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Club Stiletto FemDom – Breaking In The New Carpet. Starring Mistress Kandy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Breaking In The New Carpet. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy has really worked over her other carpet over the years and she has searched far and wide to find a new one and finally has. “I really like to use and abuse my carpets”, she says . She walks up and down his legs across his stomach and chest and then places a foot on his face. “Open your mouth”, she tells him. As he does, she sticks her entire foot into it. She moves it in and out and then moves back to his chest where she takes big steps up and down. She asks you if you would like to be her carpet too and shows the sole of her foot to the camera. Kandy then walks down his body and starts to use her skilled toes to grab his balls. She pulls them all the way up and makes the carpet bitch.

“I’m so capable of working four sets of balls at once”, she says, “I set in each hand and another set in each foot”. She continues to tug on the carpets balls as he moans and groans. She then climbs back on and starts to do squats on his chest. Her ass is right in his face and she tells him to kiss it. She then pulls her pants down, while still squatting on him and brings her ass crack right up to his face, making him reach with his head to get his tongue in her ass. As she stands up she just leaves her gorgeous ass exposed so you get a double thrill of trampling and ass views. She holds onto the ceiling chain and starts jumping up and down on his chest. This is a big strong slave but you can see and hear he is really suffering. Then another reward, she squats down again on his chest and then sits on him completely, smothering his face under her ass, the hungry slave frantically starts to lick.



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FemmeFataleFilms – Equal Measures – Part 1. Starring Miss Zoe

FemmeFataleFilms – Equal Measures – Part 1. Starring Miss Zoe




See Miss Zoe in incredibly erotic femdom action with her personal slave, as never seen before! When a highly sexual n beautiful Domme sits on a man’s face and then starts using a vibrator on herself, this can only mean 1 thing to most men. intense pleasure, especially as she threatens to soak his face in her pussy juice. However, for every moment of intense pleasure, Miss Zoe decides to dish out an equal measure of intense pain. Sensual, erotic, brutal, invasive n intense is the sum of Miss Zoe’s incredible actions in this, a real session for the true femdom enthusiast.

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Brat Princess 2 – Edyn – Nice Relaxing Ass Worship Lulls Princess to Sleep

Brat Princess 2 – Edyn – Nice Relaxing Ass Worship Lulls Princess to Sleep




Edyn applies her lip gloss while her slave worships her ass. The ass worship is very relaxing for Edyn. She sexts with her boyfriend while the slave licks. Edyn is very demanding. She has certain things she likes and isn’t afraid to tell the slave when he is doing something wrong. It’s his job to please her, so he better do it right! Edyn’s boyfriend is on his way over to fuck her, and it is the slave’s job to get her clean and ready for him. Edyn loves when her boyfriend fucks her ass, so the slave is going to have to do some more cleanup once her boyfriend is finished. The ass worship is so relaxing, Edyn decides to take a little nap while waiting for her boyfriend. The slave licks while his Princess is gently lulled to sleep. (11:36 long)

Clip Contains: Edyn Blair, Female Domination, Ass Worship, Cuckold, Chastity, Pussy Worship, Ass Licking, Nude



Keywords: female domination

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Club Stiletto FemDom – AW – Love MY Juicy Ass (Ass Worship). Starring Mistress T

Club Stiletto FemDom – AW – Love MY Juicy Ass (Ass Worship). Starring Mistress T




Mistress T continues to deliver the hottest scenes on the planet. She starts this video as a POV video. She talks to you and shows off her most amazing new outfit that really shows off how her sexy ass is just aching to bust out of the lingerie and rub your face. She describes EXACTLY how you would make love to her juicy ass with your face and tongue. Then to demonstrate… her slave appears beneath her. She starts off making him sniff her ass and then starts slowly removing her clothing while making him smother under her in each phase of her stripping down. Terrific ass sniffing and ass worship as the clothes are coming off, until she is completely nude and then it’s outstanding facesitting, ass smothering and ass licking at it’s finest… Mistress T style.

MISTRESS T IS SPECTACULAR IN THIS VIDEO! You can see more of Mistress T’s exciting videos at her Fetish Goddess Mistress T clip store.



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Subby Hubby – Pool Boy Cuck MiniMovie. Starring Leena Sky

Subby Hubby – Pool Boy Cuck MiniMovie. Starring Leena Sky




When the gorgeous Leena Sky calls her pool boy over to tell him that her husband is out of town and she wants to fuck, he thinks it’s his lucky day. But Leena takes one look at his cock n bursts out laughing; there is no way she could even feel that small dick; It is smaller than her finger! But Leena is horny, so she puts the little dicked bitch to work eating her pussy so she will get some pleasure at least. She tells him she might have some other uses for him; little does he know what they`ll be! Leena puts her new cuck to work licking her ass clean while she prepares to go out on a date with a real man. Leena makes the cuck thoroughly clean her ass, making sure his tongue reaches every part of her ass. Leena cruelly asks the cuck if he likes the dress she`ll be going out in to party while he stays there n cleans her house. Leena returns from her date with a stud in tow. She has another surprise for her cuckold pool boy; she wants to see him suck cock and take a big load right in his face! Leena manhandles her bitch, forcing his head down on her new stud’s cock and spreading his mouth wide to take the entire shaft in his mouth. She can’t contain her laughter as the stud blows a big load on the pool subby’s face. Leena then spreads the filth all over his pathetic face. Leena makes it very clear to her chastised pool boy cuck – if he ever wants to get his dick out of its cage, he has to learn to take her big black cock in his ass – and he better start begging for it right now!

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Sweating My Ass Off. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Sweating My Ass Off. Starring Mistress Kandy




Mistress Kandy is working out on her old-school stationary bike. She has a client coming over who is really into sweat, especially the sweat on her lush, full ass. She tells you she enjoys working out and that it’s like taking out two birds with one stone. As the camera pans over to her backside, you can see she’s covered in moisture and pumping hard to ensure the sweat continues to pour off her. “Wouldn’t you love to be licking all that sweat off my ass?” she asks you, adding, “You would, wouldn’t you?” She already knows you want to lick up every single drop. Her ass looks amazing as she peddles. There’s no need to feel any shame, so bring your tongue right up to the screen and imagine you’re the lucky bitch who gets to lick up all that delectable fluid. Now she really cranks up the speed because it’s almost time for her boy to arrive. She pulls her panties to the side to display her moist anus. She tells you to get in there and lick it; her client doesn’t need to know. She imagines that an entire cup of sweat will probably form in her ass crack alone – the lucky slave will certainly be well-hydrated when he’s finished, that’s for sure. Kandy stands up to find the seat dripping wet. “I’ll bet you wish you were my bicycle seat” she says. She decides that when the client gets there, she’ll lower the seat so he can set his head on it, and his face will become her new bike seat. Once he arrives and is in place, she moves her panties to the side and permits the slave to lick her crack while he strokes his dick. She makes him fight for air before removing her panties altogether. She peddles some more before stopping to let him enjoy some long, slow licks of her sweaty crack, and she asks whether he likes it. He enthusiastically replies “yes” and continues to lick for all he’s worth. Kandy remarks that one of the nice things about having a slave like this is that she doesn’t even have to stop working out when she needs to pee; she just goes in his mouth. “He loves everything that comes from my body. He’s a pervert just like you” she says, laughingly. She wiggles her ass so he can get his nose deeper into the crack, and you get some amazing ass angles, not to mention some enthusiastic ass licking. Finally, she stands straight up on the bike so both you and the slave get treated to an amazing view of her dripping butt, before she decides the session is over and sits on the slave’s face until he kicks for air. Goodnight, bitch!



Keywords: mistress kandy, ass worship, ass licking, facesitting

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Club Stiletto FemDom – AW – Cheating Girlfriends Asslicker. Starring Mistress Ariel

Club Stiletto FemDom – AW – Cheating Girlfriends Asslicker. Starring Mistress Ariel




With slave teddy on his back, Ariel enjoys the deep attention of his tongue, cleaning her pussy and ass while waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. Sometimes, she gets quite carried away and forgets teddy needs to breathe once in awhile. Then Ariel’s cell phone rings. It’s her boyfriend. Quickly she pushes teddy back into the closet and tells him to be very quiet while Ariel is having sex with her boyfriend. Excellent video series!



Keywords: humiliation, toilet, toilet slave, pee, piss, golden, office, doggie, teddy, ariel, pov, point-of-view, nectar, bisexual, human swing

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Obey Melanie – All that cum in your balls

Obey Melanie – All that cum in your balls




Licking My ass can really fill your balls with cum. Fortunately I’m such a sweet caring Mistress I try to bring relief to your nuts. I let My slave out of his chastity belt so I can pound his testicles repeatedly to take his mind of hiss cum. I’m going to destroy his balls and sperm and make sure he won’t be making any cum again!



Keywords: ass licking

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Punished Ass Licker. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – Punished Ass Licker. Starring Princess Skylar




Sexy Princess Skylar has her chastised slave bound to the strapping bench and is cropping his ass, legs, feet, and so on. The poor bitch is crying out in pain and she reminds him that the chastity belt is to remain on for at least another month. She is totally enjoying the marks she is leaving and tries to create a pattern across his legs and ass. Eventually she decides she has had enough of this and needs to lay down. She tells the slave she wants him to lick her ass while she naps. “I don’t know why, I just sleep better when my ass is being licked.” She lays on her side and yawns and tells him, “When I wake up you’d better still be licking my ass”. The slave pulls her panties to the side exposing her tight little butt hole and sticks his tongue out all the way before pressing his tongue in deep to get a good taste. “You want your Goddess to have a good sleep, right?”, she asks the slave. He tells her yes so she reminds him that means constant licking even if she sleeps for three hours. “Let me know after if I fart in my sleep”, she giggles. She tells him he is a dirty slave as she knows he adores her farts, body fluids, and so on. She then tells him she wants him to count her farts and give her a number after, hopeful he can count over 10. As she drifts off the slave, on his knees, just keeps licking and licking as you get some great close ups of his tongue really going in deep.


Related Categories: ASS WORSHIP, BBW, FLOGGING

Keywords: princess skylar, discipline, ass worship, flogging, ass licking, bbw

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Men Are Slaves – Wanna Smell Then Suffer. Starring Mistress Mischa

Men Are Slaves – Wanna Smell Then Suffer. Starring Mistress Mischa




Smelling Mischa’s ass is a privilege. This slave knows that the scent of her ass is always considered a reward, and if he is to have the luxury of being trapped under her ample ass with his nose wedged between her ass cheeks then he should expect some discomfort. In this case Mischa likes to randomly squeeze his balls as payment for the joy of her ass scent.


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