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FemmeFataleFilms – Heaven Scent – Part 4. Starring Mistress Serena

FemmeFataleFilms – Heaven Scent – Part 4. Starring Mistress Serena




An incredible session with Mistress Serena making her debut at FFF. The slave is used for his Mistress’s entertainment as she toys with his most sensitive parts, starting with his nipples, before electrifying his cock and balls, all the while sat firmly over his face. The more she teases and torments, the more desperate he is to worship. She decides to let him worship her perfect bottom, but the orgasm this quickly induces, means there is a significant price for him to pay…

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Female Worship – Zen. Starring Lily

Female Worship – Zen. Starring Lily




Sometimes Lily needs oral attention, but other times she just wants to be pampered while she snoozes. Her favorite spot is near the aquarium where she can gently snooze while her man massages the day away.


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The Queendom – Finished With The Furniture Slave. Starring Mistress Kawaii

The Queendom – Finished With The Furniture Slave. Starring Mistress Kawaii




This is the same clip so if you have purchased it on her store already don’t buy it again here… unless you really want to 🙂 ****

“So I have some bad news for you,” Mistress Kawaii say, taking a seat on her furniture slave’s face. “I’m kind of getting sick of having you around.” She’s decided to give her furniture slave one last, intense ass smothering before shrinking him down to use in a new way! The only question now is what to do with the slave once he’s shrunk? “Something that would be more fun for me and worse for you!” The slave tries to beg for mercy, to stay her full size furniture slave, but its no use. Mistress Kawaii quickly shoves her ass back down on the slave’s face to stop him from speaking. No amount of begging will change her mind, this slave will be shrunk and swallowed up. She pulls her tight leggings down and buries the slave’s face between her soft, luscious ass cheeks while she decides his fate. Would she rather put the tiny slave in her mouth and swallow him alive or stuff his tiny body between her cheeks and let her ass swallow him up? “Maybe you secretly want to be eaten by my big, beautiful, juicy ass,” she laughs as she turns around for forward facesitting. Mistress Kawaii’s strong thighs hold the slave’s head in place while her big butt absorbs his face. She contemplates what his life would be like if she ate him, being alive in her digestive tract as she slowly turns him into waste. However Kawaii decides to swallow the tiny slave, his shrunken journey will end in her amazing ass! “Are you ready? Are you on board?” She asks while sitting on the slave’s face. She smiles, deciding the slave’s muffled, desperate cries are really just excitement about being shrunk. With a snap of her finger light fills the room as the slave becomes tiny…

Mistress Kawaii, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Ass Squishing, Giantess Theme, Vore/Digestion Talk, Sleepsack.

Category: SMOTHER


Keywords: queendom, mistress kawaii, facesitting, big butt, ass fetish, ass squishing, giantess fetish, bound slave, trapped, helpless, leggings, thong, femdom, female domination, femme fatale

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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – The and the Commissioner

YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – The and the Commissioner




A has done a crime but got no punishment for that. A young blond haired tall commissioner is very angry about that und decides to punish the by herself. Foot and Heelsworship / Domination, Facesitting, Chocking, Pussysniffing



Keywords: foot worship

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Brittany Andrews: Queening. Starring Queen Miss Brittany Andrews

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Brittany Andrews: Queening. Starring Queen Miss Brittany Andrews




The femdom Queen Miss Brittany Andrews is training her new boy-toy in the art of oral sex. She is perched on her queening throne ready to be orally worshipped. She instructs him to lick back and forth, sucking and licking her clit. She gives him orders on how to use his tongue to please a woman, he will continue licking until he has successfully given his Mistress an orgasm.


Keywords: brittany andrews

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Club Stiletto FemDom – You Seam Distressed. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – You Seam Distressed. Starring Miss Xi




Miss Xi is wearing a new pair of fashionably distressed jeans. She shows them off to you while her slave waits nearby for her to sit on his face. If you have ever been facesat by a denim covered butt you know it a real mix of pain and pleasure as denim is a bit like sandpaper. with seams. None the less, Xi has a sweet little bubble butt and any slave worth his weight in salt would be happy to have her sweet ass on his face. Before she moves to facesit her bitch she looks at you and asks if you would prefer to be the slave instead. Xi takes her place on the slaves face and starts to grind his it with maximum pressure. You can hear his agony throughout this entire scene. You get great angles of her ass and the slaves face being thoroughly worked over. She grinds, she shifts, she bounces and being as sadistic as she is you can see that she wants to make sure this victim remembers her ass – and jeans – for some time to come. Some nice feet views, foot worship, and armpit shots as an added bonus in this one.



Keywords: miss xi, facesitting, jean facesitting, asian goddess

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Mia’s Ass Is A Weapon. Starring Princess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Mia’s Ass Is A Weapon. Starring Princess Mia




This scene opens with the young, luscious Princess Mia sitting on her slave’s face. Wearing a cute little black dress, she asks her slave if he likes being under her ass. Although his response is somewhat muffled, it’s evident that he’s quite happy to be in this position. Mia seductively wiggles her ass and bounces up and down on his face. As she stands up, the camera angle affords a scintillating view right up her skirt and directly at her enticingly plump ass. She instructs the slave to get up off the floor and lie down on the couch. She warms him up with a diving butt-drop right onto his stomach, then rapidly moves from his chest to his face, then back again to his stomach. She giggles, showing the same enthusiasm a youngster might, during an outing at the park… it’s just so much fun jumping and bouncing on her bitch boy! You get some great backside shots of Mia with her dress hiked up and her pink panties jammed tightly into her ass crack. Finally, she decides it’s time for some real ass-smothering. “Oh, we’re just getting warmed up” she says, as the slave thrashes for air and everything fades to black.


Related Categories: PRINCESS

Keywords: princess mia, facesitting

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Mrs Mischief – Cuck Hubby Gags on His Brother’s Creampie

Mrs Mischief – Cuck Hubby Gags on His Brother’s Creampie




It’s late night, and I’m home from another date – with another big, hung bull – while my cuck hubby lies on the bed, waiting for me to get home…so he can do his job.

He knows his job, and he loves it…he always loves sucking out his slutty little hotwife’s pussy after I’ve been creampie’d by some dirty stranger. Tonight is no exception, and he moans and pumps his hips in the air as I crawl over him, telling him about how this ‘new guy’ fucked me better than I’ve ever been fucked before…how he stuck his fingers in my pussy in the middle of a restaurant…how he fucked me like an and came deep in my cunt…twice.

Cuck hubby is happy to dive into my wet pussy when I shove it down onto his face – he’s moaning in pleasure at the taste of a stranger’s saliva, sweat, and cum on my body. I make him lick out my asshole thoroughly while grinding on his face, making sure that the bull cum is flowing, and that cuck hubby is getting a mouthful.

Just when his cuckold pleasure seems like it can’t get any higher…I ask him if the cum tastes familiar…or if he learned his pussy-eating technique from anyone I know… He’s confused, but continues to do his job like a good little cumsucker, until I tell him…that I fucked his little brother.

He immediately begins gagging, writhing, and retching in horror as he realizes that it’s his own family’s load he just licked out of my cunt – and when I tell him that this is exactly what he gets for flirting with his brother’s young wife at the reunion two weeks ago, he tries his best to remove his face from my dripping, deceitful pussy. But he can’t. I have him trapped, right under me, and won’t get off him until every last bit of little brother’s spunk rolls down his throat. I’ve told him before not to piss me off, and flirting with some 29 year-old bitch qualifies…so I went out and fucked his brother…laughing my head off while I recount every filthy detail..and it was so damn good…I’ll probably go back tomorrow…and then I’ll tell his wife, too.

Includes : Cum Eating Instruction, Humiliation, Home Wrecker

If you got off on this scene, you’re going to LOVE.. Double Cock Cleanup, Filthy Cuckold Gangbang Tasks, & Cuckold Cumslut.



Keywords: milf, cheating, humiliation, female domination, family, cumsucker, face sitting, mrs mischief

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – My chaste ass cushion

Mistress Ezada Sinn – My chaste ass cushion




My slave is locked in chastity since two weeks already, and this makes Me want to keep him aroused all the time. It’s so much fun to see his prick get hard and pull on those balls until it hurts, to see the expression of despair on his face. Thus, today I am wearing a very short and tight red dress with a deep and revealing cleavage. It has a very visible and powerful effect on his poor prick.
But, not matter how much I would love it, I can’t spend all day just teasing My slave, I have other things to do too. So I will try to combine the pleasant with the useful: I will do some work on the computer, while sitting on the slave’s face. He can only breathe through My shiny pantyhose, inhaling the feminine scent coming from My pussy, and I can see this arousing him even more. I can feel how hard his prick is, when I’m playing with it with My feet, it’s really ready to burst out of that chastity cage. His breath, already heavy because of My voluptuous ass obstructing it, becomes even more precipitated from the state of ultimate arousal. Bit he is not get a release too soon, so now he has to be quiet, I have work to do.



Keywords: face sitting, ezada

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ClubDom – Worship My Asshole You Slut. Starring Mistress Mena Li and Mistress R…

ClubDom – Worship My Asshole You Slut. Starring Mistress Mena Li and Mistress Rachael




Miss Rachael Madori n Dominatrix Mena Li are relaxing enjoying a smoke talking just how much they love owning men, As Slave boy Toby just stares n drools at their feet, they tease and torment him blowing smoke in his face and using him as an ashtray. Mena lets him smell her boot, the ladies laugh at how pathetic he is Then they let him smell their Goddess Pussies and finally Rachael says she has a task for the bitch n instructs Toby boy to worship her beautiful ass, but makes sure to tell him he better get her off, she is ruthless and uses his face as her fuck toy violently grinding her asshole into his face until she reaches orgasm.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ClubDom, Mena Li, Mistress Rachael, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Tease, Teasing, Ass Worship, Body Worship, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Smoke, Cigarette, Assworship, Asslicking, Ass Licking

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