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Club Stiletto FemDom – That’s So Relaxing – Ouch. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – That’s So Relaxing – Ouch. Starring Miss Jasmine




An unsuspecting dude has decided to go for a massage and lies face down awaiting his treatment. Jasmine, however, is no ordinary massage therapist! When she’s finished with her clients, they leave with more than just sore muscles. She slips out of her robe to reveal a pair of panties and bra; she doesn’t want anything restricting her movement. She sits on top of him and begins with some deep muscle stimulation. She tells him to put his arms back, and as he does, she gives them a nice stretch. She tells him she has an implement to help him with his arms and deftly slips on a restraint that instantly binds his hands behind his back. She rubs his ass and tells him there’s some scar tissue there that needs to be broken down. Fortunately, she has just the thing and spanks his ass with an old school brush. The poor guy still hasn’t figured out what’s going on although by this time he is getting a bit nervous. Jasmine decides it’s a good time to inform him that she knows he was disrespectful to the receptionist when he arrived, and as she tells him, she reveals a long-handled brush and beats his ass with it.

This treatment just took a turn he never expected in his wildest dreams. He’s a stressed out businessman who just wants a nice massage, and now he’s bound and literally being beaten. “We’re here to make you better; to cure you” she soothingly tells him. He pleads to be released and promises he’ll be good but she remains firm. “Not yet. We have another 45 minutes to go.” He cries out in agony as she continues to flog his butt. The marks are becoming quite visible but Jasmine isn’t even getting warmed up yet. She pulls out a wooden paddle and beats his feet with it, before moving up to his ass to deliver a steady stream of strokes across both cheeks. “I could tell from your intake form that you were a complete pervert” she says. The ‘client’ is now blubbering and begging to be released, which just makes her want to hurt him all the more, and she lets loose with a volley of full force blows. “Did I tell you my specialty in massage therapy is bl00dletting?” she says, as she chuckles at his plight. He’s now positively frantic and each blow and word scares him more than the last one. She continues to beat him and laughs with delight as he squirms and screams in pain. “There, I think we’re starting to break down some of the scar tissue” she says, as she pokes her finger into each ass cheek. Grabbing his hips, she tells him he isn’t quite symmetrical and needs a further adjustment. He frantically insists he’s okay but she just slaps his ass and says “I’ll tell you when you’re adjusted.”

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ClubDom – Runaway Slave (Brutal Caning). Starring Rilynn Rae and Roxii Blair

ClubDom – Runaway Slave (Brutal Caning). Starring Rilynn Rae and Roxii Blair




Mistress Rilynn Rae and Goddess Roxii Blair are trying to decide what slave to beat today as they relax on the ClubDom Estate, but soon after one of their slaves start to yell out that slave 227 is trying to escape. Goddess Roxii and Mistress Rilynn call for their chariot and chase after the slave. Once they capture him, then they drag him back to the dungeon. He is then taught a lesson about servitude. The Goddesses begin to brutally cane his ass till it is as red as an apple. He begins to cry out, but they laugh and say ” If you want to cry out so bad, then cry out each cane stroke we give you slut.

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FemmeFataleFilms – Dishonesty Disciplined – Part 3. Starring Mistress Serena

FemmeFataleFilms – Dishonesty Disciplined – Part 3. Starring Mistress Serena




A moment of weakness in the slave’s devotion to Mistress Serena has led to this. Mistress Serena demands that all her fortunate stable slaves are honest and up front in their conduct and should any waiver from this, the punishment is strict, hard and could lead to expulsion. Luckily for him, the slave is spared the latter, but he must pay for his failings with the form of punishment he truly hates. A real scene, based on real events and with really hard action!

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Mistress Lady Renee – Double Punishment. Starring Mistress Ezada

Mistress Lady Renee – Double Punishment. Starring Mistress Ezada




As a commanding and dominant Woman, I have ways of getting information out of men, whether they like it or not! Today I will interrogate this prisoner with My good friend Mistress Ezada, We have ways of making him talk! We take turns in lashing his bound useless body with Our leather whips, encouraging each other to whip more and more, harder and harder. We are really enjoying seeing him suffer from the torturous strokes delivered by such gorgeous Dominant ladies in lingerie. I wonder how much of this double punishment he can take before We break him completely?

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: mistress lady renee, ezada sinn, redhead, mistresses

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Notorious Femdom by Lady Toro – Lashes for the House slave. Starring Lady Toro

Notorious Femdom by Lady Toro – Lashes for the House slave. Starring Lady Toro




slave dave has been out my house for 72 hours doing endless chores, doing everything he can to keep me satisfied. Well, I’m NOT considering what a job he’s done scrubbing my floors! I immediately scold him as I swing my singletail around, unleashing lash after lash of my sharp whip. I show no mercy, even scolding him more as I hear him sniffling and crying on my carpet. The louder he screams the louder I laugh, knowing this will be the last time he ever half asses his chores around me again!



Keywords: singletail, lady toro, nyc dominatrix, candid, casual mistress, domestic dungeon, lifestyle

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ClubDom – Turning Her Slave’s Ass Red. Starring Miss Nina Dolci

ClubDom – Turning Her Slave’s Ass Red. Starring Miss Nina Dolci




Miss Nina Dolci’s favorite color is red. She is wearing a red latex dress, which she loves. What she doesn’t love is her slave’s pale white ass. Miss Nina Dolci wants it red, the color of love. So, she bends her pathetic slave over the spanking horse so she can give his pale slave ass a proper caning. She starts caning his bare ass and it immediately starts turning a rosy pinkinsh color. That’s not good enough though, and Miss Nina Dolci continues caning his ass while it turns deeper and darker red.

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Syren Productions – Sadist With A Whip. Starring Mistress Elena De Luca

Syren Productions – Sadist With A Whip. Starring Mistress Elena De Luca




Mistress Elena De Luca has Bart strung up in her dungeon and she begins whipping him. She asks “Do you know why I’m whipping you today” “Because I feel like it” she answers for him. She whips Bart’s back and ass with a quirt, dragon tail, and single tail whip until she is satisfied her sadistic urges.

Category: WHIPPING


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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Chained and Caned

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Chained and Caned




I have my little boitoy properly attired in corset and boots, then decide to chain him tightly so he knows that he belongs to me. His cock is secured in a metal cage and he’s eager to be allowed freedom.. But as always, nothing is free with me. I tell him that he must endure the stingy silicone cane and wear my stripes throughout his summer vacation. He must stand perfectly still while I lay into his hide with the vicious cane.

Category: CANING


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Cruel City – Can You Handle Tina`s Brutal Ass Abuse Game. Starring Mistress Tina

Cruel City – Can You Handle Tina`s Brutal Ass Abuse Game. Starring Mistress Tina




“I want to play a little game with you,” Tina begins, then explains the rules of the game she`s concocted. She wants you down on all fours completely naked, and she`s going to whip you while you count each painful lash. You`re going to start at one hundred and count down to one, but will you be able to make it that far? She`s not going to go lightly on you, so there`s a good chance you won`t make it through the entire countdown. Using a slave to demonstrate, she whips his bare ass while he keeps count. His ass quickly turns into a red, swollen mess, but she still has seventy more lashes to go! He begs her to stop, but his obvious agony only adds to her pleasure. He`s made it halfway, his ass screaming in pain, but can he make it the rest of the way? Tina circles his naked body, whipping him hard and with deliberate aim while he tries to hang in there until the end. Do you think you`d be able to finish this cruel game?

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: whipping

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Ball Busting Chicks – Belting The Ass. Starring Lady Xenja

Ball Busting Chicks – Belting The Ass. Starring Lady Xenja




She is whipping his ass first with a belt. Then she takes the cane… Hard and merciless ass beating. Specially the cane leaves nasty dark colored marks on his ass. Length 10:54 minutes.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: lady, xenja

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