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Female Worship – Tongue Fuck It. Starring Ella Nova

Female Worship – Tongue Fuck It. Starring Ella Nova




Gorgeous Ella Nova may be snoozing in all her nude splendor, but she doesn’t mind if her passing male wants to worship her ass. He goes the extra mile though and also uses his fingers while orally adoring her asshole.


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Club Stiletto FemDom – Two Asses Too Many. Starring Russian Queen M and Princess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Two Asses Too Many. Starring Russian Queen M and Princess Mia




Sexy duo Russia Queen M and Goddess Mia have their dumb slave laying on the discipline bench and decide to make him fight for air. While M sits on the slaves stomach to keep him in place, Mia pulls up her skirt and brings her amazing full ass down on his face. Before long the little bitch is kicking for air and Mia gets up and down to keep him in constant need. They tell him to beg for air but because his voice is muffled they tell him they don’t understand him and make him kick even more. M pulls on the slave stiff cock and they say they want to hear his crying voice when begging, that he’s not desperate enough. This slave is a bit dimwitted though, probably from to many years of being facesat and struggles with his words which makes the Ladies want him to suffer even more. Mia sits down again and stays there for a long time until the slave becomes frantic and starts to thrash in such a manner that the girls look like they are on a bucking bronco. He has to fight for a short breath. Mia and M are really ruthless in this class facesitting scene.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Locked Up Asslicking Toilet Slave. Starring Lady Katy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Locked Up Asslicking Toilet Slave. Starring Lady Katy




Sexy BBW Lady Katy has her slave locked up in its cage, head exposed but anchored into place so he can service her asshole. The scene opens with the slave’s nose up her ass and her giant hairy pussy there for you to see in all its glory. She tells the slave that since he’s been good, he can stroke his cock while eating her hairy asshole… but of course, no coming unless she says. “I control all of your releases, and of course you just came 50 days ago, so you have a ways to go.” She instructs him to keep his focus on licking her ass or he’ll lose his privilege altogether.

She remarks that she’ll likely have his cock and balls removed one day – as a eunuch, he’ll have no distractions and will be able to focus solely on her. She starts to tell him about his next feeding, describing her waste in graphic detail. She goes on to say that she enjoys seeing her slave’s cheeks bulging and knowing how much he loves it. “I ate a lot of greasy, spicy food today” she warns him. The slave’s head is crushed tightly between the head restraint and her big ass, but he manages to stay focused on the task at hand. Besides, his discomfort is of little concern to Katy. She touches her pussy and talks about how exciting it is to have a man living in a cage, servicing her on demand, and living off her bodily waste. “His family has no idea what’s become of him” she chuckles. Suddenly her face becomes distorted and she tells the slave to open his mouth. “Eat it” she orders.



Keywords: hairy, bondage, lady katy, ass licking, ass worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Bound and Ignored Ass Smother

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Bound and Ignored Ass Smother




A slave is bound to the bed. Alexa sits on the slave’s face and completely ignores it. She texts on her phone and bounces a little. The slave cannot breathe. It can only get a breath when Alexa allows it one. Alexa is silent and barely even aware of the slave. She is absorbed in her phone. Every so often, she shifts and allows it a breath. Alexa absolutely controls the slave’s ability to get air with her incredible ass. Then, Alexa starts bouncing a little higher and more forcefully. Her body looks absolutely amazing as she bounces. This is one of the best facesitting videos Brat Princess has ever made. If you were to get only one Brat Princess face sitting video ever, this would be the one to get. It’s an absolute must have for your collection. (10:24 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Face Sitting, Breath Play, Ass Smothering, Ass Bouncing, Bondage Male, Thong, Ignore, Female Domination



Keywords: ass smothering

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DomNation – TWO ASSES ARE BETTER THAN ONE! Starring Mistresses Cybill troy and Eva Cruz

DomNation – TWO ASSES ARE BETTER THAN ONE! Starring Mistresses Cybill troy and Eva Cruz




When there’s more than one Dominant in the game. The game is going to be trouble. And when you pair Mistress Cybill Troy with Mistress Eva Cruz. Well then there’s just going to be suffering for someone.These two slaves know that they are going to be humiliated and suffer! They just aren’t quite sure as to how it’s going to happen yet! It’s made clear when they are spat upon immediately that this is going to get bad! The dual Mistresses take their appropriate places, turning their captives faces into their thrones. They are merciless as they bounce and grind on their faces.

Assuredly these slaves are deprived of life giving oxygen as they struggle under the full body weight of these sadistic women. But obviously it is of no concern to Cybill or Eva as they laugh and giggle in delight at the futility of these weak minded individuals



Keywords: female domination, breath play, humiliation, cybill troy, bdsm, face slapping, ass sniffing, butt bomb, eva cruz, verbal humiliation, verbal humiliaton, face sitting, wrestling, smothering, ass smothering

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Crushed Under My Big Hairy Ass. Starring Lady Katy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Crushed Under My Big Hairy Ass. Starring Lady Katy




Deliciously plump Lady Katy returns from her garden, her slave right where she left him, his head on the chair waiting to be crushed under her hairy and sweaty ass. She starts by sitting lightly on his head and ordering him to suck the sweat out of her panties. She talks seductively about how sweaty her hairy asshole is. She then stands up and removes her panties and you quickly get an amazing view of her hairy bush. She sits on her bitches face and talks about how sweaty and stinky her ass crack is and orders him to get his tongue deep inside her hairy hole.

She then settles completely on the slaves face and he gets the full impact of her weight. He starts to kick for air but she is in no rush to get up and when she finally does he gasps to breath. Now she spreads her massive ass cheeks and delights him with her pretty puckered asshole, surrounded by a dense crop of hair. She makes him tell her how much he loves it and the slave gushes like a school boy on his first date. “I love it so much” he says, “It’s so beautiful”. She tells him to get his tongue out and says “If you’re lucky you might get a big juicy fart”. The camera comes down low and points up so you see her ass on the slaves face in all it’s glory. She reminds him that he is easily replaced so he better do a good job. She starts to touch her pussy because seeing him kick for air really turns her on.

Next Katy gets up and leans over the chair so you get an amazing view of her divine ass. She orders the slave back in to lick her hole. “Tell me how much you love it?” she says. She titillates her slave as he licks by telling him he will be her full toilet, everything he consumes will come from her body and his tongue will act as her toilet paper. The slave licks with a lot of passion and it’s clear he loves being her oral servant. She gets so turned on that she actually has an orgasm just from his ass licking. “I’m exhausted” she says and sits down to relax, the slave is ordered to kneel and take his place as her footrest. “Wake me up in an hour” she tells him.



Keywords: lady katy, hirsute, toilet slavery, bbw, hairy pussy, facesitting, hairy ass, ass smother, hairy armpits

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Amazon Pleasure Box. Starring Goddess Riley Jenner

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Amazon Pleasure Box. Starring Goddess Riley Jenner




Amazon Goddess Riley Jenner knows exactly where a man belongs. Trapped in a box like an with only his mouth exposed to be used for her pleasure!



Keywords: riley jenner, gift of pussy

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Enslaved By Mistress Ass. Starring Domina Helena

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Enslaved By Mistress Ass. Starring Domina Helena




Domina Helena owns her slave mind, body, and soul… she decides to remind him of his subservient place under her complete ownership by also controlling his life itself–taking away and giving back the very oxygen in his lungs with her perfect round ass and even her leather gloved hands deep down his throat until he gags and wretches. Should he dare struggle too much as his fave is engulfed, airtight, into her superior backside, she has his cock and balls tied tight for her to abuse his senses further and force his submissive mind into complete compliance.
Enjoy this powerful scene of a REAL D/s couple with many more to come!



Keywords: leather, femdom, fetish, humiliation, hand gagging, spitting, smothering, ass, shaking, grinding, helena, female supremacy, ass worship, big butt, slave training

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