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The English Mansion – The Secret Life of a Male Sex Slave – Part 1. Starring Miss Suzie, Mistress Sidonia and Mistress T

The English Mansion – The Secret Life of a Male Sex Slave – Part 1. Starring Miss Suzie, Mistress Sidonia and Mistress T




This male sex slave is kept chained in the cell, always ready for the Mansion Mistresses to use his mouth and cock. Slavegirl Suzie is in the adjacent cage, made to listen to the moans of pleasure as punishment for masturbating without permission, Sidonia is the current service user, utilising his tongue to prepare her cunt before mounting and fucking the human dildo until she is satisfied and leaves him hard and frustrated. Suzie notices her cage has not been locked up properly and calls out to him, he asks her to release herself and come and play, she is eager to agree as she is so sexually frustrated, soon using his expert tongue and cock to orgasm. He begs her to make him cum which she does and then returns to her cage fully pleasured. Soon after, Mistress T enters his cell in preparation for her servicing and is shocked that his ever present hardon is gone, causing him to confess to what has happened.

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The English Mansion – Pussy Lick Boot Wank – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Sidonia

The English Mansion – Pussy Lick Boot Wank – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Sidonia




The slave is chained up in the corner of the dungeon, sleeping on his dirty mattress, when Mistress Sidonia enters, waking him up with the feel of her boot on his arse. She uses extreme verbal humiliation as she spits in his face, the broken slave cowering at the powerful Mistress’s boots. He is ordered on to his back and smothered by her perfect arse, she pulls her panties to one side and roughly uses his tongue for her pleasure. Mistress then decides to mount his cock, again taking exactly what she wants, he is a helpless, chained up, piece of fuck meat and will never be allowed to cum again, this is his life.

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The English Mansion – Marks For Marks – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Sidonia

The English Mansion – Marks For Marks – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Sidonia




Mistress Sidonia’s slave has some unexplained cane marks on his arse, his feeble lies are soon broken down, he has been clubbing without permission. Mistress soon addresses the issue by increasing the slave’s punishment, using various whips on his sore cheeks. He is then further punished for his lies and is sent off with the promise of him being made a club whipping boy on his next outing, much to his shame.

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Glove Mansion – Kinky nurses surgical exam part 1. Starring Lucia and Amirah

Glove Mansion – Kinky nurses surgical exam part 1. Starring Lucia and Amirah




Latex nurses Lucia and Amirah are in a very naughty mood! They desperately want to play with each other and with some sexy surgical gloves. Are you joining in?

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DomNation – YOUR AGONY IS MY ONLY DESIRE. Starring Mistress Ryan

DomNation – YOUR AGONY IS MY ONLY DESIRE. Starring Mistress Ryan




Mistress Ryan is a true master. She commands many slaves and beats them regularly simply out of principle (and because she can) beating her slaves is as common as driving to work for most of us.

Mistress Ryan has prepared a nice slave feast for herself. Two slaves to feed her sadistic appetite. She has an agenda. Whichever slave is the biggest gimp will continue to be punished. Of course the slaves aren`t aware of this. Where’s the fun in that?

Her victims are laid out before her on an ottoman. Their bare buttocks sticking out and exposed to the wrath of her paddle.
Ryan`s merciless assault reaps havoc upon their flesh and minds. The shear strength, of which she strikes them, forces them to lurch forward as they grimace in misery. She moves back and forth between her two slaves. At times pinning them down as she massacres their soft exposed buttocks.

She separates her two slaves and keep the Gimp for herself. She rips into his chest with her talon like nails. His deafening cries only fuel her cruel intent. She jubilantly twists and tugs at his nipples. Its almost seems as she is trying to rip them from his chest. Her slave stuck in her trance. Unable to move, unable to defy her. He can only whimper and scream to relieve his torment.

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DomNation – WHIPPED TO FULL SURRENDER Starring Mistress Payton Simmons

DomNation – WHIPPED TO FULL SURRENDER Starring Mistress Payton Simmons




Mistress Payton is Dressed in her finest black vinyl. A cross between a sadistic military entity and a striptease dancer. Her accompaniment a brutal leather whip. Its bite is horrendous, as her slave will soon find out.

This slave will suffer inexplicable misery at the hands of Mistress Payton, Her barbarous whip lunging through the air and defiling his flesh. Murderous blow after blow, her whip cuts and batters his flesh. The extent of the injuries are clear to see. His cries as caustic as the pain that he is forced to endure. Who knows what else may lay in wait for this poor doomed soul. Only Mistress Payton knows for sure!



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DomNation – PEEP HOLE PERV. (Full version) Starring Nikki Next

DomNation – PEEP HOLE PERV. (Full version) Starring Nikki Next




Nikki Next has found some strategically placed peep holes in her apartment. The logical culprit, is the lecherous building Manager, who ogles her as she walks through the building. And so, she invites him to her apartment, and proceeds to interrogate him about the peep holes. Caught to rights, he has no choice but to confess, and then the real fun begins.

Nikki immediately threatens to call the police, and the Manager goes into panic mode for fear of being arrested. Knowing she has the upper hand, Nikki strips him naked and viciously slaps him repeatedly for his gross behavior. To add insult to injury, she rains a spit downpour all over his ugly pathetic face.

the humiliation and degradation are brought to a feverish pitch, as Nikki continues to slap the bejeezus out of the pervy loser, and adds insult to injury by him in a bucket load of her hot salty saliva.

She relentlessly spits in his pathetic face, over and over, as it slowly runs down his cheeks and mouth. GROSS BUT HILLARIOUS! Nikki continues her verbal humiliation, laughing at him as her hot spit runs down his useless face and naked body.

Since the perverted maintenance man has apparently been wanking himself off while watching Nikki through the peep holes he strategically placed in her apartment walls, Nikki turns the tables on him, strips him naked and orders him to play with himself while she watches on in amusement. Its no surprise that his cock is soooo tiny, that he only needs two fingers to stroke himself. HOW HUMILIATING!

Completely amused by his shriveled manhood, Nikki demands that he gets hard for her, but of course he fails miserably. :Whats the matter loser? You can only jerk off watching me from behind a peep hole? Should I make you go stand in the other room and watch me through one of your peep holes? HA HA! Come on old man, jerk that useless cock for me. Nikki is relentless in humiliating and degrading this pathetic loser.



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DomNation – MY PETS INTRODUCTION TO AGONY! Starring Mistress Renee Trevi

DomNation – MY PETS INTRODUCTION TO AGONY! Starring Mistress Renee Trevi




When Mistress Renee Trevi decides that she wants to train her little pet. She knows that pain is the best lesson of all! She sets out to instill proper obedience in her new boy before he will ever have a chance to disappoint her.

Since this pathetic male is nothing more than a, The Mistress has him blindfolded with collar leash affirming his proper place. She forces him to listen to the frightening sound of the inhuman strap that he is going to be beaten with. Then she proceeds to slam it into his frail body. She strikes him repeatedly with tremendous force creating dark reds lines upon his flesh. She allows her slave to smell the luscious aroma of her next whip. He is intoxicated and overwhelmed with its scent. However he is brought back to a painful reality with a thunderous blow and now rolls on the floor in pain.

Mistress Renee now stands him erect. She binds his hands above his head and displays her infamous thrasher whip. Its wrath is without mercy, as this slave is about to find out!



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DomNation – MY HANDS AND MY WHIP Starring Goddess Alex Amazonia

DomNation – MY HANDS AND MY WHIP Starring Goddess Alex Amazonia




Goddess Alex Amazonia likes to be sensually sadistic at times. A nice bare handed spanking while sitting atop her slave is always nice! Digging her claws into his flesh and then slamming her bare, wide open hands down on his buttocks has always had its appeal and she enjoys feeling him squirm.

Now Goddess Alex need exercise her sadistic side just a little. She feels that her Thrasher flogger will do the trick. It brutally etches into his flesh, lash after lash it removes tiny pieces of flesh as her slave is forced to painfully keep count..



Keywords: female domination, goddess alex amazonia, humiliation, domestic discipline, spanking, tease and denial, bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, beat downs, whipping, beatings, cock abuse, penis torment, bdsm, bondage

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