Dirty Dommes – TRIPLE BALLBUSTING BITCHES PART 1. Starring Fetish Liza, Miss Velour and Nikki Whiplash

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Dirty Dommes – TRIPLE BALLBUSTING BITCHES PART 1. Starring Fetish Liza, Miss Velour and Nikki Whiplash




No mercy for his balls! When Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Miss Velour and Fetish Liza get together, they mean business and no set of nuts is safe! Watch how these three brutal and beautiful Dommes kick straight in to his balls, over and over again! This is hardcore ballbusting at it’s best!

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Dirty Dommes – BOUND MEDICAL TORMENT PART 2. Starring Miss Miranda and Fetish Liza

Dirty Dommes – BOUND MEDICAL TORMENT PART 2. Starring Miss Miranda and Fetish Liza




The male patient has no escape from the procedures Miss Miranda and Fetish Liza are doing to him. His cock will be stretched with cold, metal sounds. These Ladies know what is best for their naughty slave.

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Dirty Dommes – BOOT HUMPING HUMAN DOG. Starring The Hunteress and Fetish Liza

Dirty Dommes – BOOT HUMPING HUMAN DOG. Starring The Hunteress and Fetish Liza




What a horny little doggy! The Hunteress and I, Fetish Liza seriously need to train him, he seems to get hard just by looking at our gorgeous black leather boots, ha ha. We love to play with his weakness for our footwear. Making him hump our booted legs is just too funny! We can see his cock drip with excitement but only when he is a well behaved PUP, will he get to jerk himself off between our divine boots.

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Czech Soles – Tortured by feet of sexy executrix. Starring Eliška

Czech Soles – Tortured by feet of sexy executrix. Starring Eliška




Eliška is a lethal and sadistic agent who works for mafia. She enjoys her job – to make her victims confess, defeat them to her feet. And it is time for another job just now. While a man is sitting on his couch, napping, Eliška sneaks behind him and handgags him as firmly as she can. The guy wake up and panics trying to breath but he’s helpless against Eliška. She explains him why she’s here – to get those documents he’s hiding somewhere in here and he will either give them up or be tortured toby her feet. Of course, he’s not cooperative at all. He stands up and try to run away but Eliška grabs him and pushes him against the wall. He sit on his butt, dizzy, helpless absolutely confused and unable to fight back. Eliška takes off her shoes and forces him to smell them, covering his face and waiting for him to get weak. She laughs at him: “Ha ha look at you!! If you don’t give me what I want, I’ll make you eat my feet!”. She shoves her foot down his throat, grabbing his hands so he can’t struggle. Eliška wants to play with her victim, she grab his hands, and footgag him with both feet. She footsmothers him too with one foot pressing his nose and mouth firmly against the wall. The guy grab her ankle, but no way, she’s so much stronger. He finally gives in and reveals all those documents, begging Eliška to let him go and not to torture him anymore. He’s finally broken now!



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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Promised You Some Big Juicy Farts. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Promised You Some Big Juicy Farts. Starring Mistress Kandy




All of Mistress Kandy’s farts are 100% authentic and today she has promised her ass slave some big juicy ones. She sits on his face and only gets up when she has to blow gas. Face sitting, ass smothering, ass licking and big wet juicy farts. Kandy is wicked as she makes the slave put his nose inches from her ass so you can see her anus expand as the gas explodes from it and then she shoves her ass into his face to insure the odor is ground right up his nostrils. Another fart classic from Kandy.

Category: FARTING


Keywords: mistress kandy, farting, ass worship, ass licking, ass smother

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ClubDom – Michelle Controls You. Starring Michelle Lacy

ClubDom – Michelle Controls You. Starring Michelle Lacy




Description: Goddess Michelle Lacy knows you love it when she strokes her cock for you. She is standing in front of you telling you what she is going to do to you with her massive black cock.

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Brat Princess 2 – Vienna – Clinician uses Entrancement to Recondition Patients Behavior

Brat Princess 2 – Vienna – Clinician uses Entrancement to Recondition Patients Behavior




1080 HD Miles really wants to be the best boyfriend he can possibly be to his beautiful girlfriend, Mia. Mia hates a lot of things about Miles, there are so many things wrong with him that need to be fixed. Mia makes Miles go see a professional to help him change the behavior she doesn’t like. Vienna is the clinician treating Miles. She has Miles follow her pendant with his eyes until he reaches a state of entrancement. Miles believes this is a smoking cessation session, to help him quit. Mia has told him that she does not like that he smokes. But this it is not a smoking cessation session. This is a boyfriend training session. Miles has actually been attending boyfriend training sessions for months, under the guise that he is receiving treatment to help him quit smoking. Once he is under, Vienna implants suggestions into his subconscious. The suggestions gradually erode Miles sense of self-worth. They also make him more accepting of the therapeutic chastity device he’s made to wear to help with his small penis problem, more eager to spend money on his girlfriend (even to the point of total financial ruin), and more dedicated to a life of servitude where his only pleasure is derived from pleasing women. Vienna gives Miles a mantra to repeat; spend and obey. Then, she brings him out. When Miles is alert, Vienna asks Miles how he feels. Miles admits to Vienna that the sessions have not helped him quit smoking. In fact, he’s been feeling stressed and smoking more. Vienna reminds Miles not to complain. Miles agrees and suddenly feels a strong urge to take his girlfriend shopping. (9:55 long)

Clip Contains: Vienna, Miles Striker, Mental Domination, Female Domination, Mind Fuck, Chastity, SPH, Boyfriend Training



Keywords: female domination

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Ballbusting World PPV – Nadman’s Lair. Starring Nikki Whiplash

Ballbusting World PPV – Nadman’s Lair. Starring Nikki Whiplash




Nadman has taken Nikki’s friend hostage and is keeping her in his secret lair. Sexy superheroine Nikki has taken Nadman himself hostage in return and is going to interrogate him until he gives her the location of his secret lair. Nikki soon proves that Nadman’s “super testicles” give him no super powers whatsoever, and she soon points out that actually his balls make him very weak indeed and will be the perfect interrogation tools to help Nikki find out all the information she wants to know! Nikki kicks, punches, slaps, squashes, knees and crushes her chained captive’s balls until he is yelping with agony and forced to tell Nikki everything she wants to know. As all men should know – balls are a weakness and definitely NOT a super power!


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Ball Busting Chicks – Violated Balls. Starring Empress Cruel

Ball Busting Chicks – Violated Balls. Starring Empress Cruel




Pure sadism and cruelty. This slave finds himself in a very awkward position. His balls are trapped by a sawed off broomstick. The mistress herself did this piece of handcraft work. It’s a great pleasure for her to slap, whip and abuse the clamped and helpless balls. And guess what happens to the useless balls when she lights up a cigarette… Poor cock and balls!
The mistress continues to whip the wedged balls without mercy.Then she force him to a painful kneel down. She sits on his back and whip his balls and feet with pleasure.Then she force him to turn around regardless of the sticks tied on the balls. Now lying on the back he gets the private parts whipped again, also by the bull whip!

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Ball Busting Chicks – Totally busted. Starring Axa

Ball Busting Chicks – Totally busted. Starring Axa




Dressed in a hot and sexy fishnet body suit with open ass and shiny black high heels, she merciless punishes her useless fat servant. She punch him right in the balls but main punishing him by hard and ruthless kicks in his bollocks!
Length 9:33 minutes. ballbustingchicks.com



Keywords: axa

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