ClubDom – Fuck My Boy Pussy. Starring Anna Lee

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ClubDom – Fuck My Boy Pussy. Starring Anna Lee




Goddess Anna Lee is enjoying her cigarette while she sits above her slave’s quarters. While this worthless slave tries to look up at her through his cage bars, Goddess Anna makes him beg her to fuck his boy pussy while she blows smoke in his face. Then informs this pathetic bitch that he must first please his Goddess and lets him out. Once her slave is unlocked and on his knees she straps a chindo to his fuck hole and instructs him that he better please her or else. Bratty Dom Anna Lee is using her pathetic fuck boy for her own amusement, she has made him already fuck her young wet pussy with a chindo, and he failed to make her cum, So now she has dragged him out of his cage and straddles his chest and makes him watch closeup as she masturbates with her big black vibrator, Letting him taste her nectar as she shoves it in his mouth after she has reached orgasm, Then tells him that’s how it’s done now beg me to fuck your boy pussy Bratty Dom Anna Lee has had to satisfy herself And now is strapped up with a thick 10″ inch cock and ready to spread and gape some boy pussy. Bratty Dom Anna makes her slut puppy suck and deep throat her hard cock, Gagging and spitting all over it as she makes him beg her to Fuck his boy pussy She smacks his face and bends him over the fucking horse and spreads that tight little boy cunt and rams and fucks him hard.

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – 4 Girls Brutally Assault slave that Hates Being Ballbusted

Brat Princess 2 – BP – 4 Girls Brutally Assault slave that Hates Being Ballbusted




1080 HD This slave is very new to ballbusting and he hates it. But, he is Amadahy’s property and she can do with him whatever she pleases. His likes and dislikes no longer matter. Not only does Amadahy decide to ballbust him, she invites three friends over to help break him in. They do not go easy on the newbie. He’s going to have to get used to ballkicking at some point anyway! Every time the weak slave drops to the ground, the group of girls make him stand right back up again and take some more. Amadahy puts on a good display of hard kicks for her girlfriends before inviting them to partake. The slave can’t really take an assault from four girls, he can barely take ballkicks from one. The girls have to literally hold up his limp body to keep kicking it. Every girl gets a turn! At one point, it seems as though the slave is really down for the count. But Sasha still hasn’t gotten her turn! They force the barely conscious slave to stand and take a few more kicks, because that’s what’s only fair for poor Sasha, who had to go last. When the slave drops one final time, he starts babbling incoherently and crying out loudly in pain. Amadahy just keeps kicking his prone body as he rolls on the ground, trying to avert impact from Amadahy’s boot. (12:07 long)

Clip Contains Amadahy, Kendall, Natalya, Sasha Foxx, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Boot Domination, Brat Girls



Keywords: female domination

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Ashley wildcat hits the mats once again, this time dressed in a gold skin tight bikini. You can see all the muscle definition of her superbly chiseled body. Her legs, lethal, headscissors that would destroy any man. Chadam felt the wrath of her “” and her almighty Anaconda squeeze. Ashley loved to just toy with chadam, placing him in excruciating holds, mocking, laughing and humiliating him while he tries to escape. Seeing the pain and suffering on his face, jut made Ashley go that much harder on him, trapping, smothering, and squeezing the life out of him. It looked as though chadam was going to be put out a few times in her holds, chadam tapping quicker and quicker as the time wears on. She teaches chadam a lesson in her scissors, showing him her awesome power making his face turn from red to purple. Her facesits were seriously air depriving, making sure to seal his air completely off. Ashley decided after trash talking and humiliating him, it was time for chadam to take a long nap. She slams her ass down onto his face, secures him down, ignores all of his taps, until he stopped moving. Ashley went a few steps further and lifted his arm, seeing that his arm didnt fall fast enough she plants her ass down squarely onto his face again. Ashley really wanted to make sure he was not going to wake up anytime soon. Finally chadam lay lifeless on the mats, Ashley stands up grabs his arm, it falls to the mats with a thunk, and she stands over him laughing. Chadam was so far gone, he was actually snoring as Ashley poses victoriously over his body placing her foot on his chest, flexing and smiling from ear to ear.



Keywords: catfight, wrestling, mixed wrestling, female wrestling, domination, humiliation, trample, scissors, smother, scissorhold, femdom, foot worship, farting, jeans facesitting, ssbbw

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CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Screwed against his will. Starring Mistress Anette

CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Screwed against his will. Starring Mistress Anette




It’s never a good sign, when Mistress Anette slowly straps her slave to the caning bench, his ankles, thighs, wrists and his upper body, with a grin on her face. The slave doesn’t see, but a big strapon is hanging from her crotch. The moment he realizes this, the strapon disappears in his mouth, Mistress Anette forcefully fucks his mouth with it, before she lubricates his asshole and after inserting a finger, she changes it with her strapon and screws him against his will.

Features: strapon, dildo sucking, fingering, female domination

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: lady anette, domina amazon, elegant femdom, mistresses slave, domination, unusual, bdsm, strapon strap-on

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Bratty Foot Girls – 3 Facesitting Rounds With Mandy

Bratty Foot Girls – 3 Facesitting Rounds With Mandy




Octavio has challenged Mandy to a wrestling match which he didn’t think she was serious about. When she turns up ready to go Octavio laughs and says he wants to up the ante by making it a bondage wrestling match. Mandy eagerly agrees as the two square off. Mandy says it will be best of 3 round and Octavio agrees. Mandy quickly gets the upper hand tying Octavios hands and legs together as he squirms to get away. Not before she mounts him and sits squarely on his face, making sure her pussy is firmly pressed against his nose so he cannot breathe. He struggles to talk as Mandy asks him if he gives up. He succumbs to the first round and demands she untie him for the next rounds, but Mandy says oh no, he will stay tied up! She drags him onto the bed and really ramps up the facesitting! She tapes his mouth closed and pulls out a timer to see how long he can handle under her. Will he even last the 3 rounds now?

Starring: Mandy Candy, Octavio Fullbuster




Keywords: mandy candy, octavio fullbuster, bondage wrestling, pussy, vagina faces sit

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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – Good morning my darling. Starring Mistress Netti

YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – Good morning my darling. Starring Mistress Netti




The young mistress Netti wake up her slave in the morning. First sweet and lovely, but he dont want to wake up. So later hard and painful, that he stand up and go to his work to get money for her goddess.

Footdomination and Footworship, Trampling, Chocking, Spitting, Faceslaps, Nylon Worship



Keywords: foot domination

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Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Cuckie Meet Pool Boy – full version

Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Cuckie Meet Pool Boy – full version




This video combines Cuckie Meet Pool Boy 1, 2 and 3. The videos can also be purchases separately. I’m lounging outside and can’t help but notice the hot, built black pool boy and invite him in the house. My pathetic cuckold husband is playing pool. I collar and lush cuckie and instruct cuckie to get naked and make us drinks. I also make him clean the pool wearing just his chastity cage. Now its time for cuckie to fluff the delicious stud and clean my heels while the real man devours my pussy. I make out with my new lover and ride his bbc until I scream in orgasm. My husband is ordered to clean my cum off my stud and gag hard on his cock. I instruct him to worship my lover’s toes while we I continue to bounce hard on him. He fucks me hard against the pool table while cuckie lies face up under our dripping juices. Lot of super sensual high energy in this hardcore scene! While I make out with my hot new lover my husband gets to demonstrate his deep throating skills and taste my juices off a real man’s cock. This high intensity romp ends with cuckie cleaning up a nice juicy load of protein off my stud’s cock. Yummy!



Keywords: @vancouverdomina,

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PlayObey – Game Under

PlayObey – Game Under




Wow!!! Pixel’s personal face seat totally failed to stay conscious! Pixel’s Reverse Headscissors are absolutely merciless as she makes her face seat go “Lights Out!” not once; but twice! Due to the powerful nature of Pixel’s Ultimate Domination, this video is in 3 segments: A pair of Reverse Headscissor Knockouts – one after another – then a humiliating sequence of Perfect Reverse Facesitting & Face Bouncing finishes!

Pixel gave her “alpha male” seat an evening to rest after she made him go “Nighty Night!” between her thighs (and then underneath her ass) yesterday evening; and tonight Pixel totally proves just how easily she can expertly KO her face seat in both The Reverse Headscissor AND The Reverse Facesitting positions!

Her seat cannot be entirely blamed for passing out during Pixel’s Reverse Headscissors, especially when she grips his hair to shove his face TIGHT, his nose trapped right up against her leotard’s thong for intense Figure-Four Scissors! Being put through the vice grip of Pixel’s python-esque gymnast thighs makes her face seat BEG & PLEAD for mercy… until he is completely silenced… softly twitching as he slowly attempts to come to…

…that’s when he’s met with only the most glorious facesitting ass imaginable landing perfectly upon his smothered face! Demands of 100% obedience grace the air, as he is laid breathless, forced to submit to the ultimate realty of service underneath the ass of Pixel for the rest of his days!



Keywords: knockout, ko, leotard, bodysuit, aggressive, verbal domination, humiliation, figure four, scissors

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Brutal Assault On His Balls. Starring Princess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Brutal Assault On His Balls. Starring Princess Mia




Sexy Princess Mia does not hold back as she assaults her slave’s balls and cock. Kicking, pulling, and slapping, this slave is getting the Royal treatment. As the scene opens the slave is already fully erect, causing her to ask whether he’s really looking forward to this”. While the slave answers “yes”, the fear in his voice is palpable. She has him hold up his cock and soon her leg is swinging like a pendulum, slowly at first, then faster and faster as she picks up the pace. She kicks him in the balls 32 times before the first minute has even passed and adds another 36 kicks during the second minute. The camera shows some great angles from behind as well as between the slave’s legs, then manoeuvres behind Mia so you not only get to see the harsh kicks she delivers but her amazing ass as well. When the slave goes down again, she pulls him up by his cock and slaps his balls with her cupped hand a dozen times, asking “Who’s in charge?” The slave starts to stumble only five kicks into Minute Three, and Mia graciously allows him to crawl behind her and kiss her glorious ass cheeks.

“Do you love my ass?” she asks him. “Is it the most beautiful ass you’ve ever seen?”. The slave desperately wants to stay there on his knees, kissing her ass, and the emotion is evident in his reply when he tells her how much he loves it. “I love it, Goddess; I devote my life to it” he says. She asks if he would like to be smothered under it forever and says that at least then he would know his life had meaning. However, Mia isn’t finished with him and tells him to get back up because she still has plans for his balls. He’s fully erect as he stands back up. She delivers another 16 kicks before she looks at the camera and tells you to give her a call so she can torture your balls, too. She delivers 16 more slaps to his nuts before dragging him to his knees, cock in one hand, balls in the other, all the while twisting and pulling on both. She yanks him back up and delivers another half dozen kicks, before asking “Would you like me to invite my girlfriends over to kick you in the balls, too?” Mia giggles throughout the scene. Such a nasty Princess… she loves his pain and devotion. Another six kicks bring the slave back to his knees and Mia orders him to the trample floor where she locks him up, saying “Good, now I have you right where I want you!”.


Related Categories: CBT, PRINCESS, BALL ABUSE

Keywords: ball busting, princess mia, kicking, cbt

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