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Kates Palace – Voyeurs Lection – Part 2

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Kates Palace – Voyeurs Lection – Part 2




The peeping tom is forced to endure the degrading enlargement of his asshole for a good long while, and LADY KATHERINA does not begrudge him a single second of that beautiful feeling. The creep must be properly punished! The submissive wanker will have to return to his training for his endless work as house slave, so KATHERINA lets him clean her dirty feet, uses him as her ash tray, tramples all over his miniscule cock and tests his willingness to obey HER every command while bathing him in HER golden shower. Then she gives him a proper milk enema, which the undisciplined wimp promptly sprays all over his bedding for the night. Since he will be sleeping inside a locked wooden box in the punishment cell, it promises to be a very aromatic evening indeed! Whether he will be allowed any further service after such an infraction of PALACE etiquette remains to be seen. Sweet smelly dreams while LADY KATHERINA considers his hapless fate.

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DomNation – BURNED, BEATEN AND BROKEN. Starring Mistress Kayla

DomNation – BURNED, BEATEN AND BROKEN. Starring Mistress Kayla




Mistress Kayla is perhaps the most extreme and polite sadist we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Her Dominant style is extremely physical and hard core, but she demands that her slaves always Thank Her for their torment, to which she replies You Are Welcome.

In this video, Kayla takes her cigarette abuse to a new level, concentrating the red hot tip of her cigarette on her slaves cock and balls. Relentlessly, she holds on to his nutsack as she digs her cigarette into his flesh, japing him over and over again. Even the head of his cock is awarded the privilege of her painful attention.

After a brief break, Mistress Kayla returns with a painful leather paddle to beat his ass and thighs. Fully blindfolded with his hands secured tightly over his head, her poor slave doesnt know where he will be hit next. Grabbing him by the throat and hair, Mistress Kayla rag dolls her much smaller victim as she wails on his soft, tender flesh.



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DomNation – BOUND AND GAGGED WITH HER SMOKE. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – BOUND AND GAGGED WITH HER SMOKE. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy




With her slave hooded and helplessly restrained to her medical examination table, Mistress Cybill places his genitals in tight, restrictive bondage and then attaches the ends of the rope to two extreme nipple clamps and then attaches all of that to a collar locked tightly around his neck. Suffice to say if he moves a muscles both his cock and his nipples will be in severe agony.

Once she has her victim exactly where she wants him, Mistress lights up a cigarette and uses the red hot tip of her cigarette to torment his already burning nipples. When he screams out in pain, Cybill simply spits in his mouth and turns him into her human ashtray, flicking her ashes in his mouth to silence him. The pain will stop only when Mistress is done smoking her cigarette. But perhaps she will light up another?

Category: BDSM


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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Heavy Face Slapping In Full Rubber Gloves

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Heavy Face Slapping In Full Rubber Gloves




This slave is lucky to be used for my amusement, and he knows it. With my arms and hands tight in black opera length rubber gloves,, I take to repeatedly slapping my slave back and forth across the face HARD. Full force palm to the face as well as backhands as I taunt him, laughing, pulling his head back by a fistful of his hair for better access.

When I’m done slapping him silly, I make him thank me for being able to be useful and send him to get an ice-pack for his face. He’s a good boy.
xoxo, Cybill Troy



Keywords: femdom, smacking, bdsm, fetish, hom, gloves, brunette, forced hold, tattoos, high heels, backhand, heavy, slave, objectification, hair pulling

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Kinky Mistresses – My Human Ashtray. Starring Mistress Kiana

Kinky Mistresses – My Human Ashtray. Starring Mistress Kiana




First Mistress Kiana Turns your waiting mouth into her ashtray. She then decides to use his mouth as her seat and toilet. Today is your lucky day.

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Totally useless he is not…he can serve Me as My ashtray slave. I point out how lucky he is, receiving my black cigarette ashes and intoxicating smoke in his face. He is nothing more than a garbage container for my smoking habit. I love how much he hates it!

Tags: latex, pantyhose, high heels, outdoors, femdom, smoking, human ashtray

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Cigar Smo

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Cigar Smokea




On rare occasion, I love a good cigar… especially when I can dress up in shiny black latex, FF seamed nylons and seven inch platform fetish pumps. I figure you’ll either be playing with that little drippy thing between your legs while you watch me smoke, or perhaps you’ll get on your knees and open your face hole like a good ashtray slut. Guess which option might earn you a spot on the floor next to my discarded ashes, and so close to my heels? I know you want to lick them so bad, don’t you? First, you’re going to lap up all that hot ash off my dirty floor with your tongue mop. Then you’re going kneel and wait for me to flick my cigar in your face. And then you’re not going anywhere near my gorgeous pumps. What… do you really think I’d let that filthy ashtray touch my favorite patent platform shoes? Nope.



Keywords: mistress nikita

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Domestic Abuse. Starring Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke

THE MEAN GIRLS – Domestic Abuse. Starring Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke




Slave porch monkey is not allowed to go home and has to stay at Mean Girl Manor until Princess Carmela is satisfied he is a devoted slave. Princess Carmela has to basically retrain him because his attitude always gets the better of him. The slave is made to lie on his back and serve as a human ashtray for Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke. They casually tap their ashes into the slaves open mouth while verbally humiliating slave. Princess Carmela is brutal with her comments. why is your cock so small? I’ve never seen one that small before were you born with an inverted cock ? Superior Goddess Brooke spits in the slaves face and mouth. They put their lit cigarettes out on the slaves tongue and make him chew on the butts.

I love how mean they are to the slave in this clip. There is not only racial humiliation but also small penis humiliation and anything else they can think of to humiliate and belittle the slave. Fans of smoking fetish and human ashtray will also love this clip.



Keywords: superior goddess brooke, princess carmela

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – the Human Ashtray. Starring Vendi Carson

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – the Human Ashtray. Starring Vendi Carson




Vendi enjoys the perks of having male slaves around, this slave looks suitable for a job as a human ashtray. She blows huge clouds of secondhand smoke into his face and laughs as he chokes. Vendi flicks hot ashes onto his tongue and commands he swallow. When she is done enjoying her cigarette she puts it out on his tongue.



Keywords: vendi carson

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Evil Plotting Staci. Starring Miss Jasmine and TS Girlfr…

Club Stiletto FemDom – Evil Plotting Staci. Starring Miss Jasmine and TS Girlfriend Staci




Jasmine has invited Her lovely TS Girlfriend Staci over to relax in Her hot tub while you, her pathetic husband, do the house chores. Jasmine lights their cigarettes and they start discussing the pros and cons of being married to a loser cuck like you. The good news is that you pay for things and suffer through training. Staci and Jasmine chat about their boyfriends and mention how hung they are. They decide to have them all over for an orgy and will make you fluff them. Jasmine strokes Staci’s cock while you imagine that big hard appendage throbbing and exploding in your mouth.

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