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TheEnglishMansion – Fuck In The Box – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Sidonia

TheEnglishMansion – Fuck In The Box – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Sidonia




Trapped in the cage, fully exposed, Mistress Sidonia’s slave is going to feel the wrath of her fucking machine! First she has some fun, using his mouth to lick her boots and to humiliate him and the predicament he faces. She then brings in the fucking machine with the huge dildo attached and proceeds to ram his hole harder and faster, showing no mercy to the cries he emits.

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Goddess Foot Domination – Hurry, The Professor is Cumming. Starring Goddess Esm…

Goddess Foot Domination – Hurry, The Professor is Cumming. Starring Goddess Esmi




Goddess Esmi is staying late after class, wearing only a tight, short, red dress and strappy heels hot enough to bring her professor to his knees. She noticed her teacher’s bulge as his eyes lingered on her sexy feet, and now he is at her mercy. He is all too eager to drop to the floor for his student and give her the control she demands, worshipping her greedy toes and sucking, kissing, and smelling her sweet feet. Goddess Esmi mounts the teacher’s desk and forces her him to fuck her soft feet, helplessly quivering as he rubs his cock against her pretty arches, desperate to cum before he is caught with his pants down and his hard cock pressed between her feet. She decides exactly when and where the professor will spill for his Goddess.

This clip was filmed in High Definition and is available for download in MPEG4 format at 1280X720 resolution.



Keywords: esmi lee, femdom

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Brat Princess 2 – Vienna – Human Resource Manager Tightens Male Workers Chastit…

Brat Princess 2 – Vienna – Human Resource Manager Tightens Male Workers Chastity Tube




Danni is in trouble. He has been called in to see Ms. Vienna she is the companys Sexual Harassment Prevention Coordinator. She has been getting complaints about Danni from the office girls. The girls are concerned that he is not worshipping their feet properly and his chastity tube is not snug enough. Miss Cali especially feels uncomfortable around Danni. Vienna catches Danni staring at her cleavage! He is sexually harassing her! She can tell because while she tickles his balls she can see it getting harder in the tube. She threatens Danni with a sexual harassment law suit. He will be ruined. He has to comply with the girls demand. She shows him the new chastity tube that Cali wants him to squeeze into. It is so much smaller. Danni is then trained in how to worship Ms. Viennas stocking feet. The girls all wear very high heels at the office so the men are required to worship their feet to make them feel better. Fair is fair. Danni also complains about his time as the office toilet. Ms. Vienna threatens him with 3 days in a row as the office toilet if he complains again. She can make him the main human toilet for all the girls if she wants. Danni has to do what she wants or he could lose his job or even be the target of a sexual harassment law suit. (12:38 long)

Clip contains: Goddess Vienna, office femdom, stocking, stocking foot worship, chastity, human toilet fantasy

Category: CHASTITY


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Men Are Slaves – You’ll Always Be The Cuck, Part 1. Starring Madame Xavialune

Men Are Slaves – You’ll Always Be The Cuck, Part 1. Starring Madame Xavialune




While Madame Xavialune may be a female supremacist, she does take care of the males she owns. She always makes sure her cuck male has different panties to wear to always look pretty for her. But he needs to make no mistake about it, he will always be the cuck, she will always seek pleasure from other males while he is left to watch.


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Mistress Tangent – Taste of Sole. Starring Mistress Justine Cross joins Mistres…

Mistress Tangent – Taste of Sole. Starring Mistress Justine Cross joins Mistress Tangent




Mistress Justine Cross joins Mistress Tangent. Some bottom of boot closeups and lots of humiliating talk between the two about your secret boot and shoe fetish.



Keywords: boot fetish

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ClubDom – Harlow gets Tripple Chindo Pleasure. Starring Harlow Harrison

ClubDom – Harlow gets Tripple Chindo Pleasure. Starring Harlow Harrison




Goddess Harlow Harrison is horny from training her slaves, but her slaves can’t possibly get her off with their pathetic little slut sticks. Instead, Goddess Harlow asks one of her slaves to fuck her wet pussy with a chindo. She grabs the back of his head trying to teach him how to better fuck her.

Categories: Body Worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna and Jennifer – Chastity Mediator

Brat Princess 2 – Jenna and Jennifer – Chastity Mediator




Keyholder, Jenna, is having problems in her relationship with danni. She takes him to the office of chastity mediator, Empress Jennifer, to see if she can help them work out their issues. Danni voices his complaints. He really does a lot for Jenna, and their initial agreement was that he would get let out of chastity once a week. It has now been five weeks, danni has done everything Jenna has asked, and he has still not gotten out of chastity. Danni thinks it’s unfair. Jennifer asks Jenna to explain her side of the story. Jenna explains that she doesn’t feel danni deserves to get out of chastity. Also, she’s lost the key. It’s not her fault she lost it; it was just an accident. Danni looks uncomfortable at the new knowledge that his chastity key has been lost. Jennifer explains, “It’s not like she threw it away, she just lost it.” Danni looks defeated. Jennifer feels that danni is ungrateful. Jenna agrees. The problems in the relationship are clearly all danni’s fault. He is obviously not doing enough to keep his Keyholder happy. Danni acknowledges that he does want to make his Keyholder happy. Jenna makes danni say the words, “It’s ok that you lost the key,” to Jenna. Danni reluctantly tells Jenna that it’s ok that she lost the key. Then, Jenna makes danni stand and display his chastity to the mediator. Danni does as he’s told and removes his pants. Danni looks embarrassed. Jenna and Jennifer laugh at him. Jennifer asks him to explain why he looks so ashamed. Danni complains that he does not like that his chastity is pink. It’s emasculating. Jenna and Jennifer laugh some more. It’s supposed to be emasculating! It’s not like danni is a real man, anyway. Jennifer asks danni if his chastity is tight. He answers, “yes.” Jennifer explains that it should be tight. She also feels that danni’s behavioral problems are stemming from not being kept in chastity long enough. She advises Jenna to keep danni in chastity for three months. Also, danni has only being giving Jenna half of his pay. Jenna really deserves much more. Fifty percent of every paycheck, plus a full paycheck once a month, plus a shopping spree. That is really what danni should be giving in tribute to his Keyholder. Danni objects, “how will I pay my bills!” Jennifer berates danni until he agrees to give his Keyholder the revised amount, no matter what the financial consequences might be to him personally. Jenna giggles, pleased that the chastity mediator is really doing a great job. Danni starts to get nervous about what he has just agreed to under duress. He begs to be let out of chastity, but by now the girls have dug into him too deep. Jenna wants to add the stipulation that danni will now wash her boyfriend’s car every weekend. He’s also going to have to start watching while Jenna has sex with her boyfriend. This will really cement into danni’s mind his role in Jenna’s life. Jenna and Jennifer verbally humiliate danni further. Danni is selfish and has a lot of attitude. He needs reminding that he is not as important as the Women in his life. Jennifer tells danni to Worship her feet, so that he is reminded that he is below Women. Jennifer recommends that danni Worship Jenna’s feet regularly so that he is constantly reminded that his place is beneath his Keyholder. Danni Worships the feet of his Keyholder and Chastity Mediator as part of his counselling session. Danni strongly dislikes Worshiping feet. He has to do it anyway, for the good of his relationship with Jenna. The Women are very forceful with danni, so that they reinforce that danni no longer has any choices. Jenna makes danni thank her for taking him to see the chastity mediator. Danni begrudgingly admits that the session was for the betterment of their relationship. Jennifer again goes over the new terms they have agreed upon in mediation. Jenna is very happy that their relationship issues have reached a resolution. (15:59 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, Empress Jennifer, Female Domination, Chastity, Foot Worship

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: female domination

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THE MEAN GIRLS – The Full Treatment. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – The Full Treatment. Starring Princess Carmela




Sometimes I love to just t0rture and tease the slaves at Mean Girl Manor. Just because I can. Haha. This one has been kept in its cage too long, staring at my beauty and whimpering and beg for my feet. It just can’t take it anymore. LOL so pathetic. Eventually I let it out of its cage- but not until I make it REALLY beg me for my feet! Once it is out, I make it literally BOW DOWN and WORSHIP ME like the Princess that I am!

I then allow it the privilege of taking off my gladiator boots and worshipping my perfect feet. The loser is in heaven- even though I am mocking it right to its face for being so pathetic. I literally kick this loser in the face over and over. It is so scared of me cuz its seen what I’ve done to the other slaves here LOL. I pour my champagne over its head. I spit on it. I yank it around by its hair. I can do anything I want with it. So then I start really shoving my feet right down its fucking throat- again, just because I can! LOL!

-Princess Carmela



Keywords: princess carmela

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FemmeFataleFilms – Dressing For Her Pleasure – Complete Film, Starring Lady Mia…

FemmeFataleFilms – Dressing For Her Pleasure – Complete Film, Starring Lady Mia Harrington




Lady Mia is getting ready to go out for the evening and uses her dressing slave to make those finishing touches to her outfit, but not before he has worshipped her beautiful feet and expressed how much he adores her.

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Mistress Justine Cross – Crossing My Legs for You

Mistress Justine Cross – Crossing My Legs for You




I totally love crossing my legs because they are so long and firm, and it gets my panties wet because it feels so good! I especially love to start crossing them with my crotch-high black leather boots on, then strip them off, one boot at a time, to reveal my bare legs. Oh, it feels so good! Want to watch? Recorded in full HD.

See me do more here: Crossed Leg Fetish.


Category: LEGS

Related Categories: CROSSED LEGS FETISH

Keywords: los angeles dominatrix, mistress justine cross, dungeon west

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