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DomNation – SADISTICALLY TESTING MY NEW PAIN PIG! Starring Madam Quinn Helix

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DomNation – SADISTICALLY TESTING MY NEW PAIN PIG! Starring Madam Quinn Helix




Madam Quinn Helix likes a variety of painful implements, but what she likes most is a toy that’s built to take a beating. And she thinks that maybe, just maybe she has actually managed to find herself a painslut that can hand around for the ride..

The Madam wastes no time in going at her slut hard with a stiff cane, his pain and suffering are evident but he seems to living up to madam Helix`s expectations of what a pain slut should be. She finally starts throwing her cane down on his flesh with all that she has and the cane just breaks! In frustration Quinn pulls out a very brutal composite cane. Its flexible and has just the right girth to break down almost any human being. His reaction to this particular cane seems to be much stronger!

But the testing must go on! Quinn Helix pulls out a vicious single tail and taunts him with it. Cracking it near him, before cutting into his flesh with it. His misery and whimpering is almost immediate, her whip bites into his flesh and he recoils with almost every strike. He is no longer stoic but instead grunts out his pain in perfect harmony with the strikes that rip his flesh! It looks like the Madam has found what she needs. Congratulations Madam Quinn


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DomNation – SHOCK AND AWE (FULL VERSION) Starring Domina Nikki Next

DomNation – SHOCK AND AWE (FULL VERSION) Starring Domina Nikki Next




This is the Full version release of SHOCK AND AWE. A Full 14 Minutes of shocking electrical play for the bargain price of only $12.99.. You get all of the glorious footage of SHOCK AND AWE Parts 1 & 2 for a great Price

Nikki Next takes her slave to his limit, as she uses a severe rattan cane to rip his ass to shreds, and then sends him over the edge with a high intensity electro shock wand. Alternating between severe, painful cane strokes, bone jarring jolts from her electro static wand, and the seductive touch of her hands and mouth on his bare flesh, Domina Nikki has her helpless slave teetering between pleasure and pain and heaven and hell.

One second Nikki has him moaning in ecstasy, and the next screaming in dire pain. Domina Nikki Next masterfully controls his every emotion and reaction, as she breaks him down both physically and psychologically to mold him to her needs and wants. When she is done with him, he will be the perfect slave. As it was meant to be.



Keywords: domina nikki next, high heels, dominatrix, electric play, slave training, humiliation, corporal punishment, punishment, leather, caning, corsets, shackled, extreme domination

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DomNation – THE CHRONICLES OF A SADISTIC CANE! A caning compilation video

DomNation – THE CHRONICLES OF A SADISTIC CANE! A caning compilation video





The excruciating pain is never ending, as I punish my slaves with my most severe rattan canes. The searing agony reverberates throughout ever inch of their flesh and bones, as I strike with the precision and accuracy of a sadistic samurai.

Few instruments of torment can compare to the cane, when it comes to inflicting mind bending pain and suffering. But such punishments are a necessary evil if one is to keep my slave’s focused on their goal of pleasing me, their one and only Goddess.


Seva will not relent beating her slave’s bottom. She begins with a fearsome 6 foot bamboo cane that she uses with full force making her worthless submissive cry in pain. Thrashing his backside her slave cries in vain.

As if that were not enough, she takes her slave and canes him two at once. Like two drum sticks she pounds a rhythm of punishment on his cheeks, his balls, and even his legs. There is no escape from the strokes of her wrath.


The unrelenting Mistress Michelle has a WICKEDLY, VICIOUS beating for her slave. Being the weakling that he is, he squirms about like a worm and squeals like swine. His river of tears will not slow down Mistress Michelle though. The beatings only get more and more intense as his cries seem to motivate her even more. Her elegant red, latex gown reflects her passion for . Her sinister grin and mimicry of his whimpers shows how ice cold her heart is. Anyone would be a fool to think she might show an ounce of humanity to a worthless slave. There will be no leniency given by the WICKED Mistress Michelle. She gets what she wants and what she wants is his MISERY.


Mistress Cybill troy is cruel and merciless as she breaks her bois body and spirit in an unequalled display of raw Female Supremacy. When she is done with her pet, he will be reduced to a subservient and compliant minion. Cybills lethal canes are up for the challenge, but is her slave? Over and over her cane relentlessly finds its matk on his ass, transforming both cheeks into one enormous mass of welted and bruised slave flesh.

He can attempt to scream all he wants in an effort to better absorb and accept the excruciating pain, but it will not stop his punishment for even a second. .He can twist and turn his body all he wants in an attempt to shield his already damaged flesh, but that only incites Cybill to meter out even more pain. he can cry, beg and plead all he wants in an attempt to pause her disciplinary action, but his punishment is unstoppable.

Category: CANING


Keywords: lashing, slave, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, beatdowns, goddess, suffering, sadism, domnation, cybill troy, extreme domination, female domination, whipping, caning

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DomNation – THE EMPRESS OF PAIN LEAVES NO SURVIVORS. Starring Madam Jennifer

DomNation – THE EMPRESS OF PAIN LEAVES NO SURVIVORS. Starring Madam Jennifer




Once in awhile Madam Jennifer just likes to spend a nice intimate evening with someone special. Just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, maybe getting a little intimate! The empress is decked
out in her full leathers, look at her! she looks spectacular!

Unfortunately for the madams`s special friend, they seem to have differing opinions on many things. So the madam will just take charge of the situation. Having her slave bound and helpless is
relaxing, it calms her nerves. But violently humiliating him is just Fun. So of course the Empress cannot resist the feel of his cheeks beneath her hands as her powerful strikes and demeaning words
assault his mind.

When Jennifer has had her fill of slapping him around she moves on to a good Ole whipping, but not a traditional whipping, where’s that fun in that. She lets her hefty galley whip wrap around his
body. It inherently gains speed. It now has to travel farther before reaching his delicate flesh and searing in the pain! She continues on with this cruel method. She manipulates her whip so that it
slices and rips into his ever so sensitive nipples as he lurches and screams in recoil to the agony! The Madam finally withdrawals when her slave is in tears and sobbing and she can only smile and be
happy for such a relaxing evening!

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: empress jennifer, bdsm, whipping, beatdowns, humiliation, spittiing, slapping, face slapping, female supremacy, female domination, female superiority, bondage, verbal humiliation, galley whip, face breaking

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Goddess Tangent knows how to deal with a mouthy insubordinate slave. She will tolerate no insubordination and this slave is about to find out the hard way, that even the smallest of infractions or words that appear to be lacking of respect will cost him his Ass!

Goddess Tangent has a full on assault kit ready for this big mouthed slave. His Ass will be in tatters by the time that Tangent is satisfied. She starts off with a large wooden paddle laden with holes. Tangent holds back nothing when striking him with it his pain is evident immediately as he starts to quiver, Tangent pulls out a thinner wooden paddle that certainly create immense pain. Now she moves back to her large wooden paddle again the power of her blows lurching him forward. But the best is yet to come! A heavy heavy acrylic paddle with holes that have rough edges. The paddle lands mightily on his Ass as it tears him open. He screams in a constant wail of agony but the Goddess isn’t done yet. She`s drawn bloood and now she hungers for it! She moves from one painful can to another and finally pulls out a mighty Sjambok and just obliterates his Ass. Goddess Tangent seems to be having a great deal of fun with her toys and her new slave! I wonder if he`s enjoying himself



Keywords: cropping, slave, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, beatdowns, crotch abuse, suffering, sadism, domnation, goddess tangent, extreme domination, female domination, cbt

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DomNation – A LEATHER LASHING FOR A LATEX GIMP! Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – A LEATHER LASHING FOR A LATEX GIMP! Starring Mistress Cybill Troy




Mistress Cybill Troy has managed to find herself a Latex Gimp Single tail Virgin! Cybill has no intention of letting this fine, soft, gimp flesh go to waste! He need feel the sting of her mighty single tailed quirt.

Cybill does not even bind him, she just places him on her opulent leather covered cross and has her way with him. She keeps soothing him with whiffs nitrous from a rebreather. Then lets her heavy leather singled tail quirt, mercilessly cut and welt his flesh! He struggles and recoils from the violent throws. He screams within his own mind to endure the beating that his mistress imparts upon him without remorse. He only hopes that he can please her so that he may be hers!


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DomNation – ITS ALL ABOUT RESPECT Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – ITS ALL ABOUT RESPECT Starring Mistress Cybill Troy




Mistress Cybill Troy is not afraid to hurt her slave; in fact, she enjoys it. It’s important for a slave to remember this, because she looks for any opportunity to engage in her favorite activity, caning. Is it the pleasure of thrashing the cane into his ass, or is it the cries of pain that follow from it? She tells her slave how the totality of his life now belongs to her, and he will never see daylight again. He is given only enough food and sleep to fuel his labors and nothing more.

She beats his behind relentlessly with hard strokes till his ass starts to bleed. Soon the cane starts to fray, leaving splinters on the slave’s ass. Her dungeon is running out of canes, so she has to make her point before the cane breaks on his backside. She has him count from one to ten, except she forgot to tell him to yell it out, so they have to start it all over again. You can hear the pain in his whimpering voice, as he calls out the numbers.

Features: caning, corporal punishment, female domination, BDSM.

Category: CANING


Keywords: cybill troy, caning, bdsm, face slapping, face breaking, verbal humiliation, humiliation, spitting, bondage, corporal punishment, beatdowns, canes, female superiority, female supremacy, female domination

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DomNation – THE CANE STRIKES OF MIDNIGHT! Starring Goddess Midnight

DomNation – THE CANE STRIKES OF MIDNIGHT! Starring Goddess Midnight




Today DomNation is Proud to announce the addition Of Goddess Midnight. She is a Member of the DTLA Domina`s and has been practicing the art of BDSM for years. She is tall, Slender and beautiful with real fangs and can be both Sadistic or Sensual!

You can acquire more information on Goddess Midnight at

Goddess Midnight is beautiful, Tall and slender, she moves with grace and elegance. But don’t let this fool you, this Goddess has fangs (real fangs) and she’s not afraid to use them

Goddess Midnight is happy and content. She has her slave exactly how she likes any man, Naked, Bound, helpless and exposed. He is chained to her spanking bench and has no chance of a reprieve. Has fate sealed and his Ass up for the painful taking. The Goddess has many canes at her disposal and she will most likely let none go to waste!

She raises her cane and swings at her captive. At first his response is minimal. But within a minutes time he is squirming about and releasing the moans of his anguish. This only entices a Sadist who now reaches for a thinner more flexible and stingy cane. Yes she wants him to feel the burn. Let it soak into every inch of his ass. She lays down series after series of welts on his bare skin. Welt on top of welt. Strike after strike. Her slaves cries only fuel her on and she’s only just getting started!

Category: CANING


Keywords: goddess midnight, bdsm, caning, whipping, beatdowns, corporal caning, ass beatings, spanking, slave training, corporal punishment, humiliation, verbal humiliation, female supremacy, female superiority, female domination

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FemmeFataleFilms – Officer’s Fodder – Part 2. Starring Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente

FemmeFataleFilms – Officer’s Fodder – Part 2. Starring Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente




There’s no holding back for the slave prisoner as he’s secured over the caning bench and beaten, remorselessly into further submission. Lady Valente works off a great deal of anger as she lays into him, with his real tears testimony to the degree of hurt she inflicts upon him. Some comfort is gained from having his head nestled between Mistress Heather’s latex clad legs, but even that proves as little distraction from the harsh lesson he’s being served.

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DomNation – YOUR BROKEN SPIRIT MAKES MY DAY! Starring Mistress Kim

DomNation – YOUR BROKEN SPIRIT MAKES MY DAY! Starring Mistress Kim




Mistress Kim loves to thoroughly demoralize her slaves and there’s nothing more demoralizing than gagging on huge Cock! This act, the act of making him orally service my huge strap on as I verbally humiliate him will crush his male spirit. I will leave him an empty vessel, void of pride or self worth.

Next Kimmy decides that this slave`s discipline will continue. She binds and shackles him securely to a rigid frame. He is nothing more than a human whipping post at this point, every limb and inch of him exposed and vulnerable.

Her heavy leather crop will not miss a single spot. He will not be free until she has covered every inch of his putrid flesh in the colors of her discontent. She will leave raised lines and welts, Kim will enjoy his suffering as her crop blasts into his flesh.
She hones in on his sensitive nipples and brutalizes them until he is screaming in agony as his nipples are reduced to nothing more than despair!



Keywords: goddess maxine, whipping, beatdowns, corporal punishment, slave training, female supremacy, female domination, nipple play, bondage, bdsm, strap on, whips, paddling, nipple torment, punishment

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