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Brat Princess 2 – Savannah – Fart Facesit

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Savannah sits, nude, on a slaves face and farts into his open mouth. He is merely a vessel for whatever comes from her asshole. The only thing hes remotely useful for is sucking out farts. Savannah wants to make sure the slave sucks out all of her farts. She wants her ass to be fresh when shes with a person who matters. The slave resists. He chokes and squirms. His eyes water. Savannah thinks his struggle is funny. Its just a little tummy gas! This clip includes a bonus teaser of a previously released farting video. (5:50 long)

Clip contains: Savannah, fart, nude facesit, forces slave to suck farts from asshole

Category: FARTING


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Brat Princess 2 – Savannah – Suck in My Farts




Savannah knows she looks amazing in her spandex pants. She tells her slave to kiss her butt while she primps for a night out. Savannah notices that her ass has gotten sweaty in the spandex. She needs the slave to clean all the sweat off her ass before she goes out. Savannah pulls her pants down and instructs the slave to lick. The slave licks Savannah’s asshole. She pulls up her pants and gives herself a camel toe. The slave kisses Savannah’s camel toe. Savannah tells the slave to go back to licking her ass. She needs for him to lick all the smell off. Savannah wants to smell fresh as a daisy when she’s with a guy who matters. She mentions that her stomach has not been feeling right. She’s been gassy. Savannah decides that maybe she should get all her farts out now, so that she doesn’t have to fart the dance floor. The slave kneels with his mouth open, ready to accept her farts. Savannah farts into the slave’s waiting mouth. The smell surprises the slave. Savannah grabs his head and tells him to suck it out of her asshole. She holds his head in her ass as she farts again. The slave resists. Savannah tells him that if he resists he will be chained in the attic again. Savannah shouldn’t have to smell her own farts, so he better do his job and suck them in. Savannah decides that she’s going to take her girlfriends out for Mexican food in the evening. Then, they’ll come back to Savannah’s place for a sleepover. The slave will have to suck the smelly farts out of all three girls. The slave says he doesn’t want to. Savannah does not care. She cinches the slave’s head in place with a belt and continues to fart. The slave begs her to let him go. (9:41 long)

Clip contains: Savannah, slave forced to smell Princess’ farts, ass worship, slave licks asshole, camel toe, spandex pants

Category: FARTING

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KinkyMistresses – Rubber Face Sitting and Milking. Starring Mistress Ezada




Mistress Ezada loves to feel the Face of her Latex Slave between her legs and under her sexy Rubber ass. He enjoy´s this session too and his cock is stone hard and after a while Ezada decides to take his cock and milked him

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Brat Princess 2 – Astro and Lola – Midnight Milking (Cows Abused for Fun)




720 HD: Astro and Lola have just worked a shift at the Brat Princess milking warehouse. Instead of heading home, theyve decided to stay and do a little midnight milking. Midnight milking is what the teasers call it when they keep the cows on after the shift has ended. All of the money goes directly to the teasers because they are milking the cows after hours. It technically isnt allowed by Brat Princess corporate, but they sort of turn a blind eye to the practice. I know you should be resting in chastity, but look whats going to happen to you instead, Lola tells cow andy. Just for fun, the teasers want to see if they can make the cows cum. It will ruin the batch and any potential profits they might have pocketed, but it will be really fun just to fuck with the cows. They tell the cows that they will be allowed to cum, but if they are getting close they have to moo. Remember, cows are not allowed to cum while on shift, it ruins the batch. This midnight edging game is a rare opportunity for the cow to actually orgasm. I just like fucking with its dick, Astro says as she cranks up the machine on cow echo. You cant cum until I allow you to! She tells it. The teasers giggle and get a little crazed as they crank up the speed on the machines. Im in control of your cock, Lola tells andy as she ignores its moos. Astro turns the machine up to the maximum setting. After hours, there are no rules. Astro and Lola keep the cows right on edge and just keep denying them, even with the promise of an actual orgasm hanging in the air. Its mean. Finally, one of the cows goes over the edge. It cums! Well, just because one cow gets to cum doesnt mean the other can. The teasers deny the second cow for a while longer. Just when it thinks it wont ever be allowed an orgasm, they force the cum right out of it. (26:45 long)

Clip contains: Astro, Lola, Female Domination, Milking Machine, Edging Games, Forced Orgasm



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Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Smothers a slave to Sleep in Shiny Leggings




720 HD: Mia sits on a slave while wearing shiny leggings. The slave cant breathe. It starts to squirm. Mia tells him to stop moving. She wants him to stop breathing. Stop even trying to breathe. The slave kicks the wall. Mia tells him to stop and shoves his head even farther up into her ass. She changes her position so she can watch the slave turn red underneath her. The slave struggles very hard. Mia pins his arms. Eventually he goes completely limp. Mia slaps him in the face to wake him. Oops, she says. (8:38 long)

Clip contains: Mia, facesit, ass smother on bed, shiny leggings


Related Categories: SMOTHER

Keywords: Mia

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Club Stiletto FemDom – AW – Making Him Straight Again. Starring Mistress T




FACE SITTING, ASS WORSHIP, PUSSY LICKING, TEASE AND DENIAL, ROLE PLAY) The young man in this video has a nasty habit of jerking off to porn. Not just any kind of porn, but cuckolding porn. He particularly likes to jerk off to the cuckold sucking off the guy, to the point that members of his church group are afraid he has become gay. They’ve recruited the ultra-feminine Mistress T to rekindle his interest in women and set him on the straight and narrow. (Well, the straight at least). Mistress T slowly and sensually persuades him that he craves her feminine curves, the scent and taste of her pussy, her ass, her breasts. In a few short moments, he has a raging boner, which of course, Mistress T does not permit him to do anything with. She is merciless with him. It’s safe to say this guy has been converted and will be jerking off to the memory of her tonight, and not of that nasty porn he used to watch. You can also check out more of the fabulous Mistress T at her Mistress T Fetish Fuckery clip store. (Click to see Mistress T’s excellent blog!)



Keywords: Mistress T, smothering, ass sniffing, objectification, toilet slavery, ass sniffing, smothering, asslicking, human furniture, edgeplay, licking, edge play, cuckold

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Humiliated and Rooned. Starring Mistress Jasmine




Mistress Jasmine constantly receives applications for stunt cocks- men who claim to be well endowed and stellar sexual performers. Her hopes were dashed when this applicant showed up. Jasmine wastes no time putting him in his place. She straps him into her favorite black dildo, “Big Bob”, and while taunting the slave about his inferior dick, she mounts Big Bob and sticks him inside of her. The poor slave is both humiliated and excited at the same time, and of course his dick gets erect. After making sure Big Bob is well lubricated with her pussy juices, Mistress Jasmine orders the slave to suck them off the dildo. Meanwhile, she gets the slave good and hard and forces him to cum. The question is, can he cum again, knowing he will never get to be in Big Bob’s position? For sure, this guy is rooned for life!



Keywords: forced orgasm, bondage, humiliation, Mistress Jasmine

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna Ivory – Pathetic Bitch Boy Prepares Pussy for a Black Bull




720 HD: Jenna is using her bitch boy to help her prepare her pussy. Tonight, her bull is coming over and she wants to be clean and ready for his big black cock. Jenna sits on the bitch boys face. She fits the cucks face between her ass cheeks. She rocks her hips with his head between her legs. Jennas ready for her pussy to be cleaned. She takes her shorts off and sits back down on the cucks face. Jenna spits on him. Then, she tells him to be her toilet paper and start licking her ass clean. She grabs his head and shoves it deeper into her ass, smothering him between her bare cheeks. She rides his face while playing with her breasts. With his manhood in chastity, Jenna feels safe enough to use his tongue. She rides his tongue until she cums on his face. (12:55 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, rides cucks tongue to orgasm, cuckold cleans Mistresss ass and pussy for black bull, nude facesit, chastity


Related Categories: CHASTITY, CUCKOLDING

Keywords: Jenna Ivory

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Mia – Ignored Cow Struggles to Finish Shift




720 HD: Mia ignores the cow assigned to Her care as it suffers on the milking bench. The cow screams into the brush left in its mouth as it is repeatedly electroshocked. Mia blocks out the noises the cow is making. She is very used to the tortured sounds these creatures make. Mia enjoys a beverage and doodles in a notebook. Finally, the screams just get too annoying. Mia rips the brush from the cows mouth. What?! she asks it. No more, the cow begs. Mia shocks it with a higher voltage. It screams. Mia tells it that if it doesnt shut up, shell shock it again. The stupid cow wont stop blubbering. Mia shocks it again. She stuffs the cleaning brush back into the cows mouth, then manually shocks it a third time. Even with the brush in the cows mouth, Amadahy can hear the cows screams in the room next door. She calls over to see if everything is ok. Amadahy comes in to help with the situation the cow is creating. She is astonished to hear that the beast has been speaking words. Cows are not allowed to speak! It knows better! This kind of behavior from a cow cannot be allowed. It must be corrected. Amadahy shocks the cow. She rides the lightening as the current runs through the cows body. Mia wants to ride the lightening, too. Mia straddles the cows face as it is shocked repeatedly by Amadahy for Her pleasure. The cow is being a good producer. Every drop of pre cum is being extracted from it. Its been on the bench for hours, but the Princesses still want MORE. The cows testicles are engorged and blue. This only encourages the teasers to tease MORE. Pre cum equals money and a Princess can never have too much money. When every drop of pre cum has been extracted, the teasers shock the spent cow for their own amusement. The cow is then, again, shocked to remove the erection. Once the erection has been removed, the cow is placed back in its small chastity for a rest period. (30:46 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Mia, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Edging, Milking Machine, Facesitting, Tease and Denial



Keywords: Edging, Milking Machine

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Club Stiletto FemDom -€“ Face Crusher – The Beginning. Starring Goddess Samantha




his is where it all started, how the Face Crusher began her notorious lifestyle of destroying men with her ass. Boys grow up but they still need super heroes and for this young fellow a glance at a big and beautiful Ass, while walking down the street, lands him in the bed of Goddess Samantha who suddenly feels the need to control men, even their air, with her magnificent ass. She lives to crush faces… and there is no escape! The brutal, punishing, facesitting ends only when the Face Crusher decides she has had enough. Mistress Samantha has one of the sexiest, bodacious asses on the planet and she loves seducing men into her new lair where she destroys them. The denim skirt totally destroys his face. She laughs at all the marks being made on his face but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to bounce, grind and smother him to oblivion. They are going to call her “The Face Crusher” for a reason. Sometimes Samantha clamps his head between those muscular thighs for a good little head popping squeeze before settling her wonderful ass back on his face. When she sits on him in side saddle position, she likes to rock back and forth… rolling his head under her ass like a melon that’s ready to burst. It looks incredible from the side view camera angle. Long, deep facesitting, bouncing and destruction of the poor young slave’s face. She really works him over in reverse facesitting position. We love the way she talks to him, speaking in such a sensual, sexy way to her victim and then proceeding to be so brutal to his face. The up close camera angles as she grinds his face are very hot! Samantha is in a reverse position for some hard sitting. Then she mounts him in forward position and absolutely crushes his face. But she’s not done yet! Moving like a panther, she flips over and pulls his head between her thick, muscular thighs for some crushing head scissors. The slave is truly struggling between her powerful thighs. She loves laughing at his red face and all the lines on his face from her brutal treatment. The Face Crusher really enjoys fucking with her young victim’s mind as well. She pinches his cheeks, slaps his face and tells him how pretty he is before she smashes her ass back on his face again and again. He wants to be released but she refuses to let him go. She sits on his face in forward position and stretches her legs up high so his face is completely engulfed and mashed under her ass. The poor boy doesn’t have much energy left to resist her so the Face Crusher sits hard in side saddle position and brutally ass crushes him. She rolls his head back and forth under her full bottom in side saddle position. She then gets into reverse position and starts bouncing on his face ferociously. SLAM, SLAM, SLAM onto his face. There is no strength left in her victim. This is just the way she likes it. She will let him live and will eventually release him so he can tell others about his experience under the ass of the soon to be legendary Face Crusher.


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