SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Ashtray For Mistress Athena

Mistress Athena, the cruel blond beauty, is in the cellar with on of her slave. She has dressed in skin tight latex. It’s not a dress, it’s something to drive males crazy, especially if worn with stockings in thigh high boots. Athena looks so hot and sexy and that makes the slave even more helpless. He is already fixed in a pillory and it is for sure that the cruel lady will abuse him as a human ashtray now. While she smokes, she tells him that he is useless, that he talks to much and that his mouth is only usable as an ashtray. While she talks to him she continues to seduce him with her hot body. He is so helpless. He can’t touch her and that arouses her. She blows the smoke in his face, she grabs his hair and pulls his head up and drops the next piece of ash on his tongue. You will ove what you see because Athena’s latex dress is short enough to see a part of her amazing ass. She knows that and she knows that this view will make you wish you where the slave in front of her. But are you ready for her burning cigarette?



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Goddess Ella Kross – Ruining This Loser`s Orgasm with Tessa Ray

As this muscular stud stands naked before us, the gorgeous Tessa Rayand I tease him with our sexy bodies and begin gently stroking his bigdick. We`re so sexy that he gets hard in no time as we continue flauntingourselves and jerking him off together. He`s incredibly horny and achingto cum but we torture him by refusing to let him. He`s only allowed toblow his load when we give him permission to, but we want to tease him fora while first. We bring him to the brink of explosion only to deny hisorgasm and repeat the cruel act over and over again. I rub his hard cockall over Tessa`s tight, bare ass while his balls cry out in pain, dying toempty themselves but being denied the opportunity. We drive him absolutelycrazy as we tease his cock and he begs to cum while we laugh at the poorloser. “I want to cum, please!” he cries but we haven`t finishedtormenting him yet and refuse to let him. “Would you like to cum on herass?” I ask as Tessa rubs her naked bottom on him. “Show him your tits!” Isay, and Tessa quickly pulls down her top to tease this jerk with herperky, young breasts. We finally let him cum but ruin his orgasm byrefusing to touch his cock as he spills his load all over the floor. Nosooner is he done cumming then we start jerking his sore cock again whilehe groans in pain. We attempt to milk this loser but will he be able tocum one more time or will he disappoint us? Find out!



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Brat Princess 2 – Sasha Foxx – Slave Fed Foot Dust

1080 HD: Sasha Foxx uses a ped egg to make her feet nice and soft for her boyfriend. She wants every part of her to be sexy for him because hes so funny and cute! Below her, a slave lies waiting. He is her receptacle, a waste bin for her refuse. Sasha continues to talk aloud about how amazing her boyfriend is while the waste bin waits. Sasha snaps her gum. She uses the mouth of the waste bin to massage her feet. She wants its tongue to get every speck of foot dust. When the ped egg is full, Sasha empties all of the collected foot dust into the waiting slave. Sasha makes sure it swallows everything. Thanks for being such a good sport! She tells it before running off to text her boyfriend. (5:31 long)

Clip contains: Sasha Foxx, Foot Dust, Brat Girls, Objectification, Foot Worship

Category: BRAT GIRLS


Keywords: Foot Dust

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Whipped Without Mercy

Amadahys slave begs on its knees for its yearly release from chastity. Amadahy reminds the slave that it is not allowed to request anything of Her. Amadahy not only denies the slave its chance for release, She beats it for its impudence. I told you to never, ever ask Me to get out of chastity, She reminds the slave as She takes a flogger to its hide. The slave trembles with fear. Amadahy whips the slave without mercy. Soon, its gasping in pain and crying out. Amadahy ignores its tears and returns with a more severe whip. She pushes the slave to the ground with her heel. Humble yourself. Amadahy presses Her heel into the slaves back as She beats it. The slave wails. Amadahy tosses her long red hair from Her beautiful face. She chooses a long single tail next. The slave is terrified. It cries out and opens with just the first few lashes. Amadahy hand smothers the crying slave and spits in its face. She continues to lash it. When She tires of the sounds it makes, She stuffs a pair of panties in its open mouth. Amadahy holds the slave in its place, on the ground beneath Her heel, as She beats it. The slaves distress is palpable. Sweat pours from its brow, tears from its eyes. The sounds it makes become increasingly less human and more primal. Its trembling finally gives way to stillness. Amadahy beats the quiet body for a bit longer. She examines it. Not a spot of its flesh was missed. You are humbled, She says with pleasure. (21:04 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Whipping, Flogging, Hand Smothering, Chastity

Category: WHIPPING


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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – BBC Ass Whore Starring Mistress Vanessa Cage

To many, Mistress Vanessa Cage’s slave would be considered an alpha male – a muscular bodybuilder who many would fear and look up to. But to a Goddess like Vanessa, he is just another whore begging her to fuck him in the ass with Big Black Cocks. Vanessa treats her chastised bitch like the whore he is, making him beg her to fuck him as she pounds his hole again and again with her huge cock. When he messes up by disrespecting her, she totally destroys his ass as a punishment. 854 x 480 iPhone/Mobile HDAlso available in 1920 x 1080 HD Format



Keywords: Vanessa Cage

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TheEnglishMansion – Chastity Boot Worship – Part 1 Starring Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine, looking amazing in her leather outfit and boots, releases her slave from the dungeon cage and proceeds to allow his tongue to worship her. She increases his suffering by trampling him under her sexy boots, teasing his chastity clad cock, loving his moans of torment. Pleased, Jasmine releases his cock and allows him to rub it while worshipping her, she does not give him enough time to cum though, loving his cry of frustration before locking him up again.

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TheEnglishMansion – Bed Pegging – Part 1 Starring Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Sidonia is training the ass of her slave, she is gentle but firm as she puts on her rubber gloves and starts the stretching with her fingers, lubing him up and caressing his prostate gland, making the cock throb with hardness. Mistress then takes him with her big 9inch strapon, probing his hole slowly at first and when he starts begging for it deeper, she thrusts hard and relentlessly.

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Good Husband Slave Starring Mistress Akella

A well trained husband slave makes life much more comfortable for a spoiled woman. Akella just returned from a ride and there is dust on her stunning boots now. She snaps her fingers and a big and strong slave appears immediately. Masked, with a heavy leather collar. He addresses her as Mistress but Akella smiles at her husband.She reminds him what his daily job is and so he starts licking her boots with a big passion. Akella enjoys what she sees. Such a strong slave on his knees, cleaning her boots with his tongue. Such an useful husband.From time to time she pulls hard on the chain that is attached to his collar. Just for fun, just to feel the power over him. He has also to suck that super sharp heels, every inch. And when both boots are shining like the sun, he may leave and prepare a coffee for his Mistress.



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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Be Quiet Starring Mistress Kassi

#1 CLIP in category FACE SLAPPING!A slave is caged deep down in the basement for hours now. He has no idea where he his, who brought him to this place and why he is here. His calls for help sound through the cold basement but there is nobody else.But then, the sound of high heels comes closer and the slave can see a pair of knee high leather boots. Mistress Kassi appears in the basement, dressed in a tight leather skirt and a stunning leather corset. All black of course. She bents down to the slave and asks: “Haven’t you been told to be quiet?” The slave says “Yes, but please let me out now.” Kassi laughts and answers: “Ok, I’ll let you out!”She sits down on the cage and orders the slave in front of her. “Down on your knees and face me!”, she says. She repeats that he was told to be quiet and before he can answer, hard slaps claps in his face. What follows are endless fusillades of heavy faceslaps until the slave seems to collapse. Kassi is so well trained and her faceslaps are merciless with full power. When this slave is back in the cage, he will be quiet. For sure!



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Reality Girls Scissors – Up VeVe’s Ass

“There’s not a damn thing you can do to get away from what I’m doing to you,” a serious voice commands as the mean comes out in superstar VeVe Lane, whose legsmuscles divide as she buries Damien in a double heel choke, then an inverted heel choke as she laughs watching him “gasp and struggle.” She hangs his head off the bed and crushes him in a standing headscissors while taunting the weaker guy for being so pathetic that he’s “less than dirt.” She humiliates and crushes him in the hold before pulling him up into her pelvis for a front headscissors in which she watches his face, panic-stricken and purple. The muscular VeVe flexes as she makes him tap frantically in a side headscissors that shows off her incredible glutes and hamstrings. She makes him kiss her feet in a flattened camel clutch she turns into a full nelson applied by her bionic legs, then forcing his face into the soles of her feet and making him kiss them. The hold also nerly busts his shoulders. Another standing headscissors then a reverse headscissors that looks ready to pop the head off VeVe’s bitch. She flexes her remarkable bicep as she taunts him for being so easily controlled by her strength. An ass smother as the adorable, long-haired redhead makes him kiss her great ass again and again, pressing away his air. Then it’s her perfect reverse headscissors and more ass smothering. “I’m not listening to the tapouts; I’ve decided I’m going to sit on your face,” the domme says in her controlling diction. She crosses her arms and forces his mouth into the crack of her ass until he is breathing from inside her alone as she smiles an addicting, cocky smile above him while he flops pitifully under her. Time: 14:06



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