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ClubDom – Milking Day with Sadie Holmes. Starring Goddess Sadie Holmes

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ClubDom – Milking Day with Sadie Holmes. Starring Goddess Sadie Holmes




It’s milking day and Goddess Sadie Holmes is going to drain this bitch slave dry. Sadie knows just how to edge and build up the slave to where the release is going to be explosive and thoroughly empty his balls. Chastity devices fit better on empty balls, it’s how you can tell the best size for a slave! This slave must endure the humiliation of Sadie draining him and making him eat his own filth.

Keywords: bound orgasms, clubdom, Hand Jobs, Handjobs, Milking, Sadie Holmes

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Mistress_Trish – Crop, Cane, Kick: 33 Strikes

Mistress_Trish – Crop, Cane, Kick: 33 Strikes




Mistress Trish has a fun game of sadism to play with slave m. She will put him through 11 rounds of striking the head of his cock with a sharp crop strike, followed by a powerful ballbust, then a hard cane stroke across his thighs, followed by another ball kick from Her lethal legs. The first crop strike catches the slave on the balls, and Trish steps in front of him and unleashes a kick before the slave can set himself from the intense ball ache. The cane stroke across slave ms thighs makes him cry in pain, and Mistress Trish immediately lands a solid kick to his balls before he can recover from the cane strike. The crop strike for round 2 lands solidly on the cock head, and the slave whoops in pain. A little intense? Mistress Trish smiles, as She mercilessly moves in for Her cruel ballbust. Trish is getting into the tempo of the game, as She follows the next severe cane strike by quickly moving in for another hard kick to slave ms nuts. Mistress thoroughly enjoys the relentless rhythm of Her sadistic game for four more rounds, laughing at the agony from the crop strikes on the head, purring at the vicious slash of the cane strokes, and as always, filling with great joy from feeling and hearing Her kicks smash into slave ms balls. So painful, the slave gasps. Fine with Me, Trish replies, as She delivers yet another vicious crop strike to the cock head. For the last 5 rounds, Mistress Trish switches the game up: each round will be crop, cane, followed by two of Her devastating ballbusts. That hurts so much, the slave cries after the 8th crop strike, his pain increased when the following cane stroke catches his balls. Trish laughs with joy and orders m to stand to receive two hard ball smashes that drop him to the floor. The last three rounds are pitiless, as the crop strikes slap a tender cock head, the cane strokes lash over the welts of the previous strikes, and Mistress Trish grabs the slaves head to stand him up for a pair of Her famous ferocious ball kicks. For the last round, the Trish makes the slave flinch by threatening full-swing strikes from the crop and cane, before the harsh sharp strokes. Mistress Trish follows with two brutal ballbusts that knock the slave to the floor, where Trish rests Her beautiful foot on his back in dominant triumph.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student Part 2. Starring Miss XI

Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student Part 2. Starring Miss XI




This is the second last clip in the series. In Part One, XI has tricked her teacher into coming over to help with her homework. When he arrives, she lures him into the bedroom and is soon sitting on his face. There, she reveals that she has [email protected] him and that hidden cameras are snapping that very second. He has no choice but to agree to her demands for straight As and a spending allowance. In today’s scene, XI has the teacher back for more. In the bedroom, she tells him she’s happy with the money and the marks, but it’s still not enough. She wants him to write letters of recommendation to various colleges to help her get a scholarship. She pushes him up against the wall and slaps his face. He asks if she isn’t worried about what might happen when she actually goes to college and can’t do the work. She laughs and tells him she’ll just do the same thing she’s doing to him now. She doesn’t appreciate his remark either and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. “Who gave you the right to ask me questions?” she asks, and delivers further blows to his face followed by additional punches to the stomach.

Teacher doesn’t enjoy the punishment but there’s nothing he can do about it. XI calls him a pervert and reminds him that she would enjoy showing the pictures to his wife. She throws him on the bed, grabs him by the neck, slaps his face, and knees him in the nuts, before crawling onto his chest and wrapping her legs around his neck. The poor pervert is so close to her pussy but he can’t budge because the breath is being pushed out of him. She reverses position to sit on his face and punches him in the stomach again for good measure. She tells him her favorite thing is to mock him in class in front of the other students, knowing he can’t say anything in his defense for fear she will reveal their little secret. She lies on top of him and wraps her legs around his neck again, reminding him that everything is being videotaped and how surprised people would be to see him in this position. “You’ve got your hands on my legs practically all the way up my skirt. Wouldn’t that get people talking?” She jumps up, sits on his face, and says she’s going to knock him out. As soon as he kicks for air, however, she shifts forward and wraps her legs around his neck. She taunts him by saying “You probably want to kiss my ass cheeks, don’t you?” She gets up and hovers above his face with her amazing ass. She tells him to kiss it because she wants the photos to ruin his life. In a moment of passion, the stupid teacher reaches up and kisses her pussy. Enraged, XI calls him an idiot and slaps his face repeatedly. She sits back on the bed, and this time, shows no mercy when she wraps her legs around his neck and slaps his face again and again. As he goes under, she spits on him and slaps him one more time for good measure.



Keywords: spitting, facesitting, asian, miss xi, scissorhold

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Mistress_Trish – All Out Balls to the Wall Testicle Assault

Mistress_Trish – All Out Balls to the Wall Testicle Assault




Lets get those balls a little warmed up so that I can really hurt them, smiles Mistress Trish to slave m as She begins a merciless assault of dozens of hard kicks to his nuts. Trish is dressed in a clear green latex mini-dress and high heels that show off Her legs, legs that are an unequaled combination of muscular sexiness and cruel power. The slave is helpless in the corner and steadies himself for Trishs first kicks, which begin to tenderize his testicles as She purrs in contentment. m doubles over in the corner as Mistress Trish circles him. Little pain? Little sore? Trish laughs, as slave m submits his balls to the Mistress. More vicious kicks to slave ms balls, cock, and thighs have him grabbing his legs in agony and gasping for breath, and Mistress Trishs next kick sends the slave flying into the wall. Trish again circles the slave in the corner, and he dutifully struggles to keep his testicles presented to Mistress for Her next blows. A vicious kick sends the slave to the floor. Was that one good? Nice and hard? Trish taunts, as the slave forces himself up for more kicks. Im in a mean mood today, Trish declares, as She enjoys the rhythm of doubling over slave m in pain and then smashing his balls again just as he is able to get up. Trish pushes m against the wall and grinds Her shoe into his aching cock and testicles. After that small break, She backs up and unleashes three full force kicks that slam into the slaves balls, with Trish enjoying the beautiful sounds of Her foot solidly pounding into the slaves nuts and his gasps of agony. After slave m presents his balls again, Trish nails them with five relentless blasts that send the slave to the ground. After he manages to get up, Mistress Trish attacks them with four powerful kicks, one after the other. Trish backs up for even more force, and crumples the slave by stepping in with a brutal shot. The Mistress gives Her slave a little time to recover so She can finish him off with some insanely hard kicks. Each of the next four kicks is so forceful that it pops the slave into the air before he bends over in pain, finally dropping to the floor. The slave lifts himself yet another time, and Mistress Trish sends him to the ground one last time with three savage kicks. Good boy, says Trish, as She is finally satisfied for now.



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Asian FemDom Beatdowns – A BRUTAL BULLWHIP BEAT DOWN. Starring Takanori

Asian FemDom Beatdowns – A BRUTAL BULLWHIP BEAT DOWN. Starring Takanori




The sound of my whip cutting the air – and his flesh – is thrilling, amidst his pathetic cries and screams for mercy. But there shall be none. Stroke after excrutiating stroke, my whip slashes his exposed back and buttocks until it is raw. This is perhaps my finest masterpiece of sadomasochistic persecution, as I rain down a vicious torrent of whip strikes on my helpless captive, until he is quivering, screaming, and begging for a reprieve from his Goddess. I am relentless and calculating, with the precision of a surgeon, as each strike rips through his flesh like a hot knife through butter. I offer only a brief postponement of his suffering, for the occasional slap or spit to his face. He has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from Goddess’ whips. As it should be.

Whips Forever,

Features: Extreme Domination, Whipping, Corporal Punishment, Domina, Leather, Mistress, Slave Training, FemDom, Asian, BDSM, Female Domination.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: takanori, domination, ethnic, femdom, female domination, asian, goddess, extreme domination, corporal punishment, punching, whipping

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Femme Fatale Films – Butler Maid Bi – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Heather and Mistress Lady Renee

Femme Fatale Films – Butler Maid Bi – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Heather and Mistress Lady Renee




Until now, the butler to his two Mistresses has only had to undertake conventional servant tasks, but that’s all about to change. The TV Maid has been under-performing in her duties, so it’s time to test the butler’s subservience n humiliate them both with some cock sucking duties!

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Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK Total Clips 945 – Website abuse

Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK Total Clips 945 – Website abuse




A new initiative by the police to deal with low level charges with corporal punishment has been passed. So Officer Wood is sent to cane this individual for making a website about his ex where he stated things about her character and well-being. This is his offical caution and he will be receiving 50 strokes of the cane. He is bent over a chair and underwear pulled down and the caning starts.

Category: CANING


Keywords: miss jessica, miss jessica wood

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I have him where I want him, naked inside my dungeon with his arms stretched high and tightly tethered. He has not shown the proper respect, and I’m teaching it to him all over again with my ” Paddle.” It’s a heavy, hardwood design with air holes that speed it to its target and increase the damage to the skin. Already he is marked all over his back and ass with raw evidence of my power and savagery.

As I slam away, he bellows in pain. I like that, and hit harder, then shove the business end of the paddle into his mouth. “You like it?” I pause to ask. “Yes, Mistress Gaia,” I hand-slap his face, spit a gooey gob into his open yap and return to whacking away at his sore behind with all the strength I possess-and renewed speed! I will teach him a painful lesson in respect for the Mistress.

Taste My Pain,
Mistress Gaia

Features: paddling, corporal punishment, Asian, BDSM, female domination, goddess worship, humiliation, bondage



Keywords: takanori, bdsm, latex vacuum bed, corsets, domination, ethnic, fetish, gloves, cuffs, boots, kink, leather, bondage, corporal punishment

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CRUEL MISTRESSES – Forceful screwing. Starring Mistress Sophie

CRUEL MISTRESSES – Forceful screwing. Starring Mistress Sophie




Mistress Sophie is treating her slave like a piece of . He is the worst slave of hers and she hates him the most, so when it comes to punishing she can find outthe most humilating and hard things for him. Today she planned some hard fuck for him in the ass with her huge strapon. She hits him when he tries to escape and sheeven stand on his calves with her high heels.


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Mistress_Trish – Fully Fucking Up His Balls

Mistress_Trish – Fully Fucking Up His Balls




Ive got some new shoes to break in on your nuts, Mistress Trish announces to slave m, as She gives a fast, forceful kick that has the toe of Her red high heels making a lovely pop as it spears the slaves balls. Trish is exquisite in black stockings as She connects with six more hard toe kicks that crumple slave m over. Mistress Trish long, legs pack brutal power as she continues cruel, beautiful kicks into the slaves swelling balls. After each kick, he doubles over and then forces himself to stand up for the next merciless ballbust, as Trish laughs at the agony She is inflicting. The slave fondles his balls in a futile attempt to soothe them, as the sadistic Mistress promises that if he takes enough punishment, She will generously facesit him for the next round of ball torture. Trish assaults his nuts with savage toe kick after savage toe kick, admiring the beautiful slaps and thuds the blows make, and laughing with joy over the slaves groans of anguish. After 20 mighty kicks, slave m sinks into a deep crouch, where Mistress Trish sneaks in another hard bust. After a few more kicks to leave the slaves balls totally swollen and sore, the slave is moved to the table. Trish grabs and squeezes the tender balls and uses them as leverage to pull Herself up on the table, where She sits on the slaves chest with Her perfect ass as She sends Her first barefoot kick into the balls. Mistress Trish nails slave ms testicles with kick after kick from Her long, lethal legs, using Her feet to push the slaves legs out of the way as he tries to guard his balls. Pushing against the wall to add force, Trish continues kicking and squeezing ms aching nuts. After a hard slap, Mistress places Her ass on the face of the lucky slave and then happily grabs, twists, and squeezes his balls. She sits on his chest for hard ball punches. Trish then stands over slave m for a few more ball kicks following by trampling and grinding that have slave m gasping, groaning, and crying in pain. Trishs glorious ass is view as She adds hard kicks and viselike squeezes that have the slave desperately begging for mercy. She sits on his chest for more kicks and then braces against the wall to grind Her full weight and power into his nuts, leaving the slave wailing in pain and Trish laughing with joy. Mistress Trish stops to give the balls a hard slap. She reaches down to admire the swollen balls She has caused, roughly squeezing them to add to the pain. Trish perches over the slave face to face to see his pain as She kicks and grabs his throbbing balls some more. A long, vicious sequence of kicks and squeezes has the slave shaking in pain and sobbing for mercy, again with a view of the lovely ass and legs that have slaves willingly embrace their doom. Mistress Trish then braces Herself against the slaves chest for stomps and kicks that have the slave futilely trying to protect his balls with his hand. Trish reaches in for a final ferocious two- ball squeeze, lifting with Her mighty legs to inflict excruciating pain, before She relaxes by sitting on the slaves chest and reaches back for a few final ball punches.



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