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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re Our Armpit Bitch. Starring Goddess Mia and Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re Our Armpit Bitch. Starring Goddess Mia and Princess Lily




We open with the dynamic duo of Goddess Mia and Princess Lily on the bed. “It’s so hot today and I walked all the way home”, Lily says, and you can see the girls are hot and clammy from the heat. As she lifts her arm she realises she is really stinky. The girls start to sniff each others armpits and Lily giggles, “It’s definitely hot out today”. They then look at you and call you a dirty slave and say dirty slaves should lick dirty things. All four arms are in the air and now they tell you to get in close and to start licking. Super hot close ups of four hot armpits and you’ll be so close you can imagine your tongue servicing all of them. The ladies both encourage you and chastise you as a slave should expect. Lily threatens to whip you to within an inch of your life if you fail. Mia then tells Lily to climb on top of her so there armpits now match up. Your tongue can go from one pit to the other to the other. As the camera catches Lily’s ass she tells you “No looking at my ass, you have a job to do”. Lily moves to her back again and all four arms are up again. They want one long lick of each pit and then they are done with you. You will keep the taste of your Goddesses on your tongue all day from your place in the closet. As you crawl away Lily mentions she has 4 or 5 girlfriends coming over tomorrow and you will be licking their pits too.

Category: ARMPITS

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Keywords: armpits, princess lily, goddess mia, pov

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Jasmine’s Smothered And Beaten Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Jasmine’s Smothered And Beaten Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine




Jasmine enters the room, as her slave lies sprawled, bound, and naked on her kink bench. She has some cruel plans for him but surprises him by taking his cock into her hands and stroking it. She looks directly into the camera and tells you that this slave often finds himself in compromising positions. She mounts his face and smothers him with her amazing ass. She reaches for his cock again, giving him the added pleasure of her ass and her hand. This can only get worse for the slave though because surprising things happen when Jasmine is in charge. She remarks on how hard he is and that he hasn’t cum in a while. “To earn a release he has to learn to hold his breath,” she says. She grabs his legs and pulls them towards her. You can see that not only is his ass already bruised and red, but a ping pong paddle awaits in view. “I’ve been beating this bitch all day,” she says with a chuckle, and with no further delay, she goes at his ass again. She drops his legs and strokes his cock again. She wants to see whether he’s capable of coming while enduing a significant amount of pain. Up go his legs again while more blows reign down on his ass cheeks. As she drops his legs once more, she paddles his thighs, then rises to pull his legs up for an even harsher beating. She strokes his cock some more and takes the paddle to his thighs again. The slave is clearly on edge so she stokes his cock vigorously. She steps around to his head, and to shut him up, sits on it. Her ass looks truly amazing on his face! The slave is now being denied air by her ass and she switches from stroking his cock to slapping his legs. She tells him she’s going to give him 30 seconds to cum, and if he can’t manage it, she’ll give him 30 hard lashes with her single tail. She strokes vigorously as he fights for air under her ass. She continues to slap his legs, strokes him, and allows a brief breath of air. Can the slave do it? “You have ten seconds” Jasmine says, as she places the paddle onto his stomach and orders him to cum on it. He explodes all over it! As she wipes the cum-laden paddle over his mouth and face, she leaves him with a parting comment: “I’m going to wash my hands and then the beating will begin.”

Category: PADDLING


Keywords: asian, miss jasmine, facesitting, paddling, ass smother

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum Until It Hurts. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum Until It Hurts. Starring Miss Jasmine




After making her slave cum once already, Miss Jasmine rubs her perfect feet over his cock. Her feet are nicely lubed and the sensation gets the slave aroused again. “The only way subby is allowed to cum is to my feet” she tells you, adding, “Wouldn’t you love to be in his place?” She edges and teases him with her feet, sticking one into his mouth so he can lick his own pre-cum from it. Jasmine tells you she’s going to make her slave cum so many times, day after day, that he’ll actually begin to dread the thought of having to cum yet again. His cock will be raw from all her foot action and any manhood he had left will be completely drained from his body. She rubs each foot over the poor guy’s cock, grasps it between both feet, and foot-fucks him. She lubes his cock up by spitting on it and repeatedly rubs each of her sexy feet over his cock and balls. She decides to get serious about getting the slave off as she fucks his now rock hard cock between her feet and toes, until he eventually shoots a huge load. “It’s early in the day” Jasmine says, “We’re just getting started.”

Category: FOOTJOBS


Keywords: footjobs, cum eating, cum shot, asian goddess

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Chateau-Cuir – Cum stains on My vintage skirt part 2

Chateau-Cuir – Cum stains on My vintage skirt part 2




How are you liking my vintage skirt so far? Doesn’t it look so sexy? I can tell from your hard-on, you are loving it. Let’s milk you on to the red leather and rub your cum on it.

Contains: skirts, pantyhose, high heels, handjob, cum on ass

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Men Are Slaves – Feed The Bitch. Starring Mischa

Men Are Slaves – Feed The Bitch. Starring Mischa




The priority of Mischa’s slave is serving her. That’s what his every waking moment is for, to make sure her life is comfortable and that all her needs are tended to. She can be very strict in that regard, but she will make sure her bitch is fed. That’s why she kindly tosses food on the floor for him to eat while she munches at the dining room table.


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Female Worship – Be Useful For Something. Starring Hannah

Female Worship – Be Useful For Something. Starring Hannah




Hannah’s man is useful for many things but sometimes he does falter. Like the dress she has on, it was supposed to be clean but he missed a spot on it which is unacceptable for any male she owns. But he is always useful as a pussy worshipper which is exactly how she will use him before she sends him to go do the wash again.


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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Natalya – Double Facesit Leash Led Chair in Chast

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Natalya – Double Facesit Leash Led Chair in Chastity




Alexa and Natalya have found an old man to treat like garbage. He’s such a sucker. The old man would do just about anything for the hot girls. He’s especially pliable when the girls wear sexy things, like bikinis. A bikini turns his simple mind to putty. The girls have the idiot locked in chastity and on a leash. He’s so stupid, the only thing he might serve for is their furniture. The girls turn the leash led idiot into a chair in chastity. He has to serve as their chair and endure the nearness of the young girls’ hot bodies from within a chastity cage. The girls take turns smothering his face with their perfect asses. The old man is having a hard time catching his breath. He’s too frail for this kind of treatment. The girls do not care. He better prove his worth, if her wants to stick around, and so far furniture looks like the best job for him. The old man actually starts whimpering. He’s super pathetic. He just doesn’t get it. Being useful to a hot girl is like a gift from her! It’s very frustrating when losers don’t get the basics. Then, the moron asks for a breath. Never ask Princess for anything! The girls are so over this furniture. He’s getting put out on the curb. They’ll be nice about it, though, and put his photo on Gregslist under the “curb alert” heading. With any luck, some nice stranger from the Internet will come along and scoop him right up. (10:07 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Natalya, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Chastity, Human Furniture, Brat Girls, Bikinis, Leash, Ass Smother



Keywords: female domination

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Ball Busting Chicks – Disappointing cocks must be punished. Starring Alex

Ball Busting Chicks – Disappointing cocks must be punished. Starring Alex




She extra put her outfit on for this thong leotard pervert. But what big disappointment when his cock hanging down, soft like a worm… She is not hesitating to punish him for that by cruel CBT. She beats his nuts that dangle down in front of her… Then the surprise, this pervert get hard at ball abuse! Only the fear of real hard boot kicks brings it down again. And that is what she is doing in this game of tease and denial, that continuous with her ass on his face and more ball abuse. She holds and squeeze them to their full size for a good slapping of his real big bollocks.

Category: CBT


Keywords: alex

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THE MEAN GIRLS – House-Slave Beatdown Outtakes. Starring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – House-Slave Beatdown Outtakes. Starring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela




This was hilarious. So we just completed our most recent “slave tryouts” and are just chilling in the room having fun when we basically just decided to start beating the two houseslaves that we brought with us to serve us in the hotel. We were all pretty wasted and feeling extra cruel after beating the slaves from earlier. (Especially since we usually have to “hold back” a little on the newbies.) So we decide to really let these idiots have it- especially since we know we can pretty much do whatever we fucking want to them. (Of course, it didn’t help their situation that the one slave admitted to keeping some of our clips so he could jerk off to them without our permission…)

It’s pretty brutal, so don’t watch it if you wanna see “safe, sane, consensual” sh**tt being done in a “caring manner” to a slave. LOL. But these idiots need to be beaten down regularly so they don’t forget their places- far, far BENEATH us.

The funniest part is at the end when the one slave is literally cowering in the corner of the bathroom, curled up in a ball, with its body all covered in welts and bruises from our beating. It is like afraid for its life haha. And you can hear our “special mystery guest camera Goddess” mocking him from behind the camera. (Can you guess who it is?) OMG it is SUCH a rush to make grown men cower and grovel at your feet like this!! We fucking love it…
***This is a very impromptu type clip and not “scripted” at all. It just happened to be caught on camera. (Some of us didn’t even know it was being filmed!) LOL

FEATURING: Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela




Keywords: princess bella, princess beverly, princess carmela

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