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Asian Cruelty – CRAWL TO ME AND BE WHIPPED. Starring Goddess Inari-Kai

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Asian Cruelty – CRAWL TO ME AND BE WHIPPED. Starring Goddess Inari-Kai




To the beat of my cracking whip, I force this wretched peasant to crawl naked to me and receive his reward: the lash applied to his already wounded flesh! The Princess sits upon the royal throne, as the groveling servant bows before her and presents his red-marked back for torment. As the whipping continues, I press the high heels of my boots into his sore skin and push down, then walk on his back—whipping throughout

I make him creep across the floor all over again, this time striding along with him, battering with the bullwhip as we go. He shrieks in pain, so I double the whip and slam down with all my strength, double force. It’s crippling torture few men could tolerate. I yank him by the hair with one hand and slice away with the other. He breaks down. Curled into the fetal position before me, he cries like a baby.

In Cruelty & Sadism,
Princess Inari-Kai

Features: whipping, corporal punishment, Asian, latex fetish, BDSM, female domination, goddess worship, humiliation, bondage



Keywords: inari-kai, bdsm, corsets, domination, ethnic, fetish, gloves, cuffs, boots, kink, leather, bondage, corporal punishment

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QUEENS OF KINK – Brutal Bitches Beatdown. Starring Goddess Maya Liyer, Fetish Liza and Lilse Von Hitte

QUEENS OF KINK – Brutal Bitches Beatdown. Starring Goddess Maya Liyer, Fetish Liza and Lilse Von Hitte




Be warned! These Bad Bitches rule the area and anybody that is disrespectful will be taken down!Like this guy who finds himself locked up in their basement and is now in for a BRUTAL BEATDOWN. These BADASS BITCHES will teach him a lesson as they KICK, STOMP, HIT, KNEE and SLAP him all over his body. This is all REAL and the pain, marks and looks of defeat are not an act.The three women mean business and finish him off by KICKING him in the BALLS over and over again with their bare FEET, until he has no strength left.This is brutal and you can see just how much fun Goddess Maya Liyer, Fetish Liza and Lilse Von Hitte have in destroying their male victim.



Keywords: fetish liza, mistress, beatdown, ballbusting, asian, maya liyer, goddess, punching, feet, triple domme, lilse von hitte, badass bitches, kicking, high heels, leather

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Dirty Dommes – MILKED RUBBER SLUT. Starring Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza

Dirty Dommes – MILKED RUBBER SLUT. Starring Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza




What a slut! He wants it so badly but Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza keep him under control. He is their object of desire and they love to tease him, over and over again. The slave badly wants to cum but he must obey and control his urges which results in a huge release when he is finally allowed to orgasm.

Tags: double domination, asian, latex, gloves, pantyhose, bondage, handjob, cumshot, anal

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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Fear your Captor Part 1

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Fear your Captor Part 1




Goddess Maya Liyer gives a masterclass in Verbal, Physical and Mental domination, as she strikes fear into the hearts and minds of her prisoners with extreme cruelty.In this clip she brutally slaps her prisoner and spits in his eyes whilst verbally terrifying him. Goddess Maya Liyer at her stunning best.



Keywords: maya liyer, british, asian, gloves, latex, faceslapping, spitting, verbal humiliation, domination, prisoners, female domination, humiliation, legs, military, stunning

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Club Stiletto FemDom – How to Break a Slave. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – How to Break a Slave. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine has her slave in a tough position. While he can get to his feet, that only works against him as Jasmine can force him up off the bench and flog him even worse. There is no holding back in this scene as Jasmine uses a variety of implements to break him completely. The slave is in this position Jasmine explains because he has talked back to her… and naturally he has to pay for something as deplorable as that. Starting with a thick wooden paddle she notes that his tan lines look a bit off and she plans to even him out with a tan that doesn’t require the sun. Once his ass is starting to show a nice glow, she switches to a cane. The intensity builds and the slave starts to ‘act up’ but Jasmine tells him a big strong man like him can take more and she wants to leave marks he can appreciate in the mirror later. She then switches to a two piece flogger which is very painful but after a short beating she decides she wants to make him even more uncomfortable and makes him stand up so she can beat him more. The slave struggles to stay upright while she flogs him further, then she mocks him for his bad posture and makes him stand straight up again so she can beat him some more. The slave is clearly in a great deal of pain while Jasmine is laughing and having the time of her life. She grabs his ass and comforts him a bit but only to throw him off as it’s followed by a blow that brings him to his knees. She makes him get back on his feet and starts the discipline again. The slave looks likes he going into convulsions… hopefully he is learning a lesson. Jasmine is not finished yet though, he is ordered back to the bench where she starts flogging him again with a different crop and this time the crop actually breaks across his ass. No problem, Jasmine takes the long part of the broken cane and uses that to take her frustration out on the slave. She strikes him so hard that the crop actually breaks again. Can this poor bitch take anymore? Well yes, because Jasmine reaches for a solid rattan cane and as a grand finale tries to break that too. This slave is bound to have a better attitude moving forward.
You can also check out more of gorgeous Mistress Jasmine at her Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix clip store.



Keywords: jasmine, corporal, flogging, asian

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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Slave to My Shoes

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Slave to My Shoes




Before My Recent trip to Amsterdam I ordered My Shoe slave to meet Me in Brussels. It had been a few months since he has had the pleasure of tasting and smelling My shoes and feet.

I wanted to reinforce his complete obedience before making the journey to Amsterdam where he is to work in the windows of the red light district as My little whore, sucking cock and getting his ass fucked for cash, My cash.

I love pimping out slaves to men, there is nothing dirtier and more humiliating than making a slave suck another mans cock, in this case he does exactly as he is told or he will never get to taste my feet and shoes again. Such is the power I hold over this little bitch, serves him right for being addicted to My feet and shoes.

I Love just having this little slave at my feet, so broken and obedient, craving My shoes, desperate to lick My gorgeous Louboutin heels.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

Category: FEMDOM


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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – I own your Tongue (Full Clip)

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – I own your Tongue (Full Clip)




This is the full clip of I own your tongue filmed in 2015, I filmed a few clips with this slave, Chastity in Chains, Fear induced Productivity, Nervous Latex maid in training to name a few and I will be releasing a version of all of these, re-edited by Myself as full length clips.

This clip follows on from Nervous Latex maid in training, I am wearing a latex top and a skirt that exposes My Ass, all the easier for a helpless slave to bury his face in there as he descends ever deeper into subservience and submission to Me.

I keep this slave by his balls, in a humbler, this stops him moving around to much and over time I use these devices to train a slave not to flinch when I am beating them. I like My slave to remain still as he buries his tongue into My ass as I flog him.

As well as worshiping My ass as I beat him, relax and put on My make up, I have this slave worshiping my Legs and Shoes, I love that the humbler causes him pain as he does this, I like My slaves to associate intense pleasure with the feelings of pain, it makes them beg for Me to hurt them when they descend lower into total ownership.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

Category: ASIAN


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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Cock and Balls Onslaught. Starring Fetish Liza

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Cock and Balls Onslaught. Starring Fetish Liza




I introduce Fetish Liza to one of My little bitch slaves, so that We can have a little fun, We deserve a little fun don’t you think? I keep lots of slaves around to amuse Me in the activities I enjoy and this particular one squeals like a girl when his cock and balls are punched, slapped, kicked etc. you get the idea. So while he may not be having the time of his life, I really enjoy building fear, inflicting pain and listening to the sounds I create.

Dressed in black leather and lace with long leather boots and leather gloves, Fetish Liza and I are in quite the mood to beat the cock and balls of this pathetic slave. Cuffed to a St Andrews cross this little bitch is going to take all the pain that We wish to serve up to him.

While he writhes in agony and squeals with each sharp kick to the balls, We laugh at him, laughing at the fact this pathetic excuse for a man begs Women like us to kick his balls. It always used to grovel at my feet begging to be used by Me, I decided that the only use I had for it was as a CBT slave, its little face when I told it this was priceless, never-the-less it has remained hooded in my presence ever since, I cant even remember what it looks like, I objectify all My slaves . Existing only as a cock and balls for Me to abuse whenever I feel, then left to whimper at My feet.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

Category: CBT


Keywords: british, goddess maya, maya liyer, asian dominatrix, london, double domination, ball busting, cock torture, gloves, humiliation, slave trainging, boots, thigh high boots, punishment, laughing

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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Chastity in Chains (Full clip)

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Chastity in Chains (Full clip)




This is the full clip of “Chastity in Chains” filmed in 2015, I filmed a few clips with this slave, I own your Tongue, Fear induced Productivity, Nervous Latex maid in training to name a few and I will be releasing a version of all of these, re-edited by Myself as full length clips.

This clip follows on from “I own your tongue”, I am dressed in a full latex catsuit, with a latex buckled corset and one of My favourite pairs of Louboutin boots, soft ruffled leather

I keep this slave locked in chastity, chained to the bed, I love to Tease and Deny him, often leaving him locked up in chains as I go out for the night, usually returning with a “man” that I have chosen to fuck senseless for the evening, all the while My slave is locked up and forced to listen to the fun I am having. This clip is no different, I leave him, then return from My evening out and tease him mercilessly before retire to My own room to fuck the piece of meat that I have picked up whilst out.

He is spat on, and his cock is tortured using my thin crop, I unzip my latex catsuit and hover over his face making him cry and beg to lick My pussy and ass before lowering myself onto his face and taking his breath, I play with his caged cock as it bulges to get free from its cage, rubbing it up against My pussy and ass, so near and yet so far Ha Ha.I love so many aspects of BDSM and femdom but there is something I find so hot about chastity, tie and tease, and tease and denial, I guess it goes back to the amount of control I have over a patheic slave with a locked cock that is desperate to feast on My pussy and ass. What a loser.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

Category: ASIAN


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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Chained and Forced to Worship

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Chained and Forced to Worship




I always produce a little 30 second preview and post it on My twitter and yesterday I was so busy with private sessions and editing that I didn’t have time to come up with a title for the clip, manoleat tweeted a title idea and I ran with it, I think I am going to make it a daily thing as I post a preview every day anyhow, so keep an eye on My time line and take the opportunity to suggest a title for one of My clips.

Again manoleat of twitter fame suggested the name for this clip, it is more apt than “Chained Shoe Worship part 2 as there is also a lot of ass teasing and pussy sniffing as well as shoe worship of course. I love having a slave chained to My inversion table, on a leash, grabbing his cock and pulling his face into My ass and pussy as I objectify him, tease him and use his tongue to clean My shoes.

I often wonder what it must be like for those of you that keep your weakness for dominant women a secret, who watch clips like this, touching your pathetic cock and longing to feel the warmth of My skin, inhale My scent and place your eager tongue on the soles of My shoes.



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