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Club Stiletto FemDom – Studs, Slaves and Vibrators. Starring Princess Sk

Club Stiletto FemDom – Studs, Slaves and Vibrators. Starring Princess Skylar




“I’m on top of the world right now” exclaims sexy Princess Skylar, as the scene opens. “I have slaves for everything – cuckold slaves, foot slaves, cum eating slaves, AB slaves who like to nurse on my beautiful breasts, slaves who lick my armpits, slaves who will do everything I demand of them.” She explains that she also has multiple male lovers, some she even submits to. She’s a true Princess in every sense of the word. Today, however, she wants some alone time and that’s where her high powered vibrator comes into play. It keeps her constantly aroused while she thinks of the hot things she does with her lovers and the nasty stuff her slaves do for her. She reaches down and touches herself.

She turns the vibrator on and begins by rubbing it over her panties. You can see she’s getting very aroused and she decides to take her panties off. Now you can imagine you’re a fly in the room while she gets lost in her own pleasure. As she runs the toy over her lips and clit she starts to sigh and moan. So hot! Her breathing gets heavier and heavier until she screams out with pleasure. She turns the vibrator off and says “Hmmm, who should I have over, a boyfriend or a slave?”



Keywords: princess skylar, orgasm, armpits, foot worship

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ClubDom – Whipping Up Art‏. Starring Mena Li and Mistress Rachael

ClubDom – Whipping Up Art‏. Starring Mena Li and Mistress Rachael




What is more fun then redecorating on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Nothing! Especially when the canvas for the new artwork is a slaves’ flesh! Mistress Mena Li loves to inflict pain, and as luck would have it, nothing turns Goddess Rachael Madori on more than the pain and anguish in the screams of a male bitch. A fresh bitch boy is dragged from his kennel and hung by his wrists, helpless to prevent the fabulous suffering that is about to begin. Both Doms take turns tearing into the skin of the slaveboy with their jagged fails, his screams and cries for mercy exciting them. Unsatisfied with the worms’ pain, Mistress Rachael unleashes a fury onto the man pig that has him dancing on his toes and crying for mercy…. But there is no mercy to be had at Club Dom. Both Devilish Princesses continue their onslaught, leaving their pet a blabbering mess. Content, the Goddesses admire the artwork they have left on their trembling canvas and decide where on the wall to hang their latest masterpiece.

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Alexa Shows Kayla how to Ballbust

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Alexa Shows Kayla how to Ballbust




Alexa’s a ballbusting expert. She demonstrates ballbusting for Natalya and Kayla, who want to learn from her. Alexa explains that ballbusting is all about inflicting as much pain as you possibly can on the slave. You really want to get it to drop to the ground. Once it drops, then you yell at it to get back up so that you can kick it more. Two girls take turns holding the slave still while the third kicks. The slave is outnumbered. His only option is to submit. Alexa’s shows off how hard she can kick, and the girls all clap for her. Natalya fires off a solid round. Then, Alexa and Kayla finish the slave off. Alexa holds the slave still while Kayla practices how hard she can kick. Kayla’s a natural and gets a lot of solid kicks in on her first try. Alexa drops the slave, one final time. She makes it crawl over and kiss her and Kayla’s shoes. The girls take a break for now, but Kayla has caught the ballbusting bug. They will definitely be back later for more. (9:40 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Kayla, Natalya, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Brat Girls



Keywords: female domination

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Subby Hubby – Doublemint Doms Dominate. Starring Roxxy Renay and Sophia Lucille

Subby Hubby – Doublemint Doms Dominate. Starring Roxxy Renay and Sophia Lucille




Roxie looks like a princess laying there on the couch talking on the phone with her lover. Her lover tells her that she needs to tell her cuckold husband about him. She smiles and agrees. While she waits for him to come over after work, she snaps her fingers and her little foot slave crawls over. He is so trained, he knows exactly what to do! He worships every inch of her feet while she ignores him. Soon her girlfriend Sophie stops by and laughs and is amazed at how well trained her husband cuckold is and how he’s even locked in chastity. They go to the pool to wait for her lover to come home. Goddess Roxxy Renay and her best friend SophiaLucille are now lounging by the pool with Goddess Roxxy’s Pathetic Subby Hubby serving them drinks with a chindo attached to his face Roxxy tells Sophia to watch as he has to service her with the chindo because his own dick is only 2″ inches long and encourages her friend to join in the girls start kissing and eating out each other as her subby hubby rams the chindo in and out of both females until they have reached orgasms Then Roxxys new boyfriend shows up and is like wtf? Goddess Roxxy Renay and SophiaLucille Now tease pathetic subby hubby Toby licking his chastity device asking if he can feel their hot breath through his cock cage and ask him if it hurts when all 2″ inches start to swell and get hard in there, Then Roxxy decides to release him from chastity but only to humiliate him further by comparing his tiny dicklet to her new boyfriends, Sophia laughs as she puts her pinky finger right next to Tobys Tiny slut stick, Roxxy starts sucking off her new boyfriend right in front of her hubby, Then tells him to open up wide for pre-cum that she spits into his mouth, Then gets her new boy toy ready to explode his load all over her hubby’s face! Open up bitch its feeding time. Goddess Roxxy Renay’s Boyfriend Alex grabs Sophia Lucille her best friend after Roxxy goes to take a shower and makes a pass at her, She says hey your Roxxy’s dude, He replies she doesn’t have to know, come on lets you and me have some fun, She slaps him hard right across the face and hands him a pink collar and instructs him to put it on and that he can start at the bottom and worship her feet, Now naked and humiliated he is on his knees wearing his new pink collar, She has made him her foot bitch and makes him lick and suck her feet even face fucks him until he is gagging, as she explains that to be with her this will be his place beneath her worshipping her beautiful Goddess feet. As he leaves she informs him that he is officially her Bitch now and she will see him next Saturday at her house as she swats him on the ass and sends him on his way. Goddess Roxxy Renay shoves a pillow in her subby hubby’s mouth and tells him her bite down on this while i fuck your tight little man pussy and your new name is pillow biter bitch now spread those ass cheeks so I can ram my 12″ inch strap on up there, After fucking her pathetic hubby and getting off Roxxy tells the slut the clean his filthy ass off of her cock, He slurps up every last drop of his man juice thanking her for Loving him and letting him serve her. She is so proud of him she then gives him a gift, a 16″ inch gigantic blackstrap on to start getting used to because next time he will be getting rammed with all 16″ inches!

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Domestic Abuse. Starring Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke

THE MEAN GIRLS – Domestic Abuse. Starring Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke




Slave porch monkey is not allowed to go home and has to stay at Mean Girl Manor until Princess Carmela is satisfied he is a devoted slave. Princess Carmela has to basically retrain him because his attitude always gets the better of him. The slave is made to lie on his back and serve as a human ashtray for Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke. They casually tap their ashes into the slaves open mouth while verbally humiliating slave. Princess Carmela is brutal with her comments. why is your cock so small? I’ve never seen one that small before were you born with an inverted cock ? Superior Goddess Brooke spits in the slaves face and mouth. They put their lit cigarettes out on the slaves tongue and make him chew on the butts.

I love how mean they are to the slave in this clip. There is not only racial humiliation but also small penis humiliation and anything else they can think of to humiliate and belittle the slave. Fans of smoking fetish and human ashtray will also love this clip.



Keywords: superior goddess brooke, princess carmela

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Tease And Thank You – Freshly Wrapped Meat. Starring Mistress Helix

Tease And Thank You – Freshly Wrapped Meat. Starring Mistress Helix




Client wants to be wrapped up and teased FOREVER! Um, okay! This is a flirty, light yet unrelenting affair, with a happy ending. When I really click with a newbie, look out. He already wants to come in again asap. I keep telling you boys, be careful. There is a curse. I’m not a casual addiction. Enjoy!



Keywords: mistress helix

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Subby Hubby – Kate England’s Human Dildo. Starring Kate England

Subby Hubby – Kate England’s Human Dildo. Starring Kate England




Goddess Kate Has her human dildo tied up and gagged. She tells her bitch that he has five seconds to get hard for her use and mounts him. She mercilessly rides him and warns him that she is not yet pleasured. Before he can succeed in pleasing his Goddess, the human dildo dares to spill his filth all over her. Goddess Kate is disgusted with her Human Dildo and pulls out his gag to feed him his mess. She slaps his tongue and tells him how disappointing his pathetic slut stick is until the last drop of his filth is shoved into his mouth. Since Kate England’s human dildo couldn’t please her she decided to use him as a dildo cleaner instead while she gets herself off in front of his pathetic face.She is enjoying pleasuring herself so much more than when she was using him that she then uses her toy to pleasure her ass before shoving it in her dildo cleaners mouth. After licking her dildo clean, the dildo cleaner is told that she has more to give him as she continues to rub herself with the dildo. Kate England has no use for her cucky’s slut stick since he can’t please her. So she brings the chastity device he will be wearing indefinitely and milks him while he sucks on it, struggling in his bonds. She has no time for his struggling and tells him he better cum when she counts down to one. Squeezing every last drop out of his dicklet she quickly shoves the filth down his throat and prepares his chastity for another thirty days.

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Mistress Nikki Whiplash – WL 1194 Made To Masturbate

Mistress Nikki Whiplash – WL 1194 Made To Masturbate




Poor Honeybadger isn’t very good at containing his cum when faced with a brace of Nikkis, especially when he’s being made to masturbate and drink our spit! We take great pleasure in pushing him to the brink of orgasm over and over, teasing him and then cruelly denying him until he’s in a rather agitated state. Finally Nikki gives him a cum countdown from 10 to zero, but will he hold on for long enough?! And how on earth is he going to clean up all that thick, sticky cum which ends up all over my shiny boot?! Slurp! (Duration 17m05s)

Category: TEASE & DENIAL


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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Tormenting My Toy

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Tormenting My Toy




Masked, restrained, exposed, corsetted and available to endure my every sadistic whim. Its just where I like to keep my toys. A good toy must learn to enjoy the torment I delight in inflicting, whether it be lacing up my balls in some tight rope bondage, controlling the air it breathes, shoving inflatable rubber devices up its plug-hole, or whipping that little thing I allow it to keep between its legs. Just for fun I decided to use some clothes pins to torment it just a little further. Squirm boi it only makes me want to torment you more!

Category: CBT


Keywords: mistress nikita

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Probing My Subject

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Probing My Subject




I was very excited to test out my new, well old medical exam table with a helpless test subject last evening. It’s the perfect device to strap my slave to and have my way with what belongs to me. So many different positions I can force them into allowing unfettered access to my crops, whips, shiny red nails, other various instruments and one my favorite implements — long steel cock sounds. I decided to try them all out! When I had my fun, I probed “my” cock hole with a thick sound and demanded it surrender to me what I own by ruining its orgasm. The pleasure is all mine, of course!

Category: CBT


Keywords: mistress nikita

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