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THE MEAN GIRLS – Sex For Losers. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Sex For Losers. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela




so after we beat the CRAPP out of this slave and he is quivering on the floor at Our feet (see the clip Beatn Black-n-Blue) We introduce our newly beaten & broken slave to the only “girlfriend” he is good enough for- a plastic one! LOL! We make him name her and kiss her while we laugh. (He needs to “romance” her, dammit! haha!) Then we make him hump her on the floor at our feet for our entertainment…LOL! OMFG this is so entertaining…we love owning other “human beings” and being able to make them “perform” for us like the an1malz that they really are…(because losers like this are NOT even at the same evolutionary level as US!)

We tell the loser that if he can’t perform well enough for us – AND please his new girlfriend sexually – that we will destroy his nuts! After all, if his cock n balls aren’t even good enough to please a PLASTIC girl, why does he need them anyway? We will use them for target practice for our kicks!

Spoiler alert- this male chattel was so broken from our beating that he couldn’t perform well enough even to please his plastic girl girlfriend- so eventually we pull him off of her and we put him (and HER!) out of their misery by DESTROYING his nuts! Haha. (This has one of the best kicks in it that we have ever delivered toward the end- as the slave just stumbles and goes down like a boxer that his just been knocked out! LOL!)

-Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela



Keywords: rodea, carmela

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Mistress Blackdiamoond – Sissy gets her make-up

Mistress Blackdiamoond – Sissy gets her make-up




Lady Chanel and I show the slave how a sissy is supposed to look. We’ve put a blonde wig on him and ordered him to put on a latex dress. Now he gets a proper sissy make up! Dressed up like this he’ll go to the club tonight and take some photos and videos for us. We’re looking forward to his evidence!



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Dirty Dommes – FORCED TO SUCK COCK PART 1. Starring Miss Maya and Fetish Liza

Dirty Dommes – FORCED TO SUCK COCK PART 1. Starring Miss Maya and Fetish Liza




Ha ha ha, this idiot has no idea why Miss Maya and I grabbed him from the street and bring him in with a bag over his head. Our dungeon slave has no clue either! But this will be fun. Instructing the sub to suck his first cock ever and enjoying the horror our victim is going through. Both straight men? Not by the looks of that hard cock and the other one’s eager mouth.

Tags: dungeon, asian, double domination, stockings, high heels, latex, enforced bi

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Seahorse Training. Starring Princess Cindi and Empress Jennifer

THE MEAN GIRLS – Seahorse Training. Starring Princess Cindi and Empress Jennifer




We were hangin out by the pool at Mean Girl Manor with a couple of loser slaves groveling at our feet when we decided to play a little game with them. We decided we would turn them into “seahorses” and ride the from one end of the pool to the other and have a race with our slaves!

The only problem was, it gets REALLY deep at the other end! LOL! In fact, the poor an1mals went complete submerged underwater after only going about halfway across the pool with us on their shoulders! Haha! But We didn’t care if they were underwater and couldn’t breathe- as long as WE still could that’s all that matters! So we kept driving them into the deep end with Our riding crops!

Unfortunately mine didn’t make it… :'( It passsed out apparently underwater from lack of oxygen lol.

So then Princess Cindi decided to start really training HER “seahorse” to work harder for her and get better at holding its breth underwater and racing her back and forth across the pool for Our upcoming “human seahorse races” at Mean Girl Manor! She wants to WIN no matter what! But I need a new horsey…any volunteers??

-Empress Jennifer

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Serious Images – Balloon Encasement. Starring Mistress Miranda

Serious Images – Balloon Encasement. Starring Mistress Miranda




This inflatable rubber balloon from Regulation is much more fun that it looks in the still photos. For those who enjoy complete rubber encasement this is the toy for you. The balloon itself has two layers – inside and outside – with a short zipper that allows the subject to crawl inside. It’s best for the subject to enter the balloon and get comfortable before it’s inflated. There is a full-face gas-mask inside the balloon with an intake air hose which leads to a port in the balloon allowing the subject to breathe outside air once the zipper is closed and the balloon has been inflated. There are no other holes in the balloon so once it’s inflated the subject inside is in total darkness and surrounded by tight latex pushing in all directions.As compared to vac-beds and vac-cubes the gauge of rubber used to make the balloon is fairly heavy so there is less concern about puncturing it. In this video the test subject is our own intern Petgirl Kako who is already wearing a super heavy one-piece Studio Gum suit, so once inside the balloon with the gas-mask she is totally engulfed in layer after layer of heavy inescapable, overwhelming and pressurized rubber. As you would imagine, this creates a cocooning womb effect like none other and takes the whole experience over the top into the realm of pure rubber bliss. This would be a great way to get some quality down-time, escape the stresses of everyday life and have a fantastic fetish experience. I think this experience would be less about a sexual turn-on and more about the bliss that rubber enclosure can achieve. The only downside to the balloon is that it would be very hard to clean and dry because it is made of an enormous amount of square meters of rubber which folds in on itself because the zipper is fairly short. That’s why it might be best to wear full enclosure rubber to capture any perspiration and body fluids from getting on the inside of the balloon. Additionally, it might be best to use a two port gas-mask so your moist exhale air is deposited outside of the balloon. Maybe the Regulation people can take this into account with future models.This video was shot with Mistress Miranda in her London bondage studio. A special thanks to Miranda for sharing this magnificent piece of gear with Petgirl and our cameras. This is one of more interesting pieces of rubber gear I have seen. Check out Miranda’s website at TheBondageMistress.com. More videos like this can be found on SeriousImages.com, SeriousMaleBondage.com, and our free bondage-zine site SeriousBondage.com. The real deal.


Keywords: inflatable rubber, mistress miranda, heavy rubber, studio gum

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Extreme Rubber Glove Smothering

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Extreme Rubber Glove Smothering




Cybill Troy’s rubber gimp slave has already been coerced by his owner into performing his very first urethral sounding against all of desperate and ignored protests.

Strapped even tighter into the binding confines of the rubber body-bag that traps him, the slave has his gag and head harness removed, immediately followed by Cybill’s gloved fingers invading his mouth.

Amused by the wretched gagging her slave succumbs to as she fills his mouth and lungs with her thick cigarette smoke, instantly trapping her smoke deep within him by securing one of her elbow-high red latex gloves clamped airtight over the mouth of his rubber hood.

He struggles to hold the lungfuls of burning smoke, but unable to displease his mistress, he just holds her smoke inside of him until his eyes tear and his face turns red, and until Cybill Troy has graciously removed her slick latex hand from over his mouth.

“You can do better than that… I know you can, for me.” Mistress Troy laughs.

Again and again after a deep breath, Cybill holds the airtight layers of rubber over his mouth and face, increasing pressure and intensity higher and higher and higher, and longer and longer and longer, just to see how much longer the slave can survive under her gloves each time.

This slave’s obedience may mean the end of him, but he must trust that his Owner and goddess Cybill Troy knows his abilities, and how viciously she can push his quest for oxygen, much better than he does.

If she decides that he doesn’t need air, then he doesn’t need air. Despite his thrashing and gasping, and shaking,Cybill does not let us. Her slave’s devotion will be proven at any cost for the honor of his perfect latex ass on his face



Keywords: latex, rubber, rubber bondage, sleepsack, hand over mouth, hom, glove smothering, spitting, face slapping, trust games, edge play, femdom, bdsm, cybill troy

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – My Sessions: Flip Flop Slob

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – My Sessions: Flip Flop Slob




I wasn’t sure if this pig was planning on meeting a gorgeous Mistress dressed in leather, Wolford pantyhose and Italian platform stiletto heels, or if it was getting ready to haul the weekly trash to the curb. Surely no man could be that lazy and unthinking to wear such atrocious clothing to present itself at my feet. Then again, the male species never ceases to unimpress me. The coup de grace were the filthy stinky cruddy flip-flops it wore on bare feet. Who wants to see that? Hint – nobody. Especially not me! Here’s another hint – want to impress a Mistress? Try putting a little effort into how you look. I would have kicked it to the curb with my trash except it seemed to do what it was told without too much hesitation. At least it could amuse me by sniffing and licking it’s own flip flop! That mouth wasn’t going anywhere near my beautiful heels.



Keywords: submissive / slave traini

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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – Mistress Dr. Jette

YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – Mistress Dr. Jette




Maik has a special fetish, he love it when the mistress torture him in medical outfit. Jette like this idea and so she change in this session to Dr. Jette and Maik gets an nice femdom session in medical room with sexy medical outfit.

Facesitting, Trampling, Boot Domination,
Whipping, Nipple Torture, Faceslapping



Keywords: kicking

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EMPRESS JENNIFER – Sis Blackmails With Porno Mags

EMPRESS JENNIFER – Sis Blackmails With Porno Mags




My brother is such a creepy loser, but kind of a rich loser who doesn’t mind getting pushed around by his little sister Jennifer. He gets up at the crack of dawn every morning to do his paper route. He saves all his money I guess, because I never see him spend any of it. So I sneak into his room to raid his piggy bank. He wouldn’t even miss a couple of hundred dollars I’m sure. Just then I notice something unusual under his mattress HE HAS A STASH OF DIRTY MAGAZINES! Full of boobies and butts and a lot of dirty jokes he is not supposed to be looking at. Well this is interesting, I can SO use this in my favor now. All I have to do is blackmail My stupid brother with his own porn. If mom and dad found out he will be grounded for life, they already think My brother is weird so this will be easy-peasy. And Me, Jennifer, is the perfect little angel in the family so whatever I say they believe. So I pretty much have My brother by the balls and I’m going to squeeze. I make him My defacto slave. he has to do anything I say now and all his money from his job goes to me or mom and dad find out about his porn problem. However, even to My perverted brother I’m not a total bitch. I’ll give him his booby fix of porn now and again. A page here, and a page there just to control him and give him enough motivation to serve Me properly like a good slave should. This is so cool, I love controlling pathetic and weak boys. I wonder what I’m going to be when I grow up…?



Keywords: empress, goddess, princess, brat, mistress, jennifer, jenn, jen, asian, latina, legs, mean, girl

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Kates Palace – Filmmaker in Trouble 2. Starring DOMINA KATE

Kates Palace – Filmmaker in Trouble 2. Starring DOMINA KATE




DOMINA KATE has made it clear to HER cheeky ex-cameraman just exactly where he stands. Or lies: all nice and snug from head to toe in a relaxing body bag. Only his sensitive winky and tender twiddle knobs are still awarded basking privileges in the unforgiving light. Something has to be punished, doesn’t it? The only sounds to escape him now are muffled, self-pitying groans as DOMINA KATE fattens up his lovestick with a custom set of glistening steel rods. Maybe someday now it will be of use to somebody. That puts THE TENDER SISTER OF MERCY in an extra-generous mood. He looked so underdressed in that skimpy body bag, so for HER grand finale SHE decks him out in a respectable gas mask. For several suspenseful minutes, SHE lets him savour the stingy gulping of his stale air while SHE decants another bottle of MISTRESS’S NECTAR OF VENUS. Then SHE hooks up the suffocating slave to HER SPECIAL RESPIRATOR and lets him drag deep on HER freshest air. To help him fully appreciate the invigorating aroma, SHE cuts off his air completely with unpredictable regularity. DOMINA KATE is now totally in command, and the good world is just as it should be.

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