, ass, ass shaking, ass grinding, thongs, wet look, goddess worship

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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – I Need Your Balls to POP Part 2

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – I Need Your Balls to POP Part 2



My fun continues in part 2 of this 2 part clip as I continue my POV assault on Your Nuts! I punch you in the Crotch, I stomp on your Balls, and I drop both Knees into them and Grind down on them. Next I Trample them as I walk over you, using your Package as a stepping stone, until I decide you make funnier noises when I JUMP, Full-Weight on your Testicles instead! You moan and cry loudly, which offends me quite a bit. You think I’m fat? Well that just makes me Trample your Balls HARDER as I Bounce on them, and STOMP them hard with my sexy feet. Next, I spread your legs and absolutely Go Crazy as I can feel your Nuts are on the verge of POPPING! I drop Butt Drops over and over again on your manhood, and do everything I can to get all my weight Stomping and Trampling them until I feel your Left testicle finally RUPTURE! OMG I LOVE BUSTING BALLS!!!! Kisses and KICKS! Princess Alexa xoxo PS. Be sure to watch after the credits, I come back for a bonus Ballbusting, Ball Stomping, Beatdown as I go after the remaining testicle…spoiler alert, it doesn’t make it! BAHAHA!



Keywords: beatdowns, cbt, mixed fighting, mixed wrestling, foot domination, ass worship, pov, pov fighting, ball stomping, ball abuse, crotch abuse, femdom, fishnets, thongs, humiliation

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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring …

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring Princess Lily




Princess Lily has completely trained you to a life of devotion to her and only her. She has truly made you the most disgusting slave ever because there is nothing you won’t do for her no matter how nasty or vile. The scene opens with her standing over you in her sexy red panties. She says she has kept you tied up there all day because she wants you anticipating her arrival and she knows what you want, “And that’s my ass right in your face. You’ve been dreaming about it all day”. She then hovers over top of you giving you an amazing view before sitting down onto your face. You can almost smell her essence in the silky fabric of her panties. She comments on what a good slave you have become as she wiggles her ass then spreads and slaps her cheeks. You get the first glimpse of her sweet puckered hole and your tongue will reach to taste her. The upward view will make you feel you are literally on the ground before her. After some teasing she slowly removes her panties and then is over top of you again. You know this time when she sits down it will be nothing but her flesh on your face. Will she allow you to lick her ass or make you wait?

Lily talks very lovingly to you, you have worked hard and are now her favorite possession, you both know you sole purpose for the rest of time is to do only what she says. You will never question anything, only do as told. Hearing her praise you makes any sacrifice seem like nothing. Now as she sits down you get a close up view of both her pussy and ass, but pussy is not for you, no you focus on her ass and she has you smell it. She reminds you that your hands will never touch her, only your tongue, “and when I have you lick my ass I always make sure it’s dirty”, she tells you. She tells you she likes to shower before she’s with a real man but for you she’ll go days without showering. You know a freshly showered body is not what you get or even want, you like everything that’s dirty in life, you can’t deny how disgusting you truly are. Now you get a full screen view of only her ass as she tells you how to lick and tongue fuck her ass. “You’re so pathetic, you probably wish I would feed you”, she giggles. The talk gets more and more graphic as the scene unfolds, the whole time Lily standing over you, talk of farting, toilet duty for her and all her girlfriends, how to wrap your lips around her hole when she does her duty, how it will all be consumed and if you miss any you will have to lick it up from the floor. Then once you have been verbally debased to the maximum Lily tells you to stroke your already erect dicklette, “and imagine I’m using your mouth and then I want you to cum for me.” Now she hovers within inches of your face and says you have 10 seconds to cum. She countdowns down from 10, tormenting you a bit along the way, only her anus fills the screen as she finally says, “Cum for me you pig” and sits fully onto your face plunging you into darkness. You are in deed the most disgusting slave ever… and you’ve never been as happy.



Keywords: princess lily, toilet slavery, toilet talk, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Out Of The Cage And Under My Ass. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Out Of The Cage And Under My Ass. Starring Princess Lily




Demanding Princess Lily has her bitch boy lying with his head in a face-sitting box, balls bound tightly in rope and attached to a ten pound weight. She says she has enjoyed watching him crawl around in that state but now it’s time for her to smother him, “and maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you lick my ass” she adds. The camera catches an amazing angle as she positions herself above the slave and sits right down on his face. Lily always sounds so seductive and she laughs playfully while making him fight for air under her ass. When he begs to breathe, she says she’s not sure what he’s saying because he sounds so muffled. “I assume you’re trying to tell me you’re having a nice time.” No mercy for him! Lily truly does have an amazing ass and when she pulls off her panties, you’ll want to lick the screen, imagining it’s your tongue that gets to lick her. There are lots of hot close-up views of her ass, of her standing and sitting, and you also get to see her hover over the slave while she makes him stick his tongue out in an effort to reach her asshole. In the next scene, she sits down for some extended face-sitting, and to take the slave’s mind off breathing, she permits him to stroke his cock. “Keep stroking and keep licking”, she orders. She says she wants a few more slaves so she can do this all day. “I’d just move on to the next one, then the next one, then the next one, and each one of them would be eagerly waiting for me to sit on their faces” she purrs. “Wouldn’t you love to have your tongue in there?” she asks, while looking directly at the camera. She stands up and sits down right onto the camera, giving you a perfect bird’s eye view of her divine behind, smooth pussy, and tasty asshole. If your favorite thing is masturbating while a gorgeous girl sits on your face and makes you lick her ass, then this is the clip for you!



Keywords: ass worship, ass licking, ass smother, princess lily

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Angela’s Ass Licker. Starring Mistress Angela White

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Angela’s Ass Licker. Starring Mistress Angela White




Australian Mistress Angela White is so voluptuous and perfect with her pump tits and ass. She teases the slave with her bare pussy making him beg to lick it. She rubs his face in between her ass cheeks making him worship her divine asshole. He gives her ass kisses and licks until she orgasms on his face.



Keywords: angela white

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TheEnglishMansion – Beg For The Peg. Starring Domina Alexandra Snow

TheEnglishMansion – Beg For The Peg. Starring Domina Alexandra Snow




Goddess Snow is in the dungeon, wearing her huge realistic strapon dick. Her slave is soon ordered to his knees as his mouth is stretched and his oral technique fine tuned. She then lubes his asshole, putting more fingers in as his hole relaxes greedily awaiting his penetration, which starts off slowly and gets harder and harder in different positions. The slave is then put in the pile driver position, he masturbates his cock over his face as Domina shoves the even bigger black dick into his gaping ass, making him spurt his cum into his mouth once and then after some more thrusts a second time, his prostate banged into submission.

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