Brat Princess 2 – Alexis and Cameron – Bikini Butts Crush Girly Face

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720 HD: Alexis and Cameron derive such pleasure from picking on girly little danni. They put the little worm in a pair of their sparkly pink panties. Its funny because the panties were too small for them, but actually fit dannis tiny crotch. Danni is just so little! Alexis compares the size of her hands to dannis. Cameron and Alexis decide to use little danni as a bench. Cameron puts her ass right on dannis face. The tall women are surprised that something so small can hold them both. Alexis takes a turn sitting on dannis face. Cameron shifts to sit full weight on his chest. Both girls are sitting with their full weight on danni at the same time. Alexis starts to grind her ass on dannis little dick. Dannis face turns red. Alexis pushes dannis face into her pussy. He is so close to her, but isnt man enough to take charge. Alexis squishes dannis blue balls with her chrome toed heel. She has to pee. She wants to use danni for her toilet. Alexis guides the little loser into the bathroom. He doesnt have a choice. He will have to drink all her pee. (12:34 long)

Clip contains: Alexis, Cameron, facesit, teasing, humiliation, ass smother, male in girls panties, size comparison of tall female and small male, mention of human toilet


Related Categories: HUMILIATION, SMOTHER

Keywords: human toilet, Alexis, Cameron

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Cruel Unusual FemDom – Class Bitch 2: Pleasure Me, Jock. Starring Presley Carter




Presley Carter has her teacher sitting in a desk, afraid but so turned on and weak, under Presley’s control. Presley’s loser jock classmate comes in and sees Presley standing on the desk and laughs. Presley orders him to sit down in the other empty desk next to the teacher, and he obeys. It is HER class now, and she makes the rules. He is naked and sitting down, wondering if he is going to get lucky. Presley comes down off of the desk and stalks back and forth, eyes at the men, intimidating them with her crop. She notices how small the Jock’s penis is and laughs, taking humiliating photos of it to share with her girlfriends later. Presley then puts a dildo gag on his face and makes him fuck her good and hard with it, right in front of the teacher.

Category: FEMDOM SEX


Keywords: Presley Carter, femdom, female domination, humiliation, small penis humiliation, dildo fucking, Clubdom, Subby Hubby, BDSM, chindo

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Your Tongue, My Boots




My sexy thigh high boots don’t clean themselves, you know. The more I wear them, the dirtier they get and its a boot slave’s job to keep them clean. So I’m going to relax as you are forced to lick the leather clean. I enjoy watching you struggle to polish them with your tongue and not get precum all over them as you do. Perhaps I’ll let you jerk off to the sight of me once they are completely done to my satisfaction. If you get any cum on them, you’ll have to start all over again.



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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Disco Short Chastity Tease




720 HD: Amadahys dummy keeps asking to be let out of chastity. Doesnt he realize, hes supposed to be in there! Just because he asked, Amadahys going to make it worse for him. She waves her beautiful ass in the chastity slaves face. The slave gazes up, longingly, at Amadahys perfect butt. She commands him to kiss it. The slave eagerly kisses Amadahys ass. His chastity gets tighter and tighter. His beta dick throbs in its little tube. He wants to get out really badly now! The pathetic slave can barely stand the teasing. Worship My butt! Amadahy commands. Kiss where my boyfriend fucks Me. The slave kisses as Amadahy holds him by the hair. She grinds her ass against the slaves chastity tube. Then, tells him to kiss from her heels to her butt. She positions the slave on a bench and sits on his face. Amadahy smothers the slave in her ass. She reminds him that even if she did let him out of chastity, it would be pointless. Its not like anyones ever going to want to have sex with the loser. Amadahy pushes her hips into the slave as she reminds him, You can never have me. (9:12 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, FEMALE DOMINATION, CHASTITY, Ass Smother, Face Sitting, Disco Shorts

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: Amadahy, Disco Shorts

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Scissor to the Edge of Darkness




720 HD: Amadahy wants to push her slave farther than hes ever gone before. She puts him in a scissor hold. She squeezes the slaves fragile neck between her muscular thighs. Amadahy nearly breaks the slaves neck, but doesnt. She knows it can take more. She casually plays with her chewing gum while the slave suffers. The slaves face turns almost as purple as Amadahys nylon stockings. Amadahy seduces the slave into even harder scissoring by bouncing her beautiful booty on its face. She scissors the slave until it taps out. Amadahy caresses the slaves cheek, I know you can take more. The slave tries to tap out, but Amadahy pushes him a little further. It tries to buck and kick, but Goddess knows it can take more, still. Amadahy holds the slaves legs down and scissors until it sees darkness. (10:15 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, FEMALE DOMINATION, SCISSOR HOLD, nylon stockings


Related Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION

Keywords: Amadahy, Stockings

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Men Are Slaves – Football Sunday, Part 2. Starring Goddess Kate




The task of tending to female feet is endless. It’s a daily ritual of massaging, pampering, cleaning, over and over as desired by his female owner. It’s a task often performed multiple times per day fit in between all his other chores, but that’s of no concern to Goddess Kate who sits back in total comfort while her male labours away. She only pays him attention when he merits a strike from her whip, or when she makes him drink her foot water.


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FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS – Selena & Anamera – Insanity




ENGLISHOUR BEST CLIP WAS #1 TOP SELLING CLIP IN FACE SLAPPING (AS A LOT OF OUR CLIPS) (and THIS STUDIO #1 TOP SELLING STUDIO IN FACE SLAPPING AT THE MOMENT OF WRITING)OUR BEST CLIP (with maybe Annihilation). Period. AND SHOT IN 60 FPS !!!!! (HFR)UPDATE : Preview added. The slave (David) had black eye the day after the shoot, and the skin of his face started to peel off (probably because of the intense burn). I will put a link with the photos of his face just after the shoot.OMG !!!!!!!!!! Our new official French Girls Hard Slaps slave had not yet met Selena. DONE. We are at the slave’s flat because we had some problem with our usual place of shooting. Anamera & Selena in an INSANE DUO. FREAKING insane face-slapping, astonishing severity.Selena & Anamera are just SPLENDID and ULTRA SEXY. I think you have never heard smacks like that ! These girls are born with hands for slapping. As you know, Selena, a 19y/o student, is the girl with maybe the best face-slapping skills of the entire web, and she proves it again.Selena orders the slaves to smell, kiss & lick her feet after he removed her ballet flats. She humiliates him, put her feet in his mouth, orders to clean them with the tongue and Selena & Anamera slap him as hard as they can. They orders him to kiss their hands. DAMN. Selena’s hand are bruised at the end and the slave’s face…I won’t even talk about this ! (Swollen as f.k). Anamera & Selena are insane.As the end, the girls showed their burning palms.If you had one clip to buy, that’s it ! It represents exactly what French Girls Hard Slaps is. Superb humiliating & merciless girls who slaps as hard as she can a slave. This clip is a marvel.Foot worship, pure humiliation and extremely & insanely hard face-slapping.I decided to put this clip at the low price of 19.99 instead of 29.99 (price of the clip « Annihilation ») to make a lot of people discover what we call « a marvelous clip » in this studio ;)(French Language) FRANÇAISNOTRE MEILLEUR CLIP.NOTRE MEILLEUR CLIP (avec peut-être Annihilation). UN POINT C’EST TOUT. (Et tourné en 60 i/s !!! (HFR)UPDATE : L’esclave (David) avait un oeil au beurre noire le lendemain de la session, et la peau de son visage avait commencé à peler (probablement à cause de l’intense brulure). Je posterai un link avec une photo de son visage juste après la session. J’ai ajouté aussi une preview.OMG !!!!!!!! Le nouvel esclave attitré du studio n’avait pas encore rencontré Selena. C’est fait ! Nous sommes allés à l’appartement du soumis car nous avons eu des problèmes sur notre lieu habituel de tournage. Anamera & Selena dans un DUO HALLUCINANT. Series de gifles DE DINGUES, sévérité incroyables.Selena & Anamera sont juste SPLENDIDES et ULTRA SEXY. Je pense que vous n’avez JAMAIS entendu des gifles pareils ! Ces filles sont nées avec des mains faîtes pour gifler ! Comme vous le savez, Selena, une étudiante de 19 ans, est peut être la meilleur gifleuse de tout le web, et elle l’a encore prouvé.Selena lui ordonne de sentir, embrasser & lécher ses pieds après qu’il ait enlevé ses ballerines. Elle l’humilie, lui met ses pieds dans sa bouche, lui ordonnent de les nettoyer, et Selena & Anamera le gifle aussi fort qu’elles peuvent. WOW. Les mains de Selena ont carrément un bleue and le visage du soumis.Je ne vous en parle meme pas. Anamera & Selena sont juste folles !A la fin, les filles ont montré leurs paumes brulantes à la caméra.Si vous n’aviez qu’un clip à acheter. Le voici. Ce clip représente exactement ce que French Girls Hard slaps est. Des jeunes filles superbes, humiliantes & sans pitié qui giflent aussi fort qu’elles peuvent un soumis. Ce clip est une merveille.Foot worship, humiliation et face-slapping extrêmement & follement violent.J’ai décidé de mettre ce clip au prix de 19.99, alors qu’il aurait dû être au même prix que Annihilation, pour faire découvrir à un très grand nombre ce que nous appellons une merveille de clip dans ce studio ;)(Langage français)



Keywords: anamera, pieds, claques, faceslapping, selena, mains, flats, extreme, gifle, violent, feet, red cheek, ballerines, baffe, hand

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FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS – Malia & Selena – Hardcore Face-Slapping for First Time Slave & First time Domination For Malia




ENGLISH We are baaaaaaaaaaaaack ! Yeah ! The hardest FACE-SLAPING studio / bulldozer French Girl Hard Slaps is back ! 3 weeks I didn’t upload anything.And thus I lost my leading place ! Yeah.I must go back in game ! And guys, we come back with a surprise ! The first one : Malia is a new face-slapping girl. It will be her first time domination. Malia is a very tall and beautiful arab girl, who want to try to slap a slave ! GUYS..OMG ! HER SLAPS ARE FREAKING FREAKING POWERFUL ! IT LOOKS LIKE PUNCH ! Seriously ! Your jaw will drop like mine did !!! She goes directly in the TOP face-slapping girls ! The second one : The slave in the a first time slave ! No ! I am not joking ! He is a guy who do boxing on a regular basis and he lost a bet with a friend ! I AM NOT JOKING. The stake of the bet was to go in one of our session (ad seen on internet), and to withstand the slaps ! LOL ! It seem that only boxers can resist to the violence of our sessions. This guy has a heavy resistance ! Selena & Malia DESTROYS the slave’s face, make him sniff their feet ! They humiliate him, make him kiss her hands, and slap him ultra violently. They orders him to tell who slaps the hardest. Selena’s slaps are like usual.ultra-violent, and Malia’s slaps are..OMG ! YOU WILL SEE and your jaw will drop ! This day we did 3 clips with the same slave. We will NOT offer a compilation. Every clip will be sold individually. THIS CLIP IS INSANE. A MARVEL ! Enjoy. ULTRA-HARD FACE-SLAPPING, FOOT WORSHIP (SMELLING & LICKING), HUMILIATIONS FRANCAIS Nous sommes de retouuuuuuuuuuuuuur ! Yeah ! Le plus violent studio au monde de FACE-SLAPPING et le rouleau compresseur French Girls Hard Slaps is BACK. 3 semaines que je n’ai rien uploadé.Et j’avais donc perdu ma place de leader ! Ouai, ça devait cesser. Et en plus on revient avec une surprise ! Même deux surprises ! La première, c’est que Malia est une nouvelle gifleuse. Et c’est sa première fois qu’elle va dominer un soumis. Malia est une très grande et très jolie jeune fille arabe, qui veut s’essayer à la gifle. Et là..OMG ! Ses gifles sont d’une puissance AHURISSANTE. On aurait dit des coups de poings ! Sérieusement vous allez halluciner. Elle entre direct dans le TOP gifleuses du studio. La deuxième c’est que le soumis de la vidéo est soumis..pour la première fois. Non non je ne rigole pas. C’est un mec qui fait de la boxe et qui a perdu un pari avec un ami. Je ne rigole pas du tout. L’enjeu du pari était de participer à la session (annonce vu sur internet), et de tenir. J’ai l’impression que seuls les boxeurs peuvent résister à la violence de nos sessions. Ce mec-là a eu une résistance dingue ! Selena & Malia détruisent le visage du soumis, et le font humer leurs pieds. Elles l’humilient, lui font embrasser leurs mains, et le giflent à toute volée. Elles lui ordonnent de dire qui gifle le plus fort. Les gifles de Selena sont comme d’hab.ULTRA VIOLENTES, et les gifles de Malia sont.OMG. You will see =) Ce jour-là nous avons fait 3 vidéos avec le même soumis. Nous n’offrirons pas de clip groupé (chaque clip sera vendu individuellement). CE CLIP EST DINGUE. UNE MERVEILLE. Enjoy. GIFLES




Keywords: Malia, pieds, claque, faceslapping, Selena, gifle, ultraviolent, beautiful, slap, violent, heels, arab, baffe, hand, stinky feet

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Amadahy and Lindsey – Shock and Abuse a Poor Pre Cum Producer




1080 HD: End of shift approaches and poor cow’s losing its motivation. Three beautiful teasers surround it, and still the stats are dropping. It’s become a poor pre cum producer, fatigued and failing. There’s only one thing to do with an unproductive cow; shock and abuse it for fun! Once a cow has proven its unproductive, it no longer serves its purpose. Anything can happen to it at this point, since it has no profitable use. The teasers decide they want to torture it. They shock and abuse the unproductive cow for their own cruel amusement. The more they shock the poor producer, the worse its production gets. This enrages the greedy teasers even more, so they just keep shocking it. Amadahy wants to keep it on the bench the entire night with penalty shocks programmed to go off consistently during its usual rest period. Eventually, Amadahy and Lindsey get bored of toying with the cow. They decide that the worst punishment is simply to leave the cow alone, but Alexa decides to stay and play with it a little longer. Alexa sits full weight on the cow’s face and smothers it in her ass. Buried in Alexa’s ass, the poor pre cum producer finally gets a break from the shocks. Will the cow slowly start to rebuild its momentum and produce? Will Amadahy and Lindsey return with the tech slave and reprogram the software to shock the cow until the useless thing expires? The fate of the cow remains undecided; but one thing is certain: it will produce or it will suffer greatly at the hands of its sadistic captors. (10:27 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Luscious Lindsey, Female Domination, Milking Machines, Face Sitting, electric shocks, Financial Domination, bikinis



Keywords: Milking Machines, electric shocks

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